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Found 2 results

  1. ENGLISH TEXT: Today I come to announce to all the players of MTA a new unique server, with a Gamemode different from all the others, since in the list of MTA servers of these years, there is no server or Gamemode that has similarity to this. Why?. Now they will understand. ATTENTION: I need you to read everything that I am going to explain to you below, if you do not read, you will not be able to understand! - What is the Server about? : The Server is like a Zombie Plague, similar to Counter or Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. What do I mean ?. I mean the server is a Zombies vs. Humans. Similar to TDMA Gamemode. They are rounds by rounds. You start being Human, the timer is 5:20 Minute with seconds, at 4:59 minutes with seconds, 20 seconds, the human must go to shelter to avoid the attacks of the zombies, nobody will know who the zombie will be, randomly Any player is going to become a zombie, his goal of the player who is Zombie, is to kill or infect all humans, he must kill all humans so that zombies win the round. The Objective of the Survivor or Human is to SURVIVE THE COMPLETE ROUND UNTIL THE TIMER ARRIVES AT 00:00, if he arrives, the human will win the game, each team that wins, will win $ 3000, each player that kills the rival, wins $ 50 c / or. - Will you have systems, Clans, Maps, and extra things? : Exactly, you will have Systems, you will have a shopping menu for zombies and humans separately, for zombies you will have a menu to buy super powers. Which super powers ?, Examples: Invincible = for 10 seconds, Health = Having more life, Super Jump = You jump high and more. For humans they will have a marker on each map, there will be weapons, skins, VIP stuff, etc. On the maps, we have more than 20 maps ready for them to play. Extra things: We will put Kill Sounds, Example: Double kill = 2 kills, Triple Kill = 3 Kills ..., You will have an improved Name Tag, On the Scoreboard, you will have Kills, ranks, Deaths, Levels, time you play, money. It will add sounds that give life to the Gamemode O server. It is a very large project, It is still being developed, so more announcements are still expected from the server. To know the development, images, videos or announcements that we are going to publish: ENTER CHAOS.BIZ.TO SERVER (DISCORD): MY DISCORD: Izaaqk#0780 Do not forget to support us, contact me if you have any questions, I will answer you when I connect to the discord! NOTE: I will send images on this Theme when the Gamemode is finished well, do not worry, I will send images here in 7 or 8 days! (I will not be able to send images now, since I have just started to make the Gamemode) Patience, because the Server will be in approximately 10 or 15 days, enough to finish it and play it :)! TEXTO EN ESPAÑOL: Hoy vengo a anunciar a todos los jugadores de MTA un nuevo servidor único, con un modo de juego diferente de todos los demás, ya que en la lista de servidores de MTA de estos años, no hay ningún servidor o modo de juego que tenga similitud con este. ¿Por qué?. Ahora lo entenderán. ATENCIÓN: ¡Necesito que leas todo lo que voy a explicarte a continuación, si no lo lees, no podrás entenderlo! - ¿De qué trata el servidor? : El servidor es como una plaga de zombis, similar a Counter o Left 4 Dead 1 y 2. ¿Qué quiero decir? Quiero decir que el servidor es un zombi contra humanos. Similar al modo de juego TDMA. Son rondas por rondas. Empiezas a ser humano, el temporizador es 5:20 minutos con segundos, a las 4:59 minutos con segundos, 20 segundos, el humano debe refugiarse para evitar los ataques de los zombis, nadie sabrá quién será el zombi, al azar Cualquier jugador se convertirá en zombie, su objetivo del jugador que es Zombie es matar o infectar a todos los humanos, debe matar a todos los humanos para que los zombies ganen la ronda. El objetivo del superviviente o humano es SOBREVIVIR LA RONDA COMPLETA HASTA QUE LLEGUE EL TEMPORIZADOR A LAS 00:00, si llega, el humano ganará el juego, cada equipo que gane, ganará $ 3000, cada jugador que mate al rival, gana $ 50 c / o. - ¿Tendrás sistemas, clanes, mapas y cosas adicionales? : Exactamente, tendrás Sistemas, tendrás un menú de compras para zombies y humanos por separado, para zombies tendrás un menú para comprar superpoderes. ¿Qué superpoderes?, Ejemplos: Invencible = durante 10 segundos, Salud = Tener más vida, Super Jump = Saltas alto y más. Para los humanos, tendrán un marcador en cada mapa, habrá armas, máscaras, material VIP, etc. En los mapas, tenemos más de 20 mapas listos para que jueguen. Cosas adicionales: pondremos sonidos de asesinatos, ejemplo: doble asesinato = 2 asesinatos, triple asesinato = 3 asesinatos ..., tendrá una etiqueta de nombre mejorada, en el marcador, tendrá asesinatos, rangos, muertes, niveles, tiempo juegas, dinero. Agregará sonidos que dan vida al servidor Gamemode O. Es un proyecto muy grande, todavía se está desarrollando, por lo que aún se esperan más anuncios del servidor. Para conocer el desarrollo, imágenes, videos o anuncios que vamos a publicar: ENTRA AL SERVIDOR CHAOS.BIZ.TO (DISCORD): MI DISCORD: Izaaqk#0780 No olvides apoyarnos, contáctame si tienes alguna pregunta, ¡te responderé cuando me conecte a la discordia! NOTA: Enviaré imágenes sobre este tema cuando el modo de juego haya terminado bien, no se preocupe, ¡enviaré imágenes aquí en 7 u 8 días! (No podré enviar imágenes ahora, ya que recién comencé a hacer el Modo de juego) ¡Paciencia, porque el servidor estará en aproximadamente 10 o 15 días, suficiente para terminarlo y jugarlo :)!
  2. Welcome to the! Community, today I will present what the server has, it has varieties of mods, it has Minigames like Versus Zombies vs humans (With that minigame you make money!), It has cinema, it is Freeroam, It has real cars, it has improved hud, it has zombies, it has misterix mod, it has gasoline in the cars for more realism, it has special zombies like the tank or the hunter, it has real gun sounds, it has drop, it has pvp, it has Tsunamis, earthquakes , real sounds of the environment, and more things that may surprise you, such as events too. Join the "" community on the discord community server: , and my name in discord! : Izaaqk#0780 , The server opens on December 25, with all that implemented! Moreover, I will use the MTA Server to test it! When you have entered the "" community, don't forget to message me! Support the server, don't miss it, it's very good! ( STAFF, Smods, Mods are needed! )