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Found 142 results

  1. ابي مساعده شباب انا مثل حطيت كود الوحة مع كل شي مثل local key = "F9" GUIEditor = { gridlist = {}, window = {} } GUIEditor.window[1] = guiCreateWindow(436, 96, 358, 465, "", false) guiWindowSetSizable(GUIEditor.window[1], false) GUIEditor.gridlist[1] = guiCreateGridList(9, 31, 308, 417, false, GUIEditor.window[1]) guiGridListAddColumn(GUIEditor.gridlist[1], "Player", 0.9) guiSetVisible (GUIEditor.window[1], false) bindKey( key, "down",function() guiSetVisible (GUIEditor.window[1], not guiGetVisible (GUIEditor.window[1]) ) showCursor ( guiGetVisible (GUIEditor.window[1]) ) end) الحين اانا ابي احط changeGridListItemToPlayersName = function ( GridList, Column ) if GridList and Column then if getElementType ( GridList ) == "gui-gridlist" then if guiGridListClear ( GridList ) then for i, v in next, getElementsByType ( "player" ) do local Row = guiGridListAddRow ( GridList ) guiGridListSetItemText ( GridList, Row, Column, getPlayerName ( v ), false, false ); -- Set New Values end; end; end; end; end; ابي احط ذا الكود حق العبين وين احطه في الأخير ما يجي مدري ليه و تحت الكود مباشره ما يجي ابي مساعده
  2. Is there a file or .cfg file i need to copy? and is so, where do i find it?
  3. It is possible to attach GUI with dx element?
  4. Hello, I want to ask you for help. I'm trying to create a gang system but I do not want to use mta's default createTeam. I wanted to use an elementData, but I do not know how to do it. Tell me how to do in elementData. I have one with the default createTeam that is working, I wanted to change this by elementData. function createGang(name, tag, gr, gg, gb) if getTeamFromName(name) then triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FF0000Uma gang com esse nome já existe", source, 255, 255, 255, true) return else if name == "" or name == " " or tag == "" or tag == " " then triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FF0000Você deve completar todos os campos pedidos para criar uma gang.", source, 255, 255, 255, true) else gangCreate = createTeam(name) setPlayerTeam(source, getTeamFromName(name)) setTeamColor(gangCreate, gr, gg, gb) gang = getPlayerTeam(source) setElementData(source, "GangPTT", lider) if not getElementData(gang, "GangPlayer1") then setElementData(gang, "GangPlayer1", getPlayerName(source)) end local r, g, b = getTeamColor (gang) local hex = string.format("#%.2X%.2X%.2X", r, g, b) triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FFFFFFVocê criou a gang #666666[ "..hex..getTeamName(gang).." #666666]#FFFFFF e agora é lider dela.", source, 255, 255, 255, true) end end end addEvent("createGang", true) addEventHandler("createGang", getRootElement(), createGang)
  5. What i am trying to make is a character creator system where the stats as age, height and weight must be selected using a scrollbar.The problem is that i can't think of an algorithm to do this Example : at the height scrollbar the player can choose between 150 and 250 cm. I need an algorithm to work with the guiScrollBarGetScrollPositon and transform it in a value between 150 and 250, how can i do this? ( a general formula would help alot )
  6. Hello guy, i have this problem in my server, In a random moment, regardless of the number of players appears and the machine freezes with the MTA using 16GB of RAM (dedicated 16GB). What can it be? [Network] InResultQueue > 200000 msgs. This is due to server overload or script freeze Temporarily suspending incoming sync packets
  7. Hi friend, anyone knows of any script that makes the truck loads heavier ?
  8. plz help me i dont know how to add vip to acl take a screen shot and show me what to write and where
  9. Hello there, i'm a windows xp user, i've a wooden PC and to make mta/gta run faster i've used some methods, one of these methods is replacing a tree that called 'tree_hipoly19.dff' with the original one, the modifed file will be hidden in-game, i've been using this method for over a year now and it was working normal, but after the last mta sa update, that modified .dff file is no longer working, but instead the original .dff file is working, the story may be confusing a bit, but this is pretty weird, and not for 'tree_hipoly19.dff' only, also for other objects CONCLUSION: -replaced a .dff file and it was working normal -latest mta update -the modified .dff file is not working anymore i don't know if the latest update doesn't support the modified .dff files anymore, please help me out i really need to fix this. things that might help you : gta3.img < this is the where are the .dff files at IMG tool, TXD WorkShop < these are the softwares i used to replace the .dff file Thanks for reading.
