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Found 125 results

  1. .::Dead World MTA DAYZ::.. SERVIDOR NOVO VAGAS DE ADM/GM/DV/YOUTUBER mtasa:// ? NOVO MAPA - DAYZ GTA VERSION ? Traga seu clã e ganhe uma tenda FULL (4 pessoas = tenda) ? Airdrop Espalhado pelo MAPA. ? Nova CZ "Dispara 3 tiros seguidos! confira!" ? Veículos personalizados ? Minigun No Patriot "basta colocar AK e AK Mag e apertar H" ? Bomba C4 "explode com controle" ? Anti-Mod, ?Anti-Hack, ?Anti-Relog ? NOVAS Areas Militares marcadas com um "DADO" basta olhar o gps ou o mapa, ? Opção de escolha de mira de Sniper (F10) ? Painel do jogador personalizado ? Zumbis realistas ? Novo Spawn de Players "3 em cada cidade" Contato para mais informações: SKYPE: ectorzen, donohomer
  2. Anyone that enjoys playing Mta DayZ should definitely come and check out this server, it has many customizations, such as vehicles, map customizations, weapons and many more, it is an underated server that could do with more players, if you want to have a good balanced server, come try it out! Server IP: mtasa:// Website: Discord:
  3. SERVER NAME Dynamite DayZ SERVER IP mtasa:// Dynamite DayZ is Winter themed survival mode for mta san andreas Features İnventory Info System Bosses and zombies system (Bosses Drop Rare İtems) Bot system fight for bandit bots and take items Noel Tree Giftbox System (Rare İtems İnside Giftbox) Armour Helmet character customization Mask ETC. (Armour and helmet system Works) UI customization System Winter System Edited Vehicle parts removing or adding system New Group System Optimized Damage All Weapons smilar DayZ SA infrastructure Dying World but most things changed No Shop No Pay to win No VIP Medium Survival and +20 friendly staff GAME IMAGES
  4. India

