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Found 107 results

  1. Então quando tento entrar em um server especifico aparece esse erro, já reinstalei o mta. Já dei restart na net. Não sei mais o que fazer. Por favor me ajuda!
  2. Server-Side possui 2 arquivos. 1: factor = 0.03 function createVehicles(player) for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do fuel = math.random(70,80) setElementData(v, "fuel", fuel) end end function processFuel(player) for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do local fuel = getElementData(v, "fuel") or math.random(70,80) if (getVehicleEngineState(v) and fuel > 0 ) then fuel = fuel - factor end if (fuel <= 0.99) then fuel = 0 setVehicleEngineState(v, false) end setElementData(v, "fuel", fuel) end end createVehicles() setTimer(processFuel, 1000, 0) 2: local addingFuel = {} addEvent("onVehicleRefulling", true) function vehicleRefulling(v) if (getPlayerMoney(source) < 5) then outputChatBox("#000000[ #FF0000GASOLINA #000000] #ffffffVocê não tem dinheiro $10", source, 255, 255, 255, true) else setElementData(v, "fuel", getElementData(v, "fuel") + 1) takePlayerMoney(source, 5) end end addEventHandler("onVehicleRefulling", root, vehicleRefulling) addEvent("onVehicleRefullingFull", true) function vehicleRefullingf(v) gabas = 100 - getElementData(v, "fuel") if (getPlayerMoney(source) < tonumber(gabas*5)) then outputChatBox("#000000[ #FF0000GASOLINA #000000] #ffffffVocê não tem dinheiro $"..convertNumber (gabas*5).."", source, 255, 255, 255, true) else setElementData(v, "fuel", getElementData(v, "fuel")+gabas+1) takePlayerMoney(source, tonumber(gabas*5)) end end addEventHandler("onVehicleRefullingFull", root, vehicleRefullingf) function convertNumber ( number ) local formatted = number while true do formatted, k = string.gsub(formatted, "^(-?%d+)(%d%d%d)", '%1,%2') if ( k==0 ) then break end end return formatted end Client-Side: local sx,sy = guiGetScreenSize() local px,py = 1366,768 local x,y = (sx/px), (sy/py) function gas() local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle( getLocalPlayer() ) local gasosa = math.floor(getElementData(vehicle,"fuel") or 11) if ( vehicle ) then dxDrawRectangle(x*1125 - 2, y*718 - 2, x*100 + 4, y*27 + 4, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 140), false) dxDrawRectangle(x*1125, y*718, x*100, y*27, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 30), false) if gasosa <= 100 then dxDrawRectangle(x*1125, y*718, x*100/100*gasosa, y*27, tocolor(243, 0, 0, 255), false) else dxDrawRectangle(x*1125, y*718, x*100, y*27, tocolor(243, 0, 0, 255), false) end end end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, gas) Como posso fazer para que veículos que não possuam motor, como por exemplo a bike não apareça o indicador de Gasolina ? PS: O lado do server-side não foi eu quem fiz.
