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Found 3 results

  1. Odyssey Freeroam We're a advanced freeroam server with loads of features that most of the competition doesn't have. Our goal is to satisfy every player playing on our freeroam with a lot of customisable settings and never before seen features. Some of our features are: - A custom hydra lock-on (dogfight) system - Base capturing (something like turfs, but way more action-packed) - A crew system (crew owners/leaders can invite you to their crew, players can join 2 crews per account. Every crew has their own Hydra skin and base if they captured one in base capture) - Custom vehicles and vehicle upgrades - Custom reflection/water/detail/particle/effect shaders - A customisable settings menu (some of the settings are setting the quality of dx elements being drawn on the screen, object draw distance, vehicle draw distance and player draw distance) - A player blacklist menu (blacklisted players can't send you whispers/pms if you've blacklisted them) - A custom group chat (party) system - A custom vehicle/weapon damage system - Custom weapon switch system (similar to GTA V's weapon wheel) - Custom radio stations We're looking forward to see you on our server :). - Odyssey Staff team. IP: mtasa:// Discord: https://discord.gg/3dna9jS
  2. When you press handbrake it should draw the image named 'crosshair.png' on the target, but this does not happen. What can be the error? The debugscript 3 does not output any errors Here's the code : local SHOOT_COOLDOWN = 5000 --Cooldown between homing shots local LOCKON_TIME = 100 --Time required to lock on to a target local LOCK_RANGE = 330 --Maximum distance between you and the target local LOCK_ANGLE = 0.95 --(in radians) We cannot lock on targets unless they are within this angle of the front of the hydra local VALID_TARGET_FUNCTION = function (vehicle) --Used to decide whether a vehicle should appear as a lock-on option -- local targetTeam = vehicle.controller and vehicle.controller.team -- local ourTeam = localPlayer.team -- if targetTeam and ourTeam and targetTeam == ourTeam then -- return false --The target vehicle has someone driving, and both of you are on the same team -- end return true end local validTarget = VALID_TARGET_FUNCTION or function() return true end LOCK_ANGLE = math.cos(LOCK_ANGLE) local inHydra = false local firestate = nil local visibleVehicle = {} local targetVehicle = nil local nearbyVehicles = {} getNearbyVehicles = function() return nearbyVehicles end --Used by other files local currentHydra = nil local function getTarget() -- Look for the nearest targets and lock on local nearestVehicle = nil local shortestDistance = LOCK_RANGE for _, vehicle in ipairs(nearbyVehicles) do local targPos = vehicle.position local myPos = localPlayer.position local displacement = targPos-myPos local dist = displacement.length if vehicle ~= localPlayer.vehicle and dist < shortestDistance then shortestDistance = dist nearestVehicle = vehicle end end return nearestVehicle end local function checkForLockout(vehicle) if visibleVehicle[vehicle] then visibleVehicle[vehicle] = nil lockedVehicle = nil targetVehicle = nil end end local lastShot = SHOOT_COOLDOWN*-2 local function shootMissile() if not inHydra then return end local target = lockedVehicle if not target or getTickCount() < lastShot + SHOOT_COOLDOWN then return end lastShot = getTickCount() local hydra = localPlayer.vehicle -- Shoot missile createProjectile( hydra, 20, hydra.position, 5000, target, _, _, _, hydra.velocity*1.2) lockedVehicle = nil targetVehicle = nil visibleVehicle[target] = nil end local function update() local curtime = getTickCount() local vehicle = targetVehicle if not vehicle then return end local visibleNow = false if vehicle ~= localPlayer.vehicle and not vehicle.blown and validTarget(vehicle) then local targPos = vehicle.position local myPos = localPlayer.position local displacement = targPos-myPos local dist = displacement.length local cosAngle = localPlayer.vehicle.matrix.forward:dot(displacement)/dist if dist < LOCK_RANGE and cosAngle>LOCK_ANGLE and firestate then local aX, aY = getScreenFromWorldPosition(targPos) if (aX and aY) then visibleNow = true if lockedVehicle == vehicle then dxDrawImage (aX-118,aY-118, 246, 246, 'crosshair.png',0,0,0,tocolor (255,0,0,255)) else dxDrawImage (aX-118, aY-118, 246, 246, 'crosshair.png',0,0,0,tocolor (255,255,255,255)) end end end end if not visibleNow then checkForLockout() elseif visibleVehicle[vehicle] then if curtime - visibleVehicle[vehicle] > LOCKON_TIME then lockedVehicle = vehicle end else visibleVehicle[vehicle] = curtime end end local function homingState(key,state) if not inHydra then return end if state == "down" then targetVehicle = getTarget() firestate = isControlEnabled("vehicle_secondary_fire") toggleControl("vehicle_secondary_fire",false) bindKey("vehicle_secondary_fire","down",shootMissile) else targetVehicle = nil lockedVehicle = nil toggleControl("vehicle_secondary_fire",firestate) firestate = nil unbindKey("vehicle_secondary_fire","down",shootMissile) end end local function vehicleGoneHandler() removeEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", source, vehicleGoneHandler) removeEventHandler("onClientElementStreamOut", source, vehicleGoneHandler) if getElementType( source ) == "vehicle" then for i, v in ipairs(nearbyVehicles) do if v == source then checkForLockout(source) table.remove(nearbyVehicles, i) return end end end end local function prepAfterStreamIn(vehicle) addEventHandler("onClientElementStreamOut", vehicle, vehicleGoneHandler) addEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", vehicle, vehicleGoneHandler) end local function streamInHandler() if getElementType( source ) == "vehicle" then table.insert(nearbyVehicles, source) prepAfterStreamIn(source) end end local function startHydra(vehicle) if not inHydra and vehicle and isElement(vehicle) and vehicle.model == 520 then nearbyVehicles = getElementsByType("vehicle", root, true) for i, v in ipairs(nearbyVehicles) do prepAfterStreamIn(v) end addEventHandler("onClientElementStreamIn", root, streamInHandler) addEventHandler("onClientVehicleExplode", vehicle, stopHydra) addEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", vehicle, stopHydra) addEventHandler("onClientElementStreamOut", vehicle, stopHydra) inHydra = isControlEnabled("handbrake") currentHydra = vehicle toggleControl("handbrake", false) bindKey("handbrake","down",homingState) bindKey("handbrake","up",homingState) addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, update) end end function stopHydra() if inHydra then local target = getTarget() for i, v in ipairs(nearbyVehicles) do if v ~= target then removeEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", v, vehicleGoneHandler) removeEventHandler("onClientElementStreamOut", v, vehicleGoneHandler) checkForLockout(v) end end checkForLockout(target) if target then removeEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", target, vehicleGoneHandler) removeEventHandler("onClientElementStreamOut", target, vehicleGoneHandler) end removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, update) unbindKey("handbrake","down",homingState) unbindKey("handbrake","up",homingState) if firestate ~= nil then homingState("handbrake","up") end local vehicle = currentHydra currentHydra = nil toggleControl("handbrake", inHydra) inHydra = false removeEventHandler("onClientElementStreamIn", root, streamInHandler) if isElement(vehicle) then removeEventHandler("onClientVehicleExplode", vehicle, stopHydra) removeEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", vehicle, stopHydra) removeEventHandler("onClientElementStreamOut", vehicle, stopHydra) end end end local function initScript() if localPlayer.vehicle and localPlayer.vehicle.model == 520 then startHydra(localPlayer.vehicle) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStop", resourceRoot, stopHydra) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerVehicleExit",localPlayer,stopHydra) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWasted",localPlayer,stopHydra) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerVehicleEnter",localPlayer,startHydra) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot,initScript)
  3. Tron

    Hydra System

    Hello out there , I tried alot to fix out the hydra damage system but it didnt work. All i want to change is the damage script of hydra . When you shoot someone in hydra with a lock on shot i want it so that the missiles lower the victim's hp by around 25% per shot. I would be glad incase if anyone want to help me out of this. Thanks
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