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Found 54 results

  1. I want to create a "system" to update any xml (or only the vehicles.xml) without restart the Freeroam. Like, i create a second resource with alls xml's ex: resouce1: freeroam, resource2 = xmllist, then i put in xml options in freeroam, the ':xmllist/vehicles.xml' for example. (everything alright) But, when i restart the xmllist, do not update the freeroam, and i want create a command or a way to "refresh" the xml/gridlist. I found a way, but it "duplicate" the freeroam window. function testeeetalkei() wndCreateVehicle = { 'wnd', text = 'Create vehicle', width = 300, controls = { { 'lst', id='vehicles', width=280, height=340, columns={ {text='Vehicle', attr='name'} }, rows={xml=':xmllist/vehicles.xml', attrs={'id', 'name'}}, onitemdoubleclick=createSelectedVehicle, DoubleClickSpamProtected=true, }, {'btn', id='create', onclick=createSelectedVehicle, ClickSpamProtected=true}, {'btn', id='close', closeswindow=true} } } wndMain = { 'wnd', text = 'FR GUI', x = 10, y = 150, width = 280, controls = { {'lbl', text='Local player'}, {'br'}, {'btn', id='kill', onclick=killLocalPlayer}, {'btn', id='skin', window=wndSkin}, {'btn', id='anim', window=wndAnim}, {'btn', id='weapon', window=wndWeapon}, {'btn', id='clothes', window=wndClothes}, {'btn', id='playergrav', text='grav', window=wndGravity}, {'btn', id='warp', window=wndWarp}, {'btn', id='stats', window=wndStats}, {'btn', id='bookmarks', window=wndBookmarks}, {'br'}, {'chk', id='jetpack', onclick=toggleJetPack}, {'chk', id='falloff', text='fall off bike', onclick=toggleFallOffBike}, {'br'}, {'chk', id='disablewarp', text='disable warp', onclick=toggleWarping}, {'chk', id='disableknife', text='disable knifing', onclick=toggleKnifing}, {'chk', id='antiram', text='anti-ramming (vehicle ghostmode)', onclick=toggleGhostmode}, {'br'}, {'lbl', text='Pos:'}, {'lbl', id='xpos', text='x', width=45}, {'lbl', id='ypos', text='y', width=45}, {'lbl', id='zpos', text='z', width=45}, {'btn', id='setpos', text='map', window=wndSetPos}, {'btn', id='setinterior', text='int', window=wndSetInterior}, {'br'}, {'br'}, {'lbl', text='Vehicles'}, {'br'}, {'lbl', text='Current:'}, {'lbl', id='curvehicle'}, {'br'}, {'btn', id='createvehicle', window=wndCreateVehicle, text='create'}, {'btn', id='repair', onclick=repairVehicle}, {'btn', id='flip', onclick=flipVehicle}, {'btn', id='upgrades', window=wndUpgrades}, {'btn', id='color', onclick=openColorPicker}, {'btn', id='paintjob', window=wndPaintjob}, {'br'}, {'chk', id='lightson', text='Lights on', onclick=forceLightsOn}, {'chk', id='lightsoff', text='Lights off', onclick=forceLightsOff}, {'br'}, {'br'}, {'lbl', text='Environment'}, {'br'}, {'btn', id='time', window=wndTime}, {'chk', id='freezetime', text='freeze', onclick=toggleFreezeTime}, {'btn', id='weather', window=wndWeather}, {'btn', id='speed', window=wndGameSpeed} }, oncreate = mainWndShow, onclose = mainWndClose } createWindow(wndMain, true) hideAllWindows() end addCommandHandler('test', testeeetalkei) this way, i restart the xmllist resource and /test and works, but duplicate the window, anyone know how to do this without duplicate or create a function to delete old window or only update the xml? idk how to do it (note: this code is in fr_client.Lua (clientside)) (note2: found some functions that work with xml: function _buildWindow(wnd, baseWnd, parentWnd) -- at line 141 in gui.Lua -- some code... if wnd.rows then -- at line 227 if wnd.rows.xml then -- get rows from xml bindGridListToTable(wnd, not gridListHasCache(wnd) and xmlToTable(wnd.rows.xml, wnd.rows.attrs) or false, wnd.expandlastlevel or wnd.expandlastlevel == nil) else -- rows hardcoded in window definition bindGridListToTable(wnd, not gridListHasCache(wnd) and wnd.rows or false, false) end end --- etc.. end )