  3. Portuguese - Brazil: Meu mta tem hora que não quer entra nos servidores fica dando erro,Eu executei o MTAdiag e aqui tá o link. >> << - English: My mta has time that does not want to enter the servers is giving error, I ran MTAdiag and here's the link. >> <<
  4. my game when I go to login everything is tranparent on all servers a print help me Alguem poderia me ajudar meu jogo quando vou fazer login fica transparent
  5. So I wanted to use a zm server's resources to play it on local server. After downloading the resources, I copied them to the resources library. I'm talking about appr. 60 different resources belonging to this one zm server, however I only added meta to the 'zombies' resources to see whether it is working or not. After started the local, I noticed the server does not spawn any zombies. ' ERROR: Couldn't parse meta file for resource 'zombies' [Line 9: Error reading Attributes.] ' This was the error message I got. What should I fix? Or is it possible that its problem is I only loaded this one resource (not all the 60) and it can't work individually? My own-made meta: <meta> <script src='client_anim.Lua' type='client' /> <script src='help_client.Lua' type='client' /> <script src='hide_client.Lua' type='client' /> <script src='lagreduce_client.Lua' type='client' /> <script src='Moneylogs.Lua' type='server' /> <script src='ped.ifp' type='client' /> <script src='petrol_c.Lua' type='client' /> <config src='skins.xml' type='' </config> <script src='textlib.Lua' type='server' /> <script src='textlib_anim.Lua' type='server' /> <file src='zombiewood.png' /> <file src='edf/zombiespawn.png' /> <file src='fonts/BIRTH_OF_A_HERO.ttf' /> <file src='fonts/bloody.ttf' /> <file src='fonts/esquisito.ttf' /> <file src='fonts/Quarmic.ttf' /> <file src='fonts/QuartzMS.ttf' /> <file src='fx/greyscale.fx' /> <file src='fx/rt_blend.fx' /> <file src='fx/shader_null.fx' /> <file src='fx/texreplace.fx' /> <file src='images/blips/0.png' /> <file src='images/blips/2.png' /> <file src='images/blips/6.png' /> <file src='images/blips/23.png' /> <file src='images/blips/41.png' /> <file src='images/blips/48.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_1.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_2.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_3.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_4.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_5.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_6.png' /> <file src='images/hud/0.png' /> <file src='images/hud/1.png' /> <file src='images/hud/2.png' /> <file src='images/hud/3.png' /> <file src='images/hud/4.png' /> <file src='images/hud/5.png' /> <file src='images/hud/6.png' /> <file src='images/hud/7.png' /> <file src='images/hud/8.png' /> <file src='images/hud/9.png' /> <file src='images/hud/10.png' /> <file src='images/hud/11.png' /> <file src='images/hud/12.png' /> <file src='images/hud/13.png' /> <file src='images/hud/14.png' /> <file src='images/hud/15.png' /> <file src='images/hud/16.png' /> <file src='images/hud/17.png' /> <file src='images/hud/18.png' /> <file src='images/hud/22.png' /> <file src='images/hud/23.png' /> <file src='images/hud/24.png' /> <file src='images/hud/25.png' /> <file src='images/hud/26.png' /> <file src='images/hud/27.png' /> <file src='images/hud/28.png' /> <file src='images/hud/29.png' /> <file src='images/hud/30.png' /> <file src='images/hud/31.png' /> <file src='images/hud/32.png' /> <file src='images/hud/33.png' /> <file src='images/hud/34.png' /> <file src='images/hud/35.png' /> <file src='images/hud/36.png' /> <file src='images/hud/37.png' /> <file src='images/hud/38.png' /> <file src='images/hud/39.png' /> <file src='images/hud/40.png' /> <file src='images/hud/41.png' /> <file src='images/hud/42.png' /> <file src='images/hud/43.png' /> <file src='images/hud/44.png' /> <file src='images/hud/45.png' /> <file src='images/hud/46.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/admin.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/admin1.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/admin2.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/admin3.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/headadmin.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/langmod.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/leadadmin.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod1.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod2.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod3.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod4.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/owner.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank1.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank2.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank3.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank4.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank5.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank6.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank7.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank8.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank9.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank10.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank11.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank12.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank13.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank14.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank15.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank16.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank17.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank18.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank19.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank20.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank21.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank22.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank23.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/trialadmin.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/trialmod.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/vip.png' /> <file src='images/textures/radardisc.png' /> <file src='images/textures/radardisca.png' /> <file src='images/angrymode.png' /> <file src='images/blank.png' /> <file src='images/cautious.png' /> <file src='images/chromium.png' /> <file src='images/clickable.png' /> <file src='images/continue_.png' /> <file src='images/easy.png' /> <file src='images/egg.png' /> <file src='images/egg_sel.png' /> <file src='images/Fuel_Dot.png' /> <file src='images/Fuel_Gage.png' /> <file src='images/GAN.png' /> <file src='images/gtamplogo.png' /> <file src='images/hazardious.png' /> <file src='images/help.png' /> <file src='images/impossible.png' /> <file src='images/info.png' /> <file src='images/loading.png' /> <file src='images/logo.png' /> <file src='images/map.png' /> <file src='images/newsbg.png' /> <file src='images/panelbg.png' /> <file src='images/party.png' /> <file src='images/phone.png' /> <file src='images/radioactive.png' /> <file src='images/skills.png' /> <file src='images/satellite_.png' /> <file src='images/title.png' /> <file src='images/vip.png' /> <file src='images/warning_dot.png' /> <file src='images/wired.png' /> <file src='images/wrench.png' /> <file src='images/youtube.png' /> <file src='images/zmbg_.png' /> <file src='images/zombieHead.png' /> <file src='mods/a51_ext.txd' /> <file src='mods/flashlight.txd' /> <file src='mods/flashlight.dff' /> <script src='radio/radiogui.Lua' type='server' /> <config src='radio/radios.xml' type='' </config> <file src='skins/13.txd' /> <file src='skins/22.txd' /> <file src='skins/56.txd' /> <file src='skins/67.txd' /> <file src='skins/68.txd' /> <file src='skins/69.txd' /> <file src='skins/70.txd' /> <file src='skins/84.txd' /> <file src='skins/92.txd' /> <file src='skins/97.txd' /> <file src='skins/105.txd' /> <file src='skins/107.txd' /> <file