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Found 18 results

  1. I have launched a new, entirely free service that offers personal tutoring to anybody who wants to learn new MTA skills, including: Setting up an MTA Server Resources / scripts / meta.xml Writing Lua code MTA concepts such as events, timers, client-side interfaces, etc. SQL and other data storage methods I've been in the MTA community for coming up to 11 years now, and have worked with many of the 'big servers' that exist today, so the information will be delivered by people (including myself) with plenty of experience. The few students I'm already tutoring are well on their way to writing some basic MTA scripts already, after only a few days (totaling 4-5 hours). If you want to get involved, be sure to join the Discord server. You can also click here to see the recommended syllabus. If you know of anybody else who wants to learn to script, be sure to let them know of this great offer!
  2. Regeneration (health) This resource lets you regenerate player and vehicle* health. It is not an unique idea, I know... but there weren't good implementations for it at the community resource list. So that's why I share this with YOU. * Vehicle regeneration for the driver only. Version 1.0.0 Not compiled! Smooth health regeneration No UI, just the manager Settings (Admin panel) Settings Regeneration [on/off] (player/vehicle) Regeneration value (player/vehicle) Regeneration delay (player/vehicle) Regeneration [on/off] while the vehicle is burning Download link: Take a quick look into the source code (v1.0.0) Client Server Meta
  3. The old server called one life have reopened and it's ready for players to join and have fun OneLife - Survival DayZ [MTA] What is OneLife? OneLife is an MTA community, We want to offer our players the full fun, which is why we have a dedicated team for each of our projects. However, I'll tell you something about our DayZ server now Dayz Features: The login system: The first thing every player sees from a server is, of course, the login system. To give our players a change, we have added a completely different login system on our server which differs from the other unedited DayZ scripts. The Spawns: You spawn with us in newly added Various Spawns on the map. In the inventory, you will find some start items that may guide you through this difficult time. Money: On our server, you have the opportunity to earn money by killing zombie's and players. Trading: By earning money you also have the opportunity to exchange items and vehicles with players. This is usually done in the safe zone as this is the safest place. The Safezone: If you need peace and quiet from the whole survival, the Safezone is just right for you. There you can relax and just enjoy the peace and quiet. There are actually always players to be found, which, however, can neither shoot nor aim. In Safezone, your survival time and your existing blood do not go up or down Of course, you are safe there from the birth of hell. Custom Map: On our server, we have a lot of own mapping. In addition to the normal "reconstruction work" to a destroyed world. And much more: In addition to the listed features, there are still many more to explore! How can you see it all? Very easily! Trust in us and try your luck in the wilderness between zombies, bandits, animals and heroes! HOW DO YOU REACH US ?: You can only reach our game server with the MTA client The IP is as follows: mtasa: // 22013 You can reach our Discord at: In the end, I thank you for your attention. I hope I see some of you in the game soon.
  4. TPF is bringing opportunities for those players who don't know scripting but wants to learn. We ( TPF staff ) offers free courses in various languages, as well as designing, for totally free. Languages we can teach you? We can teach you Lua, HTML, CSS ,PHP and MYSQL What can we teach you in designing ? Creating logos, creating banners ,posters , web design and MORE !!!(Using Photoshop cs6) Our contact: Contact DiGiTal#2028 or join our discord server : For more information and tutorials visit our website :
  5. I bring the GM DayZ 0.6.7 of Marwin totally free of bugs (fixed by me) and errors. Ready to edit to your liking. I hope you enjoy it! DOWNLOAD!
  6. Ts3 de MTA corra e entre Jogamos MODS |DAYZ,Roleplay e PUBG| adiquira salas chame wpp +55(12)9970-44895 IP - ou
  7. Hello everyone! I'd like to announce everyone SUI is now on GITHUB. Feel free to join up to the team in order to get it better and better. If you want to use it for your server, let me know by PM or Discord ( Simple01#1106 ), I will introduce you to the way SUI works.
