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  1. I want to do this: Using webhook, something like this: -- created by zsenel local discordWebhookURL = "https://discord.com/api/webhooks/835103134270488596/FY5*********EXAMPLE************yKEaRsKJp4" function sendDiscordMessage(message) sendOptions = { formFields = { content = "Example:", username = "webhook - Example", embed = { description= "```Some user have typed \"help\" command.```", color= null, author= { name= "Webhook - Example" },
  2. Hi guys, this is my first topic and I hope to get my answer soon :D The question I had was, can the cmd be entered into MTA:SA Server through Discord Bot? for example: Inside the discord: !kill <playerid> Then inside the MTA:SA: function kill(player) { setElementHealth(player, 0) } I just wanted to know if this is done or not. In that case, I'm glad you taught me a solution :D
  3. Introdução O conteúdo deste tópico será separado por seções, ensinando passo-a-passo cada detalhe - desde criar um BOT no site do Discord Developers, até finalmente ligá-lo e executar os comandos, que serão enviados para o seu servidor MTA. Siga todos os passos para que tudo dê certo. Configurando o ambiente Bom, para que nós possamos iniciar, é necessário instalar duas coisas no seu computador: Node.js e Visual Studio Code. Só um adendo: não é estritamente necessário usar o VSCode, estou apenas sugerindo-o, e também é a IDE que irei utilizar neste tutorial. Após instalá-los, seguirem
  4. Heelo,i don't relly rember what i was banned for soo i'm asking for an unban,what ever i did i will not be disrespectiful agin .
  5. Olá, eu estava pensando em como seria incrível um servidor para os scripters de MTA, dividirem conhecimento, conversarem, fazer amizades etc, e eu queria saber se já tem algum servidor de discord já criado para scripters de MTA, conhecido? Caso não tenha, irei criar para todos nós dividirmos conhecimento e tirar duvidas de scripters iniciantes.
  6. Welcome to Bancho Hosting Website - Discord - E-Mail Bancho Hosting is a new member on the Server Hosting Market. It's our goal to provide cheap, easy and fast servers for all those who want them. We offer a wide variety of Games and MTA is one of them. Due to the new nature of Bancho we're currently running on an individual, request by request basis. This means we can offer you cheap prices and great speeds while maintaining a good amount of clients while we start up! We use PayPal to handle our subscriptions, this means you can have peace of mind knowing your detail
  7. I brought you bakaGaijin and Ash Now I bring Discord integration with MTA scripts. MTA already has this for IRC Shoutout to the people who made the Sockets module, you're awesome. Features: -Scripts can echo messages to any Discord text channel of their choosing. -Any Discord channel can be set up to echo all messages to an ingame script. (Including the name of the person who said it, and his role) -One MTA server can send/receive to multiple Discord guilds. Example use: To show how this is useful, I made a small program to echo all global chat to a "glob
  8. Hi! Following the community discussion in our forums, we have created an official Discord server quite a while ago, as an alternative (and maybe a full replacement in the future) to our current IRC channels. We kept it in under the radar while we were fine tuning things, but we believe we can now present it to you guys. All MTA players and fans are welcome to join our Discord server (though please behave while you are in there ). You can join it by using this link: https://discord.gg/mtasa What is Discord? Discord is a hybrid of IRC, an Instant Messenger and a Voice Chat
  9. Buenas gente de la comunidad. Llevo un tiempo sin publicar en el foro debido a que mi vida personal y laboral anda a mil. Recién hoy loguie para encontrarme con una pila de mensajes privados de gente pidiendo ayuda y demás. Responderé a todos en la medida que pueda. De paso se me ocurrió compartir con ustedes el servidor oficial de MTASA donde pueden realizar consultas, estar atentos a novedades y ponerse en contacto mas directamente. Contamos con varios canales de distintos topics y un canal llamado #es-general que es para la charla en general en idioma español. Yo en general siempre estoy po
  10. عن آرينا للعب الأدوار آرينا، خادم لعب أدوار بدأ في مايو عام 2019 كـفكرة ودية يتم مناقشتها مع مُمثليها، حتى وصلنا إلى شهر مارس عام 2020، وبدأنا نفكر مرة أخرى وبشكلٍ جدي حتى نبدأ في العمل على الخادم، ونستعيد الفكرة التي طرحناها بيننا عام 2019، نحن لم نفعل ذلك عبساً، حدث ذلك بعد محاولات لتجربة العديد من الخوادم التي كانت من المفترض أن توفر لعب الأدوار "المُحترف" والغير تقليدي. ولكن لم نجد البيئة المناسبة للعب الأدوار، لذا دعوني آخذكم في جولة عن آرينا، وبشكل مبسط، آرينا للعب الأدوار خادم مبني على لعب الأدوار النصي بالنمط الكلاسيكي في غالبية تعاملاته مع اللاعبين. مع بعض واجه
  11. 17 Nisan 2020 tarihinde kurulan ve şuan da aktif şekilde kullanılabilir olan Estim Bozkurt Freeroam, Multi Theft Auto sunucusu sizleri bekliyor! İyi Oyunlar! IP : mtasa:// İsim : [TR] ❀ ESTİM BOZKURT ❀ - [FREEROAM] Yetkililer : [Kurucu] ES|o02'6 , [Kurucu] ES|Lykia 岺 , [Admin] SeRO , [Admin] Orhan , [Moderatör] RipJaws , [Destek] Noxus , [Destek] Hyper Kayıtlarımız oyun içindendir. İyi eğlenceler :)