  10. Hello, i'm doing this post today because i need help with this. I've tried everything but i have not succeeded, i want to know how i can center this image under my feets, i mean, under the player, ¡just there! without losing that size ((( x, y, z_ground, 1, 2.5))) in the picture.. This is the script script, i hope u can help me with this pleaaaaaase local imagen = dxCreateTexture( "test.png" ) local activado = { } local players = getElementsByType( 'player' ) function dxDrawImage3D(x,y,z,w,h,m,c,r,...) local lx, ly, lz = x+w, y+h, (z+tonumber(r or 0)) or z return dxDrawMaterialLine3D(x,y,z, lx, ly, lz, m, h, c or white, ...) end addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, function( ) for i=1, #players do local p = players[i] if activado[ p ] == true then local x, y, z = getElementPosition( p ) local z_ground = getGroundPosition( x, y, z ) dxDrawImage3D( x, y, z_ground, 1, 2.5, imagen, tocolor( 0, 255, 230, 255 ), 0, x, y, z ) end end end ) function removeEffect( player ) if activado[ player ] == true then activado[ player ] = nil end end addEvent( "vip:farvel", true ) addEventHandler( "vip:farvel", getRootElement( ), function( player ) if not activado[ player ] or activado[ player ] == nil then activado[ player ] = true setTimer( removeEffect, 5000, 1, player ) end end ) Thanks, also, i hope you can read this and help me.
  11. Well, this is recent, it was working fine, but now it stopped working, any solution? (arguments are right) no error in debug !
  12. Hello! I'm struggling with very annoying (at least for me) problem. Text in menu is blurry and there are strange curves around cursor. Also chat in-game is unreadable screenshot: Additional info: Windows 10 PRO 64bit I have DirectPlay turned on I have directx 9.0c I have newest GPU drivers GPU R9 390 CPU i5 6600
  13. Вообщем суть проблемы в следующем: Машины в гараже не перекрашиваются,стикеры не клеятся. Пробовал разные модели, разбирал Txd файлы, ошибок в дебаге нет. Незнаю уместно ли. Но может кто знает , ктото юзал этот мод. Вообщем интересно будет услышатьрешение проблемы.
  14. I have this script: dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.7549, screenH * 0.6933 - 1 - (33*k), screenW * 0.2347, screenH * 0.0211, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 145), false) dxDrawText(v.text, screenW * 0.7535, screenH * 0.6933 - 1 - (66*k), screenW * 0.9896, screenH * 0.7144, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, "default", "center", "center", false, false, false, true, false) and different resolutions the distance grow, or lessen. Picture: How to fix this problem? I want, that all resulotions distance the same. Thanks the help! And sorry for my very bad english!
  15. i have this script, and does not update online players number, why? local online = #getElementsByType("player") local messagesList = { online.."/30", "SF", } local currentMessage = 0 addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), function() local online = #getElementsByType("player") dxDrawText(messagesList[currentMessage + 1], screenW * 0.6014+3, screenH * 0.9656+3, screenW * 0.6556, screenH * 0.9978, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 2.20, "default-bold", "center", "bottom", false, false, false, false, false) dxDrawText(messagesList[currentMessage + 1], screenW * 0.6014, screenH * 0.9656, screenW * 0.6556, screenH * 0.9978, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 2.20, "default-bold", "center", "bottom", false, false, false, false, false) end ) function updateMessage() if (currentMessage == 1) then currentMessage = 0 else currentMessage = currentMessage + 1 end end setTimer(updateMessage, 2000, 0)
  16. У меня ошибка в одном из скриптов. Дебаг показал: attempt to perform arithmetic on local ''priceWidth" (a boolean value) Сама строка: local hearderScale = math.min(1, (resolution.x - 60 - priceWidth) / hearderWidth) Уже который день мучусь помогите решить данную проблему. Вместо priceWidth Вставлял разные числа. эфекту 0
  17. I have this: addEventHandler('onPlayerQuit', root, function(reason) Reasons = { ["Unknown"] = "Nem tudni", ["Quit"] = "kilépett.", ["Kicked"] = "kirúgva a szerverről.", ["Banned"] = "kibanolva a szerverről.", ["Timed Out"] = "kifagyott.", ["Bad Connection"] = "rossz internetkapcsolat" } local name = getPlayerName(source) triggerClientEvent(root, "createNotification", root, "#FFffFF"..Reasons[reason], "simple", name) end ) and the "Quit", "Kicked", and "Banned" msg working fine, but the "Timed Out" no.. does not show the timed out notification, but why? yeah, and i got this error: S.lua:12: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value) thanks the help!
