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Found 21 results

  1. Heya all, Are you looking for a freeroam server that has tons of custom mods and features, but don't want too many rules and restrictions? Then JohnFlower's Freeroam boredom just might be the right server for you! We have options like mapping and attaching for creative players, command line based so you actually can learn from it. We also have a lot of car mods and drifting opportunities to race yourself towards the finish! Not knowing what to do and got some spare time left? We got you covered with our in-game cinema and skins to start off an RPG. JohnFlower started the server in 2010, in collaboration with Cave Johnson. Since then the player base grew rapidly and the community became larger and larger. We basically have one rule when you are online and that's not to be a cu*t. We assume you know yourself what's okay and what not. Our staff members will act tho when things start to escalate. So, that's only a part of what our server can offer you, and if you are interested to check it out please copy the following link in your MTA: Server IP: mtasa:// Links: Join our Discord group: Join our forum site: Join our IRC channel: Join our Facebook community: Regards, n0rt0x
  2. Rynosce


    Всем привет! Поглядываю я на MTA и вспоминается мне игра All Point Bulleting! вот подумываю сделать полную копию этой игрушки на MTA! что скажите ? никто не хочет объединиться и заняться со мной данным проектом ? к примеру интерфейс, HUD, автомобили, города, вытянуть с Unreal Engine и перенеси в GTASA не проблема а вот на счёт сценария игры не знаю, кто сталкивался ? возможно ли скриптами написать свой сценарий игры ? взаимодействовать его в онлайне ? на сколько это тяжело ?
  3. Angel Carvajal


    Quisiera como pudiera hacer que mi panel cuando muera alguien se abra automaticamente ya que solo abre cuando entras al sv x,y = guiGetScreenSize() JobsWin = guiCreateWindow(x/3 - 170,y/3 - 20,200,320,"Selecciona Tu Equipo",false) teamsList = guiCreateGridList(0,22,186,255,false,JobsWin) column = guiGridListAddColumn( teamsList, "Teams", 0.85 ) for id, team in ipairs(getElementsByType("team")) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( teamsList ) guiGridListSetItemText ( teamsList, row, 1, getTeamName ( team ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemColor ( teamsList, row, 1, getTeamColor ( team ) ) end guiWindowSetMovable ( teamsList, false ) guiWindowSetMovable ( JobsWin, false ) guiWindowSetSizable ( teamsList, false ) guiWindowSetSizable ( JobsWin, false ) send = guiCreateButton(0,285,90,25,"Seleccionar",false,JobsWin) CloseButton = guiCreateButton(105,285,90,25,"Cerrar",false,JobsWin) guiSetVisible(JobsWin, true) showCursor(true) setTimer ( showingTeams, 1000, 1) function close() if source == CloseButton then guiSetVisible(JobsWin, false) showCursor(false) end end addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", root, function ( button ) if button == "left" then if source == send then local row, col = guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( teamsList ) local teamName = guiGridListGetItemText ( teamsList, row, col ) triggerServerEvent ( "onPlayerChooseTeam", getLocalPlayer(), teamName ) end end end) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), close)
  4. It is with great pride that I recognize Project Redivivus for nine years of dedicated work and effort to the Multi Theft Auto project for our much beloved Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City games! Over the years, we have seen numerous people come and go, contributing massively to a project that has had deep meaning to many of the people in this community and others. Throughout this time, I have also met some of the kindest, funniest, and most-skilled people in my life. Having the chance to work alongside some of Multi Theft Auto's original developers has opened my eyes to some of the history of MTA and many other GTA multiplayer mods, and how they are what they are today. (The dedication put forth by the MTA team is nothing short of impressive). In the process, I've also seen quite a few of our own developers go on to officially work alongside the MTA team in multiple different capacities, thus helping to continue what we all know and love even more. To celebrate this long-standing group's birthday, I was hoping to officially release MTA 0.6 Nightly 2 to everyone. The plan was to push back the Windows XP/Boost fixes to 0.6 Nightly 3 so everyone could have something to play with in the mean time. Unfortunately our development team has run into an issue with compiling the Linux version of MTAServer, which is currently holding back this release. Fear not, though! We are still actively working on this, and hope that a resolution will be found within the coming days so everyone can have a late birthday gift from the PR team! Things are just around the corner, boys and girls. While 0.6 still has quite a bit of work left to be done on it before it can be open-sourced and released, significant progress has been made, and we are getting much closer to the end of it than ever before. This means that we'll hopefully be seeing releases to 0.7 and Blue also coming in the near future once the 0.6 base has been finalized for public use and view. Good things are coming. We just need a little more of your patience as we prepare them!
  5. Seu Site ou Blog! Seu VPS ou Cloud! Seu Game ou TS3! Nossa historia de sucesso começa em nossos clientes e parceiros, uma infraestrutura de alta tecnologia e rede premium com Ant-DDoS, além disso, nossa equipe expert está sempre a disposição. O que você ganha Provisionamento Instantâneo Seus servidores estão prontos imediatamente graças ao OpenStack, que facilita o provisionamento super-rápido, sem tempo de espera, em comparação com outros provedores que podem levar de 5-6 horas para configurar o seu servidor! Completamente Customizável Personalize o seu servidor com atualizações fáceis para mais opções de backup, sistemas de painéis de controle e muito mais! Velocidade próximo ao infinito Cada servidor vem com a capacidade de adicionar mais recursos instantaneamente através de um dispositivo ControlePanel. Você pode adquirir sempre que for necessário. Gerente de Contas Oferecemos ainda um gerente de contas para cuidar de seu servidor e de seu negocio 24x7x365 priorizados via telefone, chat e e-mail, garantindo um menor tempo de espera. Nossos serviços são a solução perfeita para quem deseja Qualidade, segurança e conforto, com dezenas de milhares de vantagens. Principais Características e Infra-estrutura Inigualável » Processadores Intel Xeon » Blade Servers (Super Micro) » DDoS Protection ATIVO » Portas de Rede de 1GBps » 1 IPs gratuito com cada Servidor » cPanel & GameCp Servidores de Teste: Planos de VPS Planos de MTA Planos de TeamSpeak
  6. Sh3vchenk0