src='skins/108.txd' /> <file src='skins/111.txd' /> <file src='skins/126.txd' /> <file src='skins/127.txd' /> <file src='skins/128.txd' /> <file src='skins/152.txd' /> <file src='skins/162.txd' /> <file src='skins/167.txd' /> <file src='skins/188.txd' /> <file src='skins/192.txd' /> <file src='skins/195.txd' /> <file src='skins/206.txd' /> <file src='skins/209.txd' /> <file src='skins/212.txd' /> <file src='skins/229.txd' /> <file src='skins/230.txd' /> <file src='skins/258.txd' /> <file src='skins/264.txd' /> <file src='skins/274.txd' /> <file src='skins/277.txd' /> <file src='skins/280.txd' /> <file src='skins/287.txd' /> <file src='skins/bfori.txd' /> <file src='skins/bfost.txd' /> <file src='skins/bikera.txd' /> <file src='skins/bmost.txd' /> <file src='skins/bmycon.txd' /> <file src='skins/bmyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/bmyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/cwmyhb1.txd' /> <file src='skins/cwmyhb2.txd' /> <file src='skins/dwmolc2.txd' /> <file src='skins/fam1.txd' /> <file src='skins/fam2.txd' /> <file src='skins/fam3.txd' /> <file src='skins/hfybe.txd' /> <file src='skins/hmyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/lvemt1.txd' /> <file src='skins/omyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/sbfyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/sbmyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/sofyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/somyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/swmotr4.txd' /> <file src='skins/swmyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/vhfyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/vwfyst1.txd' /> <file src='skins/wfyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/wfyro.txd' /> <file src='skins/wfyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmoice.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmori.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmybar.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmybe.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmybp.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmycr.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmymech.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmyst.txd' /> <file src='sounds/aced.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/beat.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/bodyExplode.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/boss_1.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/boss_2.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/boss_3.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/car_close.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/car_open.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/chopper.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/explosion1.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/explosion2.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/explosion3.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/fireworks.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/gates.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/lvlup_1.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/lvlup_2.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan1.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan2.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan3.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan4.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan5.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan6.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan7.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan8.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan9.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan10.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/phonepop.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/plasma.wav' /> <file src='sounds/pm_.wav' /> <file src='sounds/rocket.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/switch.wav' /> <file src='sounds/tick.wav' /> <file src='sounds/unjamm.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/wrenching.ogg' /> <file src='zskins/zomb1.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb1.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb2.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb2.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb3.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb3.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb4.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb4.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb5.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb5.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb6.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb6.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb7.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb7.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb8.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb8.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb9.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb9.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb10.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb10.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb11.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb11.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb12.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb12.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb13.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb13.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb14.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb14.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb15.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb15.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb16.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb16.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb17.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb17.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb18.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb18.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb19.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb19.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb20.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb20.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb21.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb21.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb22.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb22.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb23.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb23.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb24.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb24.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb25.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb25.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb26.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb26.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb27.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb27.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb28.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb28.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb29.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb29.txd' /> <export function="createZombie" type="server"/> <export function="isPedZombie" type="server"/> </meta>
  6. In normal times, the right mouse button works in the game. But it doesn't work on several servers, so I can't enjoy the game. I couldn't find the right results when I searched this error on the internet, I'd appreciate it if you could help
  7. Emnadai

    race error

    Hello everyone, is that I have a prolema in my server which is that when someone dies the rest dies the same is in race. Does anyone help me with this?
