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  1. NoMercy ☆ DayZ server made with attention to details, requiring more than just the basics ☆ Discord: https://discord.gg/fSaqsQWgkz IP: Name: NoMercy Map: chernarusplus Platform: PC In order to survive, it is not enough to master a few boring techniques proposed by the creators, but it is necessary to expand your survival skills with new experiences. We want every player to immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic zombie world and be able to take full advantage of the DayZ potential. ▪︎ To survive, it is essential to obtain food from a variety of so
  2. Ce este UndeadZ? UndeadZ este un server de DayZ care are ca ambitie de a aduce un survival horror adevarat in romania si mai ales care nu este 'pay to win' in care jucatorii ata cei care au donat cat si cei care nu au facuto sa poata avea sanse egale, in atle cuvinte un server DayZ cum nu ati mai vazut in romania. De ce sa intri pe serverul nostru? Totul este in ROMANA. Inventar nou, cu imagini.(Poza) Resurse originale. Timp scurt de download ~ 100 MB. Loot imbunatatit! Peste 55 de vehicule imprastiate pe harta! Adaugat Bandito;
  3. I started coding the Program in 2005, and in 2013 I installed my first Mta server,There was a server I played with Unknown Clan,There is no connection with that server, I made the same server because I miss that server,If there are any missing, they can come to my server, there may be some problems, I apologize in advance for this, then these problems will be corrected. (I wait for those who know how to code Lua script) ___________________________________________________________ We opened our MTA DayZ server. Features : - Garage. - Airdrop. - Rank. - Area 51 Radar. - O
  4. Sell MTA DayZ Origins Dayz Standalone game server version 0.10.11386. - Suitable for further development - Files no Compiler - Separate Client and Server files for easy viewing (previously not separated). - Database save server with mysql system Price: 8 US Link: Payhip Paypal: holyzstudio@gmail.com
  5. Poszukujesz serwera DayZ PC Bez bankomatów? Bez traderów stanowiących podstawę ekonomii? Bez przesadzonych pojazdów i bez plecaków z tysiącem slotów? Ale wciąż chcesz by Twoje ulubione mody się na nim znalazły? Przybyło rozwiązanie! ☆ Czym jest nasz projekt? NoMercy, to nowo powstały serwer 1PP | PvP z modami i ekonomią, które Cię nie zawiodą, ale i nie ułatwią rozgrywki! Prawda - wciąż możesz znaleźć u nas takie perełki jak plecak ze 120 slotami, czy bronie dużego kalibru, jak chociażby M82, ale dołożyliśmy wszelkich starań, by stanowiły one towar eksluzywny
  6. Poszukujesz serwera DayZ Bez traderów? Bez bankomatów? Bez przesadzonych pojazdów i bez plecaków z tysiącem slotów? Ale wciąż chcesz by Twoje ulubione mody się na nim znalazły?.....tak? Przybyło rozwiązanie! ☆ Czym jest nasz projekt? NoMercy, to nowo powstały serwer 1PP | PvP Vanilla-Like z modami i ekonomią, które Cię nie zawiodą, ale i nie ułatwią rozgrywki! Prawda - wciąż możesz znaleźć u nas takie perełki jak plecak ze 120 slotami, czy bronie dużego kalibru, jak chociażby M82, ale dołożyliśmy wszelkich starań, by stanowiły one towar eksluzywny, którego zdoby
  7. Official website: http://scmta.ueuo.com @SCMTA 2016-2021 Server content: Graphic inventory New weapon New vehicle 2 new islands Safeguard system Heavy weapons (RPG) Stun gun Climb ladder Anti-cheating Base system Carcass Back System GPS frequency system Doomsday Store Headshot system Detail adjustment IP: mtasa:// https://imgur.com/a/zEFjzUK
  8. ☆ Survival and Crafting ☆ ▪︎ Craft improvised construction tools, knives, light footwear, camouflage, and even weapons such as a crossbow or improvised shotgun, which for sure will come in handy while hunting. Some items, such as metal plates or old clothes, can also be dismantled with tools to obtain useful materials. ▪︎ Craftable Ghillies can be painted with the various colours of the sprays available. There is also an option to create a camouflage poncho in different colours, but it is not possible to dye it later.