  2. I'm having trouble translating the scripts into colloquial language (to build the concepts in my head and understand what happens and what triggers the events). My ultimate objective is to add a help window that shows the functions of my server. This is what I researched so far: *I know some things may be obvious to the experienced developer. My intension is to "think out loud" so, if I'm mistaken, the reader(s) will point out my errors. With a stock MTA, pressing 'F9' (resource: helpmanager) opens a help window that shows two tabs: 'votemanager' and 'freeroam'. Respectively, each are run by their own resource that go by the same names. This means that if I stop one, the tab will be gone; If I stop both, there will be no tabs visible. Therefore, it is safe to say that both tabs are being added by a script (the window elements creation, the text, the size, etc), into the 'helpmanager' help window. While I can edit either tab to show the desired info, if I plan on stopping both resources (votemanager and freeroam) from starting in the near future, they will not be visible. Thus, the only path left I have is to add a script of my own that will only show the desired info in a new tab on the 'F9' help window. My questions are: - How can I create a text inside new tab inside the window of another script? *I know how to create a window. My issue is creating an uneditable text inside the window of a different resource. - How can I stop 'votemanager' and 'freeroam' from starting when the server.exe is ran. *I've tried looking for the resource in mtaserver.conf, but I can't find any trace of a resource that's related to freeroam. I do want to keep 'play', for the moment.
  3. [SOLVED] This will certainly be a beginner's subject. The folder [gameplay], located in "Resources", is filled with .rar files. I want to edit 'help.xml', which is inside "freeroam.rar". I tried extracting everything into a new folder called "freeroam", but my server is not detecting said folder. I'm sure I'm ignoring a command somewhere that's failing to locate the folder (might be written to only locate "freeroam.rar"). What can I do to reach the file, modify it, and keep the freeroam files working?
  4. Nome: BRASIL VIDA DIFERENCIADA | FREEROAM [ POLICIAIS - GANGS - DRIFT - MODO PASSIVO] Gamemode: PLAY IP: mtasa:// (Host BR - Ping 25-50) Discord: Página: Vagas: Crie sua Gang (7 players) ou Corporação Policial (12 players)
  5. Hola, intente editar el archivo vehicles.xml del freeroam pero cuando intento poner un vehiculo no me salta ninguno de los botones y ningun vehiculo, ¿Qué estaria fallando en este codigo?, a continuacion lo que edite. <catalog type="vehicle"> <group name="Bicicletas Y Motos"> <group name="Motos"> <vehicle id="581" name="Honda XRE 300" /> <vehicle id="462" name="Faggio" /> <vehicle id="521" name="Yamaha" /> <vehicle id="463" name="Freeway" /> <vehicle id="523" name="HPV1000" /> <vehicle id="522" name="NRG-500" /> <vehicle id="461" name="PCJ-600" /> <vehicle id="448" name="Pizza Boy" /> <vehicle id="468" name="Sanchez" /> <vehicle id="586" name="Wayfarer" /> <vehicle id="471" name="Quadbike" /> </group> </group> <group name="Bicis"> <vehicle id="509" name="Bike" /> <vehicle id="481" name="BMX" /> <vehicle id="510" name="Mountain bike" /> </group> </group> <group name="Autos Argentinos" <group name="Autos"> <vehicle id="602" name="Suzuki Wtift GTi" /> <vehicle id="429" name="Lamborghini Huracan v10" /> <vehicle id="402" name="Audi S4" /> <vehicle id="480" name="Fiat Tempra" /> <vehicle id="562" name="Renault Sandero RS" /> <vehicle id="587" name="Volkswagen Golf Mk3" /> <vehicle