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Found 12 results

  1. Hello , im bob , i am recently having a freezing issue on MTA 1.5.7 last version , so when i am playing normal in like 15 min , and when i press f8 , or quickreply (pm chat bind) , the game freezes with no mouse movment and the audio keeps going normal , i go to task manager to end the "gtasa.exe" task and its using "02% , 05%" of the cpu , i am having this issue for a long time and i just want to ask for a solution. the bug is shown in these 2 videos : https://youtu.be/Pm3e76QcORY https://youtu.be/8cDuQLXacOg Contact info : My Discord is : "! TheCrazyBob#3039" (with spaces) My Emai
  2. Kiztrum

    Random crashes

    Title says it all. My game randomly crashes every 30-60 minutes. Sometimes I have to shut it down in task manager, sometimes it exits automatically. I've reinstalled MTA since then, the crashes still occur. A few months before I had kind of the same problem, but back then my screen started "flashing" as in my character and some assets in game started disappearing and appearing, same can be said about my HUD.
  3. Anytime I join a server, The game runs for a while (1-2 minutes) and then the entire PC freezes. Blue Screen saying: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL This only happens with MTA. Any suggestions? I wouldn't think that apps running in the background (Discord,Steam,etc.) are the problem since I've been playing for around 1-2 years on this PC without any problems. This problem occured yesterday, 2019.11.03. It hasn't been fixed since then. It isn't GPU drivers, because i've tried downgrading it, and it still crashes. Haven't updated anything else since the last time I played (before
  4. When i playing MTA:SA, the FPS decrease random with 5-10 FPS and freeze the game a little bit for 1-2 seconds. And this again after 5-10 mins.. my pc more than enough for MTA:SA.. here is my specs: i5-9600K 2x8GB 3200MHz RAM GTX 1070 I tried change the settings in nvidia control panel, in mta settings but didn't help.. I playing MTA in windowed mode without border, if that matters Anyone can help? Sorry for my bad english..
  5. Hello. Recently I got into MTA again and really wanted to play this russian FPP Battlegrounds server. But I have a big problem. After about 5 minutes into the game when I press menus button it just immedietaly freezes so much, that I can't even close it any other way than closing my whole computer. I was digging through MTADiag logs and I stumbled upon tremendous amount of errors with ScrollablePane (MTADiag link here! https://pastebin.mtasa.com/918261000) I really have no idea what should I do with it. Can you help me out ? I'd be thankful!
  6. Hi there person, I need some help figuring out how to progress and finish up a script (idea to reality), but i can't find a way to do it on my own, So can sombady help me out, Here's the code. CLIENT: addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), function (thePlayer, seat) if thePlayer == getLocalPlayer() then triggerServerEvent ("Freeze", resourceRoot) end end ) addEventHandler("onClientVehicleExit", getRootElement(), function (thePlayer, seat) if thePlayer == getLocalPlayer() then triggerServerEvent ("Freeze", resourceRoot) end end )
  7. I don't understand this Error = [Expected bool at argument 2, got none]... how to use function clientSide setElementFrozen ? --client side script function FPlayer () setElementFrozen (this, true) --This is how this method? end
  8. Already in the game menu starts to crash constantly, already tried everything you have in the forum, updated drivers, I ran as administrator, I ran in compatibility mode, I used MTADIAG and nothing worked. I played it a few months back normally, now when I came back it started. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hey there MTA community. I've got a problem since yesterday. My MTA is like freezing when I'm trying to connect to a server, its every server doesn't work. Here my MTAdiagram: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/133209097 Waiting for fast responding, thank you.
  10. qing

    Freeze command

    so there is a command "/fz" which obviously freezes you until you do "/fz" again.. how can I move while frozen , I don't mean to run or walk .. I mean , I see players go up while they are frozen.. they told me they use some type of a command idk .. but it pushes them one step forward or backward , upwards or downwards as they want.. so basically its a command , I need to know it cheers, qing
  11. Well...I need to freeze a player during 3 seconds when he collides a ColCuboid, independent if he is in a vehicle or not. After this time, the player is unfreezed and will be only freeze again if he goes out the collider and enters it again. The collider is on a serverside script, but I read at the "Wiki MTA" an information that Freeze commands are only clientside... I tried to make all the script clientside but when I did, the script simply doesn't work and don't show any error. Reason: The player must wait the gate's movement ending so he can pass. The gate's movement lasts
  12. Xwad

    freeze camera

    How can i freeze the camera? i tryied this but it does not work function fc() local cam = getElementsByType ( "camera" ) setElementFrozen ( localPlayer, cam ) end addCommandHandler("fd",fc)
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