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  1. Mod note: topic locked for serious forum abuse by TS and consorts Welcome at Lethal World A new destination a new world! Since today we've created a new server with alot of unique stuff, definitely something you should try out! The developer created alot of nice mappings and changed alot in the server. Come and try it out! Welcome at Lethal World. We are a new community and we want to welcome everyone. The place where the roleplay is is in los santos we have changed enough so that we can give a unique experience to the players Great admin team who are always ready to help everyone We have a discord with which you as players can talk to each other I hope that enough people come to play in the server so that everyone can share their experience with others and of course that everyone has fun because that is what counts for us And Much more, so come check it out any questions? Ask it at our discord thanks alot for taking your time!
  2. ONLINE AND RUNNING GOOD TO JOIN 2/10/2019 mtasa:// MTASERVER IP: mtasa:// -- DISCORDCHANNEL: ----- Zade Servers---- Zade Servers ---- Zade Servers---- Zade Servers ---- Zade Servers Welcome to the Implicit Introduction. We are a server that started in the begin of 2016 and is coming back in 04/19 Now we are almost alive for one year with ups and downs we came back in the game. - We want to bring back the roleplay as it was - Legal roleplay is very important in a roleplay server - ILLEGAL roleplay is important to but we are not a RPG server - We want to give everyone something to roleplay - We have an very nice administration team as they are ready to help everyone! - We allow everyone to come ingame as you speak english What do we offer you? We give you the experience to roleplay a good administration team working community and very friendly we offer everyone a faction wich need to have 3 faction members We want to give everyone something to roleplay with out faction or with a faction We have teamspeak almost up where you can ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have new nice mappings we have an discord channel that you are free to join! [ Links below ] ⦁ 21-03-2019 ⦁ Roleplay ⦁ English ⦁ IP: mtasa:// ⦁ Discord: ⦁ Find us on youtube YOUTUBE CHANNEL DJ set has been added to the script updated forums are up Forum and discord links ⦁ Discord: Forum is online: not online yet Zade Servers ⦁ Find us on youtube YOUTUBE CHANNEL Greetingz from us all. Take a look ingame, any futher comments that will give us an bad reputation is being reported.
  3. What's the meaning of the server's name; I think y'all wondering what's the meaning of this name? why this name exactly? isn't that bull:~? Well, I got the answers, I was in a server before with a friend of mine called Samer aka Baseplate, the server was named Utopia Prosperous Gamers, I loved the idea of Utopia which is an imaginary island which is an ideal place or state. then comes Democratic Community, this expresses the transparency and democracy in our server, our Administration team will handle all the situations democraticly, no dictatorship nor personal decisions, and everything will be infront of players' eyes. About the community: UDC is a project which has been developed since probably 1 year. It's a CnR/RPG/RP project, in this server we're trying to make things as much realistic as we can, we try to give the player the best RP experiance in a RPG/CnR server. We can say this server is based on CIT/SAUR Features but we got our unique ideas and code. Our goal is the make a completely enjoyable atmosphere for our players to enjoy and not get fed up. Introduction The police officers, military and some other groups work together in order to arrest criminals in Los Santos who have committed crimes or to fight in LV and fight for turfs or radio towers if they decide to get into some TDM. Police officers who think they're worthy enough to join a group and improve their policing skills usually, come on forums and then apply for a group. MF and such. They usually work in teams in order to achieve anything like arresting bigger groups or criminals or securing a certain area. The criminals. LV is where like cops they get involved with some TDM. Fighting for turfs and such. But the real criminality is in LS, this is where people work to earn stuff. You can join a gang, make one or just be a free lancer. Usually, those who know how to lead have a gang which is realistic. Realistic gang deals and such or if you don't follow certain terms, you might expect a drive-by. You make your name in LS and you become a boss, not scripted, not a title. People recognise you as a boss if there is anything that people should be afraid of that is coming off you. This was the most brief introduction of UDC because the actual experience from the moment you log in game and see what actually happens there. Maybe you will choose to be the biggest criminal and intimidate people. Or join the police force, maybe the military if you pass the selection and fight the bad in San Andreas. Features Login panel: An advanced UI and simple interface to make it easier for the players Vehicles System: An advanced and Realistic vehicles system that hasn't been used in any other servers before. Spawners System: An advanced vehicles system, it's not really realistic but does the job. Jobs/Employment System: An advanced employment system which contains "SOME" of the jobs as we're still developing the rest of the jobs, you can find jobs all around SA marked with blips in the map. Groups System: Simple UI that allows players to understand the system faster, it contains alot of features for the leaders, and will be improved in further versions. General Information Panel (F1): DX based UI which contains all server Rules- Commands- Jobs info - Updates. Banking System: Realistic banking system, which offers different payment methods (using UDC Card) which is a unique idea that hasn't been used before, the banking system is synchronized with players' accounts using a specific PIN Code that the player should enter. Turfing System: for a better CnR experiance we offer you the best choice which is turfing, actually it might be only for criminals since police officers can't turf, but this feature is well designed and has alot of perks. Fuel System: We tried to make this as much realistic as we could so we made a fuel system which synchronizes fuel refilling with vehicles type (i.e: a truck pays more than a bike to refill) Customs Shop : we found this epic modshop resource made by @Al3grab. Housing System: Make your own real estate, or have your own house, this system isn't finished, but V1.0 is ready to be launched (in further versions you'll be able to buy apartments and add your own furniture). and More ...... Future Resources Ideas; Business System (Build your own company and start investing in stocks market !). Progress: 45% Drug Farms (Buy a drug farm, farm drugs and hide it from cops, make it secure with bots and cops will barely find you). Progress: 80% More Jobs and Current jobs improvement. Progress: 30% More CnR events and Police events. Progress: 10% Official Trailer: Hope To See You Around : Join Now Server
  4. Welcome to SARS's official topic of 2018. Like many other existing communities in MTA, we as well created SARS with a goal. Our goal is to make a community where the players of the server can have a good time without being inappropriately treated by players or admins. Where an admin would be punished the same way as a player, and vice versa. In this server, equality between players and admins exist. Admins of the server are in charge of two things: dealing with players, their reports, and problems they encounter. They're also in charge of other duties such as dealing with housing requests, and gangs and groups management. Dealing with gang/groups levels, rewards, etc. Admins in the server found guilty of any kind of abuse of their ability will be kicked out the clan immediately. Player reports are dealt with differently. We punish some players differently than others. For example, if you're new to the server, and you broke a rule, you would be warned, and told to read the rules found by pressing F1. Other players, such as official gang members or official group members, already aware of the server rules will be disciplined in other ways such as being admin-jailed, kicked or banned from the server as their punishment if found guilty in the report. Online admins are on duty 24/7. If they witness anyone rulebreaking, they should take actions immediately. Any admin witnessed not doing their job can be reported via the report-system on the server. If you wish to contact an admin in-game, call one from the main-chat. Only if you have something important to speak about we will warp to you. Introducing the banks. This is where all of the player's money is stored when they log off the server or when they deposit all their money. They can visit any bank in Los Santos, San Fierro or Las Venturas in order to see what they've in their bank, or if they wish to deposit or withdraw a certain amount. They can also visit local ATMs, anywhere in the city. Click below to see the interior of the banks. Introducing the justice system. This is where criminals are sentenced when caught and arrested by police officers in the game. The maximum wanted level they can reach is 66. The seconds is based on how much wanted level you had at the time of the arrest. Criminals, don't worry. You have the ability to jail-break your friends out. But, please be very careful. Police wardens/and nearby local police units are advised as soon as you trespass into the prison area. Be on the lookout, police wardens will shoot on sight. There are spotlights activated as soon as you trespass into the prison area as you will be shown below. Criminals have to work their way around the prison area in order to get inside the building. They can either break the fence off the side, use a vehicle for a lift, or parachute from the Los Santos bank into the prison area. As soon as you have worked your way inside, you will make your way to the red door. When you get close enough, the red door will be triggered. You have to do the job quickly, as soon as the cops receive the message, there will be many spawning as Police Warden. That is the quickest police unit, trained to stop jail-breaks. Fight them off and work your way inside the building. If you have worked your way into the building, you will be in the room below. Make your way to the gate, wait patiently while