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Found 5 results

  1. Hello ! I have a problem on form that is related to 'Insert Existing Attachment' option. As you may know there is a button called 'Insert Existing Attachment' on every replying spaces and under that button, there are 02 options as 'insert image from URL' as well as 'Insert Existing Attachment'. When click on 'Insert Existing Attachment' a windows will display with 'You do not have any existing attachments' with 02 unusable buttons. So, how to add attachments to display in 'Insert Existing Attachment' window ?
  2. Здравствуйте, дорогое коммюнити, у меня проблема, я прописал ресурсы в mtaserver.conf, но последние прописанные не включаются при запуске сервера (вручную все работает) Что делать? Помогите пожалуйста!
  3. Hi all forum dev's administrations, i was trying to use the search in the forum but sometimes when i search there's no results at all but i'm pretty sure there's a result for that the message : There were no results for your search. Try broadening your criteria or choosing a different content area. so that's annoying and i'm not sure it's just for me or all forum members some words i was just trying to search for Top top sql SQL In arabic : توب And i was choosing all content so i'm not sure why there's no results but i'm sure there's at least one topic i found have the results . Hope someone tell me what's the problem and is that normal? Regards
  4. Hello everybody! It's just kindy a suggestion but don't know where to put this topic. So, is the forum lua highlither avaible somewhere? It would be usefull for the community in my opinion (or at least for me ). (Sorry i'm blind.. Site/Forum/IRC/Mantis/Wiki related. Can someone please move it? I can't delete it )
  5. Hey all, Today is the first day I'm using this new forum and I'm loving it so far especially the like feature for liking the reply/posts. I just have another suggestion that I've noticed would be nice to add with this lovely forum as it's because we all scroll through replies but sometimes when we want to go back to the navigation links it's really tiring to scroll all the way back to the top. All I'm really asking for is to add a overlay icon or text link for allowing us to get back to the top instead of scrolling the whole way our selves. Thanks MTA Team and everyone else that contributed.