  8. Greetings, Introducing FREE hosting solutions! All you have to do is post for host. Get going to the forum and start posting for your server. The forum Link : Visit Or Click here Get your server NOW! Gamepanel and more! Free WebHosting :
  9. Hello everyone. After two years (2016 & 2017) I decided to release a map pack and share it with you. This pack consist of 40 exclusive maps made for the RACE Game Mode. All the maps where made by RG, more specifically Reiko and Gneis. So without further ado, our race map-pack will be availible to download free of cost. You all can freely use them in your server, but no re-releasing or claiming as your own. Anyways I hope you like them, and enjoy playing as well. Comments and rates are aswell welcome. DOWNLOAD HERE! TEASER: MAP LIST (2016): 1) RG - Buffalo Forest (Buffalo) - (download individual map) 2) RG - Buffalo Reloaded (Buffalo) - (download individual map) 3) RG - Cheetah Eater (Cheetah) - (download individual map) 4) RG - Ignis (Infernus) - (download individual map) 5) RG - Impaktado (Infernus) - (download individual map) 6) RG - InferNOS (Infernus) - (download individual map) 7) RG - Infernus Hardcore Jumper (Infernus) - (download individual map) 8 RG - Loudmouth (Phoenix) - (download individual map) 9) RG - Lunar Bike (FCR-900) - (download individual map) 10) RG - Night of the Comet (Comet) - (download individual map) 11) RG - NRG-500 A Minute of Glory (NRG-500) - (download individual map) 12) RG - NRG-500 Invincible (NRG-500) - (download individual map) 13) RG - Sanchez Fantasy (Sanchez) - (download individual map) 14) RG - Sandking Moonlight (Sandking) - (download individual map) 15) RG - Speed Scandal (Infernus) - (download individual map) 16) RG - Spirit Of Champion (NRG-500) - (download individual map) 17) RG - Sultan Enduro (Sultan) - (download individual map) 18) RG - The Way Home (Turismo) - (download individual map) 19) RG - TuBuffCheetahB (Turismo - Buffalo - Cheetah - NRG-500) - (download individual map) 20) RG - White Luster (Bullet) - (download individual map) MAP LIST (2017): 21) RG - Aquatic Ruins (Turismo) 22) RG - Arabian Gold (Buffalo) 23) RG - Botanic Garden (Bullet) 24) RG - Carnival Night (Comet) 25) RG - Crocus (Infernus) 26) RG - Dry Hard (Sultan) 27) RG - Dry Hard 2 (Phoenix) 28) RG - Dust Shower (Buffalo) 29) RG - Endless Vacation (Cheetah) 30) RG - Fast Doctor (Cheetah) 31) RG - Infernus Avenue (Infernus) 32) RG - Larix (Turismo) 33) RG - Morning Glory (Comet) 34) RG - Night Glory (Cheetah) 35) RG - Nuclear NRG (NRG-500) 36) RG - Offroad System (Sandking) 37) RG - Power Plant (Infernus) 38) RG - Runway Cop (Ranger) 39) RG - Shaire (Buffalo) 40) RG - Sultan Waltz (Sultan) Thanks and have a nice day! MORE RACE MAPS HERE: Reiko's RACE MAPS 2016
  10. Free MTA:SA hosting. -u wana free small/medium server -with us u can.start ur own server. If u wana know more u can check the website. = This website its new if u find bugs u can pm me. Enjoy
  11. GameNode.Pro About Us GameNode.Pro is a fresh start up hosting business that provides hosting services like game hosting and more to come. We provide cheaper deals for you. Server locations • Quebec, Canada • France Most important links: • Terms of Service (ToS): • Privacy Policy: • Ticket System: • Support Email: Social Links: • Twitter: @gamenode_pro • Community Discord Server: • Community Forum: Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Server Hosting Public Beta Ended. Any questions? Feel free to ask it here.
  12. Hello There . Any One want free Host server SMS ME or : Thanks Regards :Mohamed Bkairy
  13. Somos una empresa dedicada a ofrecer Game Hosting, 0 caidas y 0 lag tu servidor estará en línea las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana y los 365 días del año ProSystemsHz para proporcionar servidores de juego confiablés, amigables y accesibles para los clanes y los individuos. Fundada por entusiastas de los juegos que entendimos lo que los jugadores de verdad requieren y necesitan. Mantenemos y controlamos nuestros propios servidores dedicados con el hardware de la calidad más alta y el software que sabemos que se siente orgulloso de decir que tiene un servidor de juegos de ProSystemsHz Tenemos el apoyo 24/7/365 disponible a través de nuestro sistema de tickets y siempre procurará responder a cualquier pregunta o solicitud de asistencia en 20 minutos. Ofrecemos los siguientes servicios Game Hostings (todos los precios son mensuales) - MTA Desde $1.00USD (MYSQL/Anti DDOS/Panel/FTP) - SAMP Desde $1.00USD (MYSQL/Anti DDOS/Panel/FTP) - Minecraft desde $3.00USD (MYSQL/Anti DDOS/Panel/FTP) - Counter Strike todas las Versiones(CSGO,1.6,Source) desde $3.20USD (MYSQL/Anti DDOS/Panel/FTP/Steam Update) - VPS Linux & Windows (todos los precios son mensuales) Podras verlo en Metodos de Pago: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, MercadoPago, RapiPago, PagoFacil. Web: - Email:
  14. The Below Link will take you to the tut video:- click me!
  15. Handy tool for DayZ servers, very easy to use and neatlooking DayZ Admin Panel. It's completly open sourcefeel free to edit it to your likings but please do notremove original author (me) also credit goes to Supermanaddon creator Ryden, without him this handy tool wouldnot be so cool. Default open bind is OOnce you go in Duty Mod you are invincible and you can fly.==-- To doInventory inspectorSuperAdmin featuresBan List (also unbaning)Report systemSpectate (maybe?)==-- FeaturesDuty Mode, Kick, Ban, Mute, Freeze, Warp,Warp Player To, Set Stats, Change Weather, Kill Player,Spawn Items, Spawn Vehicles, Send Global Message,Fix Car, Destroy Car, Blow Car, See Stats about player. If you find any bug report here or pm me, i'll fix it as soon as possible. Download Link:
  16. ***Host M T A & S A M P Gratis*** Anunciamos el lanzamiento de nuestro servicio gratuito para que pruebes nuestros servicios, puedes elegir de 1 hora hasta 12 horas como máximo solo tienes que seguir los pasos de la imagen, también para que activemos tu servidor tienes que enviarnos un mensaje privado a la página. (no aplica para clientes que ya tienen un servidor con nosotros) \
  17. Hi guys, need your help. Need scripter for DM(race) servers. In a lot of different plans, including scripts. Trying to find the scripter for the project, but I can't>< Looking for scripter for a permanent job! If u will to free work,u will accepted in clan Co-Leader, will be given all access to everything, as you will be considered by the developer. This is your chance to create a good and can be a unique project. The problem is that I would realises these plans, BUT I really don't amenable to scripting. In General, I hope that everything will be fine and I'll find the scripter My skype: niobium101 Have a nice day!
  18. FPSSERVER | 4 GEN Hosting | كافة الخدمات مجانا تحديث جديد الأضافات : 1- أضافة تحويل نقاط الى رصيد بايبال 2-أضافة تحويل النقاط الى بطاقات مثل كاشيو , ون كارد ... 3- الحصول على جوائز كل يوم اليوم تم أطلاق أستضافة أف بي أس سيرفر الجيل الرابع من الأستضافات والتي تقدم كافة الخدمات مجانا كيف تعمل أستضافة أف بي أس؟ الجواب : عن طريق مشاهدتك للأعلانات تتحول الى نقاط وتقوم بشراء وتجديد الخدمات شرح طريقة الحصول على الخدمة بعد تحميل تطبيق FPSSERVER WALLET من متجر جوجل بلاي قم بفتح تطبيق بعد ذلك قم بأنشاء حساب جديد بعد ذلك قم بتسجيل الدخول الأن سوف تظهر لك ثلات أزرار الأول أحصل على نقاط مجانا قم بالنقر عليه سوف يظهر لك أنواع الاعلانات مشاهدة أعلانات فيديو أو الحصول على نقاط أسرع عن طريق أنجاز عمل ما نضغط على زر مشاهدة أعلانات الفيديو بعد ذلك سوف تظهر لك ثلات قنوات قم بأختيار اي قناة سوف تحصل على 1 نقطة للمشاهدة الاعلان الواحد في حال لم يتوفر الاعلانات قم بأختيار قناة أخرى بعد تجميع النقاط حان الوقت للشراء الخدمات قم بالضغط على زر شراء الخدمات وأختر الخدمة الدي تريدها مثل MTASA بعد دلك قم بالضغط على زر شراء الأن بعد أتمام عملية الشراء سوف يتم أنشاء الخدمة بشكل تلقائي أي في حال قمت بشراء سيرفر MTASA سوف يتفعل فور عملية الشراء سوف تحصل على رسالة الى بريدك الألكتروني يحتوي على معلومات السيرفر بالاضافة سوف يكون ايميل وكلمة المرور و اسم المستخدم نفس ما وضعته في تطبيق بعد عملية شراء يمكنك تجديد الخدمة في اي وقت عن طريق النقر على تجديد الخدمات بعد دلك أختر الخدمة المراد تجديدها بعد دلك أضغط تجديد وسوف يتجدد الخدمة بشكل تلقائي الأن الخدمات المتوفرة : 1- MTASA 2-MineCraft 3-PayPal 4-CashU 5-OneCard سوف يتم توفير خدمات أخرى بالقريب العاجل يمكنك زيارة موقعنا في أي وقت ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ لفترة محدودة قم بتحميل التطبيق الأن وضع أسم المستخدم الخاص بك بالتعليقات فسوف تحصل على 10 نقاط مجانا قم بالتحميل الأن ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------