it opens and continues. When you pass the first gate, there is going to be another gate you will have to open. The 2nd gate opens faster than the 1st one. After the 2nd gate, there will be a 3rd gate to the right, that gate won't be openable by jail-breakers. That is the gate the cops will go through it. You have to secure that gate with assistance and make sure you're not caught from there. Continue your way to the left, the 4th gate. When you go through the 4th gate, which opens extremely fast, wake your way to the 5th gate. When you reach the 5th's gate room, there will be two more ways you can enter. The left will be to jail-break criminals, and the right will be to visit criminals. Make your way to the left side gate, run all the way down to the end of the hall, you will see a grey gate and a red gate. To open the cells, and the red gate, you have to get inside the room to the left and work your way to the two red buttons to trigger the gates. As a civilian, you can do many things. There are many things to spawn as a Civilian. You can choose what profession you want to act as. There is many to choose from, such as Trucker, Pilot, Taxi Driver, Hobo, Limo Driver, Bus Driver, Mechanic, and so much more. As a Civilian, you do not get wanted level unless you attack other classes, or carry illegal weapons. As a Civilian, you have to play by the role you're spawned as. For example, if you're spawned as Trucker, and you're in an unknown city killing cops or randomly attacking criminals, you will be admin-jailed. As a Civilian you should always play as the profession you're spawned as. Introducing the criminal side on the server. They are many criminal spawns on the server. From arms dealer to drugs dealer, a pickpocket, carjacker, and a lot more. You can sell weapons, sell drugs, rob money from players, steal personal vehicles, and a lot more. From the image below, that is the main criminal activity of the server. It's called a store robbery. Many criminals/official gang members are there most o the times, waiting for cops to arrive to start a massive war between cops and criminals. You can be part of that. Choose what side you want to fight as. Blue or red. Introducing the server's official gangs. Each organization in the server prove themselves every day on the server, and they show who is the best of the best. They have turf wars, rob each others gang safes, and sometimes hosted by the server, gang war tournaments. Gang war tournaments are sometimes hosted by the server to prove which gang is the best. They also receive rewards from the gang war tournament. Introducing below all of the abilities you, together with your gang members can participate in as an official gang member of the server. Introducing bank robberies, gang robberies, turf wars, store robberies, and more. Introducing the bank-robbery system. Only Official Gangs of the server have access to robbing the banks. If you wish to become part of an Official Gang, you have to apply for them at This bank-robbery system is based on cracking the code. When the system keypad pops up upon you hovering over it, you will be given a random number. You have to work your way around to cracking that code. So for example, if the code is 50.000, the code of that number will be something in between. But it won't always be the same, it is randomized every time you open the keypad. So for you to know what number it is, you have to keep guessing out numbers, and you will know if you are close to the number because the keypad will notice you when the number is more or less, as it'll say: "HIGHER" or "LOWER." There are 5 doors in total. You have to get through 4 in order to reach the safe room. Inside the safe room, you will be able to crack the safes in order for your gang and people assisting the bank robbery to get rewarded. The safe room won't be shown below, that is something you've to discover in-game for yourself. Introducing the gang-robbery system for official gang members. Gang members have the ability to rob other gang's safes and take their gang money in order to earn money for their own gang. In order to gang rob, both gangs need to have $1M stored and have 3 online gang members to start the gang rob process. After that, you crack the code and go deliver the package for the money. In the other side, we also have the turfing system. It brings out gang members out into the open world. They fight together with other gang members in order to keep their territory or claim another. If your gang and gang members have what it takes to fight multiple gangs at once, come out into the open world. But keep your eyes open, you can get hit with anything anytime when you least expect it. Fight together with your Gang, and hold it down to get rewarded. If you lose, you can always try to take it back over and over. Work in progress. Forums: MTA:SA Server IP: mtasa://
  5. Se necesita Scripter urgente para servidor rpg, mandar discord, es un trabajo remunerado.
  6. [EUROPE]Survive Or Die MTA DayZ [REOPENED][INTERNATIONAL] IP:mtasa:// Server Status:Online Features: Group System Zombie System International Europe BASES & TENTS FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS IN TEAM!! NO LAG STAFF INFO Server Owner: wlwl Server need moderators... Everybody is wellcome!!
