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Found 6 results

  1. Bom Dia, Alguém me ajuda, meu servidor quando passa uns 4 dias ligado direto, do nada ele pega e cai ontem mesmo no dia [2019-11-30 00:51:39] , e não aparece erros no logs, só esses aqui 019-11-30 00:46:02] DIAGNOSTIC: LeoNarDo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\interiors.xml] [2019-11-30 00:46:02] DIAGNOSTIC: LeoNarDo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [admin\conf\weathers.xml] [2019-11-30 00:46:02] DIAGNOSTIC: LeoNarDo #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with int
  2. Preciso de ajuda para transferir um texto copiado para um lugar em específico No servidor drift paradise, há um sistema que pode escrever no carro com fontes, porém eu quero colar um texto que copiei (não grande, só de umas 2 palavras) só que não consigo de jeito nenhum, alguém sabe se tem algum comando que faça isso sem o CTRL V?
  3. I want to create something in the likeness of its own console. In this regard I have a question. Is it possible to implement through Lua and MTA-scripting and the ability to send commands in the server console? Or this can only be done through parsing of the commands for each team to create a callback manually?
  4. I need a function to input client commands (In string) in console (f8) from the script in client side?
  5. Hey, lately a few weird things happened to my server and I'm not sure why. It wasn't updated and nothing changed. Suddenly, one account disappeared from one day to another and had to be registered again, which worked. Then, the Console "user" suddenly doesn't have access anymore, even though the acl was not changed and it worked fine before that. And the last thing, some user gets a "Serial is banned" message when trying to connect, but his serial is not listed in the banlist file. Most likely all of these problems are related, but I don't know how. I was not
  6. Hello everyone. I was testing some commands on Console, and I can use normally this to make the player User#ff00ffname logout from the server. aexec User#ff00ffname logout BUT If I try this below, it doesn't work. aexec User#ff00ffname disconnect or aexec User#ff00ffname quit Can someone explain a way to make it? Or it is not possible anyway?
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