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Found 23 results

  1. My game crashed

    i was playing on a squad pubg server and it crash every when the first circle show up help me plz... Version = 1.5.5-release-11756.0.000 Time = Sat Dec 2 15:49:35 2017 Module = C:\Windows\system32\igdumd32.dll Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x0006206F EAX=00000004 EBX=07F5F630 ECX=07F2C640 EDX=062C9740 ESI=00000004 EDI=00000004 EBP=0A69FF64 ESP=0A69FF14 EIP=0631206F FLG=00010202 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B
  2. Hi! First of all I tried to delete the MTA with the full folder of it, and reinstall the newest version of it. I tried to update both my Nvidia graphics driver and my audio driver as well. I tried to restart my PC. These methods didn't help me.:( I play on a PC with Win10 Home 64bit OS. I play with the Steam version of GTA:SA. I have 2 big and really annoying problems about 2 days ago. I experience both these 2 problems 2 days ago. I only play on a roleplay server called SeeMTA v3. 1. problem: The in-game MTA volume has a bug what I never experienced before. When I get in a car, or lock the seat belt, or lock the car or even when I do nothing, sometimes these sounds getting looped like for 1-2 or more minutes. I mean when I open and get into my car and lock the seat belt I hear the car lock sound and the seat belt lock sound like 1000 times what is very frustrating, it ruins the game's atmosphere. 2. problem: The game randomly just crashes sometimes, but like in every single hour. I runned MTADiag: MTADiag v2.7.24 by Towncivilian MTADiag version 2.7.24 MTA install path: D:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5 MTA version: 1.5.5-9.11731.0.000 GTA install path: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas DirectX is up-to-date. Checking for missing GTA files, please wait... Checking 383 out of 383... Checking for modified or nonstandard GTA files, please wait... Checking 12 out of 383...Nonstandard GTA file: \audio\CONFIG\TrakLkup.dat Checking 25 out of 383...Nonstandard GTA file: \audio\streams\BEATS Checking 26 out of 383...Nonstandard GTA file: \audio\streams\CUTSCENE Checking 383 out of 383... Gathering information. Please wait... [==================================================] 100% Log file generated. Uploading to Pastebin... Pastebin link ( copied to your clipboard. Please include the Pastebin link in your forum post. Press any key to continue . . . LINK:
  3. Hello, my MTA client is crashing every day a lot of times, on any server. I tried to reinstall mta, redownload the server mods, windows reinstall (2 times). I have the latest MTA client and the latest Windows 10. (GTA:SA is downloaded from Steam, but crashing with cracked hoodlum version too) My crash information: dump files: Thank you for the help.
  4. I'm one of head admins on the server called "Polish Real Life". One of our players have crashes everytime (after downloading files) when he joins. Dumps:
  5. MTA GUI crashing

    Hello. One of our players has crashes when server shows GUI for him. He updated MTA to newest nightly, reinstalled game, MTADiag: Video:
  6. I downloaded MTA again a few weeks ago, after not playing it for about 1-2 years. Every time I open it, GTA opens, I can see the GTA San Andreas "splash/title" screen, but right before it would fade away and take me to the main menu, my client crashes without any errors. I can see the cursor changing to the loading one for about half a second, and then there is nothing. mtasa/gtasa/proxysa is not running after that. There is a version that worked however, which was this: mtasa-1.5.4-full_rc-11690-20170927 I have no idea why that particular version works. I've tried other ones, but all of them only works after I install MTA, and click "Run" at the end of the install. If i close the game after that, I can not run it anymore, (except when I use the version i mentioned). But of course it's an older one since 1.5.5 is out, and it autopatches it every time. There are administrator rights for everything, there are no viruses on my computer, and I'm using Windows 10 (64-bit), GTASA works fine w/o MTA. Any ideas? I have been trying to figure it out for days, but for some reason couldn't... I have no idea what could cause this. My friend had the same problem, so I'm pretty sure its a common problem, but I couldnt find any answers. Thanks in advance.
  7. Server crashes silently