  7. Heya all, Are you looking for a freeroam server that has tons of custom mods and features, but don't want too many rules and restrictions? Then JohnFlower's Freeroam boredom just might be the right server for you! We have options like mapping and attaching for creative players, command line based so you actually can learn from it. We also have a lot of car mods and drifting opportunities to race yourself towards the finish! Not knowing what to do and got some spare time left? We got you covered with our in-game cinema and skins to start off an RPG. JohnFlower started the server in 2010, in collaboration with Cave Johnson. Since then the player base grew rapidly and the community became larger and larger. We basically have one rule when you are online and that's not to be a cu*t. We assume you know yourself what's okay and what not. Our staff members will act tho when things start to escalate. So, that's only a part of what our server can offer you, and if you are interested to check it out please copy the following link in your MTA: Server IP: mtasa:// Links: Join our Discord server: Join our Steam group: Join our forum site: Join our IRC channel: (If you use a different nickname than you use ingame, or if you are not affiliated with JohnFlower's server at all, ping @n0rt0x on IRC) Join our Facebook community: Regards, n0rt0x
  8. EN: I NEED HELP WITH THIS, SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. I NEED ADD ONLY WANTED PLAYERS IN GRIDLIST RESUME: ADD : PLAYERS WITH STAR >= 1 IN GRIDLIST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PT: EU PRECISO DE AJUDA COM ISSO, QUERO ADICIONAR APENAS JOGADORES PROCURADOS NA GRIDLIST
  9. Connection: mtasa:// This is a fun role-play server on MTA. This server is great in many ways because there are players across the globe. This game also would love to add more players to its player base to help everyone out to engage in more role-play making everyone happier. If role-play is your thing, we got you covered!
  10. Hello all, my name is Lautaro Rojas, I'm 13 years old, I'm from Argentina and I learnt to script LUA 1 year ago. I know most of you won't expect too much from the server because of my age. Anyway, it has taken me a lot of work and I hope you all enjoy it. I always wanted to make an RPG server, and well, this is my project. TomaHawk 1.0 RPG Revolution (Before posting my last topic, I had not read the rules, I'm so sorry) Screenshots: Features: - Own Gang System -Own Vehicle System -Own Briefcases System (with clues :D) -Ghosts -Haystack -Houses -PayLoad -Works: -Taxi Driver -Bus Driver - Train Driver -Sweeper -Fisher -Robber (yes, it's a job here :p) -Cop Pilot Extra: Accounts ID, private messages, in-chat commands (!gang, !gangexp, !exp, ...), bank system, shops: (weapon, food, cars), random math, random words. You'll improve your player's stats by working. For example, paramedic gives you more max health. Community scripts: house_system by DakiLLa, zombies by slothman. Again, I really hope you like my project, thanks for reading. And yes, TomaHawk is a military airplane :v. ✖ ♦ TomaHawk 1.0 RPG Project ♦ ✖ EN/ES/AR [Gangs|Ghosts|Turf|CopsRobbers|Jobs] mtasa:// The server is new and is in CONSTANT improvement
  11. Hello MTA Community! My introduction being said, as the title says I'm looking for players with knownledge in roleplay who are capable and interested to take part of the staff team of the server I'm developing. In order to take part of the staff team the applicant must at least pass these two requirements: Speak fluent English. Be serious. If you think you pass those requirements then contact me via PM or by letting an answer with the style below: Staff Team Application NAME: Insert here your name. AGE: Insert here your age. CONTACT METHODS. Insert here contact method: Insert here contact method address. Insert here contact method: Insert here contact method address. BRIEF SELF DESCRIPTION [ 50 Words Minimum ] [ 100 Words Maximum ]. Insert here your brief self description.
