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Found 6 results

  1. Olá, estou como ideia de converter um guiGrid em DxGrid usando o mode dxLib, mas eu não estou conseguindo criar as colunas, só queria um retângulo preto que é a lista sem colunas. Peguei essa função de um mod (vou chamar de mod A) que usa dxGrid e coloquei no meu mod (mod B) , n funciona(já botei o dxGrid.Lua no meta). Apaguei todas as funções que se comunica com o dxGrid.Lua do mod A e apaguei, deixe só a função abaixo e a Lista e as Colunas foram criadas normalmente. Coloquei a função no mod B e só criou a Lista sem coluna.(Tentei trocar o nome da Lista para ver se funcionava e não deu certo também) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () Arm_Test = dxGridW:Create(470, 303, 427, 157) Arm_Test:AddColumn("Jogador", 207) Arm_Test:AddColumn("Arma", 210) Arm_Test:SetVisible(true) end)
  2. I maked a Password based gate script with dx and normal gui pic This resource is working properly but i have a problem iwant to setup close butten and gui visible set to marker pls help me this is client side GUIEditor = { button = {}, edit = {} } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() GUIEditor.button[1] = guiCreateButton(534, 370, 265, 54, "OPEN THE GATE", false) GUIEditor.button[2] = guiCreateButton(872, 429, 62, 37, "Close", false) GUIEditor.edit[1] = guiCreateEdit(463, 269, 250, 43, "", false) addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor.button[1], checkPassword ) guiEditSetMasked ( GUIEditor.edit[1], true ) end ) password = "1234" function checkPassword () local text = guiGetText ( GUIEditor.edit[1] ) if text == password then triggerServerEvent ( "openGate", resourceRoot) else outputChatBox ( "Password Incorrect!" ) end end this is the server side local gate = createObject(980,-2423.94385, -609.48846, 132.56250, 0, 0, 0) function open() moveObject(gate, 980,-2414.95703, -603.12976, 132.56250, 0, 0, 0) end addEvent( "openGate", true ) addEventHandler( "openGate", resourceRoot, open ) <meta> <meta> <info type="script" name="psswd based gate" author="heshan" version="1.0.0"></info> <script src="my2.lua" type="client" ></script> <script src="my2s.lua" type="server" ></script> </meta> pls help
  3. I would apperciate it very much if you could give some advice on DGS.
  4. Made using bakaGaijin. I am not going to type everything here again, so just click the first link on top. Some teasers: Before you ask: No, this does not use Javascript or CEF. It is a pure Lua implementation.
  5. MKH

    Dx help

    Hello, i just wanna to know, first i made a simple dx gui, my resolution was 1366x786 i think, and my friend's resolution was 1600x900, the gui if looking fine for me because i made it, but its not fine for my friends, i just wanna to know how to draw dx for all resolutions
  6. Hey folks, could someone point me to some nice DxGui library? I have been searching forums and google for like an hour now and no luck. I mainly need it to create custom inventory system for DayZ, so GridList and Drag&Drop functionality is what i need mostly but i guess if library is good but it does not have that i could script it myself. Any suggestions are welcome, and by the way i have seen dxgui on wiki but it seems like its not finished and abandoned.