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Found 4 results

  1. TPF is bringing opportunities for those players who don't know scripting but wants to learn. We ( TPF staff ) offers free courses in various languages, as well as designing, for totally free. Languages we can teach you? We can teach you Lua, HTML, CSS ,PHP and MYSQL What can we teach you in designing ? Creating logos, creating banners ,posters , web design and MORE !!!(Using Photoshop cs6) Our contact: Contact DiGiTal#2028 or join our discord server : For more information and tutorials visit our website :
  2. ENGLISH: Hello, I need scripters to help me develop the servers in my community, there are 4 servers that will be hosted on December 25, for that reason I need a scripter to help me with the servers. I hope to have your help! SPANISH: Hola, necesito scripters que me ayuden a desarrollar los servidores de mi comunidad, son 4 servidores que se hostearan el 25 de diciembre, por esa razon es que necesito scripter que me ayuden con los servidores. Espero contar con su ayuda, gracias! Help Plis!
  3. Olá pessoal, Bom eu realizei vários testes, e percebi que a 1.5.5 esta dando alguns erros, por exemplo, bug de som e de tiros, as vezes quando tal jogador da um tiro o som não sai, e o demage da sniper por exemplo esta bugado, não sei se isso tem algo a ver com a parte de codigos de cada versão, mas a parte do som eu sei que tem, e na 1.5.4 funciona tudo perfeitamente! se isso for um bug, peço que algum MODERATOR reporte para os desenvolvedores !
  4. SERVER DISCONTINUED Version 1.0 Neptune Roleplay will take place in Los Santos. Each and every single faction was properly and realistically set up. Everyone has a chance to join a faction and roleplay whatever they wish! Rules have been completely changed and are now eleven times better. There will be weekly in-character organised events in the city and its surrounding counties that everyone will be able to participate in. So keep an eye out. N:RP won't be boring and repetitive. Staff, administrators and helpers know what they're doing. They were trained and have a handbook at their disposal. We don't use stolen maps unlike other servers. Los Santos was custom mapped by our team. A variety of new official interiors awaits you! The chat and user interface was given a whole new look! There are 3 new government jobs that you can try out. And a lot more that I'll write on this thread asap. Stay tuned to our Discord guild where we'll post announcements, screenshots, media and showcase our features as we approach the release! Server IP: Stay connected thanks to Discord: tisiV Visit our community forums at: Big thank you to the access team that helped fix all the bugs and been awesome so far!