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Found 3 results

  1. okay, i downloaded MTA yesterday and joined server :CIT Cops 'n' Robbers, Gang Wars, Civilians | | EN/AR/RU/+8 more languages IP : i registerd in it then when i went off my brother registerd too and played but when he made the account he named it headlord4 he started with my account name (zezothelord) idk how but afterthat he changed it and he went off then i tried to login found my account named headlord4 :0 but changed it back to zezothelord when i went off and my brother came back he couldnt login his account it said ur password is wrong but he was putting his password right then he made another account and same things happened untill he tried to put hhis password 10times and now we both cant login
  2. when im connecting to cit server after playing 1 minute server kicks me and tell me that... you have been kicked from console frame rate must be over 15 pls help me to slove this error!
  3. Hi, After 2 years of development, refinement and testing, I finally released UCD. It was the 29th of July (30th for me) and I was stoked. Finally released my server I (and a select few others) had worked so hard on. It was up for a week before I decided that I was going to move on from MTA. I could give a speech about how it isn't what it used to be, but I don't want to bore you all. So the dream kind of died when I lost interest in dealing with the community. I spent a lot of time and effort on this server, so I figured someone else might find some use out of it. I started to develop this server when I knew nothing about Lua, so a lot of things were rewritten over and over. I feel as though that guarantees some kind of quality. I dunno. I guess the repetition to find the right way kind of makes it good. Preface: It's basically a CIT rip off. This server features: - Stock market (players loved this) - Turfing system - Account + login system (integrated with MTA account system, doesn't store passwords on a database) - Made to work with MySQL - Vehicle system - Housing system with coordinates (covers like 60% of the map, you can add more) - Intensive logging - Phone system (like CIT's) - House robbing - Old CIT style bank robbery (map and everything) - Custom mod downloader system - Two different dx message outputs (with exports) - Pilot job (with ranks) - Trucker job (with ranks) - Full law system - Stats panel - Fully fledged group system with custom ranks, custom permissions, etc (like CIT's) - Admin panel (mutes, bans, jails etc) - Jail system (CnR and admin jails) - Builder where you can build bases in-game (, it has a lot of features that would take me a long time to list. I developed it to be as user-friendly as possible (but didn't make a tutorial - how thoughtful). There aren't any hidden commands, which is good. The design is made to be simple and nice. The interfaces are spaced nicely. Overall, a lot of effort has been put it in and it really shows. Group system: Credits: - Noki - Risk - Carl/Rizk I have the database and everything for it. I have the domain "" as well. Add me on Skype to discuss ( or email me at hello@ucdmta,com or I am willing to discuss overs and negotiate. More screenshots will be posted if I manage to find any.