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  1. Hello Guys , I'm ScoomaAli From Morocco , Today i want to show you my new project , FiveM Backup In Mta This is a screen from it
  2. In total, I have two questions, but on the same topic: - Is it possible to add an object instead of replacing it with another? - If not, what objects are not used by GTA / MTA San Andreas?
  3. Eai galera, de boa? preciso de uma ajuda de alguém que saiba como resolver, toda vez que dou spawn em algum veículo de duas rodas (moto e bicicleta) do meu server no mta eles ficam girando e alguns bugs de sombra ocorrem, só param alguns segundos depois, o mesmo ocorre na concessionaria quando clica para vizualizar a moto...gira em todos os ângulos por alguns segundos, ou então após sair de algum interior (agência, cnh...) também gira. Se alguém souber como resolver fico muito grato. Segue anexo uma imagem para exemplificar. https://ibb.co/BN9jrN4
  4. looking for a gta online like server where i can make money by doing heists, buying cars and weapons etc etc comment an ip if you know any and thanks!
  5. I have one question about client objects, if I use the "TriggerClientEvent" function on the server side script, whether the object that was saved on the client side and will be set with the triggerClientEvent function on the server side, will every player see it and will work in the same way as normally I would call it in the server side script "createObject (object, x, y, z)"? For example, such -- client addEvent("createObject", true) addEventHandler("createObject", root, function(object, x, y, z) createObject(x, y, z) end ) -- server triggerClientEvent(root, "createObject", root
  6. I have a problem with my script and I don't know what the problem is, in the debug I write to me that in line 6,7 there is arg 1 in "nil" and I don't know why what's going on? local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() function CommuncationMouse() local cursrox, cursory = getCursorPosition() local cursrox = tonumber(cursrox) local cursory = tonumber(cursory) dxDrawImage(cursrox, cursory, screenW * 0.0766, screenH * 0.0593, ":test/guiBackgroundLongsquareLines.png", 0, 0, 0, 255, 0, 0, 255), true) dxDrawImage(cursrox, cursory, screenW * 0.0766, screenH * 0.0593, ":test/guiBackgroundL
  7. Hello, i'm working on editing IFP animations from GTA San Andreas, using Blender and the GTAToolsForBlender Addon, but I have a enoying problem. When I try to export my IFP file, an error message appears to me: https://imgur.com/gallery/1zINVGK It's an error from the addon or there is a step that I'm not seeing?
  8. Witam , Nazywam się Szymon w grach nazywam się Tib0 od pewnego czasu mam chęć stworzyć serwer Multi thef auto SA. Ppdchodzacy jak najbardziej pod realne życie. Staram się zebrać dobrą, dużą i mocną ekipe do zrobienia projektu. Oczywiscie kazdy znajdzie miejsce dla siebie. Osoby które będą chciały zostać przy projekcie serdecznie zapraszam. Ale nie widze serwera bez zamówień wiec osoby które znają się na mapowaniu, skryptowaniu w Lua, moddelingu pojazdów lub postaci. Jezeli praca zostanie solidnie wykonana na pewno te osoby zostaną nagrodzone. Nie przedłużając przejdę po p
  9. Hello! I have a script but i dont understand what is the problem. heres the code: fadeCamera(true, 0.3) setCameraMatrix(2410.69263, -1657.63013, 40.17338, 2442.47388, -1658.73975, 27.61846) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("all",false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("crosshair",false) showCursor(true) local screenX,screenY = guiGetScreenSize(); local loginPanelX,loginPanelY; local joinTick; local margin = getResponsiveSize(10) local buttonWidth,buttonHeight = getResponsiveSize(360), getResponsiveSize(60) local strings = { ["loginBtn"] = "Bejelentkezés", ["registerBtn"] = "Regisz
  10. Guys , did someone know how to turn off the auto UPDATE of MTA ?? When I play in MTA with the previous versions of MTA , everything is fine and everything works done , but when I reenter in the game , the game is updating so after that all cars are invisible ....How can i fix this ? (I play on most popular russian MTA servers , CCD PLANET and others)
  11. hey, i fought hard !!! plz join me : (how-to) discord > https://discord.gg/fHmHVk it's another new discord :) files needed > (link removed by forum moderation) if u got retail vice city, use this link for MTA : Win32 Client (Installer): http://www.projectredivivus.com/files/mta05r2/mta05r2_full_installer.exe then, and in mtaclient.exe choose 1.1 like this : then connect to : ip > port > 2003
