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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. I disconnected the red area in the photo below from model 2 and connected it to model 1. DFF replaced correctly, but I have a problem with collisions on dark red terrain - there is no collision, but if I put the same object in a different place, it has a normal collision. Watch the video to know better what I am talking about. Do you know why this happens? Model 2 doesn't have this problem
  2. Is there any way to enable collisions with cars (That were created with Map Editor and are part of the map) in the race gamemode? I mean, the ordinary collisions like in other gamemodes, and not just some kind of tank mode for those cars. P.S. I know almost nothing about Lua scripting.
  3. I've created my first server just little over a while ago and I was wondering is there any way for me to implement better vehicle collisions between 2 players? Example: I'm in a car chasing another player in a car. I want to stop him so I try to perform a pit maneuver (ram my car into his car so that I would unsettle his car and spin him out) What's happening now: I ram my car into his car, he drives off as if nothing happened and I spin out, it's as if his car wasn't even in that position. Bad collisions between 2 player cars, as if the server doesn't sync vehicles properly. What I want to happen: I ram my car into his and he spins out. Good collisions between 2 players. Everything I see on my screen should appear the same on his screen. Server syncs vehicles properly and displays them as they are for all clients. I know that this is possible to do as I played on several servers that has this implemented. Talk to me like to a complete newbie, so far I have only started my server and added createVehicle, noblur and hedit scripts.
  4. Hello. Sry for my english. I creating object: local element_object = createObject(13025, 123.123, 123.123, 123.123, 123.123, 123.123, 123.123) I creating collision: local element_col = createColCircle(0.0, 0.0, 25.0) I attach collision to object attachElements(element_col, element_object) And when i hit collision onElementColShapeHit not call. wtf? what i doing wrong? But i attach object to collision then everything works. attachElements(element_object, element_col) -- change variables
  5. I created a Brown Streak mod. And the dff&txd working fine, but the .col does not working. I got a warning in debugscript 3: mod.lua:14: Bad 'number' pointer @ engineReplaceCOL'(2) This is the mod.lua code: function replaceModel() local txd colsok = engineLoadCOL ( "v43.col" ) engineReplaceCOL ( colsok, 538) txd = engineLoadTXD ( "v43.txd" ) engineImportTXD ( txd, 538 ) dff = engineLoadDFF ( "v43.dff" ) engineReplaceModel ( dff, 538 ) end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), replaceModel) addCommandHandler ( "reloadcar", replaceModel ) What wrong? How to fix this?
  6. Hi everyone! have here server-side script local col = createColCircle(170, -377, 15) local object = createObject(737, 175, -377, 6) print(isElementWithinColShape(object, col)) -- print false Can anyone tell me, why i got false, when object IN colshape? Object and colshape have same coordinates.
  7. Hello! So, i would like to use a lot of collision shape for interactions (i don't like click on things). And my question is will it cause fps drops or low fps for the clients? I never used that much collision shapes. Any suggestion or experience? I don't know now how many col shape will be exactly. Let's say 5000 or 10000