    MTA[DayZ] - Car Parts

    I can't see "Fuel" type, can anyone help me?, I'm sorry if I made a mistake, I am new here. SurvivorSystem_client.lua;
  5. [EUROPE]Balkan DayZ [REOPENED][INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Group System Zombie System International Europe BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: xTz Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Alguém pode me ajudar com um script? eu consegui criar um veiculo para a acl "admin" através do comando "carro". Porém não consigo fazer para que respawne apenas um carro por vez. Toda vez que digita o comando "carro" ele continua spawnando o veiculo um do lado do outro. function veiculodayz(thePlayer) accountname = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)) if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. accountname, aclGetGroup("Admin")) then do local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) veh = createVehicle(489, x+3, y, z) setVehicleColor(veh,0,0,0) vehCol = createColSphere(x, y, z, 2.5) attachElements( vehCol, veh, 0, 0, 0 ) setElementData(vehCol,"parent",veh) setElementData(veh,"parent",vehCol) setElementData(vehCol,"vehicle",true) setElementData(vehCol,"Tire_inVehicle",4) setElementData(vehCol,"Engine_inVehicle",1) setElementData(vehCol,"Parts_inVehicle",1) setElementData(vehCol,"fuel",10000) end end end addCommandHandler("carro", veiculodayz)
  7. So i have a shop script wich pretty much allows to buy items/weapons from this shop, the shop sells with "K.B.K Points" which is the player money but with another name to fit the server. The problem i have is when player buys one of the item they get all of them. I want to make them get the item they buy ONLY and get the right amount, for example if you buy a MK 48 Mod 0 Mag, you should get 100x of this item in your inventory because the mag itself is 100, otherwise wich ive tested it only gave 1x. But the problem is when i add more lines which i have shown below, it gives the player all the items listed below, i was trying to use if, and else if, but because i lack experience in lua coding i was not able to debug this even with debugscript! I would appreciate if someone could work out or help me out on how to make the shop only give the player the item the player buys and the right amount! The "+1" in the lists are the amount the player should get! If you need more of the code to understand and help me out then i will add it on request local items = { --items,cena(K.B.K Points) {"M1911",50}, {"PDW",150}, {"Winchester 1866",150}, {"AK-107",300}, {"M4A1 Holo",300}, {"MK 48 Mod 0",450}, {"CZ550",300}, {"DMR",400}, {"M1911 Mag",50}, {"PDW Mag",100}, {"1866 Slug",125}, {"AK-107 Mag",100}, {"M4A1 Holo Mag",50}, {"MK 48 Mod 0 Mag",200}, {"CZ550 Mag",50}, {"DMR Mag",25}, {"Medic Kit",50}, {"Painkiller",10}, {"Morphine",10}, {"Bandage",5}, {"Water Bottle",15}, {"Burger",15}, {"Tire",75}, {"Engine",125}, {"Tank Parts",50}, {"Camouflage Clothing",100}, {"Army Clothing",150}, {"Ghost Clothing",200}, {"K.B.K Backpack",150}, {"Ghillie Suit",200}, {"Civilian Clothing",30}, {"GPS",15}, {"Map",15}, {"Toolbox",25}, } SHOP = { button = {}, window = {}, gridlist = {}, label = {} } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() SHOP.window[1] = guiCreateWindow(0.17, 0.23, 0.65, 0.55, "Kill Or Be Killed Shop", true) guiWindowSetMovable(SHOP.window[1], false) guiWindowSetSizable(SHOP.window[1], false) guiSetProperty(SHOP.window[1], "CaptionColour", "FF075205") SHOP.gridlist[1] = guiCreateGridList(0.01, 0.06, 0.97, 0.63, true, SHOP.window[1]) column = guiGridListAddColumn(SHOP.gridlist[1], "Item", 0.5) column2 =guiGridListAddColumn(SHOP.gridlist[1], "K.B.K Points", 0.5) for _, v in ipairs(items) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( SHOP.gridlist[1] ) guiGridListSetItemText ( SHOP.gridlist[1], row, column, v[1], false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( SHOP.gridlist[1], row, column2, v[2].."", false, false ) end guiSetProperty(SHOP.gridlist[1], "SortSettingEnabled", "False") SHOP.label[1] = guiCreateLabel(0.02, 0.69, 0.97, 0.08, "Select item which you want to buy! \nThe shop value is K.B.K Points", true, SHOP.window[1]) guiLabelSetColor( SHOP.label[1],255,255,255) guiSetFont(SHOP.label[1], "default-bold-small") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(SHOP.label[1], "center", true) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(SHOP.label[1], "center") SHOP.button[1] = guiCreateButton(0.35, 0.79, 0.30, 0.12, "BUY", true, SHOP.window[1]) guiSetFont(SHOP.button[1], "default-bold-small") guiSetVisible ( SHOP.window[1], false ) addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", SHOP.gridlist[1], click ) addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", SHOP.button[1], buttonClick ) end ) bindKey ( "f4", "down", function ( ) if getElementData(localPlayer, "logedin") then -- if getElementData (getLocalPlayer(),"playerlevel") >= 3 then local state = ( not guiGetVisible (SHOP.window[1]) ) guiSetVisible ( SHOP.window[1], state ) showCursor ( state ) -- else -- outputChatBox (" 3!") -- end end end ) function buttonClick(button) if getElementData(localPlayer, "logedin") then if button == "left" then local nRow, nColumn = guiGridListGetSelectedItem( SHOP.gridlist[1] ) if nRow ~= -1 and nColumn ~= - 1 then local selectedItem = guiGridListGetItemText ( SHOP.gridlist[1], guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( SHOP.gridlist[1] ), 1 ) local price = guiGridListGetItemText ( SHOP.gridlist[1], guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( SHOP.gridlist[1] ), 2 ) local money = getPlayerMoney(thePlayer) if (money) >= tonumber(price) then guiLabelSetColor( SHOP.label[1],255,255,255) -- guiSetText( SHOP.label[1],"pietiek nauda") setPlayerMoney(money -tonumber(price)) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"PDW",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"PDW")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Winchester 