  9. Good DayZ Hello, everyone! We opened our old style MTA DayZ server! Small information about our server: Teleportation Base System. Zombie System Money System. (Including sending money to your friend) Shop System. (Around the Radar) Group System. (F2) Custom Crosshair. (You can change the color and the crosshair) 300 Vehicles around the GTA WORLD. Area51 (Radar room) Bonuses? Of course: 4 Members get Small Base and 10 Members get Medium Base. Every 15 Players Admin/s will give VM (Virtual Money) to all players
  10. I get this error when I throw my items on the floor,I do not know what to do ERROR: Client (Shady) triggered serverside event playerDropAItem, but event is not added serverside
  11. ¿Te gusta la temática zombie y roleplay? Pues en NeoGenesis Roleplay conseguirás lo que te gusta, te ofreceremos nuestra diversa y buena administración para apoyarte en todo lo que necesites. En NeoGenesis encontraras un nuevo hogar donde disfrutaras de el todo el tiempo... Contamos con un equipo de scripters y mappers profesionales, curtidos en creación de servidores roleplay, tenemos un sistema VIP inigualable, y una GM modificada que te dará un entretenimiento y diversión inigualables. Buscamos patrocinador, te esperamos para vivir tu propia pesadilla, ¿Conseguirás sobrevivir?
  12. download it here https://github.com/rivor/dayz-mta screenshots http://prntscr.com/heso7h http://prntscr.com/hesp1n http://prntscr.com/hesp9l http://prntscr.com/hespjo http://prntscr.com/hesqgu http://prntscr.com/hesqqz http://prntscr.com/hesrb8 http://prntscr.com/hesrhg http://prntscr.com/hesrqh http://prntscr.com/hessgx http://prntscr.com/hested
  13. Hello, so I have a DayZ server, I wonder why my sniper are like these. https://imgur.com/XHE8E6r Sniper is bugged if (getElementData(localPlayer,"currentweapon_1") == "weapon1") then dxDrawImage(0, 0, sW, sH, "images/crosshair/3.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), true); elseif (getElementData(localPlayer,"currentweapon_1") == "weapon4") then dxDrawImage(0, 0, sW, sH, "images/crosshair/2.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), true); else
  14. Youtube Video Showing Gamemode Features: ■ 7 Backpacks ■ 9 Skins ■ 50 Weapons ■ 745 Vehicles in map ( All GTA Vehicles) ■ User Panel (F1) (HUD, Draw distance, Fps limiter, Crosshair, Manage Account, Shaders: Skybox, Realistic Effects, Water, Global Textures, Car Reflect) "Easy to add new crosshairs" ■ Group System (F2) (Alliances)(Team Indicator)(By: Rex)(DataBase) ■ Zombies (10 Types of Zombies) (Fast Zombies) (Bosses) ■ Animals (3 Types of animals: Bear, Fox, Wolf) ■ Leaderboard (Kills, Deaths, K/D Groups, KDR, KDR Groups)(DataBase)
  15. hello, i made a new script. this script feature: [Founder]:Name : bla bla bla..... [ServerAdmin]:Name : bla bla bla..... [VipAdmin]:Name : bla bla bla..... [ServerName]:Name: bla bla bla..... or [Global]If you are Founder the color code will be Blue [Global]If you are ServerAdmin the color code will be red [Global]If you are VipMember the color code will be purple [Global]If you are a normal user, your color will be Yellow. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can contact me if you want this globalchat gmail
  16. Merhaba arkadaşlar, Benim isimim Eren, 2013 den beri mta oyuncusuyum, 1 yıldır script yapmaya çalışıyorum elimden geldiğincede yapabiliyorum, ve bi sunucu açmak istiyorum bu konuda bana yardım edecek birini arıyorum, bana yardım edecek kişiden sadece script konusunda yardım etse yeterli,maddi açıdan hiç sıkıntım yok tek isteğim scriptte yardımcı olacak, ve sunucuma admin, mod alımları'da olacaktır bunun için mail adresime yazmanız yeterlidir... mail : shadybaskan@gmail.com
