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  1. Welcome to Bancho Hosting Website - Discord - E-Mail Bancho Hosting is a new member on the Server Hosting Market. It's our goal to provide cheap, easy and fast servers for all those who want them. We offer a wide variety of Games and MTA is one of them. Due to the new nature of Bancho we're currently running on an individual, request by request basis. This means we can offer you cheap prices and great speeds while maintaining a good amount of clients while we start up! We use PayPal to handle our subscriptions, this means you can have peace of mind knowing your detail
  2. Oi pessoal! Me há muito tempo à procura de um bom não é caro VPS hospedagem em Brazil (ou América do Sul): 3+ GHz, 2-4 Cores, 2 GB RAM, Open VZ. Eu não poderia encontrar boas opções, única uno http://host1plus.com, mas ele tem uma velocidade muito ruim - para VPS. Velocidade média de download - 80-100 Mbyte/s, envio - 10-20 Mbyte/s (Tariff 48$, lol). Você pode me ajudar e oferecer boas opções? Desculpe o errors, me eu uso o google tradutor.
  3. So i started creating an mta server.I edited the config files,then I started to open the ports.I have all three ports opened,but when I type in the cmd openports it shows that all ports are closed.I checked everything,my firewall is off and i have static ip.Any solutions?
  4. Information: We have been testing the matter for a few weeks until we have got to work. We have brief experience in virtual servers, virtualization and hosting in general. What we offer? Currently we offer virtual servers by OVH in the United States (Virginia), they have a GAME Firewall which you can configure to your liking (opening of ports) in addition to that we also offer web hosting in the United States to be more exact in Las Vegas. which latency is minimal even if it is in the USA. We use the Magic Transit of Cloudflare and it goes LUXURY. You have to keep in mind that o
  5. Seu Site ou Blog! Seu VPS ou Cloud! Seu Game ou TS3! Nossa historia de sucesso começa em nossos clientes e parceiros, uma infraestrutura de alta tecnologia e rede premium com Ant-DDoS, além disso, nossa equipe expert está sempre a disposição. O que você ganha Provisionamento Instantâneo Seus servidores estão prontos imediatamente graças ao OpenStack, que facilita o provisionamento super-rápido, sem tempo de espera, em comparação com outros provedores que podem levar de 5-6 horas para configurar o seu servidor! Completamente Customizável Personalize o seu servidor com a
  6. Does anyone know how to create a free online mta server?, What is it said for and appears in the "Internet" part? Thank you Alguien sabe como crear un server de mta online gratis?, para que la gente se una y aparesca en la parte de "Internet"?. Gracias. Alguien sabe como crear un server de mta online gratis?, para que la gente se una y aparesca en la parte de "Internet"?. Gracias.
  7. Creación de PCU/UCP Los mismos se realizan a medida con o sin foro, generalmente los UCP se utilizan para los RolePlay dado que los conectamos a la base de datos del mismo haciendolos interactivos, convirtiendolos en UCP, pero también se pueden crear para RPG y demás modos de servidores. Todo en PHP y JavaScript. Demostración gratuita y vista del código por Teamviewer. Presupuesto sin cargo ningúno. Diseño original y responsive. Con o sin foro (estamos creando un foro propio desde 0, también se puede conectar a un SMF, MyBB, etc). Paneles administrativ
  8. Citadel Servers is now offering Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Multi Theft Auto Dedicated hosting! We offer game servers worldwide at the affordable price of $0.10 per slot. Our Locations: USA New York, Nevada , Kansas, Vermont, Texas, Washington, Florida, California, Georgia Canada Montreal Europe United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland Oceania\Australia Sydney Asia Singapore | | | | | | Order for a year and get 10% off your order!Multi Theft Auto Dedicated Server Features: [Instant Setup ( Get playing in minutes!)