1866",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Winchester 1866")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"M1911",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"M1911")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"AK-107",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"AK-107")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"M4A1 Holo",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"M4A1 Holo")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"DMR",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"DMR")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"CZ550",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"CZ550")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"MK 48 Mod 0",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"MK 48 Mod 0")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"M4A1 Holo Mag",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"M4A1 Holo Mag")+20) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"DMR Mag",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"DMR Mag")+5) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"CZ550 Mag",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"CZ550 Mag")+10) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"M1911 Mag",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"M1911 Mag")+100) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"PDW Mag",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"PDW Mag")+10) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"1866 Slug",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"1866 Slug")+7) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"MK 48 Mod 0 Mag",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"MK 48 Mod 0 Mag")+100) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Medic Kit",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Medic Kit")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Painkiller",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Painkiller")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Morphine",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Morphine")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Bandage",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Bandage")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Water Bottle",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Water Bottle")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Burger",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Burger")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Tire",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Tire")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Engine",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Engine")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Tank Parts",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Tank Parts")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Camouflage Clothing",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Camouflage Clothing")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Army Clothing",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Army Clothing")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Ghost Clothing",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Ghost Clothing")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"K.B.K Backpack",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"K.B.K Backpack")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Ghillie Suit",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Ghillie Suit")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Civilian Clothing",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Civilian Clothing")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"GPS",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"GPS")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Map",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Map")+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Toolbox",getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Toolbox")+1) end guiLabelSetColor( SHOP.label[1],10,255,10) guiSetText( SHOP.label[1],"You succesfully bought "..selectedItem.." and you still have "..(money -tonumber(price)).." K.B.K Points") else guiLabelSetColor( SHOP.label[1],255,10,10) guiSetText( SHOP.label[1],"You are missing "..(price -tonumber(money)).." K.B.K Points") end else guiSetText( SHOP.label[1],"Select something first") guiLabelSetColor( SHOP.label[1],255,255,255) end end end function click () local selectedItem = guiGridListGetItemText ( SHOP.gridlist[1], guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( SHOP.gridlist[1] ), 1 ) local price = guiGridListGetItemText ( SHOP.gridlist[1], guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( SHOP.gridlist[1] ), 2 ) guiSetText( SHOP.label[1],"To buy "..selectedItem.." for "..price.." K.B.K Points press button below") guiLabelSetColor( SHOP.label[1],255,255,255) end
  8. MTA: SA RUST LEGACY é um Mod para Multi Theft Auto de sobrevivência desenvolvido pela equipe eXemple Games. O único objetivo em Rust é sobreviver! Para fazer isso, você precisará superar as lutas como fome, sede e frio. Construa um fogo. Construir um abrigo. Mate animais por carne. Proteja-se dos outros jogadores e mate-os por carne. Crie alianças com outros jogadores e forme uma cidade. Faça o que for preciso para sobreviver. Ligações úteis: mtasa: // 22003 Discórdia oficial do servidor: Jogos eXemple: Outras imagens
  9. I bring the GM DayZ 0.6.7 of Marwin totally free of bugs (fixed by me) and errors. Ready to edit to your liking. I hope you enjoy it! DOWNLOAD!
  10. hi,everyone i looking for a dayz standalone latest version gamemode if someone have dayz style map for sell,contact me
  11. IvanTBG