    Hello everyone! As the title says I made a frag montage pubg in mta ►IP MTA: mtasa:// ►Music Used: ►Lenka Blue Skies REVOKE Remix ►Two Feet Go F*ck Yourself
  7. Tenia instalado el MTA de hace rato, y todo iba normal no hubo ningún error, pero hoy cuando intente abrirlo me pedia que colocara el directorio de gta san andreas, lo hice, y luego me pidió que abra el el gta san andreas, pero no paso nada en ningún momento, se quedaba con una barra y no cargaba, probe reinstalando el gta san andreas y el MTA pero me sigue saliendo lo mismo
  8. laneldoreh

    MTA Role-play server

    Connection: mtasa:// This is a fun role-play server on MTA. This server is great in many ways because there are players across the globe. This game also would love to add more players to its player base to help everyone out to engage in more role-play making everyone happier. If role-play is your thing, we got you covered!
  9. CITMartin

    Scripters MTA

    Join Now 3500 Members scripters of MTA SA
  10. Zym

    MTA:SA DayZ (Revis)

    Открылся игровой проект MTA DayZ (Revis) Наше сообщество VK: Ждём всех на сервере. Достаточно много обновлений произошло на сервере, добавлено лута, машин и много чего прочего. По поводу предложений можете писать в лс сообщества вк или тут. IP:
  11. BartiCoderNoob

    GTA:SA Cooperation Edition

    Hello World, having been playing a lot of different GTA games, for about 3 years on many different SAMP and MTA servers with friends. Including going through the GTA story line many times . I thought that it would be a great variety to create a possibily of two players going through the whole story line together. I searched the internet to find a solution. I came across a user NewbProgramming, who wrote on the forum that he wants to do something similar. However I do not know the progress in his project. I decided to take matters into my own hands and write such a script myself at LUA. There is a lot of work involved, but if anyone knows a tool that could help me, then please contact me on this forum, maybe there is a script that will automatically convert the singleplayer code to MTA LUA? Here is my ideas, how to match missions into two players mode: and here is a little bit changed story line: and here are my scraps of code which i wrote to this time: I hope you like it If you are interested in or want to help somehow, leave a sing
  12. KrixLV