  8. I need to create a Ped (NPC) who shoots forward and continues firing, non-stop. Does anyone have any idea how I create this?
  9. Já tentei de várias formas, mas não consegui. Preciso criar um PED (NPC) que fica atirando reto, sem parar com uma M4. Apenas isso! Alguém tem ideia de como faço ? Grato se conseguirem me ajudar.
  10. local armas = {22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,38} local skills = {"pro","std","poor"} function setNoRecoil(tipo) for _,id in ipairs(armas) do for _,skill in ipairs(skills) do if (tipo == "ativar") then setWeaponProperty ( id, skill, "accuracy", 10000 ) elseif (tipo == "desativar") then local original = getOriginalWeaponProperty ( id, skill, "accuracy" ) setWeaponProperty ( id, skill, "accuracy", original ) end end end end addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() setNoRecoil("ativar") end ) addEventHandler( "onResourceStop", resourceRoot, function() setNoRecoil("desativar") end ) É um script de precisão de tiros, gostaria de restringir apenas para uma ACL. Alguém pode me ajudar, por favor ?
  11. This is my code: local sp2 = getVehicleNitroLevel(car)*180 if sp2 ~= false and sp2 ~= nil and sp2 > 1 then dxDrawImage(x-w/1+36, y-h/1+260, 256, 256, "images/fuelindicator.png", sp2,0,0, 0xFFFFFFFF,true) dxDrawBorderedImage(x-180, y+45,245, 245, "images/fuelnum.png", 0,0,0, tocolor(colorR2, colorG2, colorB2,255)) dxDrawImage(x-105, y+110, 95, 95, "images/line.png", 0,0,0, tocolor(0,0,0,255)) dxDrawImage(x-105, y+110, 95, 95, "images/shadow.png", 0,0,0, tocolor(0,0,0,255)) end Working fine, but in debugscript flooding this error: the line 108 is the local sp2 = getVehicleNitroLevel(car)*180 how to fix this error?
  12. Help with problem please. Msb8036 error: Windows SDK version 8.1 could not be found. Install the correct version of the Windows SDK, or change the SDK version on the project property pages, or right-click the solution and select change solution target platform. Thanks a lot. 1>------ Build started: project: Client Launcher, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ 1>C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\MSBuild\Microsoft\VC\v150\Microsoft.Cpp.Windows SDK.targets(46.5): error MSB8036: Windows SDK 8.1 could not be found. Install the correct version of the Windows SDK, or change the SDK version on the project property pages, or right-click the solution and select change solution target platform. 1>Build project "Client Launcher.vcxproj" completed with an error. ========== Build: successful: 0, with errors: 1, unchanged: 0, skipped: 0 ==========
  13. Boa tarde estou com probleminha de registro no meu painel de login. O que acontece é o seguinte, eu já troquei de painel umas três vezes e toda vez que eu tento me registrar no meu próprio painel ele sempre da um "error" me impedindo de se registrar no server. Ou seja se eu admin, aonde os arquivos estão não consigo me registrar entendo que ninguem mais consiga certo? então queria uma ajuda de alguém, eu li um post em um outro forúm sobre ACL mas estava muito mal explicado e acabei nao entendendo alguém poderia me ajudar pls vlw tmj!!