  9. Hello GTA Maniacs, we are most popular MTA:SA server provider in Poland or even in whole Europe and this is our offer. Prices starting from less than 1.5€ for 20 slots server! ORDER NOW with coupon below and get 10% off. mtaisawesome <- 10% OFF COUPON You will get for free: - MySQL Database - necessary to run some mods, phpmyadmin and custom accounts available, - Mumble Voice Server - provide communication with team mates - Itemshop - configurable webshop - .MTASA.eu domain for your server! 1 Current locations: Eastern Europe - Poland / Warsa
  10. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله بدي اكواد تنصيب لوحة OGP لأنظمة : debian 9.3 او ubuntu 16.04 او Centos 7.4 بتمنى مساعدتكم وشكرا سكايب : sameh.abd25
  11. On Behalf of Space Data Centers- hosting the server for my community. Based in Nottingham. Offered to you or your clans or gaming groups flexible hosting planes that are self manged or with hardware support. (dedicated plans.) Be on top of the rest with - your own dedicated server with Ter3 redundancy (backup power systems and redundant internet) your service will be all ways available. Dedicated options: D1 Server Entry Level Server An excellent value, dedicated and managed entry level server. You will have full control over the operati
  12. GameNode.Pro About Us GameNode.Pro is a fresh start up hosting business that provides hosting services like game hosting and more to come. We provide cheaper deals for you. Server locations • Quebec, Canada • France Most important links: • Terms of Service (ToS): gamenode.pro/terms-and-conditions • Privacy Policy: gamenode.pro/privacy • Ticket System: client.gamenode.pro/submitticket.php • Support Email: support@gamenode.pro Social Links: • Twitter: @gamenode_pro • Community Discord Server: discord.gamenode.pro • Community
  13. SakamHost is a private owned company. Our team has a great experiance and they can help you with everything related to our TOS. We are offering quality web hosting in two different locations United States / United Kingdom also our servers are on gigabit connection with an Anti DDoS protection. We provide an quality web hosting for really economic prices without any hidden fees. PROMO: Buy a hosting now and recive a free domain (.top or .info) Web: Sakam.Host Performances: • 24/7/365 High Level Support • Included 300+ Scripts via Softaculous • Two different servers with a
  14. Notice : Don't Forget to Use The Promo Code : Promo50 .. To get 50 % Off For First Payment ↠↠↠ Germany VPS Plan 1 ↞↞↞ ⌑ RAM: 1 GB | 30 GB ⌑ Bandwidth: 1TB ⌑ Control Panel : Virtualizor ⌑ Price: 5$/Month [ Promo50 ( 3 $ ) ] ⌑ No Setup-Fees »» Order Plan 1 «« ↠↠↠ Germany VPS Plan 2 ↞↞↞ ⌑ RAM: 2 GB | 40 GB ⌑ Bandwidth: 2TB ⌑ Control Panel : Virtualizor ⌑ Price: 8$/Month [ Promo50 ( 4 $ ) ] ⌑ No Setup-Fees »» Order Plan 2 «« ↠↠↠ Germany VPS Plan 3 ↞↞↞ ⌑ RAM: 3 GB | 90 GB ⌑ B
  15. FREEDOM HOST Hola comunidad, Freedom Host acaba de lanzar su servicio de alojamiento para MTA, un servicio de host eficiente y economico. Como somos una empresa de host nueva tenemos los precios que deceas sin perder la calidad que te mereces. PLANES: -Plan Personalizado. Este plan esta creado para que tu puedas elegir la cantidad de slots que se ajuste a tus necesidades, el minimo de slots es 5. Cabe mencionar que este plan tiene las demas caracteristicas que el resto de ellos y que el precio de este de igual manera varia. -Plan Adicional.
  16. __ السلام عليكم__ -:واما بعد .اولا: ياريت اللى مايفهم بالبرمجة شى اصلا نصيحة لاتضيع وقتك هون* . بردو لاتضيع وقتك هون mta ثانيا : اللى هيقلى انا ابرمج فى* شى اساسى طبعا! linux ثالثا : نبداء بالشى المهم اول شى لازم يعرف فى نظام* .ip,tcp,udp,ports,other.....وثانى شى لازما يعرف فى مجال الشبكات يعنى مثال& . ثالث شى يالحلوين يحط فى حسابة انة مايشتغل على فى بى اس عادى يعنى بختصار فى مودم منجر& رابع شى الوقت مهم ولله بسبب تكالف الباهظة الفى بى اس يعنى يخلص الاستضافة فى يوم اقصى& .شى 24 مفهو م ماعم امزح نرجع بقى لعنوان الموضو
  17. Hola Familia del foro Bueno en este momento e venido a que me expliquen bien o me aclaren algunas Cosas por fa yo se un poco pero quiero saber todo Sobre el SQlife, Como se instala un vps o hosting a un servidor,Como se usa el elemnData , Desbanear ect... Quiero saber todo para yo saber. Quiero que mi servidor sea bueno que al momento de que me digan perdí mis armas o mi Dinero yo nada mas valla al SQlife y lo arregle , También si puede me aclaren lo del vps (Como Instalarlo), y si me puede explicar lo del ElementData plis. Yo se que esto da un poco de flojera pero como me han dicho, mejore la
