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Found 23 results

  1. How to set dxDraw to the back of the screen?
  2. Gostaria de adicionar um botão(imagem) em meu login html . Consegui adicionar normalmente , mas ele fica por baixo do html , sendo assim , o background do html tampa esse meu botão(imagem). O login é em html e css.
  3. Xwaw

    GuiEditor IMAGE

    I just want to know how you can import images into this "dxDrawImage" GUIEDITOR
  4. Bom dia! Tô com esse problema de não aparecer os escritos dos layouts, estava fazendo testes e encontrei algo sobre "DxCreateFont" ao tentar criar a fonte, e o meu pode estar dando falhas e por isso algumas DX não aparecem... Alguém já passou por isso? Este problema é em todos servidores que tento jogar e tenha que baixa/criar alguma fonte! (o que eu notei) Segundo a wiki, diz que pode ser problema de alguma limitação de hardware ou memoria. Quando um servidor utiliza DxCreateFont para criar uma nova fonte em um painel, e acaba que o PC não carrega essa fonte, e por este mot
  5. How to remove dxDrawWindow with, removeEventHandler?, I would like to turn on the window several times.
  6. I want to render a rectangle to the cursor, but the rectangle too far from the cursor.. How to fix this in my code? code: local sx_, sy_ = 1920, 1080 local sx__, sy__ = guiGetScreenSize() local xm, ym = sx__/sx_, sy__/sy_ function render() local screenx, screeny = getCursorPosition() dxDrawRectangle((sx_-687) * xm * screenx, (sy_/2+70) * ym * screeny, 170 * xm, 25 * ym,tocolor(255,181,64,80)) end addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,render) the problem:
  7. Eu Queria Saber Como Eu Coloco Dx Com Teleporte Tipo, Quando Eu Dou O Comando Do Teleporte Exemplo "/praia" Ai Apareçe o Jogador Foi Para Praia Mais Eu Queria Que Essa Msg Aparecia No Topo Da Tela Junto Com O Dx. Eu Sou Bom Em Scripter Mais Com Dx Nao Sou Bom Entao Ta Ai Me Ajudem Por Favor Teleportes: local posicoes = { { 350.177, -1763.144, 5.283 }, } function PosicaoPlayer ( thePlayer, command ) local azar = math.random ( #posicoes ) local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) if (veh) then setElementPosition(veh, unpack ( posicoes [ azar ] ) )
  8. I can not make a DxText that displays the player's account name in screen My code (CLIENT SIDE) CHECK LINE 109 I wanted it to work this way: no one debugscript error example image
  9. Приветствую Вас, у меня вопрос. Как сделать так, чтобы dxDraw отрисовывался только в определенных квадрате? Я пишу скрипт с кастомным чатом, и мне нужно, чтобы чат был виден только, если он не заходит за пределы. Заранее спасибо за ответ!
  10. Как сделать окно, которая будет похожая на браузер, тобишь справа полоса прокрутки, и внутри другие элементы которые будут двигаться используя колесо мыши или полосой прокрутки? Есть какой-нибудь туториал по этому?
  11. Hello, want to make a inventory system. What is better CEF or dxDraw? Say CEF slow performance, but faster development.
  12. Hello everyone! I started to learn render targets in lua. So the question is: Can i use dxDraw functions on vehicles? I think i should apply a shaders to use it. Some people use texreplace.fx for drawing. As i know, this people create a render target, draw some stuff on it, get pixel colours and apply a texture on the vehicle with shaders. Is there any other ways? Maybe i can draw text/images directly on vehicle texture (i added special texture to car called "bodytex" for this action) somehow\\\ Applying shaders each time reflects on perfomance a lot
  13. Hy! I would like to make a dxDraw indicator that shows stamina. I wanted to make a picture, that fills up to a certain level based on a value, so I tried using dxDrawImageSection and RenderTarget too, but I couldn't make it. It is important that I want it to be relative, so like I have a 200x200 size picture that I draw in 80x80, or in 50x50 and so on based on the user's resolution. Could someone help me in this?
  14. local start = getTickCount() local one, one1 = -300, 604 local two, two1 = 0, 604 local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local text = "" local pic = "j" function draw() local x,y = interpolateBetween(one, one1, 0, two, two1, 0, (now - start) / ((start + 1500) - start), "Linear") local now = getTickCount() dxDrawRectangle(x,y, screenW * 0.2306, screenH * 0.0356, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 130), false) dxDrawText(" * "..text, x, y, screenW * 0.2340, screenH * 0.7044, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, "default", "left", "center", false, false, false, true, false) end addEventHa
  15. Hola buenas a todos, por favor me podrían ayudar con un problema que tengo con un script, es el de banderas en el scoreboard, y es cierto que está en la comunidad, pero al momento de ejecutar no aparece la bandera solo el nonbre del país, de antemano muchas gracias... aquí el script... -- ScoreBoard Country Script by ToXiiC -- Skype: toxiic_eu countryNames = { ["IT"]="Italy", ["MX"]="Mexico", ["SA"]="SAUDI ARBIA", ["PK"]="Pakistan", ["AF"]="Afghanistan", ["DZ"]="Algeria", ["AS"]="American samoa", ["AU"]="Australlia", ["AO"]="Anqola", ["AI"]="Anquill
  16. itHyperoX


