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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I have a one problem with COMPILING MTA. So, when i trying start MTA:SA.exe. Show an error [CL23] Please HELP!
  2. Привет всем! Помогите, пожалуйста! Вопрос к тем, кто разбирается в PHP. Собственно вопрос в следующем: На сайте luac.mtasa.com в разделе API имеется руководство по обфускации Lua скриптов через сам Lua скрипт: local FROM="example.Lua" local TO="compiled.Lua" fetchRemote( "http://luac.mtasa.com/?compile=1&debug=0&obfuscate=3", function(data) fileSave(TO,data) end, fileLoad(FROM), true ) Предположим, на моём сайте лежит скрипт: $file_name = "my_script.Lua"; Как можно "скомпилировать" данный скрипт на PHP? Возможно, что через curl, но как его использовать в PH
  3. Hello everyone! Can you help me, please? Question to those who understand PHP. Actually the question is as follows: On the site luac.mtasa.com in the API section there is a guide to compile Lua scripts by the Lua script itself: local FROM= "example.Lua" local TO= "compiled.Lua" fetchRemote("http://luac.mtasa.com/?compile=1&debug=0&obfuscate=3", function(data) fileSave(TO, date) end, fileLoad(FROM), true) Suppose there is a script on my website: $file_name = "my_script.Lua"; How can I compile this script in PHP? Maybe it is possible by using curl, but how to
  4. Hello, I was wondering if a compiled script would affect the performance/FPS of players. I think the script would have to get "compiled" ANYWAY even when i do NOT compile it myself. So the answer could be that a compiled script makes it load even FASTER since it has to compile it anyway (CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG). So my question is if I am right with this or not.. And also: Does the "Extra obfuscation" reduce FPS? To me it seems logical that it COULD lead to some FPS loss, since it has to get decrypted all the time.
  5. Hello guys. I would like to compile the 1.5.2 server files to ARM architecture to host an MTA server from Raspberry Pi 3 (just for fun/it's interesting). I'm not expert in compiling (real big projects) but as far as i see there is only x86 and x64 "one click" compile support (or how can i call it). So, do you have guys some tips how to start with it?
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