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Found 11 results

  1. • Grand Freeroam Brasil • • Ip: • • Discord : https://discord.gg/wMkcasT • • Gangs Gratis • • Policia • • Handling • • Eventos Diarios • • Carros BR • • Arenas Hs e Cbug •
  2. Thanks : R3L4X -Map- Mapper : xBellio Map name : Save Me Map song : Omri - Save Me Map Download Link https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18140 -Hey- -Map- Mapper : xBellio Map name : I'm Coming For You Song Name 1- Mohamed Ramadan - BUM BUM 2- Jaymes Young - infinity Map Download Link https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18169 3- -Hey- -Map- Mapper : xBellio Map nam
  3. 2. Harita 3.Map 4. Harita 5. Harita 6.Map 7.Map İndirme linki : 1. http://www.mediafire.com/dosya/gar03hx0c0idp6z/%255BDM%255DHaCKaR3-6-map-2019.zip/file 2. http://www.mediafire.com/dosya/r0ok8emvsyv9tjg/%5BDM%5DHaCKaR3-Restless-Slumber.zip/file 3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/qylukvnanlvs6me/_SHOOTER-HaCKaR3-Would-you-please-die-Jamor.zip/file Skype : Skype: xCengizHanx
  4. in search of mta servers with voicechat
  5. The Water Wars "Sunrise" (Alpha 0.01) Hello! I, with my friend's, just launched a new mta server. It's simple DeathMatch server, but will try to make a unique gameplay experience for you [at an early date]. Here is some server information [added]: 1. 75% of map are flooded. 2. Minor mapping changes (a.i.). 3. Modified weapon's system. 4. Modified health system. 5. Boat's attach system. 6. Green zones, weapon shop, vehicles shop, vehicle's repair station, ATM system. 7. Vehicle's lock/unlock system's. 8. Vehicle radio system.
  6. anufis_ok


    Many people know that MTA is a deathmatch server in the server and there is an error in it. the mistake is that in the 2 nd round after the death of the player does not spawn more. How to fix it really needs help. Многие знают что есть в мта сервере мод deathmatch и в нём ошибка. ошибка в том что во 2 раунде после смерти игрока не спавнит больше. Как исправить очень нужна помощь.
  7. Hi, I've been trying to find a type of server that I think was very common to find them many years ago and not now. A gang war server, for control of territory (map, squares, colors) and kind deathmacth and freeroam. Lately I see some that are more of RPG. But I'm looking for something wilder, and fun, not RPG, a constant war. I would have many people (Spaniards, but we speak in english) interested in participating in such a server. Happy new year from Spain!
  8. Hello guys, here is my new map and yes, i am still alive) This is my 15th single map and i tried to make it interesting to play. So, enjoy! Map is free, you can see download link in the description of the video on YouTube. Big thanks to eXcY//^ for this awesome record. I would appreciate if you subscribe to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/wartekmusic If you enjoyed it, please leave a Like and Subscribe to my channel. Thanks
  9. Master of the Kill is the MTA:SA based shooter gamemode in which players compete in large-scale PvP clash. The last man standing is the Master of the Kill. You must fight for life and death. Try to survive. Everyone is your enemy. Kill or be killed. GAMEPLAY Lobby While joining the game you start your adventure in lobby. This is the place, where you wait for start of the round. Two players are required to start the battle. During the waiting you can discover the lobby location, drive the vehicles and train your shooting skills (last one - coming
  10. I searched on community, but i have not found
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