    Roleplay servers

    Hello guys, i know there are outside ar a lot of people who domt know how to set up a server so i am offering help to those who need it.
  13. Hi all,i'm here asking for help, because its from yesterday that i cant play, wait, i cant even open MTA here is the link of the log of MTADiag and the screen i get after i run MTA I tryed unistalling MTA but nothing, removing and reinstalling the GPU Drivers but nothin My card is a :~ty and old Radeon HD5450 1GB DDR3, i never changed since i started playing MTA on 2013, and it has been more than enough.. what happened now? is my GPU dead or its going to die soon xD? Thanks in advance
  14. Witamy was drodzy gracze! Z dniem dzisiejszym chcielibyśmy zaprezentować wam nasz nowy projekt o nazwie iWorld-RPG. Powiecie - łe, kolejny nudny RPG, lecz nie! Chcemy, aby nasz projekt wyróżniał się wśród projektów na Polskiej scenie Multi Theft Auto San Andreas. Wiele dotychczasowych serwerów opierało się tylko i wyłącznie na zarabianiu gotówki, następnie inwestowaniu je w pojazdy, tuning, lub zwyczajny "szpan" pomiędzy graczami - my chcemy to zmienić! U nas zarabianie gotówki sprawi Ci dużą przyjemność, a wydawanie jej jeszcze większą! W naszym projekcie stawiamy na prace, których nie mogliście ujrzeć dotychczasowo na innych serwerach, lecz niektóre nie zmienią się. Prace pisane są od podstaw przez nasz sztab skrypterów, abyście mogli bez zbędnych błędów, oraz irytacji grać wraz z przyjaciółmi na naszym serwerze! Na serwerze iWorld-RPG stykniecie się z rozgrywką, która rozciągnięta jest na całe San Andreas. Wszelkie prace, oraz możliwości wydawania przez was gotówki rozmieszczone są po całej mapie, abyście mogli zmieniać coś w swojej grze, a przede wszystkim nie nudziło wam się to, lecz o sposobach wydawania gotówki dowiecie się w aktualizacjach, które będą wstawiane co jakiś czas. Na serwerze dostępna do kupna będzie usługa premium, która udostępni wam wiele przywilejów na serwerze gry, jak i również odmienny kolor nicku na forum. Usługa tak w dużym stopniu urozmaici wam codzienną rozgrywkę na serwerze, dlatego kupno tej usługi będzie formą "nowości". Na początku jednak wymagane od graczy będzie sporo wysiłku, oraz stalowych nerw, ponieważ początki na serwerze nie będą proste. Aby zarobić na pierwszy pojazd będziecie musieli przepracować jakąś ilość godzin, aby rozgrywka nie znudziła wam się od samego początku, bo co to za przyjemność jeździć po tygodniu najszybszym pojazdem w GTA? Na serwerze w chwili obecnej istnieją 3 frakcje takie jak: Policja, Pogotowie Ratunkowe, oraz Państwowa Straż Pożarna. W każdej z tych frakcji na najwyższym stanowisku znajdują się osoby, które mają coś wspólnego z każdą z tych dziedzin, oraz posiadają wiedzę na temat działania tych służb. Na serwerze spotkacie się z pełnym profesjonalizmem ze strony służb, rozwiniętym Role Play, oraz sporą wiedzą na poszczególne dziedziny. Na serwerze frakcje prowadzone będą w stylu Polski, także będziecie mogli spotkać polskie pojazdy służb mundurowych, a także wymodelowane budynki tj. Szpital, Państwowa Straż Pożarna, czy też w przyszłości Komenda Policji. W administracji naszego serwera wyróżniamy rangi takie jak: RCON (właściciele serwera), Deves (pomocnicy RCON'ów), Administratorzy, oraz Moderatorzy. Znajdziecie tutaj różne rangi poboczne tj. Mapper, czy też Modeller. W składzie serwera znajdziecie osoby, które od wielu lat grają na serwerach MTA, były na wysokich stanowiskach na mniej, czy też bardziej znanych serwerach na platformie MTA. Właściciele: CzarnY (główny właściciel, opiekun frakcji) dawPi.# (właściciel, skrypter) Deves: SP (grafik, pomoc RCON) Titan (Pomoc RCON, Mapper) Weed (Pomoc RCON, Modeler) Administrator: Damianero (Administrator serwera, mapper, pomoc RCON) BaReN (Administrator serwera, skrypter) Moderatorzy: Obecnie brak. Obecnie posiadamy forum naszego serwera, na które was serdecznie zapraszamy; Posiadamy również serwer discord: Otwarcie serwera: obecnie nie znamy jeszcze daty otwarcia serwera, lecz wszelkie informacje zamieszczane będą na forum serwera! Do zobaczenia już niebawem na wirtualnych drogach iWorld! Administracja serwera iWorld-RPG
  15. CodyJ(L)

