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Found 1 result

  1. First thing first: I'm not sure if I've chosen proper sub-forum for this, so if it isn't right place then please move it. I'm writing this because we have pretty game-breaking problem on our server that we can't find a way to fix on our side. The shaders randomly fail to create with warning specified in the title, it's happening more and more as our server gets bigger. We do track how often this error/warning happens for our players, and it's in thousands per day. It doesn't happen to all players, but when it happens we can't find any correlation to PC hardware. It happened on new high end pc's and on older hardware. The amount of memory used by MTA as shown in /showmemstat varies too, it's usually not even close to 3.5 gb limit, pretty often around 2gb. We did track, used/available VRAM by collecting data from dxGetStatus when the error happens, and usual there's lots of VRAM left too. Some example numbers here (free video memory for MTA / Total VRAM): 602/1024 2968/4084 It shows that there's enough RAM/VRAM available for MTA that it shouldn't be problem. The full error message also includes the path to shader and file/line. I looked over MTA sourcecode, and found that it fails at call to winapi, the returned HRESULT (8007000e) is E_OUTOFMEMORY which may happen if the memory couldn't be allocated, based on that we think it may be problem with MTA memory management. Some more thoughts: Once a single shader fails to create, all shaders fail to create after that (from what we observed) Our server is pretty big, the issue affects a lot of players but happens seemingly randomly. Some players aren't affected by this at all. I can't reproduce this on local server, neither by playing nor by forcing MTA to create a hundreds of thousands of shaders/textures and deleting them. We're also getting errors with HRESULT code 80070008, but it happens way less than the title error, it looks like that (happens with other shaders too): "[D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed (80070008)[Loaded 'ngui-r\r.fx' (6737 bytes)]] @ 'dxCreateShader' [r.fx]" In last 16 hours this error happened more than 5300 times on our server, we limit the number of reported errors to 15 per player per session, based on that we can see it happened to a lot of players. Only way to fix this issue is to RESTART MTA, reconnect may help for few minutes but it fails quickly afterwards again. We would love any help with handling this issue, it's limiting our ability to work on server updates as our server relies heavily on shaders.