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Found 6 results

  1. hey, i fought hard !!! plz join me : (how-to) discord > https://discord.gg/fHmHVk it's another new discord :) files needed > (link removed by forum moderation) if u got retail vice city, use this link for MTA : Win32 Client (Installer): http://www.projectredivivus.com/files/mta05r2/mta05r2_full_installer.exe then, and in mtaclient.exe choose 1.1 like this : then connect to : ip > port > 2003
  2. Witaj graczu, Chcielibyśmy Cię zaprosić na nowo powstający serwer RPG Campfire City - tak, kolejny serwer RPG, jakże już zużyty tryb gry na serwerach MTA. Dlaczego więc zdecydowaliśmy się na ten tryb? Odpowiedź jest prosta, jest to tryb, na którym większość naszej ekipy już grała wiele godzin, jest to najbardziej znany dla nas tryb i nie chcemy robić nic innego. Oczywiście to, że tryb jest tak popularny i powstaje wiele takich samych serwerów nie znaczy, że u nas też tak będzie, staramy się wprowadzać na serwer oryginalne, a zarazem autorskie skrypty, które urozmaicą Wam grę. Nie obiecujem
  3. ----THIS HAS BEEN RELEASED! CHECK PAGE 12!!---- And his lame pictures™ Short answer: its continuation of original vice city map done by Rockstar games which works on san andreas engine. Whole map concept is to do a stable VC Map including more objects. As an official idea i will be adding GTA V things such as: Radar , Skins , Weapons , Vehicles (but with custom liveries/textures like VCPD Cruiser) etc. Some GTA IV Vehicles or Skins are there too (For example Police Merit or Lycan Bike , its just to add better atmosphere and make it more realistic.) Note: More Scree
  4. I want convert Vice City map to my server, it is possible somehow?
  5. Ok that is the city I've built quite long time ago I'm posting it till there are any players in mta xDDD http://imgur.com/a/64sJg HAVE FUN https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14733
  6. HUMAN WORLD PRO FREEROAM: SERVER PASSWORD = humanworld Scatterbrain: Someone asked me earlier... seeing as most missions are just for fun, I'd say my place is ROLEPLAY. NO RULES for regular players. You'd think that wouldn't work but we simply over power the cops, and neutralize the hackers with funny scripts. If i get enough donations I'll put the server's files on MTA community. Plenty of strangers and freaks to meet here, even if the server is empty, I've created strangers at several ? symbols everywhere including: Sweet, GTA SA myth series people.
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