  12. Vice City Roleplay is an entirely new roleplaying experience made completely from scratch utilizing MTA's latest script features in currently in Closed Beta. Our service exhibits a wide array of features, ranging from common functionalities such as factions and vehicle dealerships to a unique vehicle sound system based off of RPM with manual and automatic gear shifting or a slot based inventory system. The server is set in current day Vice City and due to the entire map being hosted on the server, players can connect and play without having to install a single client-side modification. The server tailors to your needs by giving players the ability to adjust the object streaming distance to their own preferences. Our core features are listed below, but as time passed and development continues, you can expect much more content even after the server's release. Roleplay in Vice City. An entirely new script: Scripted from the ground up. Multi-faction system: Players can be in 3 factions at the same time, whilst each faction provides 5 sub-divisions. Unrestricted faction ranks: Each member of a faction can have a unique rank set to them. Jobs-system: Players can make money in a simple way by working jobs, such as thrash masters or taxi drivers. Business-system: Players can start their own business and link jobs to them, meaning you can hire people to your business as thrash masters who will collect garbage. A slot-based inventory-system. Makes players able to expand their inventories using backpacks, which they can drop on the ground whilst the contents of it save. A right click menu allows players to interact with the objects in their inventory such as equipping different types of body armor. A Health System that calculates damage and simulates pain, and bleeding effects based off of the type of injuries such as cuts, blunt trauma, and even the caliber of a bullet. A Suppression system which makes firefights even more intense and realistic. An in-depth weapon-system which utilizes an entire library of firearms, magazines, and calibers where firearms can be named after real-life counterparts and will be displayed using the correct image in the inventory. Magazine compatibility checks ensure that the correct magazines can only be used in compatible weapon systems. Interior System: Enter interiors without delay or lag, even when entering interiors located in San Andreas. Or create your own using our Interior Builder. Place each wall or floor individually and in different sizes, making the perfect interior for your character. Furniture System: After you purchase or create your own interior, you can purchase furniture and model your home to your own liking. Texture System: Makes players able to texture anything from a Wall, Floor, Couch or Television, using a library provided by the server, or their own by simply putting in a link. A Vehicle System that uses custom vehicle sounds and calculates RPM, allowing cars to use any sound in our library independently whilst also giving players to option to purchase automatic or manual transmission vehicles. An MDC System that integrates both a dispatch and a web-interface, allowing easy callsign distribution, dispatching and accessing of reports. As states the features listed above are our core systems, meaning there's much more for players to enjoy and much more will be added as the server development progresses. Below you can go through some of our media and updates released in the past. Vice City Roleplay Teaser #1 Interior Building Timelapse Teaser #2 Status Updates You can find all of our Status Updates on our forums with no registration required at: Additionally, you can visit our own Wikipedia page for a more detailed explanation of our project's features: Joining the Server Forums: MTA Server: mtasa:// (Closed Beta Participants Only) Teamspeak: Discord:
  13. SERVER DISCONTINUED Version 1.0 Neptune Roleplay will take place in Los Santos. Each and every single faction was properly and realistically set up. Everyone has a chance to join a faction and roleplay whatever they wish! Rules have been completely changed and are now eleven times better. There will be weekly in-character organised events in the city and its surrounding counties that everyone will be able to participate in. So keep an eye out. N:RP won't be boring and repetitive. Staff, administrators and helpers know what they're doing. They were trained and have a handbook at their disposal. We don't use stolen maps unlike other servers. Los Santos was custom mapped by our team. A variety of new official interiors awaits you! The chat and user interface was given a whole new look! There are 3 new government jobs that you can try out. And a lot more that I'll write on this thread asap. Stay tuned to our Discord guild where we'll post announcements, screenshots, media and showcase our features as we approach the release! Server IP: Stay connected thanks to Discord: tisiV Visit our community forums at: Big thank you to the access team that helped fix all the bugs and been awesome so far!
