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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, fellow gamers! I recently started having this really annoying issue with MTA:SA 1.5. Basically, servers that should give me two-digits ping give me three-digits. These servers are close by (in my country). When I say recently, it means that it wasn't like this before. In the following list (screenshot) the first 5 servers had around two-digits ping. Discarding the obvious: -My PC runs GTA:SA perfectly fine, with an average of 40fps in highest graphics. No problem on that. -No applications - those that connect to the internet - are opened in the background while playing the game. -Anti-virus not running scans, nor updating. Updated mind information: Now that I think about it, I did modify a few things when I tried to host my own server, a couple of weeks ago. Gave up after finding no way to enter my router's settings to foward ports. I remember modifying IPv4 and IPv6 to find a way into my router. I can't quite remember which were the defaults. At the moment, both are in "Obtain IP automatically". I also used a program called "Port Foward Utilities" that the MTA Wiki recommended. I will try modifying a few things, see if that changes anything. If I do find a solution, I'll edit this post. If no updates are seen, anyone is free to lend a hand. Thanks in advanced! Moony -
  2. Hola buenas a todos, por favor me podrían ayudar con un problema que tengo con un script, es el de banderas en el scoreboard, y es cierto que está en la comunidad, pero al momento de ejecutar no aparece la bandera solo el nonbre del país, de antemano muchas gracias... aquí el script... -- ScoreBoard Country Script by ToXiiC -- Skype: toxiic_eu countryNames = { ["IT"]="Italy", ["MX"]="Mexico", ["SA"]="SAUDI ARBIA", ["PK"]="Pakistan", ["AF"]="Afghanistan", ["DZ"]="Algeria", ["AS"]="American samoa", ["AU"]="Australlia", ["AO"]="Anqola", ["AI"]="Anquilla", ["AQ"]="Antarctica", ["AG"]="Antigua and Barbuda", ["AR"]="Argentina", ["AM"]="Armenia", ["AW"]="Aruba", ["AT"]="Austria", ["AZ"]="Azerbaijan", ["BS"]="Bahamas", ["BH"]="Bahrain", ["BD"]="Bangladesh", ["BB"]="Barbados", ["BY"]="Belarus", ["BE"]="Belgium", ["BZ"]="Belize", ["BJ"]="Benin", ["BM"]="Bermuda", ["BT"]="Bhutan", ["BO"]="Bolivia", ["BA"]="Bosnia", ["BH"]="Herzegovina", ["BW"]="Botswana", ["BR"]="Brazil", ["IO"]="British Indian Ocean Territory", ["VG"]="British Virgin Islands", ["BN"]="Brunei", ["BG"]="Bulgaria", ["BF"]="Burkina Faso", ["MM"]="Burma (Myanmar)", ["BI"]="Burundi", ["KH"]="Cambodia", ["CM"]="Cameroon", ["CA"]="Canada", ["CV"]="Cape Verde", ["KY"]="Cayman Islands", ["CF"]="Central African Republic", ["TD"]="Chad", ["CL"]="Chile", ["CN"]="China", ["CX"]="Christmas Island", ["CC"]="Cocos (Keeling) Islands", ["CO"]="Colombia", ["KM"]="Comoros", ["CK"]="Cook Islands", ["CR"]="Costa Rica", ["HR"]="Croatia", ["CU"]="Cuba", ["CY"]="Cyprus", ["CZ"]="Czech Republic", ["CD"]="Democratic Republic of the Congo", ["DK"]="Denmark", ["DJ"]="Djibouti", ["DM"]="Dominica", ["DO"]="Dominican Republic", ["EC"]="Ecuador", ["SV"]="El Salvador", ["GQ"]="Equatorial Guinea", ["ER"]="Eritrea", ["EE"]="Estonia", ["ET"]="Ethiopia", ["FK"]="Falkland Islands", ["FO"]="Faroe Islands", ["FJ"]="Fiji", ["FI"]="Finland", ["FR"]="France", ["PF"]="French Polynesia", ["GA"]="Gabon", ["GM"]="Gambia", ["GE"]="Georgia", ["DE"]="Germany", ["GH"]="Ghana", ["GI"]="Gibraltar", ["GR"]="Greece", ["GL"]="Greenland", ["GD"]="Grenada", ["GU"]="Guam", ["GT"]="Guatemala", ["GN"]="Guinea", ["GW"]="Guinea-Bissau", ["GY"]="Guyana", ["HT"]="Haiti", ["VA"]="Holy See (Vatican City)", ["HN"]="Honduras", ["HK"]="Hong Kong", ["HU"]="Hungary", ["IS"]="Iceland", ["IN"]="India", ["ID"]="Indonesia", ["IR"]="Iran", ["IQ"]="Iraq", ["IE"]="Ireland", ["IM"]="Isle of Man", ["IL"]="Israel", ["IT"]="Italy", ["CI"]="Ivory