    Space Data Centers

    On Behalf of Space Data Centers- hosting the server for my community. Based in Nottingham. Offered to you or your clans or gaming groups flexible hosting planes that are self manged or with hardware support. (dedicated plans.) Be on top of the rest with - your own dedicated server with Ter3 redundancy (backup power systems and redundant internet) your service will be all ways available. Dedicated options: D1 Server Entry Level Server An excellent value, dedicated and managed entry level server. You will have full control over the operating system and application layer. We manage the hardware while you focus on the important applications supporting your business. Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor 8GB Ram 2x1TB Hard Disk Raid 1 24/7 Support Options Uptime guarantee Ideal for application testing and development. Hardware support and optional access to the server administration console. Prices from £70.00 per month D2 Server Performance server Utilising the latest server grade Xeon processors, this server is built to handle more intensive tasks (e.g. databases). If you need a mid-ranged processing workhorse, this server will easily meet your requirements. Intel Xeon Hex Core Processor 16GB Ram 2x1TB Hard Disk Raid 1 24/7 Support Options Uptime guarantee Ideal or applications requiring that extra bit of performance Hardware support and optional access to the server administration console.Prices from £75.00 per month D3 Server Power server If processing power is your number one requirement this is the server for you. The fastest Xeon processors are matched up with plenty of RAM and storage, all accessed by a high speed network connection –ensuring you have a powerful all-round server. Dual Xeon Hex Cores Processor 32GB Ram 3x2TB Hard disk Raid 5 24/7 Support Options Uptime guarantee Ideal for running multiple intensive applications that require exceptional performance, storage and connectivity. Hardware support and optional access to the server administration console. Prices from £100.00 per month Dedicated 4 BESPOKE Call us on 0115 975 82 85 Choice of OS Unlimited Bandwidth 24/7 Support Options Virtual server plans: V1 Server Entry Level Server Ideal for anything from a development server, network appliance, email server or small footprint database server. 2 vCPU Processor 2GB Ram 50GB (RAID5 disk array) 10Mbt vNetwork connection Phone/Email Support Uptime guarantee This virtual server benefits from industry standard hardware. Plenty of network bandwidth. Access to the server administration console. Ideal for application testing and development. Prices from £12.99 per month V2 Server Processing power Ideal when you require performance for a compute intensive application or need a little extra speed for your database transactions. 4 vCPU Processor 4GB RAM 100GB (RAID5 disk array) 10Mbt vNetwork connection Phone/Email Support Uptime guarantee Benefits from industry standard hardware. Plenty of network bandwidth. Access to the server administration console. Ideal for medium intensity applications. Prices from £17.99 per month V3 Server All round performing server Perfect for larger application and database servers which need to be available all the time and accessible every time. 6 vCPU Processor 8GB RAM 250GB (RAID5 disk array) Dual 100Mbt vNetwork connection's Phone/Email Support Uptime guarantee Industry standard hardware Plenty of network bandwidth. Access to the server administration console. Ideal for high end application hosting where high speed connectivity is essential. Prices from £44.99 per month V4 Server All round performing server Perfect for larger application and database servers which need to be available all the time and accessible every time. Quad vProcessor's 16GB RAM 500GB (RAID5 disk array) Dual 100Mbt vNetwork connection's Phone/Email Support Uptime guarantee Industry standard hardware Plenty of network bandwidth. Access to the server administration console. Ideal for high end application hosting where high speed connectivity is essential. Prices from £64.99 per month Choosing a bespoke server from Space Data Centres has many benefits. Call us today on 0115 975 82 85 to speak to one of our expert advisors about your requirements. (Reposted from my forums
  16. Hello. I want create a dx timer which when the player disconnect, and connect again to the server then not reset the timer. Sorry for my bad english :c
  17. Pffv me ajudem
  18. Background Hello everybody, I'm here to present you my brand new and updated race server but first some information about how I got to make it. It all started around august 2015 when I read a tutorial on these forums on how to open my own server as back then I needed it to train some maps alone and restart them as many times as I wanted. But in time I got interested in how all those other servers I play on are actually made and little by little I started learning LUA. At first I just used ready scripts from the community, a bit later I started to edit small parts of them and soon after I started to recreate community resources, meaning that I use the base idea/code but adapt it for my needs. And not long after I made my first standalone script. Since then I've learned a lot about how MTA works and actually that was what got me interested in programming and at the moment I'm first year in university, studying informatics and working on a few MTA servers A Glimpse Of What's Included If you wish to have a look at some of the features on the server, screenshots are available at the following link (not all are included in the screenshots): click me Server Information I won't give an IP here because there's no telling when it might change since I'm on a free hosting service (which has premium quality by the way)( You can either search for the server by it's name (Classic Racing) or you can see the current IP on it's forums at Other than that below you will see some more information about the server if you want to know more about it: Server Location: France Server Version: 1.5.4 First Download: Around 50 MB Maps: There are around 2000 racing maps each of which was reviewed and had it's details edited if needed. My main goal is to offer that old classic feeling of race which sadly most other servers have just forgotten and they started accepting any kind of maps in their race arenas/rooms, even DM maps or ones which are kindly put - horrible to play in any gamemode. If a map on the server is bad, you can report it to be deleted on the forums and it actually will be deleted. I hope you give the server a go when you have some free time. There are a lot of features (some quite unique and not seen in other servers) not included in the screenshots above. I have used open-source servers' resources as well as a lot of community ones but everything that was not made by me was edited or recreated mainly by me and a few of my MTA friends so that there are zero bugs or incompatibility between scripts. See you on the roads of San Andreas
  19. Hello to everybody ! I'm here today to announce the return of one of the oldests MTA DM/OS servers ! =KoG= DM/OS Servers are back ! It's been a while since the server closed and a lot of things happened. But today we announce that one of the oldest communities of MTA (since 2006) will come back as strong as it used to be ! We will get back the =KoG= clan and only the best players will be able to join us. Of course anyone can join our servers and try to beat the toptimes. We want this community to be as entertaining and competitive as it used to be ! We bring back the old server style, but with some new cool features as: - New login panel: - New user panel (Opens with F7) - Money and shop system - Ranking and achievement system INFORMATION: OS Server: mtasa:// DM Server: Not ready yet Website: Don't be shy and come to our servers and say hi ! If you want to be part of the clan you will have to send a join request to the forum when it's ready ! See you all in-game !
  20. .:CiBeR:.