id="565" name="Toyota Corolla AE86" /> <vehicle id="559" name="Chevrolet Corsa Hatch" /> <vehicle id="560" name="Volkswagen Gol G3" /> <vehicle id="558" name="Volkswagen Gol G6n" /> <vehicle id="536" name="Peugeot 206" /> <vehicle id="419" name="Peugeot 207 RC" /> <vehicle id="496" name="Blista Compact" /> <vehicle id="401" name="Citroen DS3" /> <vehicle id="527" name="Fiat 128" /> <vehicle id="533" name="Fiat 147 Sorpasso" /> <vehicle id="526" name="Fortune" /> <vehicle id="517" name="Renault Clio Sport" /> <vehicle id="410" name="Honda Civic Si" /> <vehicle id="436" name="Mercedes Benz 190E" /> <vehicle id="475" name="Citroen C4 VTS" /> <vehicle id="439" name="Peugeot 206 HDi" /> <vehicle id="549" name="Volkswagen Beetle Clasico" /> <vehicle id="445" name="Chevrolet Vectra 2.0" /> <vehicle id="438" name="Volkswagen Gol G4" /> <vehicle id="585" name="Duna" /> <vehicle id="466" name="Chevrolet Cruze 2011" /> <vehicle id="492" name="Chevrolet Corsa" /> <vehicle id="546" name="Chevrolet Celta" /> <vehicle id="551" name="BMW M5 E34" /> <vehicle id="516" name="Volkswagen Jetta Mk2" /> <vehicle id="467" name="Volkswagen Gol G1 GTi" /> <vehicle id="426" name="Toyota Corolla" /> <vehicle id="547" name="Volkswagen Santana" /> <vehicle id="405" name="Hyundai Sonata" /> <vehicle id="550" name="Audi A6 2004" /> <vehicle id="566" name="Peugeot 504" /> <vehicle id="420" name="Volkswagen Voyage G7" /> <vehicle id="540" name="Mercedes Benz Clase S" /> <vehicle id="421" name="Fiat Uno" /> <vehicle id="529" name="Audi RS5" /> <vehicle id="499" name="Camion Mitsubishi" /> <vehicle id="609" name="Black Boxville" /> <vehicle id="422" name="Volkswagen Saveiro G4" /> <vehicle id="543" name="Volkswagen Saveiro G1" /> <vehicle id="554" name="Chevrolet Silverado" /> <vehicle id="589" name="Volkswagen Golf Mk2" /> <vehicle id="404" name="Renault 9" /> <vehicle id="479" name="Audi A4 Avant" /> <vehicle id="561" name="Audi A4 Avant" /> </group> </group> <group name="Autos de Policia" <group name="Policia"> <vehicle id="596" name="Auto de Policia" /> </group> </catalog>
  6. HCS Gaming Freeroam merthcs Cresus Farkı Hisset Sunucumuzdaki panelinden araçlarına kadar tarafımızca en ince detayına kadar tekrar düzenlenmiş, hataları giderilmiştir. Araçların çoğu gerçektekiyle birebir aynı olması için uğraşılmıştır. Sunucumuza gerçekteki çoğu kişinin bildiği Bubble Cafe ve Wooden Cafe haritası uyarlanmıştır. Sunucuyu yaparken en ince detayına kadar düşünerek yaptık, değerli vaktinizi kaliteli sunucularda harcayın. Yetkililer= /yetkili Şifre Değiştirme= /sifredegis El Kaldırma= /el Oyuncu Gözü= /fp Araç Ayarları= /kilit - /motor - /far - /elfreni Lazer= /lazer - /lazerrenk Oturma Kalkma= /otur - /kalk Drop Alanı= /drop Drop Alanı 2= /drop2 Delta Galeri= /dgaleri Havai Fişek= /fw Haritada Evleri Görmek İçin= /ev Evin Müziğini Ayarlama= /evm F1= Freeroam Menu F2= Klan Panel F3= Ses Sistemi F4= Araç Kontrol Panel F5= Isinlanma Panel F6= Market Panel F9= Bilgilendirme Panel F10= Ekrandaki Herşeyi Gizler 'C'= Hız Sabitleyici 'B'= Handling Panel (Ayarlardan değiştirilebilir) 'L'= Arac kilitleme 'U'= Local Chat (Sadece yanındakiler görür) 'N'= ENB Panel Yakında