  12. O erro consiste em, quando tento abrir o server local ou o editor de mapas, aparece o seguinte erro || https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/efuvuI8 ||IMAGEM DO ERRO
  13. Witam! gdzie muszę uzupełnić, gdzie wpisac nazwe skryptu mojego zeby działało za ta komendą function startTheResource ( thePlayer, command, resourceName ) if ( resourceName ) then -- Check if they specified a resource name local resource = getResourceFromName ( resourceName ) -- Get the resource local start = startResource ( resource ) -- Start the resource if ( start ) then -- If it was successfully started... outputChatBox ( resourceName .. " was started successfully.", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0 ) else -- If it wasn't successfully started... outputChatBox ( "This resource doesn
  14. Kanala abone olup beğenirseniz çok mutlu olurum I'll be happy if you like it and subscribe
  15. PL: Nie mogę używać wiążącego klucza na literę k aby silnik sie wyłączał. PL: Nie moge ustawić klawisza powiązania , ABY mozna bylo wykonać dziesięć Skrypt Za Pomocą funkcji „K” turnEngine (odtwarzacz) Lokalny Samochód = getPedOccupiedVehicle (odtwarzacz) if (Samochód i getVehicleController (Samochód) == gracz), A następnie ustawVehicleEngineState (Samochód, (not getVehicleEngineState (car))) if (getVehicleEngineState (car)) następnie outputChatBox („Silnik: Twój silnik wyposażony wyposażony.”, player, 0, 255, 0) el
  16. Hi everyone, a long time ago (novermber 2018) i started making new project called MTA Racing. This project has an own unique atmosphere legendary games such as: NFS Underground 1/2 + Midnight Club games series by Rockstar games. I am a big fun of it and we started implement it, but this project has status abandoned in april 2019. But right now i decided to finish it in free time. Now i gonna tell you more info about this. Features: Custom mapping around Los Santos, 70% remake. Custom race tracks. Tuning: Spoilers Front/Rear/Side bumbers Neon
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoA211PUFOw RellatryX Clan War Gameplay. Thanks for watching. Do not forget to comment like and subscribe my channel :)
  18. MTASERVER IP: mtasa: // 22003 DISCORDCHANNEL: https://discord.gg/44adDxJ مرحبًا بكم في المقدمة الضمنية.نحن خادم بدأ في بداية عام 2016نحن الآن على قيد الحياة تقريبًا لمدة 4 سنوات مع الصعود والهبوط عدنا في اللعبة.- نريد أن نعيد لعب الأدوار كما كان- لعب الأدوار القانونية مهم جدا في خادم لعب الأدوار- لعب الأدوار غير القانونية مهم ولكننا لسنا خادم آر بي جي- نحن نريد أن نعطي الجميع شيئًا ما للعب دور- لدينا فريق إدارة لطيف جدالأنهم مستعدون لمساعدة الجميع!- نحن نسمح للجميع أن يأتي داخل اللعبة إذا كنت تتحدث الإنجليزية ماذا نقدم لك؟ نحن نقدم لك تجربة
  19. ICERPG Oferujemy Ci ● Stabilny serwerek ● Miłą i przyjemną rozgrywkę ● Administracje na poziomie ● Serwer tworzony jest od graczy dla graczy ● Zbilansowaną oraz rozbudowaną gospodarkę ● Nie tworzymy niczego pod pieniądze RCONI ● Tomek124 ● NoName ● duzybyk Technik serwera DISCORD: ● duzybyk [LINK] https://discord.gg/fMdS2fE
  20. Opa Galera de boa esse servidor e muito bom e esta cresendo entre nele servidor e role play pesquise no seu mta Brasileiros Classe alta se voce entra ate no dia 03/11/2019 ganhara level 100 e 3 milhoes de dinheiro esse e um evento que fizeram para os players o dowload e compactado ou seja baixara so a metade obrigado por tudo vlw S2
  21. bray023

    Gta map to MTA

    Hello guys! Anyone can convert this map for me? I can't convert maps, but I rlly wanna play on this map. Here is the map: https://mega.nz/#F!LKYF3QpJ!rbYPivr7mk6phj5Oq6h57Q Thnk you!
  22. Como faço para desabilitar os sons de tiro que ficam no fundo quando o player está em Los Santos ? Tentei o seguinte código: addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function( ) setAmbientSoundEnabled( "general", false ) setAmbientSoundEnabled( "gunfire", false ) setWorldSoundEnabled (5, false) end ) Não funcionou... Alguém pode me ajudar ? Desde já agradeço!
  23. Vim deixar aqui meu servidor de Roleplay , da uma passada lá tenho certeza que vão gostar, tmj ..... ts3 : bvh.ts3top.com server : mtasa://
  24. Seu Site ou Blog! Seu VPS ou Cloud! Seu Game ou TS3! Nossa historia de sucesso começa em nossos clientes e parceiros, uma infraestrutura de alta tecnologia e rede premium com Ant-DDoS, além disso, nossa equipe expert está sempre a disposição. O que você ganha Provisionamento Instantâneo Seus servidores estão prontos imediatamente graças ao OpenStack, que facilita o provisionamento super-rápido, sem tempo de espera, em comparação com outros provedores que podem levar de 5-6 horas para configurar o seu servidor! Completamente Customizável Personalize o seu servidor com a
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