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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have a question, I hope someone can help me, since I did not find any information, or maybe you can give me a workaround, I would like to know if mtaserver supports rcon remote connection to send commands externally. -I am developing a "Web Console" so I need to know this, so far I have done some testing using phpsdk, but you need to have a lua script on the server running for it to work.
  2. Hi, I am looking MTA Developer /Scripter with experience for the EPICQ.EU DayZ style server. PAID for work (Paypal) (Monthly) More information Discord: Mažvis#2014 Contact me only if you are good at Scripting.
  3. Hey i am looking for a developer/ scripter for an RPG - CnR server We need from him to do some tasks and if he wants he will be hired as a staff Also i am looking for a staff team who can contribute in the server Whatsapp:+201553956506 Discord: Ezzat#6405
  4. The last topic I started was bit weird, I didn't explain what'll it contanins :(! , so now im gonna explain how the project will work, and how much we need a scripters to stay with us until the launch or forever!...The project : New kind In Mta community..and i'm sure the people will like it at all. With low graphics models and not laggy stuff with full simplicity, based on 4 empires fight in WWI, each empire got its own city In the map, and each empire got its own jobs, and stuff...there'll be points(flag) system for War..The use: Each empire will have a military base..Mission comes to the military base(The military base is where the soldiers sleep and live) of An Empire, Mission says you need to capture point In the south or something like they'll go together to the Flag as example flag called : A, they fight to take it, like bf1, after they finish capturing the point..they stay in it and cover it from the other empires in case they attacked ( some detailed system of atttacks for that ), There'll Be 3 Frontlines for each empire..each frontline got It's own general. Each empire got the languages: as example the ottoman empire uses: Turkish,English same as german and others, lemme go back to the points stuff, When they capture a point they'll have ability to pitch medical tents and stuff(after while). Each bullet Is counted on the server, so each point will need a serve from the empire (the use of jobs ) to lend them ammo supplies,food and much more. The tanks will be rare, and there'll be no ships at all just boats. and the cars rare too. ( expensive ) so Its like MUCH of detailed stuff I need to explain, And will do soon, though..that's a simple info bout the project ... So that's so sooo soo simple info about the project..join our discord server to know/ask more: , So now scripters..we need your help as much as possible! and there'll be multiple systems with your help. and Notice for those who doesn't want to script the whole server just join the discord : and help us with some lines or whenever we need your help, and btw we develope the server in discord&hamachi no need for hamachi if you cant use it, and I swear by the god if this project done it'll be the best. - Good scripter - Serval systems - Much more. Notice: If this topic not following the rules please info me to edit it
  5. Dear Multi Theft Auto Community History Welcome to the community of San Andreas Unique Roleplay Gaming, where we all come together to make a successful community, of professional players. This community was initially setup on '10/01/17' by K1the original owner of this Community. Our team is well prepared, and is ready to tackle any report, you throw their way, such as issues with players, our team or any bugs or faults you find in-game. You may come across little bugs or missing plugins on our site which will be dealt with very soon, once our Forum is up and running smoothly. One of our main objective, as a community is to provide our players with the best possible gameplay. This includes things such as, features no other server has, unique ideas, well designed, user-friendly menu's to enhance our players gameplay. We are giving you, your own path to choose, be your own player, and play your own way and style. We shall all strive and grow together, and be the best there is out there. Currently, our team, it's made of 5 Members, who are working hard every day for this community and I have big expecations from them. Searchings This Community do all of the best for this server! We are working on currently gamemode & Forum. We accept Join Request and Staff Requests. We need a scripter and developer. If you want to help us contact us from our profiles.Leave us a message we'll turn to your message. This Community wish you the Best of Luck! How you can find us? *****Pm me from This forum.***** Teamspeak³: Coming soon
  6. hello, ive got a very old (2009 i guess) gamemode from a friend and it is very complicated since its functions in those codes are pretty old with no new features we have now in the latest mta version. thing is, ill need a developer to fix bugs, delete & add new things to the server. mostly just fix bugs, trying to update the whole code. as i said, its very old, complicated and a big mess. hope to get some replies from very very professional scripters. please let me know if youre interested in becoming a developer for my server. thanks for reading add me on discord if youre interested; lewz#1549
  7. Am looking for Developer in UDC to help us in releasing the server as the title says non-paid thanks in advance
  8. Well, I'm moderating a facebook page, and I want to advert for it, so I need money I decided to work as a developer in some communities and earn money, I simply request 5$ for now, I mean, I'll work on what you want starting from 5$, if you want a hard work, price will be upper and so on.
  9. Нам нужен толковый луа программист, для помощи в разработке не сложных плагинов. Умение работать с базами данных обязательно. Так как толковых людей мало, платить будем много. Skype : batya_vend