  7. Greetings Everyone. Lost In Time are a brand new MTA:SA server. (58 FPS SERVER) We offer a large amount of content while trying to keep the download size small. We Currently Offer..... AI Peds, Traffic + Planes, Jobs, Grenade Indicators, Teleports, Gym System, Kill Messages, Vehicle Locking, Personal Account / Login, Object Spawner, Website, Name Tags, No Speed Blur, Custom Speedo HUD, GTA V Mini Map & HUD, Top Online Players, Leveling System, Glue To Vehicles, Flying Cars, Teams, Car Reflections, Car Spoilers, Web Browser And Much Much More! Currently the only goal that is implemented in this Freeroam is to earn money so you are able to build using the menu on F4. To earn money you must kill boss NPCS around the map with custom health values. - You can also earn money every 5 minutes just playing on the server. More will be taken in to consideration and values will change along with more being added / changed. You can also earn levels with an xp system. To earn xp you kill another player in the server. All Information is shown on the scoreboard. (FPS, Kills, Deaths, Ranks, Wanted) (We also have a team system in place where you can change teams - Default on joining is Citizens) I am committed to update this server as often as I can and trying to fix any issues still outstanding on the server. This is an ongoing project that i'm having fun with. You can find and entire list of commands on our website along with our discord information, images and the latest updates we roll out. You can also vote for our server and apply for staff on our website. Please note that our website is still under heavy construction and will eventually change. (Latest patch notes will be rolled out soon and this post will be edited.) JOIN OUR SERVER @ mtasa:// VISIT OUR DISCORD @ VISIT OUR WEBSITE @ >The Spoiler Contains A Full List Of Commands And More!< (Our Domain Name Is Currently In Progress And Will Be Complete Soon) - Thank You And Have Fun! Below are some of the pictures taken on our server. (Please note that the HUD And Other things may look Slightly different compared to the up to date live version) (An In Depth Video Will Be Posted Back Here Soon)
  8. sevenlwo

    freeroam help

    Hello, i'm trying to create a checkbox to enable and disable the ghost-mode on my F1(freeroam) panel on MTA server, but actually i dont know how to do it. someone can help me?
  9. Olá, eu tenho um servidor. Gostaria de saber se tem como colocar o freeroam por acl (grupo), e se tiver, como faço isso? Ajudem por favor. Obrigado! Exp:Queria Q So Um Certo Grupo Da Acl Pudesse Usar o Freeroam

    mta sa BUGs !

    hey guys hello all today iam gonna show you 3 bugs which were founded by me and recorded at same time 1) Ghostmode ! 2) speed hack bug! 3) Godmode bug ! All three bugs found in 1 video watch and have fun !
  11. Hey there, we just opened our MTA SA Server named BalkanRoam, an English freeroam server. Our server offers you different features such as: -Clans -A brand new Dogfight System -VIP Music Tracks -Clan Bases System -Wars System: Weapons Wars with Weapon Changements, no vehicles allowed! -Custom in-game shaders and optimised server, meaning you will get higher fps than the other servers. -Hydra Clan Skins -Custom Clan Base door commands -3D Radio System -Custom Cars -Custom Car Panel -Customized Freeroam Panel -Brand new scoreboard -Level System, Max Level: 100 -Different Events to get XP and Money: *Dogfight Event: There are two teams in this event, the winner team gets money and 2000 XP *Free For All: This event has different maps, you can fight everyone on it, the TOP 3 Killers get XP and Cash What are you waiting for? Join us now! Our Server IP: mtasa://
  12. Heya all, Are you looking for a freeroam server that has tons of custom mods and features, but don't want too many rules and restrictions? Then JohnFlower's Freeroam boredom just might be the right server for you! We have options like mapping and attaching for creative players, command line based so you actually can learn from it. We also have a lot of car mods and drifting opportunities to race yourself towards the finish! Not knowing what to do and got some spare time left? We got you covered with our in-game cinema and skins to start off an RPG. JohnFlower started