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Found 6 results

  1. Thisdp's DirectX Graphical User Interface System ( MTASA 2D+3D DxLIB ) This dxlib provide dx gui functions and events to make it easier to use and alternative to change the style more flexibly. Warning: DGS Version Lower than 3.4 is no longer supported. Final Version: 3.99 Features: 1. Update Check(DGS will notice you if there is a higher version, and you can choose to ignore it or disable it in the config file) Update Command: "updatedgs" 2. Dx GUI Types: Window Edit Box Button Grid List Image Scroll Bar Scroll Pane Text Label Tab Panel Ellipse Detect Area (EDA) Detect Area Radio Button Combo Box Check Box Memo 3D Interface 3D Text Media Browser Browser 3. Edit/Memo rewrite ( You can no longer find the problems in dgs, the problems which exist in cegui) 4. Detect Area is efficient when checking whether your cursor is in a complicated shape. 5. Debug Mode , Command: "debugdgs" 6. You can apply shader to the dxgui ( Compatible with some resources like Objec tPreview ). 7. Include CMD, Command: "cmd" ( For more help, please input "help" in the CMD ) 8. Memo rewritten. 9. OOP Class. 10. Render Target Failure Check ( Warns when there's no enough video memory to create render target ). 11. DGS assembles cegui, you can find the similar feeling when scripting with dgs. 12. 48-hour-response service, your suggestions and bug report will be dealt with in 48 hours ( or less, like 12 hours ? ) 13. Custom Style system 14. Built-in shader plugin 15. More properties 16. Built in multi-language support Notice:Do not close your server or stop the script when it is updating. Wiki: ( Still Working In Process ) Auto Completion For N++ (Thanks To Ahmed Ly): Discord Server: Download DGS : Notice: Need acl rights to call fetchRemote. To Contact Me , Get into the discord server. I have abandoned skype. My server is based on DGS , if you want to see the exact effect of dgs ( not best, my design is bad ). Please have a look. IP: If you want to sell your script which involves DGS, please exclude DGS from your price. HurtWorld Backpack Panel(Example) DGS Network Monitor(Built-in)
  2. I created a DGS Panel and created a Radio Button. Start function twice when I start the Radio Button. Sample: rb1 = dgsCreateRadioButton (35, 285, 157, 25, "Nos NORMAL", false, panel) rb2 = dgsCreateRadioButton (35, 315, 157, 25, "Nos NFS", false, panel) rb3 = dgsCreateRadioButton (35,340,157,30, "Nos HYBRID", false, panel) ----- if source == rb1 OutputNotification ("Nos Stilin NORMAL Here it is", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "normal") elseif source == rb2 then outputNotification ("Nos Stilin Today by NFS", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "nfs") elseif source == rb3 then outputNotification ("Nos Stilin is Here by HYBRID", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "hybrid") last ----- RESULT = outputNotification ("Nos Stilin Made by NFS", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "nfs") outputNotification ("Nos Stilin Today by NFS", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "nfs") --------------------------------- I Solved the Problem
  3. Hi, sorry for bad english. I have a question about DGS. I create a window in which I create a button (buttonWindow) and add an event to it, but the function works even if you clicked on the window (wnd). wnd = dgsCreateWindow (...) buttonWindow = dgsCreateButton (...,wnd) addEventHandler ("onDgsMouseClick", buttonWindow, buttonWindowFunction) function buttonWindowFunction () ... end How can I fix this? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello. (sry for english and stupid question) I created window and input field on DGS win = DGS:dgsDxCreateWindow(0.18, 0.27, 0.22, 0.3," ",true,0xFF000000,25,nil,0xFFFFFFFF,nil,0xFFFFFFFF,5,true) -- window emailBoxReg = DGS:dgsCreateEdit( 0.1, 0.36, 0.8, 0.1, "INPUT FIELD", true, win, 0xFF000000, 0.5, 0.5, nil, 0xFFEBEBEB, false) -- input field DGS:dgsDxGUISetVisible( winReg, true) -- show DGS:dgsDxWindowSetMovable(winReg, false) DGS:dgsDxWindowSetSizable(winReg, false) guiSetInputEnabled(true) -- input showCursor(true) -- cursor why if i click on input field, later click on window - next clicks everywhere not work?
  5. I would apperciate it very much if you could give some advice on DGS.
  6. Hello, why gui showing(hide also) all, and add all row???? DGS = exports.dgs function LGUI(player) if getLocalPlayer() == localPlayer then Login = DGS:dgsDxCreateEdit(0.16, 0.4, 0.20, 0.05, "", true) Pass = DGS:dgsDxCreateEdit(0.16, 0.47, 0.20, 0.05, "", true) DGS:dgsDxEditSetMasked(Pass, true ) LOGIN_BUTT = DGS:dgsDxCreateButton(0.20, 0.55, 0.1, 0.05, "Zaloguj", true) showCursor(true) showChat(false) end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, LGUI) function Login_click() if source == LOGIN_BUTT then local TEXT_LOGIN = DGS:dgsDxGUIGetText(Login) local TEXT_PASS = DGS:dgsDxGUIGetText(Pass) triggerServerEvent("LOGIN_CLICK", root, TEXT_LOGIN, TEXT_PASS) end end addEventHandler ("onClientDgsDxMouseClick", root, Login_click) addEvent("LOGIN_TRUE", true) function Login() DGS:dgsDxGUISetVisible(Login, false) DGS:dgsDxGUISetVisible(Pass, false) DGS:dgsDxGUISetVisible(LOGIN_BUTT, false) triggerEvent("LOGGED", root) end addEventHandler("LOGIN_TRUE", root, Login) AND getSelected = 0 addEvent("LOGGED", true) function CHGUI() CH_GRID = DGS:dgsDxCreateGridList (346, 163, 433, 403, false ) CH_BUTT = DGS:dgsDxCreateButton(0.20, 0.55, 0.1, 0.05, "Wybierz postać", true) CH_GRID_CID = DGS:dgsDxGridListAddColumn(CH_GRID, "CID", 0.5 ) CH_GRID_NAME = DGS:dgsDxGridListAddColumn(CH_GRID, "Imie i nazwisko", 0.2) triggerServerEvent("GET_CH", root) end addEventHandler("LOGGED", root, CHGUI) addEvent("CH_INFO", true) function setCH(CHS,CH_CID, CH_NAME) for i,v in ipairs(CHS) do ROW_CH = DGS:dgsDxGridListAddRow(CH_GRID) SET_ROW_CID = DGS:dgsDxGridListSetItemText(CH_GRID, ROW_CH, CH_GRID_CID, CH_CID[i]) SET_ROW_NAME = DGS:dgsDxGridListSetItemText(CH_GRID, ROW_CH, CH_GRID_NAME, CH_NAME[i]) end end addEventHandler("CH_INFO", getLocalPlayer(), setCH) addEventHandler ( "onClientDgsDxMouseClick", root, function() if source == CH_GRID then Selected = DGS:dgsDxGridListGetSelectedItem(CH_GRID) getSelected = DGS:dgsDxGridListGetItemText(CH_GRID, Selected, CH_GRID_CID) end if source == CH_BUTT then if Selected == -1 or getSelected == 0 then outputChatBox("Nie wybrales postaci!") else triggerServerEvent("getCID", root, getSelected) end end end) addEvent("CH_SELECT", true) function hideCHGUI() DGS:dgsDxGUISetVisible(CH_GRID, false) DGS:dgsDxGUISetVisible(CH_BUTT, false) showCursor(false) showChat(true) end addEventHandler("CH_SELECT", root, hideCHGUI)