  14. Balkan DayZ[EUROPE]|ACIVE ADMINS|ISLANDS|[ENGLISH] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome! Features: Clothing System English Apocalypse Map Group System Zombie System VIP System Radar at A51 Islands BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy INFO: Fb Owner's Skype: armin.gerina1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Website - Server IP - Discord - Forums History & about new version Limitless RPG was founded in 2014 as a basic MTA:SA RPG modded server, taking over the RPG communities by a storm and averaging 15-20 players in the middle of the week and by the weekends, LRPG was averaging nearly 30 players. In early 2014s Lampard founded a server named Limitless RPG, to entertain the players that were coming to the server and having fun each day. Lampard's decision to open LRPG was mainly affected by his friends and players nearby that were asking him to open a server. As Lampard saw that the server is old and getting more popular, he decided to start a new project, to make the server more modern, which was the 2.0 version of the server (LRPG). 2.0 Version was released in 2015, in this version of the server, the players count decrease and it was not as popular as it was in the 1.5 version. Lampard saw the influence of the 2.0 version and started immediately working on a new project which was 3.0 version. 3.0 version was released in 2016, this version gave the server his popularity back since our scripter ShockWave worked hard for it and gained between 30 players each day, in the middle of the week and weekends. Unfortunately, 2016 was the year that LRPG shut down, due to some unknown reasons. Nowadays, Limitless RPG is back alive with the same 3.0 version and even improvements that will surely play their part in the server. The current LRPG, is coming back better and stronger than ever with a whole lot of notes in order to make the community of RPG servers good again. Server Information: Spawning System & Roles: Choose an area where you would like to spawn from three cities and 2 county's, you can select what your role has to be, such as Civilian, Police or Criminal. Police: Your main job is to arrest the suspects, involved in the criminal activities, however police database can be used to track the criminals and also to find the most wanted criminals of the server. As a police, you have to hit the wanted criminal with a nightstick, and after that the criminal will be cuffed and will follow you. You have to escort the cuffed criminal to the nearest police station immediately as other criminals might kill you to save the cuffed criminal. Criminal: As a criminal, you can kill other criminals which can gain you a wanted level. You can rob ATMs, bank and even start turfing by starting your own gang. At LS Docks, criminals can go the weapon factory and can make illegal weapons at very cheap price, however criminals can also make drugs, and bombs there at low price. The weapons, bombs or drugs made from factory can be sold to other players or can be used by player itself. Civilian: There are numerous jobs for civilians, all the civilian jobs are mentioned below: 1. Miner: You can spawn as a miner, and will have shovel, so that you can break the rocks and precious stones. You will have Dune where you will be able to store the stones, depending on how the precious the stone is, you will get more cash for it. 2. Wood Cutter: As a wood cutter, you will have a Dozer, with the help of this vehicle you will be able to cut the trees, after cutting the trees, you have to get in DFT-30 and transport the trees to the factory. 3. Pilot: To transport the passengers and cargo to other airports, cash depends on how far the airport is. 4. Trucker: To transport the cargo to the factories, cash depends on long the distance is. 5. Mechanic: As a mechanic, you have to repair the player's car and to refuel them, however mechanic has their database which allows them to track the damaged car. 6. Fisherman: Get in the boat, and roam around the water, you will find the fishes of different categories, some may be expensive and some may be cheap. 7. Taxi Driver: Drive the taxi and transport the players to the location that they want, you will be automatically paid the price of the distance traveled. 8. Food Delivery Man: You have to drive a hotdog car and sell the food products to the players. 9. Bus Driver: Drive the bus around the city to the marked bus stations and you will gain money for transporting the people to the stations. 10. Gambler: As a gambler, you have to enter the casino and play Black jack. 11. Farmer: Plant the seeds by using a tractor and wait for the time for the crop to grow, after they are grown, use Combine Harvester to harvest the crops. Military: This server has a Military known as "Task Force 282", this squad is special due to the modern equipment that only it has, such as Tanks, Fighter Planes, and it also goes to war with terrorist at sometime. However to join this squad, you really need to have good skills. Terrorist: This server has a special criminal gang, since it has the equipment's that no other gang has, it goes to war with Military at sometime, to join this gang, you also need to be skilled. SASC: A special group which makes event for the players of the server, they have an access to a building panel from which they can create many objects suitable for event. This group is controlled by owners, and only owner can choose SASC. SAW: A special group of builders, it is mostly used for roleplaying, however the players of SAW has access to a building panel from which can create many objects suitable for construction. Other Important Features: Mobile Phone Every player in this server has a mobile phone, which helps the player to communicate with any single person of the server. With mobile phone, you can send money to different players, look at your bank balance, track other players location, use a camera, use a youtube, play games, listen to the radio, save the notes, use a calculator and also track player's houses. Housing System Our housing system has a features such as Buy & Sell, however you can also spawn at your own house. Vehicle System, Car & Plane Shops You can buy different types of car in the server, such as luxurious cars which costs more but it worth's the money. Cars can be hidden by a car control panel which can be accessed by pressing F2. With your car control panel, you can hide, recover, sell to car shop or sell the car to player. Planes can be also bought from Airports, and same