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Found 11 results

  1. Selamlar,, tüm GTA oyuncuları için kurulmuş 3 yıldır kesintisiz hizmet veren (GTATurk kapandığı için) şu anda Dünya'nın EN büyük Türkçe GTA platformudur. Gün geçtikçe daha da büyüyen ve daha da geliştirilen bu platform içerisinde, GTA ile ilgili her desteği, her modifikasyonu, her kullanıcıyı ve GTA ilgili aklınıza gelecek diğer her şeyi bulabilirsiniz. Şimdiden iyi forumlar diliyoruz herkese. / Forum / Portal / Discord
  2. Estou com um problema, é o seguinte: Estou usando o setElementData, ele funciona perfeitamente para estocar o valor determinado. Porém quando o "source", o player sai do server como por exemplo dá "reconnect" esse valor estocado não fica salvo. Alguém tem ideia de como consigo fazer para salvar ? Desde já agradeço!
  3. When I quit from server my ElementData gived isn't saved. I tried to do this code to save, follow: function SalvarDadosLogout (source) local ObterGalao = getElementData(source, "galao") local conta = getPlayerAccount (source) setAccountData(conta, "galao", ObterGalao) end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, SalvarDadosLogout) function DarDadosLogin (source) local conta = getPlayerAccount (source) local TemGalao = getAccountData(conta, "galao") setElementData(source, TemGalao) end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, DarDadosLogin)
  4. local vehicleElements = {} allVeh = {510} local pickupTable = { {1086.1798095703,-1801.6898193359,13.601690292358}, } function createPickupOnServerStart () for i, cor in ipairs (pickupTable) do local pickup = createPickup(cor[1], cor[2], cor[3], 3, 1274, 0) setElementData(pickup, "pickupArenda", true) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement( getThisResource() ), createPickupOnServerStart) function onResourceStop (veh) if isTimer(vehicleElements[veh]) then killTimer(vehicleElements[veh]) end --vehicleElements[veh] = destroyElement(veh) end addEventHandler("onResourceStop", getResourceRootElement( getThisResource() ), onResourceStop) function onPickupHit (hit) if not getElementData(source, "pickupArenda") or getElementType(hit) ~= "player" and not isPedInVehicle(hit) then return end triggerClientEvent(hit, "changeArendaMenuState", hit) end addEventHandler("onPickupHit", getRootElement(), onPickupHit) function onPlayerUseCustomPickup() if getPlayerMoney(source) >= 500 then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) local veh = createVehicle(allVeh[math.random(1,#allVeh)], x, y, z) setElementData(veh, "starter_pack", true) setElementData(veh, "owner", source) warpPedIntoVehicle(source, veh) takePlayerMoney(source, 500) outputChatBox("Bicicleta alugada, bom uso!.", source, 0, 255, 0) else outputChatBox("Para alugar uma bicicleta você precisa de >> 500 $$ <<.", source, 255, 0, 0) end end addEvent("onPlayerUseCustomPickup", true) addEventHandler("onPlayerUseCustomPickup", getRootElement(), onPlayerUseCustomPickup) function onPlayerVehicleEnter (veh, seat) if getElementData(veh, "starter_pack") == true and seat == 0 then if isTimer(vehicleElements[veh]) then killTimer(vehicleElements[veh]) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), onPlayerVehicleEnter) function onPlayerVehicleExit (veh, seat) if getElementData(veh, "starter_pack") == true and seat == 0 then if isTimer(vehicleElements[veh]) then killTimer(vehicleElements[veh]) end vehicleElements[veh] = setTimer(destroyElement, 300000, 1, veh) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleExit", getRootElement(), onPlayerVehicleExit) function onVehicleStartEnter (player, seat) if getElementData(source, "starter_pack") == true and seat == 0 then local owner = getElementData(source, "owner") if owner ~= player then cancelEvent() outputChatBox("Você não é dono desta bicicleta, alugue sua bike para poder usá-la.", player, 255, 0, 0) end end end addEventHandler("onVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), onVehicleStartEnter) This is the script to rent bike to a player. The bike is destroyed after 5 minutes, it's ok. But i need to do something that when player is arrasted, die, logout, exit of game the bike be destroyed too. function DestroyVeiculo (veh, seat) if getElementData(veh, "starter_pack") == true and seat == 0 then if isTimer(vehicleElements[veh]) then killTimer(vehicleElements[veh]) end --vehicleElements[veh] = setTimer(destroyElement, 300000, 1, veh) vehicleElements[veh] = destroyElement(veh) end end addEventHandler ("onPlayerLogout", getRootElement(), DestroyVeiculo) addEventHandler ("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), DestroyVeiculo) addEventHandler ("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), DestroyVeiculo) addEventHandler ("onPlayerBan", getRootElement(), DestroyVeiculo) addEventHandler ("onPlayerDie", getRootElement(), DestroyVeiculo) I tried to do it the way above, but not sucess. Someone can help me ? Thanks!
  5. Sorry by my english. I need to get a value with the whole number of weapons the player has. (Whole Number from player's weapon). I'm trying to do this, but with no sucess: function getPedWeapons(ped) local playerWeapons = {} if ped and isElement(ped) and getElementType(ped) == "ped" or getElementType(ped) == "player" then for i=2,9 do local wep = getPedWeapon(ped,i) if wep and wep ~= 0 then table.insert(playerWeapons,wep) end end else return false end return playerWeapons end function SaberArmas (player) outputChatBox("Armas (Caso tenha armas elas serão listadas abaixo!)",player,255,0,0) for i,wep in ipairs(getPedWeapons(player)) do outputChatBox("Você tem: " .. getWeaponNameFromID(wep),player,0,255,0) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", MarkerInfo, SaberArmas) The script is making a list not a Whole Number. Someone can help me ?