    My CentOS 7 x64 server keeps crashing silently every 30 minutes or so. There is no any suspicios line in server.log. Every crash log is the same, except for memory addresses (values like 0x7fd471d3b90c). Kern.log: Oct 3 17:25:26 dericstar kernel: [ 697.531074] mta-server64[1318]: segfault at 7ff17128f4a0 ip 00007ff289a7279c sp 00007ffe67cbc2a8 error 6 in[7ff289921000+1ba000] Typical crash log: MTA:SA Server v1.5.4-r11428-release crash report. 2017-10-03 21:28 Caught 40 addresses ... Backtrace: #0 - ./x64/ [0x7fd472a7bab1] #1 - ./x64/ [0x7fd472a9c708] #2 - ./x64/ [0x7fd472a9cae0] #3 - /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fd4738b7330] #4 - /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fd472e1079c] #5 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd471d3b90c] #6 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ce5bef] #7 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ce99fe] #8 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ce5c86] #9 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ce99fe] #10 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ce5c86] #11 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ce99fe] #12 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e2e357] #13 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470c5982f] #14 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470c5aa52] #15 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470cc78c8] #16 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470cfba36] #17 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e4f32d] #18 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e65cb8] #19 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e4f91d] #20 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e4e5aa] #21 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e4fbd3] #22 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e48472] #23 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470d226e9] #24 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ce7a87] #25 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470bfa3e0] #26 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ba1826] #27 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470ba23cf] #28 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470bc048b] #29 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470bc0619] #30 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e1e62b] #31 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470e1e8ad] #32 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470bb68b6] #33 - /home/mta.erp/x64/ [0x7fd470b2ea6d] #34 - ./x64/ [0x7fd472a7eb31] #35 - ./x64/ [0x7fd472a7f8c7] #36 - ./x64/ [0x7fd472a8c26f] #37 - /home/mta.erp/mta-server64() [0x401479] #38 - /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fd472ce0f45] #39 - /home/mta.erp/mta-server64() [0x4015c9] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hi, I'm here to see if anyone can help me. I have a peculiar problem with my mta, it happens that after a little more than an hour connected on a server that I play a lot (sx),There comes a moment where the game screen freezes, but only the screen because the game continues (I can hear the car accelerate or slow down, for example) and to fix it I must minimize and maximize, the thing is that happens very often and it's very annoying to play like this Can someone help me please? I would really appreciate it
  9. Crashing MTA

    Hello. For a few days I have continuous crashes on one of the MTA servers. I get them every 15-20 minutes. I did pretty much everything that was in your 32bit system manuals. I have Win XP SP3 and freshly installed GTA and MTA. GTA is original from a DVD disc. Logs from MTADiag: Crash ScreenShot
  10. So. I was going to play MTA:SA but when i connected to a server, it disconnected me and said this "You were kicked by AC #4 8DA6-0500.", I tried restarting the game, my PC, validating local files. But nothing worked. I checked that i shouldn't have any mods or trainers from others than the servers own mods. Can someone help me with this problem..

    Hello guy, i have this problem in my server, In a random moment, regardless of the number of players appears and the machine freezes with the MTA using 16GB of RAM (dedicated 16GB). What can it be? [Network] InResultQueue > 200000 msgs. This is due to server overload or script freeze Temporarily suspending incoming sync packets
  12. Hello Fellow Players , Dear admins and Modders, Im Here today cause i wanted to Ask for a little Help with MTA, i Updated it today Cause my server (which i play on most) Updated and i only get a Crash Joining any Server i try to connect to. I already done all steps on The MTA:Diag site describet but nothing changed. Hope for fast response. I got a Fresh and Clean install of MTA and GTA but it doesnt work either , and exact same error Code and Offset. DXdiag MTAdiag
  13. Installer crashes!