  18. ***Host M T A & S A M P Gratis*** Anunciamos el lanzamiento de nuestro servicio gratuito para que pruebes nuestros servicios, puedes elegir de 1 hora hasta 12 horas como máximo solo tienes que seguir los pasos de la imagen, también para que activemos tu servidor tienes que enviarnos un mensaje privado a la página. (no aplica para clientes que ya tienen un servidor con nosotros) http://www.ProSystemsHz.com \ https://www.fb.com/ProSystemsHz/
  19. ProSystemsHz.com - Quality, Security and Economy in your Servers ¿ABOUT US? www.ProSystemsHz.com is a company dedicated exclusively to hosting S.A servers: MP, MTA, CS: 1.6, and VPS Linux / Windows. We have expert staff, friendly technical support available most of the day. DDoS Protection, 99.9% guaranteed online time, own professional control panel. We offer an exquisite service at an economical price; you can buy the slots you need. Each slots at only 8 cents. Some of Our Benefits DDoS Protection Play seamlessly with the bes
  20. uHcServers "Alojamiento de calidad con precios económicos" Presentación - uHcServers es una pequeña empresa/organización dedicada al alojamiento de servidores multi theft auto y san andreas multiplayer, trabajamos fuertemente en la seguridad ya que sabemos que el principal problema de mantener un servidor online son los ataques, por este motivo nos dedicamos a mantener un nivel de seguridad para que tu servidor este abierto las 24 horas del dia. Objetivo - Tenemos como objetivo ofrecer un servicio óptimo a un precio económico Precios - Nuestros precios
  21. Hi all! Beginning this year I would like to introduce to you the new service we have to offer. We are a Dutch hosting company providing quality and premium hosting and webdevelopment to our clients. We are since september 2015 officially registered in The Netherlands as a webdevelopment company. To complete our services we also offer hosting to our clients. We always stumble on the same problem: from time to time we have computing power unutilized, because we don't oversell and sometimes a custom request for a client is too big for one node, so a complete new node has te be installed. The
  22. FPSSERVER | 4 GEN Hosting | كافة الخدمات مجانا تحديث جديد الأضافات : 1- أضافة تحويل نقاط الى رصيد بايبال 2-أضافة تحويل النقاط الى بطاقات مثل كاشيو , ون كارد ... 3- الحصول على جوائز كل يوم اليوم تم أطلاق أستضافة أف بي أس سيرفر الجيل الرابع من الأستضافات والتي تقدم كافة الخدمات مجانا كيف تعمل أستضافة أف بي أس؟ الجواب : عن طريق مشاهدتك للأعلانات تتحول الى نقاط وتقوم بشراء وتجديد الخدمات شرح طريقة الحصول على الخدمة بعد تحميل تطبيق FPSSERVER WALLET من متجر جوجل بلاي http://bit.ly/2fsLwWb قم بفتح تطبيق بعد
  23. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته عدنا لكم من جديد ب مفاجاءات استضافة مجانية شهرية 1 تفعيل تلقائي * تحديث السيرفر تلقائي * دعم فني مجاني * 1024 شخص * لوحة Open game panel معربه * ستايل خفيف وسريع للوحة * موقع خاص لـ سيرفرك * - كل ماسبق : مجانا فقط زورزنا واكتشفوا الباقي .. www.falcoon-host.com دمتم سالمييين
  24. https://fulltimehosting.net/ Full Time Hosting is a new game hosting provider which provides premium servers. Our goal is to provide lag free servers. Most providers overload their servers to make profit so your server is laggy and you lose players. That's not the case with us. We want to provide you lag free servers and no downtime. We guarantee 99.9% uptime meaning we're always on! We know downtimes make you lose players and we do not want that! When buying a game hosting package, you get web hosting for free! You can also request nginx as external http server by opening a ticket s
  25. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته MTA تم بحمد الله افتتاح استضافة لهيب الحرب لبيع سيرفرات Paypal طرق الدفع في فلسطين عن طريق رصيد جوال و للدول الاخرى عن طريق : اسعار السيرفرات كتالي 100 Slots / 6$ Per Month 300 Slots / 13$ Per Month 600 Slots / 17$ Per Month المساحة هي : 10جيجا بايت سيرفرات ذات جودة عالية وتكلفة رخيصة رابط الإستضافة http://www.flameofwar.net fb: https://www.facebook.com/FlameOfWarHosting للشراء التواصل معنا عبر صفحتنا على الفيس بوك او على الإميل التالي Sales@flameofwar.net
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