  14. snmz0

    Camera Problem

    fp camera and normal camera problem camera is very wide but fov 70 please help me I want constant camera
  15. This is my problem ERROR: dayzmode/lib/team/s_team.lua:1: call: failed to call 'dayzconnect:MySQL' ERROR: dayzmode/lib/system/player.lua:1: call: failed to call 'dayzconnect:players' Im using this call ( getResourceFromName ( "dayzconnect" ), "MySQL", 1, "2", "three" ) <export function="MySQL"/> <include resource="dayzmap"/> <include resource="dayzmode"/> <include resource="dayzbase"/> <include resource="dayzcache"/> <include resource="object_preview"/> I do not know what to do anymore
  16. Help with this error! [19-05-08 19:57:15] ERROR: dayzconnect/class.lua:6: bad argument #1 to 'format' (string expected, got boolean) local XML = xmlLoadFile('connect.xml') local SET = xmlNodeGetChildren(XML)[1] local GET = xmlNodeGetAttribute local name,host,user,pass = GET(SET,''),GET(SET,''),GET(SET,''),GET(SET,'') xmlUnloadFile(XML) local Connect = Connection('mysql',('dbname=%s;host=%s'):format(name,host),user,pass) if Connect then outputServerLog('Successfully connect to MySQL server!') local mysql = {} mysql.connect = Connect function mysql.query(query,...) local qhandle = Connect:query(query,...) local r1,r2,r3 = qhandle:poll(-1) if not r1 then outputServerLog(('Query failed: errCode: %d - errMsg: %s'):format(r2,r3)) return false end return r1,r2,r3 end function mysql.exec(query,...) return Connect:exec(query,...) end local admin = { 'B95DA274DD099F546BA0C174D4BE1FB3', '8F6BF86822B5B77D4C34DFA249A595B3', 'CF62F88A8428C6B60B4A44E9BB930EB3', '05B31534456419BB563E021D675171A1', '8954600385BB91CF6E860EDE1E8C8292', } function mysql.server() local query = mysql.query('SELECT * FROM `central` WHERE `name` = ?',getServerName()) if query then if query[1] then return query[1] else mysql.exec('INSERT INTO `central` (`name`,`admin`) VALUES (?,?)',getServerName(),toJSON(admin)) return mysql.server() end end end mysql.server = mysql.server() function MySQL() return mysql end else outputServerLog('Couldnt connect to MySQL server!') getThisResource():stop() end
  17. Hello everyone, I have this problem with my MTA , it does dont open and I have this link with the errors , can you help me please? I need the help , ty
  18. Hello guys ! I downloaded the latest installer from the website (both win7+ and windows xp/vista ) When i try to install it gives me error: 0xc00007b “the application was unable to start correctly” I tried all of these what i found on this site: And after i downloaded c++ runtime different versions, net framework different versions, directx different versions I tried DLL-s from the site and from different sites, I tried to install new video card driver, I installed the latest windows update pack, and tried older version from MTA installer 1.5 and 1.4 gives the same error MTA 1.3 installed succesfully when i want to update it download the new version but gives the same error when it opens the installer. Any helps how to install it ? I have windows 10 64.bit
  19. João Santos

    SD #15 SIGN

    So when I try to enter in a specific server it says that it requires driver signing to be enabled. It appears that error code is SD #15 SIGN. I don't know what does that means but I have already reinstalled Gta San Andreas and MTA and did update my drivers. Help me please.
  20. Gere

    Error VF #4 EC9Q

    Hi, i have a problem and this error kick me from servers. HELP!!