    Mta Dayz Base System

    Hi im looking for a script that kill's other groups/people's if they enter your base and that is freezing unused cars and give them god mode . I saw this script on some dayz server's . Thanks.
  12. Hey guys! I am KGK|Shallow i am the owner of a new MTA DayZ server called: GTA:SA DayZ Version 1.0[GERMANY|EUROPE]Walking Dead|FreeBase|Airdrop|PVP|100+Veh|Groupskins ! Like the title tells its DayZ we are International so you can talk in every Language that you want.So the Features of the server are: Base building, much more loot than normal, groupskins, free bases, big bought bases,shops, safezones, many mapped military points, car mods, many clothes, weaponskins, Airdrop(you can call own airdrop with tear gas), change able snipercrosshairs, car modshop,get out of heli by a rope, much more. Discord: Forum Forum: Server ip:
  13. Hi. I'm Balrog, a programmer from the UK and the owner of WyeSoft. WyeSoft began as a software development company, but eventually became involved with running game servers and this turned into our main focus. We run multiple servers for several different games, including 3 MTA servers with lots of unique features, the most popular of which is our MTA:DayZ server . . . Videos | Screenshots 1 | Screenshots 2 Server address: Server name: GTA:SA DayZ Version [UK] | WyeSoft | Interiors | VIP Houses | Levelling/RPG System (Optional) WyeSoft server list: Community forums: Server features: Small download when connecting, even for the first time (no compulsory added skin/graphic downloads) Many game mode bugs fixed and features improved Enterable interiors containing loot, etc. VIP houses to store loot in More vehicle types (including aircraft) and more vehicle spawns More loot spawns in the outside world More player spawns New items, including bigger backpacks, EMPs to knock out vehicles and tactical insertions that set the location of your next respawn Lots more player skins available (built-in skins rather than added skins), including a zombie disguise that makes you invisible to zombies Optional level progression / RPG system with spawn item unlocks Shop point currency system - can be traded with other players or spent in the item shop Automated events with shop point and item rewards - war zones, zombie invasions and demolition derbies Demolition derby stadium that can be used at any time, even when there is no event running YouTube cinema theatre that appears on certain nights during the week Optional replacement zombie skins and zombie groan sounds (can be turned on and downloaded after logging in) Ability to take parts from vehicles Ability to glue to vehicles Mini-games - Video Poker, Tetris and Copter, plus several browser-based games Stunt and drift displays Lots of recorded player stats and leaderboards (with daily shop point rewards) for various features Achievement system Unlockable player titles Global chat with separate channels for English and non-English speakers (non-English channel can be hidden) Added anti-cheat system that detects many game mode-specific cheats Friendly and helpful admins Sarcastic chat bot, "Clarice" - answers frequently asked questions and provides occasional entertainment Lots of elaborate secret features and areas
  14. Buenas les presento el nuevo servidor. Para mas información Visitar la pagina de fb aca dejo la IP del servidor. PD: en facebook esta el enlace para descargar el servidor por mega con un archivo de instalacion. Pesa tan solo 159mb. mtasa:// -Server PvP. -Loot aumentado. -Mapas nuevos. -Sin lag. -Nuevos Sistemas: Cascos, Chalecos con protección, entre otros. -2 inventarios. -Mas de 50 armas distintas. -Personalización de personaje. -Bases gratis 5 Miembros. Descarga instalador del servidor(Para no descargar el server al entrar). (159mb)
  15. Maruchan


    Tengo errores en esta funciones dentro de mi sistema de nivel me ayudarían a solucionarlo por favor?. ---EN EL SERVER TENGO ESTE ERROR AQUI: getPlayerEXP = function(l_13_0) if not tonumber(getElementData(l_13_0, "exp")) then -- return not l_13_0 or type(l_13_0) ~= "userdata" or getElementType(l_13_0) ~= "player" or 0 -- do return end -- AQUI end outputDebugString("Bad argument @ 'getPlayerEXP' [Expected player element at argument 1, got " .. tostring(l_13_0) .. "]", 2) return false end -- EN EL CLIENTE TENGO ESTE ERROR AQUI EN LAS MIMAS LINEAS: getPlayerEXP = function(l_7_0) if not tonumber(getElementData(l_7_0, "exp")) then return not l_7_0 or type(l_7_0) ~= "userdata" or getElementType(l_7_0) ~= "player" or 0 do return end -- AQUI end outputDebugString("Bad argument @ 'getPlayerEXP' [Expected player element at argument 1, got " .. tostring(l_7_0) .. "]", 2) return false end -- LOS ERRORES SON DE: `end`expected (to close `if` at line 197) near do
  16. Eae galera, eu jogo mta tem um tempo ja e nunca tive um problema igual a esse, simplesmente eu não escuto nada do meu MTA. mas ai vc vai falar " ah deve que abaixou o som no mixer" he, mas ai é que esta a questão, no mixer ele ta com som isso como mostra essa foto, como vc pode ver o som ta ai, mas eu n escuto ;-;. ta foda jogar sem som. MTADIAG aqui tambem
  17. [EUROPE]The Walking Dead DayZ[INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: English Group System Zombie System Helmet and armor protection International BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  18. eoL|Shady

