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Found 5 results

  1. Client side: function showPlayerFuel() hidePlayerFuel(true); fuelFrame = guiCreateStaticImage( 0.72, 0.79, 0.05, 0.20, "images/Fuel_Gage.png", true) fuelBar1 = guiCreateStaticImage( 0.742, 0.811, 0.021, 0.17, "images/Fuel_Dot.png", true) guiBringToFront ( fuelFrame ) end addEvent("FullTank", true ) addEventHandler("FullTank", resourceRoot, showPlayerFuel) addEvent("fullRefill", true) addEventHandler("fullRefill",resourceRoot, showPlayerFuel) addEvent("fuelGageShow", true) addEventHandler("fuelGageShow", resourceRoot, showPlayerFuel) function CurrentFuelIn ( currentFue
  2. So I wanted to use a zm server's resources to play it on local server. After downloading the resources, I copied them to the resources library. I'm talking about appr. 60 different resources belonging to this one zm server, however I only added meta to the 'zombies' resources to see whether it is working or not. After started the local, I noticed the server does not spawn any zombies. ' ERROR: Couldn't parse meta file for resource 'zombies' [Line 9: Error reading Attributes.] ' This was the error message I got. What should I fix? Or is it possible that its problem is I only loaded this one res
  3. First of all, sorry for bad English. I am creating a script and I used the getElementData function to get data stored in the user account and then the setElementData function to get the information through the getElementData on the client but the script has the following error in debugging: Bad argument @ setElementData [Expect element at argument 1, got nil] SCRIPT: [SERVER-SIDE] function setarDados_Entrar(source) local acc = getPlayerAccount(source) local habl = getAccountData(acc, "hablt") local ficha = getAccountData(acc, "fichacriminal") setElementData(s
  4. Hey , this is my code , He don't create the XML file and i tried this : ( Only Client ) function createXML() if source == vehPanel.button[1] then settings = xmlCreateFile("savedsettings.xml","settings") if guiCheckBoxGetSelected(vehPanel.checkbox[1]) then xmlNodeSetAttribute(settings, "car", "true") else xmlNodeSetAttribute(settings, "car", "false") end end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", getRootElement(), createXML) And this : function createXML() settings = xmlCreateFile("savedsettings.xml","settings") if guiCheckB
  5. From 22:30 am wanting to access my account, but will not let me ... As reason tells me and try to enter more than 10 times misspelling password, but I do not play for 2 days or so ago, a 30h aproximadamente..Cuestion not let me change against disconnects me to want to change it and tells me try after 24 hours, but it seems wrong to have to wait and not to get to play for two days, and I can not queiro play. ..osea, any solution?
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