the server in 2010, in collaboration with Cave Johnson. Since then the player base grew rapidly and the community became larger and larger. We basically have one rule when you are online and that's not to be a cu*t. We assume you know yourself what's okay and what not. Our staff members will act tho when things start to escalate. So, that's only a part of what our server can offer you, and if you are interested to check it out please copy the following link in your MTA: Server IP: mtasa:// Links: Join our Discord server: Join our Steam group: Join our forum site: Join our IRC channel:;;port=6697&amp;ssl=1 (If you use a different nickname than you use ingame, or if you are not affiliated with JohnFlower's server at all, ping @n0rt0x on IRC) Join our Facebook community: Regards, n0rt0x
  13. Description of me hello every one , well im 20y old and i dont know how script ( im learning to ) , i created this server just to have fun with you guys , and last thing is that i dont speak english well Media Well these days ill work on adding alot alot of stunt points to make it more fun . ill add more maps every day or 3 , and there is one event in this days and its Lava event its an lava is rising up in all the world and u have to escape from it like to get on some thing higher that the lava and the last one alive will win and i created a map for that to make the player race to the top of the finish and only one player can enter the finish and when he enters he will close the way on the players and ill be doing alot of thing in the server while im free . pictures Server Details Full Name : [UGW] UnderGround World Events/Drift/Maps/RealRoads/Fun/Honda/BMW/Stunt/Mods+100 IP : mtasa:// thx for reading
  14. <catalog type="vehicle"> <group name="Latające"> <group name="Helikoptery"> <vehicle id="548" name="Cargobob" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="417" name="Leviathan" /> <vehicle id="487" name="Maverick" /> <vehicle id="488" name="News Chopper" /> <vehicle id="497" name="Policyjny Maverick" /> <vehicle id="563" name="Raindance" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="469" name="Sparrow" /> </group> <group name="Samoloty"> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="511" name="Beagle" /> <vehicle id="512" name="Cropduster" /> <vehicle id="593" name="Dodo" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="553" name="Nevada" /> <vehicle id="476" name="Rustler" /> <vehicle id="519" name="Shamal" /> <vehicle id="460" name="Skimmer" /> <vehicle id="513" name="Stuntplane" /> </group> </group> <group name="Jednoślady"> <group name="Motory"> <vehicle id="581" name="BF-400" /> <vehicle id="462" name="Faggio" /> <vehicle id="521" name="FCR-900" /> <vehicle id="463" name="Freeway" /> <vehicle id="523" name="HPV1000" /> <vehicle id="522" name="NRG-500" /> <vehicle id="461" name="PCJ-600" /> <vehicle id="448" name="Pizza Boy" /> <vehicle id="468" name="Sanchez" /> <vehicle id="586" name="Wayfarer" /> <vehicle id="471" name="Quadbike" /> </group> <group name="Rowery"> <vehicle id="509" name="Miejski" /> <vehicle id="481" name="BMX" /> <vehicle id="510" name="Górski" /> </group> </group> <group name="Łodzie"> <vehicle id="472" name="Łódź Straży" /> <vehicle id="473" name="Dinghy" /> <vehicle id="493" name="Jetmax" /> <vehicle id="595" name="Łódź Wojskowa" /> <vehicle id="484" name="Jacht 2" /> <vehicle id="430" name="Łódź Policyjna" /> <vehicle id="453" name="Reefer" /> <vehicle id="452" name="Speeder" /> <vehicle id="446" name="Squalo" /> <vehicle id="454" name="Jacht 1" /> </group> <group name="Samochody"> <group name="Sportowe"> <vehicle id="602" name="Alpha" /> <vehicle id="429" name="Banshee" /> <vehicle id="402" name="Buffalo" /> <vehicle