  12. Truth - MTA Wiki Discord Bot Since i was in need for a wiki discord bot on a discord server, I decided to make one. I have also created a dashboard to manage the bot's setting on your guild. This bot is open source so feel free to submit PR's or issues. There is a new wiki coming soon(?), so i am planning to convert this bot to use the new version once it releases if there's no official wiki bot available at that time. I hope this bot can be of use to you. Features Wiki article fetching like on MTA's official discord Wiki article searching Function
  13. OK so after many requests from people asking me to install discord bots to their servers I have decided to make the simplest tutorial on setting up a bot for your servers. [NOTE]: THIS IS A VPS TUTORIAL. IF YOUR SERVER ISN'T RUNNING ON A VPS THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND HOW NODE.JS WORKS. Part 1: Bot creation Part 2: Files Configuration Part 3: SSH commands That should be all now go have fun annoying players in your server. Some feedback would be appreciated Good luck
  14. Mod note: topic locked for serious forum abuse by TS and consorts Welcome at Lethal World A new destination a new world! Since today we've created a new server with alot of unique stuff, definitely something you should try out! The developer created alot of nice mappings and changed alot in the server. Come and try it out! Welcome at Lethal World. We are a new community and we want to welcome everyone. The place where the roleplay is is in los santos we have changed enough so that we can give a unique experience to the players Great admin team who are always read
  15. MTASERVER IP: mtasa: // 22003 DISCORDCHANNEL: https://discord.gg/44adDxJ مرحبًا بكم في المقدمة الضمنية.نحن خادم بدأ في بداية عام 2016نحن الآن على قيد الحياة تقريبًا لمدة 4 سنوات مع الصعود والهبوط عدنا في اللعبة.- نريد أن نعيد لعب الأدوار كما كان- لعب الأدوار القانونية مهم جدا في خادم لعب الأدوار- لعب الأدوار غير القانونية مهم ولكننا لسنا خادم آر بي جي- نحن نريد أن نعطي الجميع شيئًا ما للعب دور- لدينا فريق إدارة لطيف جدالأنهم مستعدون لمساعدة الجميع!- نحن نسمح للجميع أن يأتي داخل اللعبة إذا كنت تتحدث الإنجليزية ماذا نقدم لك؟ نحن نقدم لك تجربة
  16. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة كما هو واضح من العنوان حاليا شغال علي تطوير بوت سيستم كامل متكامل ان شاء الله بحاول اطلع شئ كويس Javascript(NodeJS) بخبرتي المتواضعة في مميزات تم الانتهاء منها: .معلومات عن السيرفر - البنج - جلب الصورة الرمزية - معلومات المستخدم - البوت يعمل 7\24 - الترحيب بالعضو الجديد برايفت وعام مميزات جاري العمل عليها حاليا: نظام تذاكر الدعم الفني - تشغيل الموسيقي - نظام الادمنية كا حذف الرسائل والميوت..الخ من برايفت الي عام ويقدر اي احد يستفيد من الكود ويشارك في تطويره github وانتظر اقتراحاتكم وقريبا مع اصدار مستقر للبوت يتحويل المشروع في
  17. السلام عليكم حياكم الله في سيرفر ديسكورد بيكون مختص لمبرمجين اللعبة , هو مو مبرمجين اللعبة عموما لأي مبرمجين في اي لغة برمجة يعرفها وكذا المهم ما بطول عليكم رابط ديسكورد السيرفر https://discord.gg/HFUZzH4
  18. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم طفشان وتدور على فعاليات ؟ أدخل سيرفر Super Events في الدسكورد وصف السيرفر :- السيرفر عبارة عن فعاليات ومسابقات و العاب وتحديات و الخ... وإذا جبت ٥ اعضاء لك رتبة وإذا جمعت ١٥٠٠ Credits ArabCom Bot تقدر تشتري رتبة VIP + من الشوب عملة السيرفر ArabCom Bot وليست برو بوت والسيرفر يعتمد اعتماد كلي عليها واذا ربحت في الفعاليات والمسابقات رح تاخذ رتبة او كردت رابط الدسكورد :- https://discord.gg/qjqzuRC
  19. I know about socket module that can manage with it. Also i can output mta messages on discord server using web hook, but can i do it in opposite direction? I mean can i output discord messages on mta server without additional modules?
  20. Hello guys My name is Gat and im new here and i want a help. I found a mta bot for discord script that echo chat between mta server and a discord channel. URL: https://github.com/Necktrox/mta-discord-bot The problem is I don't know how to use it
  21. Hi! Following the community discussion in MTA forums, we have created an official Discord server quite a while ago, as All MTA PUBG players and fans are welcome to join our Discord server You can join it by using the link below: https://discord.gg/F33E9nz What is Discord? Discord is a hybrid of IRC, an Instant Messenger and a Voice Chat software. It incorporates the most important features of these elements into a handy and multiplatform app which you can run on your desktops, smartphones or tablets. What can I find while I am there? We current
  22. In case anyone is interested in following our development or discussions regarding MTA 0.x through another medium, a Discord server has been opened up. You can find it here: https://discord.gg/8HQsstd
  23. ديسكورد خاص بلعبة Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas اهلاً وسهلاً بكم! https://discord.gg/MtPRmgB
  24. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته تم افتتاح سيرفر Multi Theft Auto Arabs في Discord هذا السيرفر يوجد له موقع ولكن لا يوجد له سيرفر Discord فتم انشاؤه المهم : رابط الانضمام الى Discord https://discord.gg/BaFTfQ5 وشكرا
  25. Hi! Me and my friend have made a MTA Discord server. We are in the early development and we have just made it. We hope this will become another platform for MTA players to communicate and for development of MTA. Since we have just made the server we aren't many and we hope that you don't leave the server instanly. It will take some time to become many. We also need moderator so we are working on a form application. If the MTA development team sees this and want to join in please contact me. Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/N6TAU77 Hope you join!
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