  21. I go to an MTA server and it takes me out with this kick message: AC #4 6I30 ... What is that? Serial 1C37236F5CD8DD983E55970EB79313E2
  22. When I try to lunch the game error appears and says: Could not create Direct3D font "arial" P.S I downloaded the font and i had it before I updated MTA and still the same thing
  23. CLIENT: function cancelTazerDamage(attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss) if (weapon==24) then -- deagle local mode = getElementData(attacker, "handTaser") if (mode==true) then cancelEvent() end end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", localPlayer, cancelTazerDamage) local cFunc = {} local cSetting = {} cSetting["shots"] = {} cSetting["shot_calcs"] = {} local last_shot = 1 cFunc["draw_shot"] = function(x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2) table.insert(cSetting["shots"], last_shot, {x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2}) local lastx, lasty, lastz = x1, y1, z1 local dis = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2) cSetting["shot_calcs"][last_shot] = {} last_shot = last_shot+1 end cFunc["wait_shot"] = function() toggleControl("fire", false) setTimer(function() toggleControl("fire", true) end, 15000, 1) end cFunc["shot_check"] = function(wp, _, _, hitX, hitY, hitZ, element, startX, startY, startZ) if(wp == 24) and (getElementData(localPlayer,"handTaser"))then cFunc["shot_weapon"](hitX, hitY, hitZ, startX, startY, startZ) cancelEvent() if(source == localPlayer) then cFunc["wait_shot"]() end end end cFunc["anim_check"] = function(attacker, wep, bodypart,loss) if(wep == 24) and (getElementData(localPlayer,"handTaser"))then local playerX,playerY,playerZ = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local targetX,targetY,targetZ = getElementPosition(source) if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(playerX,playerY,playerZ,targetX,targetY,targetZ) <= 12 then triggerServerEvent("tazerFired", getRootElement(), source) end end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWeaponFire", getRootElement(), cFunc["shot_check"]) addEventHandler("onClientPedDamage", getRootElement(),cFunc["anim_check"]) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", getRootElement(),cFunc["anim_check"]) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot,function() setElementData(localPlayer, "tazed",0) end) addEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(),function() if getElementData(localPlayer, "tazed") == 1 then toggleAllControls(false, false, false) toggleControl("fire", false) toggleControl("sprint", false) toggleControl("crouch", false) toggleControl("jump", false) toggleControl('next_weapon',false) toggleControl('previous_weapon',false) toggleControl('aim_weapon',false) end end) SERVER: local cFunc = {} local cSetting = {} function tazerFired(target) if (isElement(target) and getElementType(target)=="player") then fadeCamera ( target, false, 1.0, 255, 255, 255 ) setElementData(target, "tazed", 1) toggleAllControls(target, false, false, false) setPedAnimation(target, "ped", "FLOOR_hit_f", -1, false, false, true) setTimer(removeAnimation, 30000, 1, target) end end addEvent("tazerFired", true ) addEventHandler("tazerFired", getRootElement(), tazerFired) function removeAnimation(thePlayer) if (isElement(thePlayer) and getElementType(thePlayer)=="player") then fadeCamera(thePlayer, true, 0.5) if getElementData(thePlayer,"isAnim") then setElementFrozen(thePlayer,true) setPedAnimation(thePlayer,"sweet","sweet_injuredloop",-1,false,false,false) else setPedAnimation(thePlayer,nil,nil) toggleAllControls(thePlayer, true, true, true) end setElementData(thePlayer, "tazed", 0) end end I do not get any errors/warnings in debugscript 3, just simply does not working the script.. What wrong in this codes? :s
  24. My server does not appear in the list of servers, I have already tested the site at and there everything is OK, but it does not appear in the server list, what can it be? SERVER IP: mtasa://
  25. Mam problem z MTA , ponieważ gdy włączam gre i wybiore dowolny serwer jest narazie w porządku . Gdy zaczyna się pobieranie zasobów serwera albo logowanie się do serwera następuje crash albo bluescreen i tak mam za każdym razem . Bardzo proszę o pomoc Dodam , że kilkukrotnie próbowałem przeinstalować mta i gta ale to nic nie dało.