  17. Mi problema sucede que en mi servidor cada vez que se refrescan los puntos de loot el servidor se cae y genera error de network trouble. Me han dicho que lo idéal sería dividir el tiempo de ejecución por horarios para evitar que el server colapse pero habría que reescribir el código pero está fuera de mis conocimientos, ¿alguna ayuda por favor?. timetorefresh = math.random(2700000,3600000) local itemTable = { farm = { --- HERRAMIENTAS Y UTILIDADES --- --{"Dinero", 2086,0.8,90,6}, -- Donde 2086 es la ID de cualquier objeto no utilizado, 6 es la probabilidad de aparición,
  18. SERVER NAME Dynamite DayZ SERVER IP mtasa:// Dynamite DayZ is survival mode for mta san andreas Features New Inventory Cut trees and base build easy Base furniture system Damage show pvp system Armour Helmet system reduce damage pvp and zombie fights Air drop system New maps Special military boxes military areas and SFPD New and unbugged Voice chatting system (Z) New Group System New animations Optimized Damage All Weapons smilar DayZ SA No Pay to win No VIP Easy loot and fun server
  19. MTA: SA RUST LEGACY é um Mod para Multi Theft Auto de sobrevivência desenvolvido pela equipe eXemple Games. O único objetivo em Rust é sobreviver! Para fazer isso, você precisará superar as lutas como fome, sede e frio. Construa um fogo. Construir um abrigo. Mate animais por carne. Proteja-se dos outros jogadores e mate-os por carne. Crie alianças com outros jogadores e forme uma cidade. Faça o que for preciso para sobreviver. Ligações úteis: mtasa: // 22003 Discórdia oficial do servidor: https://discord.gg/SrQ9Fjg Jogos eXemple: https://disco
  20. SilentKill DayZ Siz de sürekli aynı olan dayz sunucularından sıkılmadınız mı? Yetenekli ve özgün sistemlerimizle size yepyeni ve şahane bir dayz sunuyoruz! Sunucu Bilgileri Sunucu İsmi: SilentKill DayZ [International] [ENG|GER|TR|HUN|PL|RU|BR] IP adresi: mtasa:// Host Bölgesi: Almanya 30'dan fazla silah seçeneği ile istediğin kalitede oyun! -Kendilerine özel sesleri ile M4A1 ve varyasyonları -Kendilerine özel sesleri ile AK47 ve varyasyonları -Kendine özgü sesleri ve dürbünleri ile keskin nişancı tüfekleri
  21. Balkan DayZ[EUROPE]|ACIVE ADMINS|ISLANDS|fb.com/mtabalkandayz[ENGLISH] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Features: Clothing System English Group System Zombie System VIP System Radar u A51 BASES-FREE BASES FOR 5 TEAM MEMBERS+FULL TENT! NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy,CROATIAKILLER,JVJV Fb Page:http://fb.com/surviveordiedayz Everyone
  22. Hola hago este mensaje para ver si alguien me puede ayudar pasandome o vendiendome un resource de creacion de bases para un servidor de DayZ de mta desde ya muchas gracias
  23. Olá, estou a efetuar uma criação de servidor no estilo dayz, porém diferente dos demais presentes, preciso urgentemente de ajuda na parte de scripts, preciso de um scripter profissional em Lua urgente, pois temos muitos projetos para avançar e não consigo pelo o facto de ser preciso scripts. Caso alguém esteja interessado em nos ajudar, agradeço imenso. Obs: Todo o trabalho será pago. Deixarei disponível os contactos para quem estiver interessado a participar do nosso projeto. Obrigado. Discord: Mustang#1636 Gribix#3409 Discord
  24. I am trying to save the data of the account. But something wrong. WARNING: [mod]\dayz\login.Lua:571: dbExec failed; (1) near "s": syntax error function saveDataBased() outputChatBox(" ",getRootElement(),255,255,255,true) outputChatBox("#FF0000BACKUP:#FFFFFF Server data is being saved...",getRootElement(),255,255,255,true) destroyDataBase("tents") destroyDataBase("vehicles") for i,tent in ipairs(getElementsByType("colshape")) do if getElementData(tent,"tent") then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(tent)
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