    Okay, so I have played MTA for a long time. I deleted it from my computer, but now I want to download it again! I downloaded the installer but, when I accept the terms it black out and then crashes! I have a windows 7 please help!
  14. Crash when i playing

    Hello when i playing mta The frames drops and the world disappears and returns and repeated, Then take me out of the game Error information: Version = 1.5.4-release-11324.0.000 Time = Wed May 17 04:04:18 2017 Module = C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\igdumd32.dll Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x00006BA1 EAX=5317A9D0 EBX=07C3FC74 ECX=18B1E010 EDX=5317A9C0 ESI=18B1E000 EDI=00000001 EBP=07C3FC60 ESP=07C3FC50 EIP=57F56BA1 FLG=00010202 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 how to fix this error ?, This problem is repeated more than once note: I am sorry for my bad English.
  15. Hello I have made a custom model. If I load the model in and I am in the area of its engineSetModelLODDistance then my MTA always crashes out. What do I do? I do the modeling and everything with this tutorial:
  16. My MTA don´t stop of crashing

    Hello Recently format my pc, and I like to play on a server that I like, but whenever I do some activities is me crashes the game and never I had happened, I echo as well as other times and other I ran perfect just now not is happened I can do? This is what I get: Version = 1.5.3-release-11253.0.000 Time = Sun Apr 16 15:35:52 2017 Module = C:\Users\pc\Desktop\gta san andreas\gta_sa.exe Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x000DFE92 EAX=CE04528B EBX=03BD094E ECX=338114A2 EDX=0E259E80 ESI=0000058B EDI=0EA7AF38 EBP=03BD0570 ESP=0022FD38 EIP=004DFE92 FLG=00010213 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 What can I do?
  17. The MTA just crash only in one server

    Hi! My MTA always crashes on one server (American Villages Roleplay), with this error message: (It's partly english) Some people wrote on the server forum, that's because I using 32 bit Windows 7, not 64. But I've got a dual core processor, wich support only the 32 bit. What to do?
  18. Здраствуйте, в последнее время слишком часто крашится модуль DirectX на серверах с множеством модов и дополнений. Удается минуты 3 на сервере поиграть, и заветная ошибка. Заранее говорю, что ошибка не на всех серверах, а на freeroam-овских с модами.
  19. Mta crash

    hello , when i go to serwer , mta crash me. jpg here: plz help me :<
  20. Local server problem

    I created a local server but my friend couldn't join, and sometimes the game crashed. The local server was appear in server browser menu, but when my friend wants to join the game it crashed. IF ANYBODY HAVE SOLUTION FOR THIS KIND OF PROBLEM, PLEASE REPLY!!!
  21. Good night, I have a problem with my server, since yesterday it is being switched off randomly, every 20min, 50min, 2h ... I already tried to review the recent changes and nothing, it's not a host issue, it's not a DDoS ... I have a VPS with these features ... The CPU usage does not exceed 40% and the Ram 50% ... I have activated anti-command spam protection ... And likewise happens ... already check that it is not some resource but there were no modifications in 1 week ... Anyone have any idea how to do it?
  22. [HELP]MTA Crash

    Hi someone i know he's having problem with mta he's saying that if he open mta start for a few seconds and after that he's out and back to the desktop any way i have asked him to use mta diag and didn't help so i'm looking for someone give me a solution for that here's his mta diag link : Regards! @ccw @Jusonex @Dutchman101 @Anyone knows a solution for that would be great
  23. Hi there, So, my game started crashing since yesterday night (GMT +5:30), it shows an error message in the below panel near windows taskbar saying Intel HD Graphics stopped working, windows recovered it. The game opens and closes twice and crashes and a beep sound is heard and i can't operate my system. This crash starts when i enter a server. My system details: Laptop name: Dell Vostro 2520 Processor: Intel core i3 3110M, 2.40GHz RAM: 4GB GPU: In Built Graphics - Intel 4000 HD Graphics, Memory: 1696MB OS: Windows 7 Professional Bit type: 64 bit.