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Found 6 results

  1. Hello community! Today I want to present you my Android application for compiling Lua scripts and editing MTA resources. The application has many useful functions, such as: - Unpacking and viewing zip archives - Compiling Lua scripts in the archive - Viewing and editing script code - Zip opened files or save archives In addition, the script editor has Lua and XML syntax highlighting and displaying lines in the script. Application has English and Russian languages. You can download it from AppGallery: https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/app/C103285117
  2. Привет, сообщество! Сегодня я хочу представить вам свое Android-приложение для компиляции скриптов Lua и редактирования ресурсов MTA. В приложении много полезных функций, таких как: - Распаковка и просмотр zip архивов - Компиляция Lua скриптов в архиве - Просмотр и редактирование кода скрипта - Сжатие открытых файлов в zip архив Кроме того, редактор скриптов имеет подсветку Lua и XML синтаксиса, а также отображение строк в скрипте. Имеет поддержку русского и английского языков. Скачать приложение можно из AppGallery: https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/app/C103285117
  3. Hi there, I started a tiny project which involves developing a new programming language. For now, it will be an extremely light weight programming language with only declarations, arithmetics, std I/O features. It is platform independent. Once the basic beta is released, and if people are familiar with the easy syntax, I will develop it further providing more libraries, features and documentation. I have started working on the project. Approx. 200 lines have been appended to my github. I will share my github profile once I'm done with the basic functionalit
  4. I created this tiny script to help me compilating on MTA. Made with Python but you dont need install it. How to use: Put the resources which you want to compile in the "resources" folder. PS: This doesn't work with .zip archives. The script will compile every .lua archive. Download & Code: https://github.com/Ianito/mta_compiler Print:
  5. Hello everybody, Today I need a tool like this and I wrote it. This tool compiles all lua files in folder and automatically change meta.xml for their new name. It uses luac.mtasa.com's compiler. If you dont trust me you can replace it with your download. Meta.xml changing is not good because it find .lua and change it to the .trpg. Sorry for my bad English. Tutorial: Let's think you have a folder resources and it is full with scripts. 1. Select folder with "Klasör Seç" button. 2. If you want to delete not compiled lua files check "Eskileri Sil" checkbox. 3. C
  6. Hello community mates and staff can you tell how to protect my scripts from stealing and cache flow files sometime even compiling lua file will not help sometimes users clown scripts by using cache files please suggest me how to give protection for my scripts!! thankyou
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