id="541" name="Bullet" /> <vehicle id="415" name="Cheetah" /> <vehicle id="480" name="Comet" /> <vehicle id="562" name="Elegy" /> <vehicle id="587" name="Euros" /> <vehicle id="565" name="Flash" /> <vehicle id="411" name="Infernus" /> <vehicle id="559" name="Jester" /> <vehicle id="603" name="Phoenix" /> <vehicle id="560" name="Sultan" /> <vehicle id="506" name="Super GT" /> <vehicle id="451" name="Turismo" /> <vehicle id="558" name="Uranus" /> <vehicle id="555" name="Windsor" /> <vehicle id="477" name="ZR-350" /> </group> <group name="Lowridery"> <vehicle id="536" name="Blade" /> <vehicle id="575" name="Broadway" /> <vehicle id="518" name="Buccaneer" /> <vehicle id="419" name="Esperanto" /> <vehicle id="534" name="Remington" /> <vehicle id="567" name="Savanna" /> <vehicle id="535" name="Slamvan" /> <vehicle id="576" name="Tornado" /> <vehicle id="412" name="Voodoo" /> </group> <group name="2-Drzwi"> <vehicle id="496" name="Blista Compact" /> <vehicle id="401" name="Bravura" /> <vehicle id="527" name="Cadrona" /> <vehicle id="542" name="Clover" /> <vehicle id="533" name="Feltzer" /> <vehicle id="526" name="Fortune" /> <vehicle id="474" name="Hermes" /> <vehicle id="545" name="Hustler" /> <vehicle id="517" name="Majestic" /> <vehicle id="410" name="Manana" /> <vehicle id="436" name="Previon" /> <vehicle id="475" name="Sabre" /> <vehicle id="439" name="Stallion" /> <vehicle id="549" name="Tampa" /> <vehicle id="491" name="Virgo" /> </group> <group name="4-Drzwi"> <vehicle id="445" name="Admiral" /> <vehicle id="438" name="Cabbie" /> <vehicle id="507" name="Elegant" /> <vehicle id="585" name="Emperor" /> <vehicle id="466" name="Glendale" /> <vehicle id="492" name="Greenwood" /> <vehicle id="546" name="Intruder" /> <vehicle id="551" name="Merit" /> <vehicle id="516" name="Nebula" /> <vehicle id="467" name="Oceanic" /> <vehicle id="426" name="Premier" /> <vehicle id="547" name="Primo" /> <vehicle id="405" name="Sentinel" /> <vehicle id="580" name="Stafford" /> <vehicle id="409" name="Stretch" /> <vehicle id="550" name="Sunrise" /> <vehicle id="566" name="Tahoma" /> <vehicle id="420" name="Taxi" /> <vehicle id="540" name="Vincent" /> <vehicle id="421" name="Washington" /> <vehicle id="529" name="Willard" /> </group> </group> <group name="Służbowe"> <vehicle id="416" name="Ambulans" /> <vehicle id="433" name="Barracks" /> <vehicle id="427" name="Ciężarówka SWAT" /> <vehicle id="490" name="FBI" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="407" name="Straż Pożarna" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="596" name="Policja (LS)" /> <vehicle id="598" name="Policja (LV)" /> <vehicle id="597" name="Policja (SF)" /> <vehicle id="599" name="Jeep Policyjny" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> </group> <group name="Ciężkie"> <group name="=Służbowe"> <vehicle id="524" name="Ciężarówka z Cementem" /> <vehicle id="578" name="Ciężarówka 1" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="455" name="Ciężarówka 2" /> <vehicle id="530" name="Wózek Widłowy" /> <vehicle id="403" name="Ciężarówka 3" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="515" name="Duża Ciężarówka" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="514" name="Ciężarówka 4" /> <vehicle id="525" name="Holownik" /> <vehicle id="408" name="Śmieciarka" /> <vehicle id="1" name="='Zablokowane" /> </group> <group name="Przyczepy"> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="537" name="Pociąg" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="584" name='Przyczepa 1" /> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="435" name="Przyczepa 2" /> <vehicle id="450" name="Przyczepa 3" /> <vehicle id="591" name="Przyczepa 4" /> </group> <group