    [SELL]eoLDayZ -Mtadayz pack

    Turkish: merhaba arkadaşlar ben shady eoL Klan kurucusu sizlere mtadayz paketimi vermek istiyorum icinde 60 70 mb lik dosya var sade ve özdür çok kullanışlı Fiyatlar: 40TL İletisim:bana ulaşmak icin English: hello friends i shady eoL clan founder youl mta want to give you dayz package 60 70 mb file in there is simple and self-contained very useful $8 €7 to reach: send message
  19. Hey guys! I am KGK|Shallow i am the owner of a new MTA DayZ server called: GTA:SA DayZ Version 1.0[GERMANY|EUROPE]Walking Dead|FreeBase|Airdrop|PVP|100+Veh|Groupskins ! I would like to adverb my server here so I am gonna start. Our server got stared before about 3-4 weeks. Like the title tells its DayZ we are International so you can talk in every Language that you want. So the Features of the server are: Much more loot than normal, groupskins, free bases, big bought bases,shops, safezones, many mapped military points, car mods, many clothes, weaponskins, much more. (Dont remember about all now xD) We try to keep the server up as good as we can so adding new Features that Players want. Our staff is also rly active and helps everybody so fast they can. So we would be rly happy if you would have a look on our server =)! Discord: ip: mtasa:// KGK|Shallow
  20. Hello, in this ad I would like to encourage you to visit the GS-DayZ server. ►Three types of new weapons: L85A2 Holo | PKM | M4A1 Tactical◄ ►An extensive player panel available under the F3 key, which allows, among other things, to change the rendering of the world and change the maximum amount of FPS◄ ►GPS Channel allowing for alliance between groups, enabling sharing in one chat◄ ►A new group system that allows you to add a group description, etc.◄ ►Two New System Events◄ ►Handlings Sports Cars◄ ►Four new object military◄ ►Hitmarker with characteristic sound when you hit enemy◄ ►GlobalChat with Rangs for Alivetime Total and KD Ratio◄ ►Message about the exact amount of damage inflicted on the enemy at the bottom of the screen◄ ►TAB containing Total Murders (TM) Total Deaths (TD) and KD Ratio◄ ►Information panel in Polish and English available under F4◄ ►Notifications on the middle of the screen◄ ►New improved Login Panel◄ »Server Name: GameShark DayZ »Adress IP: mtasa:// »Slots: 40 »Gamemode: GS-DayZ v0.2
  21. JanKy

    Gang Kick

    Hi guys, Can someone help me understand what am i doing wrong? I mean, i have a gang resource for my DayZ server and the kick function wont work properly. I mean, the leave function works fine But, when i try to kick a friend, it gets kicked out of the gang but it still remains in tab as in that gang, and can open the gang panel ( F2 ) but it is empty. I even tried to replace nil with "None" because that's the default value for every player which isn't part of any group. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello there Community! Today im bringing to you an old-school DayZ server, There is no words to describe this server, its just awesome. This Server Doesn't have a load :~ of useless mods, its just simple and fun, this server also had a leveling system which is a great future and a lot of interiors to loot, Its also provoid you a great adminstartion team that carry about u and a forum to post any punishments request. the server just had unaban almost all banned player so all player are welcome to join! Server IP: Forums: Website:
  23. RichmondLV


    pls help me . i want GlobalChat but send me meta and server.lua and client.lua very bed scripter globalchat for mta dayz
  24. Verona Gaming MTA:DayZ Indonesia Since : 2018 STATUS : ONLINE IP : mtasa:// Welcome everyone to the post of our awesome server! SOME FEATURES - Custom Vehicle - Supply Box & Heli Crash WIth Spesial Item - New World - New Skin - Mask System - Server Backup ( Backup Tent,Inventory & Vehicle ) - Unbug - Antihack - Team/Group System - Zombie + Sound - Custom Weapon - Group System - Other IP: mtasa:// Group Facebook: Facebook Forum : VERONA WEBSITE Enjoyed ~