Coast", ["JM"]="Jamaica", ["JP"]="Japan", ["JE"]="Jersey", ["JO"]="Jordan", ["KZ"]="Kazakhstan", ["KE"]="Kenya", ["KI"]="Kiribati", ["KO"]="Kosovo", ["KW"]="Kuwait", ["KG"]="Kyrgyzstan", ["LA"]="Laos", ["LV"]="Latvia", ["LB"]="Lebanon", ["LS"]="Lesotho", ["LR"]="Liberia", ["LY"]="Libya", ["LI"]="Liechtenstein", ["LT"]="Lithuania", ["LU"]="Luxembourg", ["MO"]="Macau", ["MK"]="Macedonia", ["MG"]="Madagascar", ["MW"]="Malawi", ["MY"]="Malaysia", ["MV"]="Maldives", ["ML"]="Mali", ["MT"]="Malta", ["MH"]="Marshall Islands", ["MR"]="Mauritania", ["MU"]="Mauritius", ["YT"]="Mayotte", ["MX"]="Mexico", ["FM"]="Micronesia", ["MD"]="Moldova", ["MC"]="Monaco", ["MN"]="Mongolia", ["ME"]="Montenegro", ["MS"]="Montserrat", ["MA"]="Morocco", ["MZ"]="Mozambique", ["NA"]="Namibia", ["NR"]="Nauru", ["NP"]="Nepal", ["NL"]="Netherlands", ["AN"]="Netherlands Antilles", ["NC"]="New Caledonia", ["NZ"]="New Zealand", ["NI"]="Nicaragua", ["NE"]="Niger", ["NG"]="Nigeria", ["NU"]="Niue", ["NI"]="Norfolk Island", ["KP"]="North Korea", ["MP"]="Northern Mariana Islands", ["NO"]="Norway", ["OM"]="Oman", ["PK"]="Pakistan", ["PW"]="Palau", ["PA"]="Panama", ["PG"]="Papua New Guinea", ["PY"]="Paraguay", ["PE"]="Peru", ["PH"]="Philippines", ["PN"]="Pitcairn Islands", ["PL"]="Poland", ["PT"]="Portugal", ["PR"]="Puerto Rico", ["QA"]="Qatar", ["CG"]="Republic of the Congo", ["RO"]="Romania", ["RU"]="Russia", ["RW"]="Rwanda", ["BL"]="Saint Barthelemy", ["SH"]="Saint Helena", ["KN"]="Saint Kitts and Nevis", ["LC"]="Saint Lucia", ["MF"]="Saint Martin", ["PM"]="Saint Pierre and Miquelon", ["VC"]="Saint Vincent and the Grenadines", ["WS"]="Samoa", ["SM"]="San Marino", ["ST"]="Sao Tome and Principe", ["SA"]="Saudi Arabia", ["SN"]="Senegal", ["RS"]="Serbia", ["SC"]="Seychelles", ["SL"]="Sierra Leone", ["SG"]="Singapore", ["SK"]="Slovakia", ["SI"]="Slovenia", ["SB"]="Solomon Islands", ["SO"]="Somalia", ["ZA"]="South Africa", ["KR"]="South Korea", ["ES"]="Spain", ["LK"]="Sri Lanka", ["SD"]="Sudan", ["SR"]="Suriname", ["SJ"]="Svalbard", ["SZ"]="Swaziland", ["SE"]="Sweden", ["CH"]="Switzerland", ["SY"]="Syria", ["TW"]="Taiwan", ["TJ"]="Tajikistan", ["TZ"]="Tanzania", ["TH"]="Thailand", ["TL"]="Timor-Leste", ["TG"]="Togo", ["TK"]="Tokelau", ["TO"]="Tonga", ["TT"]="Trinidad and Tobago", ["TN"]="Tunisia", ["TR"]="Turkey", ["TM"]="Turkmenistan", ["TC"]="Turks and Caicos Islands", ["TV"]="Tuvalu", ["UG"]="Uganda", ["UA"]="Ukraine", ["AE"]="United Arab Emirates", ["GB"]="United Kingdom", ["US"]="United States", ["UY"]="Uruguay", ["VI"]="US Virgin Islands", ["UZ"]="Uzbekistan", ["VU"]="Vanuatu", ["VE"]="Venezuela", ["VN"]="Vietnam", ["WF"]="Wallis and Futuna", ["WB"]="West Bank", ["EH"]="Western Sahara", ["YE"]="Yemen", ["ZM"]="Zambia", ["ZW"]="Zimbabwe" } function OnResourceStart() call(getResourceFromName("scoreboard"),"addScoreboardColumn","Country", getRootElement(), 10, 150) call(getResourceFromName("scoreboard"),"addScoreboardColumn"," flag", getRootElement(), 9, 16) local tPlayers = getElementsByType('player') for _,uPlayer in ipairs(tPlayers) do local countryCode = exports["admin"]:getPlayerCountry(uPlayer) local name = "Unknown" if countryCode and countryNames[countryCode] then name = countryNames[countryCode] local sFlagImagePath = ':'..getResourceName( getThisResource() )..'/flags/'..string.lower(countryCode)..'.png' if fileExists(sFlagImagePath) then setElementData(uPlayer, "countryFlagImage", sFlagImagePath ) else setElementData(uPlayer, "countryFlagImage", "??" ) end end setElementData(uPlayer, "Country", name ) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), OnResourceStart) function OnPlayerJoin () local countryCode = exports["admin"]:getPlayerCountry(source) local name = "Unknown" if countryCode and countryNames[countryCode] then name = countryNames[countryCode] local sFlagImagePath = ':'..getResourceName( getThisResource() )..'/flags/'..string.lower(countryCode)..'.png' if fileExists(sFlagImagePath) then setElementData( source, "countryFlagImage", sFlagImagePath ) else setElementData( source, "countryFlagImage", "??" ) end end setElementData(source, "Country", name) outputChatBox("#00a8ff* [Join] #00a8ff" .. getPlayerName(source) .. "#00a8ff has joined the game from: #ECECEC" .. name, getRootElement(), 151, 151, 151, true) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), OnPlayerJoin)