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Found 5 results

  1. Brought to you by J Carmageddon is a Race / Stunt server based around a huge map made by combining all of the maps of a classic game, Carmageddon and adding better quality textures. You can race, RP, play tag in cars, heck do anything you wish as long as it's not causing a disturbance to other players. The map is bigger then SA, thus there's a base map exceeding the limits of SA, that also has floating islands, combined with an underground bit. Even with all this gigantic map, the download is still quite small, at 160mb that some have done in as little as 30 seconds, also the map can theoretically run on any computer, if you can run base SA you can run this map at the same, or double the FPS. Media - The map - mtasa:// *Biggest map in MTA* Questions, comments, or concerns?
  2. Vice City Roleplay is an entirely new roleplaying experience made completely from scratch utilizing MTA's latest script features in currently in Closed Beta. Our service exhibits a wide array of features, ranging from common functionalities such as factions and vehicle dealerships to a unique vehicle sound system based off of RPM with manual and automatic gear shifting or a slot based inventory system. The server is set in current day Vice City and due to the entire map being hosted on the server, players can connect and play without having to install a single client-side modification. The server tailors to your needs by giving players the ability to adjust the object streaming distance to their own preferences. Our core features are listed below, but as time passed and development continues, you can expect much more content even after the server's release. Roleplay in Vice City. An entirely new script: Scripted from the ground up. Multi-faction system: Players can be in 3 factions at the same time, whilst each faction provides 5 sub-divisions. Unrestricted faction ranks: Each member of a faction can have a unique rank set to them. Jobs-system: Players can make money in a simple way by working jobs, such as thrash masters or taxi drivers. Business-system: Players can start their own business and link jobs to them, meaning you can hire people to your business as thrash masters who will collect garbage. A slot-based inventory-system. Makes players able to expand their inventories using backpacks, which they can drop on the ground whilst the contents of it save. A right click menu allows players to interact with the objects in their inventory such as equipping different types of body armor. A Health System that calculates damage and simulates pain, and bleeding effects based off of the type of injuries such as cuts, blunt trauma, and even the caliber of a bullet. A Suppression system which makes firefights even more intense and realistic. An in-depth weapon-system which utilizes an entire library of firearms, magazines, and calibers where firearms can be named after real-life counterparts and will be displayed using the correct image in the inventory. Magazine compatibility checks ensure that the correct magazines can only be used in compatible weapon systems. Interior System: Enter interiors without delay or lag, even when entering interiors located in San Andreas. Or create your own using our Interior Builder. Place each wall or floor individually and in different sizes, making the perfect interior for your character. Furniture System: After you purchase or create your own interior, you can purchase furniture and model your home to your own liking. Texture System: Makes players able to texture anything from a Wall, Floor, Couch or Television, using a library provided by the server, or their own by simply putting in a link. A Vehicle System that uses custom vehicle sounds and calculates RPM, allowing cars to use any sound in our library independently whilst also giving players to option to purchase automatic or manual transmission vehicles. An MDC System that integrates both a dispatch and a web-interface, allowing easy callsign distribution, dispatching and accessing of reports. As states the features listed above are our core systems, meaning there's much more for players to enjoy and much more will be added as the server development progresses. Below you can go through some of our media and updates released in the past. Vice City Roleplay Teaser #1 Interior Building Timelapse Introducing the Vehicle Sounds Teaser #2 Status Updates You can find all of our Status Updates on our forums with no registration required at: https://forums.vc-rp.net/index.php?/forum/12-news-announcements/ Additionally, you can visit our own Wikipedia page for a more detailed explanation of our project's features: https://wiki.vc-rp.net/index.php/Main_Page Joining the Server Forums: https://forums.vc-rp.net/ MTA Server: mtasa:// (Closed Beta Participants Only) Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/kpaJHft
  3. Hi guys! I need help with translation for my small project about Multi Theft Auto and other games. More precisely, i need to check the translation, how it is correct, and what are the errors. http://seegaming.com/ I would be very grateful for the help and suggestions for translation. Thank you
  4. Hello everyone! I want to ask you few questions. If you have 2 minutes and you are roleplay player, please visit this link: https://goo.gl/forms/cBjBeZ68qQm1fQYF2 It will help me a lot, so don't hesitate to share it. Thank you in advance!
  5. Necesito ayuda, cuando me coloco la mochila sale acostada. Solo son 2 mochilas, la Czech y Combate(una que agregue). Son la de 80 y 42 espacios. Esta es la linea de las cosas: local elementBackpack = {} function backPackBack (dataName,oldValue) if getElementType(source) == "player" and dataName =="MAX_Slots" then local newValue = getElementData(source,dataName) if elementBackpack[source] then detachElementFromBone(elementBackpack[source]) destroyElement(elementBackpack[source]) elementBackpack[source] = false end local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) local rx,ry,rz = getElementRotation(source) if newValue == 12 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(3026,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Alice",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 18 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(1248,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila de Asalto",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 22 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(14888,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Ghillie",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 28 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2733,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Drybag",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 32 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(1818,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Vintage",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 38 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2303,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila de Montaña",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 42 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(1575,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Czech",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 50 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(1252,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Coyote",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 58 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2866,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila CMRA",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 66 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2020,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Militar",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 80 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2000,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila de Combate",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 150 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2405,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Hero Z",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 250 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2189,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila de Navidad",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 300 then elementBackpack[source] = createObject(2095,x,y,z) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart", source, "Te Has Puesto La Mochila Teddy",22,255,0) elseif newValue == 8 then return end if newValue == 46 then attachElementToBone(elementBackpack[source],source,3,0,-0.16,0.05,270,0,180) else attachElementToBone(elementBackpack[source],source,3,0,-0.225,0.05,90,0,0) end end De ante mano, gracias