  6. Estou com uma dúvida um tanto quanto pertinente. Quando faço um teleporte por maker por exemplo para um interior, quando o player é teleportado a câmera ao invés de ficar nas costas dele fica ao lado. Como faço para resolver ? PS: Já tentei o "setCameraTarget". Segue print abaixo para maiores detalhes:
  7. Have you ever experienced some lag while gaming ? We have some common issues between us ... like someone else is using your internet 😣, or you might be downloading some files ( like games 🕹️ or movies 🎥 ), or you might be streaming some music 🎶 or videos 📹 while playing or using another device like PS4 🎮 or your mobile phone 📱. Well .. those issues can be resolved since that person can leave your network ❌, or you can stop your downloading progress ❌, or stop using your browser to get the best ping and loss in your gaming 🤷🏾‍♂️. However, your permanent ping and loss cannot change easily because it depends on how far your location is from the server 📍, and the speed of your internet connection 📶, yet ... i discovered a software which can MINIMIZE and not entirely stop this lagging and i think its kinda effective 🤔. Its called WTFast , and i think it can somehow help in lowering your ping or at least disabling the effect of loss. You have to pay in order to have a subscription💸to this software, but there is a trial to see if this software is useful for you or not and its important to know how to use it because its different in every game ( according to the location of the server ), and for MTASA you MUST follow this tutorial in order to know how to use it in the game. so if you're interested .. go on and download the trial of this software How to use it in MTASA ? For other games, you can search Google or YouTube 🔍for tutorials on how to use it on those games. For MTASA ( idk if it works for SAMP ) you just have to follow this tutorial and i hope it will help 🤓 1. You have to download it from 2. install the software and then launch it 3. login to your trial account ( might be already logged in ) 4. In the picture below, when this screen appears for you ( my version is 4.12, you have to search for a way in order to reach custom games if you have a TOTALLY different version ) the box in red that i drew shows the listed games, this is direct as the popular games can be directly accessed from this box, but MTASA is not a listed game now, for this step you have to press Manage Settings in the green box i drew and go to step 5. 5. Now that you reached the settings, press the checkbox Enable custom games and then press save 6. Now you should be back to the main panel, press Custom games 7. Press ADD 8. Now for the most important step i will just insert a photo to explain everything for it to be easier Only for those who don't know how to copy MTASA server address 9. After you clicked OKAY, follow this picture to know everything next 10. If you want to know the location of your MTA:SA server, just type the name of the server in and you will find the location of the server, then choose the nearest location of the server to your MTASA server " and this if the auto detection does not work " At the end I wish this tutorial helped you guys and feel free to ask any question in the replies 🎆 Good Luck 🍀
  8. Rynosce


    Всем привет! Поглядываю я на MTA и вспоминается мне игра All Point Bulleting! вот подумываю сделать полную копию этой игрушки на MTA! что скажите ? никто не хочет объединиться и заняться со мной данным проектом ? к примеру интерфейс, HUD, автомобили, города, вытянуть с Unreal Engine и перенеси в GTASA не проблема а вот на счёт сценария игры не знаю, кто сталкивался ? возможно ли скриптами написать свой сценарий игры ? взаимодействовать его в онлайне ? на сколько это тяжело ?
  9. Witam, mam problem z Gtasa i mtasa. Moje problemy są, nie mogę ruszać myszka w mta jeśli coś zmieniam to mi crashuje, a gtasa udało mi się naprawić w połowie, ale mam czarny ekran. Grę mam z wydania Premium games od cenegi. Prosze o pomoc. #Edit1 Mam Laptop msi. Gtx 940mx z procesorem i7 6700Hq 2,60 ghz i 8 gb ram.
  10. Hello, I'm a user of MTA from 2011, that year had a great PC and played without any problem, the passage of time to 2012 to reach a server, whose name is proyecto:SX which to MTA is updated server goes getting also updates to improve the playability of the players, but this year I play that I had to buy a slightly old pc with a core i3 of second generation to which the MTA is going a bit wrong, I have no problem in own GTA mode history, I wonder if could have a chance to get some customer of MTA that does not consume so many resources and all can enjoy, since I sometimes play to 30 fps or less.
  11. This is maybe a stupid question but maybe some one have a traffic objects map? or where it can be parsed? I have checkout an IDE, IPL files from original GTA:SA game, but i didn't found where it can be defined (dynamic traffic object with positon and rotation, i guess it maybe stored in gta3.img, right?). local aObjectIDs = { 3855; -- GAY_TRAFFIC_LIGHT 1262; -- MTraffic4 mitraffic 1263; -- MTraffic3 mitraffic 1283; -- MTraffic1 mitraffic 1284; -- MTraffic2 mitraffic 1315; -- trafficlight1 1350; -- CJ_TRAFFIC_LIGHT4 CJ_traffic 1351; -- CJ_TRAFFIC_LIGHT5 CJ_traffic 1352; -- CJ_TRAFFIC_LIGHT3 CJ_traffic }; I want to make a workaround to fix this issue: I Need check if vehicle near the traffic object and get object rotation.