name="Ciężarówki"> <vehicle id="499" name="Benson" /> <vehicle id="609" name="Black Boxville" /> <vehicle id="422" name="Bobcat" /> <vehicle id="498" name="Boxville" /> <vehicle id="414" name="Mule" /> <vehicle id="600" name="Picador" /> <vehicle id="543" name="Sadler" /> <vehicle id="428" name="Securicar" /> <vehicle id="478" name="Walton" /> <vehicle id="456" name="Yankee" />żż <vehicle id="554" name="Yosemite" /> </group> <group name="Vany"> <vehicle id="1" name="Zablokowane" /> <vehicle id="482" name="Burrito" /> <vehicle id="483" name="Camper" /> <vehicle id="508" name="Journey" /> <vehicle id="418" name="Moonbeam" /> <vehicle id="582" name="News van" /> <vehicle id="413" name="Pony" /> <vehicle id="440" name="Rumpo" /> </group> <group name="Jeepy"> <vehicle id="589" name="Club" /> <vehicle id="579" name="Huntley" /> <vehicle id="400" name="Landstalker" /> <vehicle id="500" name="Mesa" /> <vehicle id="470" name="Patriot" /> <vehicle id="404" name="Perennial" /> <vehicle id="489" name="Rancher" /> <vehicle id="479" name="Regina" /> <vehicle id="442" name="Romero" /> <vehicle id="495" name="Sandking" /> <vehicle id="458" name="Solair" /> <vehicle id="561" name="Stratum" /> </group> </catalog>
  15. hello every one , well im new at mta forum as i said in the first topic of myn so i created a server just to have fun so the name of the server is : [UGW] UnderGround World Events/Drift/Maps/RealRoads/Fun/Honda/BMW/Stunt/Mods+100 mtasa:// the main topic :
  16. Somehow i can make this possible? When a player connect, then he have to wait the end of download, then he can use the fr gui. I want make fr gui usable when player download the mods. Sorry for my bad english..
  17. Server Adı Norm Freeroam IP Adresi Özellikler F1: Freeroam Paneli F2: Market Paneli F3: Özel Sohbet Paneli F4: Para Transfer Paneli F5: Tag Paneli F6: Araç Kontrol Paneli F7: Level/Zaman Sıralama Paneli F9: Yardım Paneli F10: Teleport Paneli ___________________________________________________ Alt: Sınırsız Nos B: Araç Kontrol Paneli C: Hız Sabitleme K: Araç Kilitleme M: Polis Işıkları Açma/Kapama O: Yonetici Panel P: Yetkili Panel X: Aracın üstüne yapışma 0: Ekrandaki Herşeyi Gizleme/Açma 9: Duman Efekti Kapatma/Açma ___________________________________________________
  18. Buenas a todos, estoy armando una sección de Mi Cuenta en mi servidor, quiero que sea una ventanita con un tabpanel que tenga las siguientes pestañas: Inicio (donde muestra las estadisticas basicas, nombre, tipo de cuenta, nivel, etc) Configuración (donde mostrara botones para cambiar la clave, eliminar la cuenta, etc) Clan (donde mostraria datos exportados del gangystem) Por ahora no se me ocurre ninguna otra solapa, si alguno le ve alguna utilidad a una solapa podría recomendármela también El problema es el siguiente, estoy creando esto a través de la GUI del resource freeroam (ya que el botón de Mi Cuenta está en el freeroam también, entonces quería hacer todo junto). El código es el siguiente: wndCuenta = { 'wnd', text = 'LPMV2 - Mi Cuenta', x = 380, y = 190, width = 500, height = 800, controls = { {'tbp', id='tbp1', text='pruebaTabPanel', width=200 , height=200}, }, } Y el resultado el siguiente: Es extraño, pero digo... quizá le faltan las tab para que funcione, entonces la agrego y el codigo queda así: wndCuenta = { 'wnd', text = 'LPMV2 - Mi Cuenta', x = 380, y = 190, width = 500, height = 800, controls = { {'tbp', id='tbp1', text='pruebaTabPanel', width=200 , height=200}, {'tab', id='tab1', text='pruebaTab', width=200 , height=200}, }, } Pero el resultado es que cuando quiero abrir esta sección (Mi Cuenta) muestra los ultimos 2 errores en el debugscript (ignoren el de callesgroove) Alguien podría ayudarme? Desde ya, muchas gracias!