control panel is used to manage the planes. Turf System Every gang can turf the areas, however the only city that can be turfed is Las Venturas. Each criminal gets rewarded for turfing the area. Fuel System & Hybrid car Every vehicle in this server needs a fuel, without fuel the vehicle will not work, however we have got one of the unique feature for the server that is Hybrid car, which does not need a fuel and is available at a car shop. Business System You can buy your own business in this server and it has 5 different levels. Every level has different profit and tax. More higher level gives more profit and has high taxes however it costs more too. In this Business system, a player can even do jobs to earn more profit, there are two types of job in Business system, that is Civilian and Criminal Job. In a civilian job you have to deal with a businessman to gain more products or to improve your business. You can also do criminal job, in a criminal job you have to hack the host of other business which will gain you a wanted level but a high amount of profit than civilian job. Bank System A player can withdraw or deposit the money into his account, however banks can be robbed by criminals and due to this criminals can earn a lot of cash. Gang, Squad & Company Features If you think that your gang, squad or company requires some features, you can apply to get some new features such as vehicle, base, spawn, and even modded skin for your gang, squad or company, however there are some requirements too which you can read at our forums: Services Shop In this server, there are a lot of shops for food which can gain you health, and repair shop, that is Pay N Spray to repair your vehicles. Guns can be also bought from Ammunition shop. Gun Skills Every player from starting has no gun skills, so you have to train your weapons at Los Santos Ammunition Shop. Internet Cafe/Gaming Cafe You can visit our gaming cafe in Los Santos to play games, however there is also a game which you can play with your friend together. War System This feature is mostly for players of Military & Terrorist. The war system works when both higher rank player of Military & Terrorist agrees to do the war. VIP System A player can become VIP by inviting people to the server, however VIP has a lot of features such as a VIP has their own modded car, skin, neons, laser & their own pet. Vehicle Tuning System Every car can be tuned in this server, such as car's engine, brakes, and also car's look can be changed by adding paint jobs. Vehicle Mods There are many vehicle mods, such as for racing cars, realistic cars. Server Status: IP: mtasa:// Status: Open Server Website: Join us at Discord: Gallery:
  16. Hi guys! I need help with translation for my small project about Multi Theft Auto and other games. More precisely, i need to check the translation, how it is correct, and what are the errors. I would be very grateful for the help and suggestions for translation. Thank you
  17. Hello everyone! I want to ask you few questions. If you have 2 minutes and you are roleplay player, please visit this link: It will help me a lot, so don't hesitate to share it. Thank you in advance!
  18. Necesito ayuda, cuando me coloco la mochila sale acostada. Solo son 2 mochilas, la Czech y Combate(una que agregue). Son la de 80 y 42 espacios. Esta es la linea de las cosas: local elementBackpack = {} function backPackBack (dataName,oldValue) if getElementType(source) == "player" and dataName =="MAX_Slots" then local newValue = getElementData(source,dataName) if elementBackpack[source] then detachElementFromBone(elementBackpack[source]) destroyElement(elementBackpack[source]) elementBackpack[source] = false end local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) local rx,ry,rz = getElementRotation(source) if newValue == 12 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(3026,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Alice",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 18 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(1248,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila de Asalto",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 22 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(14888,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Ghillie",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 28 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2733,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Drybag",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 32 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(1818,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Vintage",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 38 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2303,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila de Montaña",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 42 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(1575,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Czech",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 50 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(1252,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Coyote",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 58 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2866,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila CMRA",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 66 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2020,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Militar",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 80 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2000,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila de Combate",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 150 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2405,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Hero Z",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 250 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2189,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila de Navidad",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 300 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2095,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Teddy",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 8 then return end if newValue == 46 then attachElementToBone(elementBackpack[source],source,3,0,-0.16,0.05,270,0,180) else attachElementToBone(elementBackpack[source],source,3,0,-0.225,0.05,90,0,0) end end De ante mano, gracias