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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys, i have this question, How to make a new line that contains the rest of the text, That has reached the end of the line in the grid list ? just like the memo does.
  2. EN: I NEED HELP WITH THIS, SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. I NEED ADD ONLY WANTED PLAYERS IN GRIDLIST RESUME: ADD : PLAYERS WITH STAR >= 1 IN GRIDLIST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PT: EU PRECISO DE AJUDA COM ISSO, QUERO ADICIONAR APENAS JOGADORES PROCURADOS NA GRIDLIST
  3. Hello, I'm using gridlist sections for weapon classes. I have stored my weapon data in table and i have set each weapon it's own class. So my problem is this: It creates section for every weapon, but it should skip if there is already section for class. Here's how it looks now and how it should not look: Code: [Table]: prices = { { name="Shotgun", id=25, ammo=30, price=700, class="Shotguns", type="everyone" }; { name="Sawed-off", id=26, ammo=30, price=650, class="Shotguns", type="everyone" }; { name="Combat Shotgun", id=27, ammo=30, price=800, class="Shotguns", type="everyone" }; { name="Uzi", id=28, ammo=60, price=500, class="Sub-Machine Guns", type="everyone" }; { name="MP5", id=29, ammo=60, price=600, class="Sub-Machine Guns", type="everyone" }; { name="Uzi", id=32, ammo=60, price=500, class="Sub-Machine Guns", type="everyone" }; { name="AK-47", id=30, ammo=60, price=800, class="Assault Rifles", type="everyone" }; { name="M4", id=31, ammo=60, price=1000, class="Assault Rifles", type="everyone" }; { name="Rifle", id=33, ammo=60, price=2000, class="Rifles", type="everyone" }; { name="Sniper", id=34, ammo=60, price=3000, class="Rifles", type="everyone" }; { name="Rocket Launcher", id=35, ammo=20, price=7000, class="Heavy Weapons", type="Vip" }; { name="Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher", id=36, ammo=20, price=1000, class="Heavy Weapons", type="Vip" }; { name="Minigun", id=38, ammo=2000, price=10000, class="Heavy Weapons", type="Vip" }; } [Client]: function drawWeaponsTable(weapons, isVip, vip_discount) local weapons = fromJSON(weapons) guiGridListClear(gridlist) local t = {} for i=1, #weapons do local value = weapons[i]["class"] if t[value] == nil then table.insert(t, value) local row = guiGridListAddRow(gridlist) guiGridListSetItemText(gridlist, row, 1, value, true, false) end local row = guiGridListAddRow(gridlist) guiGridListSetItemText(gridlist, row, 1, weapons[i]["name"], false, false) end end Hope you understand something
  4. Hi As it says in the Title, i have a problem with this .. I looked up on the Wiki and used guiGridListGetItemData, I read the example provided, didn't make it for what I need . function BuyDrink ( button ) if button == "left" then local nRow, nColumn = guiGridListGetSelectedItem( GridList ) if nRow ~= -1 and nColumn ~= - 1 then local row, col = guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( GridList ) local selected = guiGridListGetItemData ( GridList, row, col ) -- This Gives "nil" output outputChatBox ( "You Bought " .. tostring(selected) ) -- Output the Text from selected row of the first Column only end end end Basically I want the Text of my first column selected row, not an int . I hope I made it clear to understand Any help is appreciated .
  5. I was bored and long time without do any script so I started looking in the wiki some functions what I not used yet and I found dxDrawMaterialLine3D. You have a video and code about a scoreboard what I made for test this function. Maybe this can be useful for you ( take scrollbar, etc ). Client-Side code:
  6. Estaba aburrido y llevaba bastante tiempo sin scriptear así que me puse a buscar por la wiki funciones que nunca usé y encontré dxDrawMaterialLine3D. Aquí os dejo un vídeo y el código de un scoreboard simple que he hecho para probar la función, por si os es útil el tema del scroll y lo que podáis encontrar. Código Client-Side:
  7. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته عندي مشكلة بمود اتمنى الرد بأسرع وقت فيه سويت الجريد لست وخليته يجيب اسماء اللاعبين لكن ما يجيب الا اسم شخص واحد ومعلومات شخص آخر التجربة KPahmedGridList = guiCreateGridList(10, 25, 580, 245, false ) C1 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "Players", 0.2) C2 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "Money", 0.2) C3 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "Ping", 0.2) C4 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "FPS", 0.2) C5 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "Wanted", 0.2) C6 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "x", 0.2) C7 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "y", 0.2) C8 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "z", 0.2) C9 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "Health", 0.2) C10 = guiGridListAddColumn(KPahmedGridList, "zone name", 0.2) for i = 1, 10 do myRow = guiGridListAddRow (KPahmedGridList) end function DeveloperAhmedKillerProject () for id, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do x,y,z = getElementPosition( player ) Area = getZoneName( x,y,z ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C1, getPlayerName ( player ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C2, getPlayerMoney ( player ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C3, getPlayerPing ( player ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C4, getFPSLimit ( player ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C5, getPlayerWantedLevel ( player ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C6, x, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C7, y, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C8, z, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C9, getElementHealth ( player ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, myRow, C10, Area, false, false ) playerName = guiGridListGetItemText ( KPahmedGridList, guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( KPahmedGridList ), 1 ) end end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, DeveloperAhmedKillerProject)