  19. Hi all, I'm putting together a section of My Account on my server, I want it to be a little window with a tabpanel that has the following tabs: Start (where it shows the basic statistics, name, type of account, level, etc) Configuration (where it will show buttons to change the password, delete the account, etc) Clan/Gang (where it would show data exported from the gangystem) For now I can not think of any other flap, if any one sees a utility to a flap I could also recommend it The problem is this, I am creating this through the freeroam resource GUI (since the My Account button is in the freeroam too, then I wanted to do everything together). The code is the following: wndCuenta = { 'wnd', text = 'LPMV2 - Mi Cuenta', x = 380, y = 190, width = 500, height = 800, controls = { {'tbp', id='tbp1', text='pruebaTabPanel', width=200 , height=200}, }, } The result: It's strange, but I say ... maybe the tab is missing for it to work, so I add it and the code looks like this: wndCuenta = { 'wnd', text = 'LPMV2 - Mi Cuenta', x = 380, y = 190, width = 500, height = 800, controls = { {'tbp', id='tbp1', text='pruebaTabPanel', width=200 , height=200}, {'tab', id='tab1', text='pruebaTab', width=200 , height=200}, }, } But the result is that when I want to open this section (My Account) it shows the last 2 errors in the debugscript (ignore 'callesgroove' resource) Somebody could help me? From already thank you very much!
  20. Парни, помогите, проблема. Спавню авто через freeroam, стою, езжу и через промежуток времени он просто пропадает, искал может где таймер стоит, нету Что делать?
  21. Maximum gaming, freeroam server offers everthing what you would expect from freeroam server. - Car Mods - Drift System - Custom Drift Maps - Superman - Freeroam Panel - Handling Editor - Around 110 vehicle mods ( Download 460mb ) - Custom HUD - Custom Wheels - Neons And much much more Be sure to check out the roleplay & dayz server also
  22. Hey, Can anyone help me to add some weapons, skins to this VIP panel.. Original owner is Nexus.. Compiled Version - CLIENTSIDE DECOMPILED CODE: SERVERSIDE DECOMPILED CODE: VEHICLES.XML: META: <meta> <info author="Nexus" name="VIP System" type="script" version="1.0.1" /> <script src="Client.luac" type="client" /> <script src="vehicles.xml" type="client" /> <file src="VIP.png" /> <script src="Server.luac" type="server" /> </meta> Can anyone help me to add some weapons, skins to this VIP panel..(ok with adding those skins weapons to Vehicle list) i hope its useful you guys also.. Thanks...
  23. hellow ! i need to know how player spwan with parachute in sky like pubg player spwaning im use this for freeroam pls help me friends
  24. Welcome to the GTA-RD Fun / Drift / Freeroam Server . The server was created for fun ! The server runs from February 10, 2018 to the present. Server Features New textures brought to the map (using images, not dff, txd etc., 61 fps tested ! Top Drift and Drift System with Handling Editor Help panel in English Vehicles, Skins, Modified Weapons (Activated with / mods) We Have one Spawn Scripts Made for Fun: Cheats, Glue, etc... Teleports (/drop) (/stunt/) (/drift) etc.. New Maps Soon Optimized for everyone, even for those with poor computers _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Server IP: mtasa:// _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ScreenShots _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ If You Want To Publish Script For The Server Please Send For Pm _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is Beta Version Of Server Enjoy _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  25. Welcome to the GTA-RD Fun / Drift / Freeroam Server . The server was created for fun ! The server runs from February 10, 2018 to the present. Server Features New textures brought to the map (using images, not dff, txd etc., 61 fps tested ! Top Drift and Drift System with Handling Editor Help panel in English Vehicles, Skins, Modified Weapons (Activated with / mods) We Have one Spawn Scripts Made for Fun: Cheats, Glue, etc... Teleports (/drop) (/stunt/) (/drift) etc.. New Maps Soon Optimized for everyone, even for those with poor computers _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Server IP: mtasa:// _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ScreenShots _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ If You Want To Publish Script For The Server Please Send For Pm _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is Beta Version Of Server Enjoy _____________________________________________________________________________________________________