    [GTANetwork] GTA 5 Online

    Buenas a todos. Para los que no estais enterados, los creadores de SA-MP lanzaron oficialmente una modificación para GTA 5 el cual permite tener servidores de GTA 5, programar gamemodes, extender scripts mediante librerías externas y mucho mas! Los lenguajes admitidos son C# para el lado del servidor y JavaScript para el lado del cliente! Os dejo el link al mod: y una imagen de un gamemode que estoy empezando a hacer! Saludos!
  21. Mister Monkey

    Problem with map editor

    Hello guys ! Sorry if i post on wrong place,im new to this forum. I got my new copy of win10 x64 few weeks ago, and i have installed MTA because i use MTA editor.. however , editor never started.. When i click on Map Editor , i get small window with text : "Starting local server..." .. and it stays forever.. I searched for answers on google, i tried next things : 1. Reinstall - i done 5 times at least. 2. Turn off Firewall and antivirus programs. 3. Change install directory of MTA. 4. Check if MTA folder has unchecked 'Read only' thing - it was read only,i unchecked it but nothing has changed. 5. Install older version - currently running 1.5.0 ,no luck. 6. MTA>server>mods>deathmatch>resources> delete folder: editor_dump - i never founded that file. Could you guys give me advice what to do next ? Thanks !