  18. i have this script: exports.scoreboard:addScoreboardColumn('Játszott idő') local t = { } function checkValues( source,arg1,arg2) if (arg2 >= 60) then t[ source ][ 'min' ] = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'min' ] or 0 ) + 1 t[ source ][ 'sec' ] = 0 end if (arg1 >= 60) then t[ source ][ 'min' ] = 0 t[ source ][ 'hours' ] = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'hours' ] or 0 ) + 1 end return arg1, arg2 end setTimer( function( ) for _, v in pairs( getElementsByType( "player" ) ) do if (not t[ v ]) then t[ v ] = { ["hours"] = 0, ["min"] = 0, ["sec"] = 0 } end t[ v ][ 'sec' ] = tonumber( t[ v ][ 'sec' ] or 0 ) + 1 local min,sec = checkValues ( v, t[ v ][ 'min' ] or 0, t[ v ][ 'sec' ] or 0 ) local hours = tonumber( t[ v ][ 'hours' ] or 0 ) setElementData( v, "Játszott idő", tostring( hours )..' óra '..tostring( min )..' perc' ) end end, 1000, 0 ) function onPlayerQuit ( ) local playeraccount = getPlayerAccount ( source ) if ( playeraccount ) and not isGuestAccount ( playeraccount ) then local sValue = getElementData( source,'Játszott idő' ) local hours = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'hours' ] or 0 ) local min = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'min' ] or 0 ) local sec = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'sec' ] or 0 ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-hours", tostring(hours) ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-min", tostring(min) ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-sec", tostring(sec) ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő", tostring(sValue) ) end t[ source ] = nil end function onPlayerLogin (_, playeraccount ) if ( playeraccount ) then local time = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő" ) local hou = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-hours") local min = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-min") local sec = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-sec") if ( time ) then setElementData ( source, "Játszott idő", time ) t[ source ]["hours"] = tonumber(hou) t[ source ]["min"] = tonumber(min) t[ source ]["sec"] = tonumber(sec) else setElementData ( source, "Játszott idő",0 ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő",0 ) end end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", root, onPlayerQuit ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerLogin", root, onPlayerLogin ) and i want add a function, what get players played time, and when reach xy played time (for example 30), then do something (for example output a text to chat box) How is it possible?
  19. I'm trying to decrease the player's speed, however I'm not any successful. I want the player to always move at the speed I set. So always when the move. Is it somehow possible to make that when a player moves, he moves at an decreased speed?
  20. I need these sample. : I need these modes. Thank you .
  21. Hi all,how to fix error code?? Please help me...
  22. i created a 'circle-hud' but it does not work well this is the problem: (when my Health = 14hp) and when my Health = 100hp the 100hp is fine, but the 14 hp not... i want something like that when my hp <100 how to fix this?
  23. Compiled the MTA client using the source code, and now it is necessary to disable the block of .asi scripts. For the global mod you need. Everything is already rummaged there, I just can not find it. Maybe someone already knew, please help) Sorry for my bad English
  24. Hey community, I need some help. I host my server Today and everything was perfect. Then restart my server and there was a problem. For your information I have all the ports activated and verified, the firewall allows it A friend wanted to enter my server and could not. My server was not listed on the Internet. Right now I do not know what to do. I hope you can help me. In mtaserver.conf everything is perfect, try to verify it with another problem of another user and still not working. Thanks
  25. I buyed vps but i dont have idea how to setup vps and host mta server can anyone tell me all codes and how to start my server I uploaded mta sa files in directory also but dont know what to do next !