    Hi. I'm trying to make a nice DXDRAW hud. I'm using the "guieditor" resource for that. The problem is, when i make the hud at 1600x900 res, its looks nice, but when i change my resoultion to 1920x1080, the hud is looks like blured out. Anybody can help me please with this? here is 1600x900 here is at 1920x1080p here is the script. (THIS IS ONLY because of testing. --————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— --————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— local screenW,screenH
  17. Hi! I don't know, how is it possible: I try it with HTML, the video is in .webm format, and I have a bad fps drop, with link I can't do it, I don't know HTML well. I try it with createBrowser too, but with this, I can't do it that the gui or dxdraw be in front of the video, the browser.
  18. Heyo, so recently I got an awesome toptimes resource from a friend and today I fixed the positions of all elements drawn with dxDraw so that the toptimes window doesn't go outside of screen boundary on any resolution. So far, so good. But there is one problem, I don't know how to fix the elements' size to be same for all resolutions. I tried with something like " local x_,y_ = x/1680,y/1080 " and put " *y_ " after the size but it still looks ugly, also tried more combinations such as " x/1440,y/900 " and so on, to no success. Below is just the function which draws the F5 tops window, I always
  19. Buenas! Tengo un problema y es que, intento hacer un dxEditBox sencillo para un dxLogin. En fin, lo que hice para que se pueda escribir en este, es esto: addEventHandler("onClientCharacter", root, function(c) if ( elementClicked == "password-edit" ) then passwordBox = passwordBox..""..c elseif ( elementClicked == "username-edit" ) then usernameBox = usernameBox..""..c end end ) Okay, me escribe bien. La cuestión es.. ¿como borrar? Un amigo me paso esto: bindKey("backspace", "down", function () if ( elementClicked == "password-edit" ) then passwordBox = "" elseif (
  20. Hey, so, I would like to make a GTA like (it sounds strange) notification system, something like you can see in every singleplayer GTA, the upper left hand corner box notifications: I have the base script, everything renders and works fine, but I would like to make a special "timer" for it, which works like the following way: the longer the text is, the longer the notification lasts. This is one thing I would like to make, the other thing is: how is it possibble to make an export function for this, so I can make notifications from other resources with the text I give in the resource
  21. When a player change the skin several times this script causes lag. Could you tell me what causes this?
  22. dugasz1

    3D dxDraw

    Hello everybody. I would like to draw in 3D. I use DxDrawMaterialLine3D for it. So i have a background image but i want to write text to it and draw recentagles to it. Is it possible? Can i somehow set the dxDrawText output to my background texture?
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