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Found 19 results

  1. Hi! l need help exporting data from 'GetElementData' using executeBrowserJavascript Here is a snippet from the code: Client: local browser = guiGetBrowser(guiCreateBrowser(0, 0, 1920, 1080, true, true, true)) addEventHandler("onClientBrowserCreated", browser, function () loadBrowserURL(source, "http://mta/account/Characters/MainMenuChar.html") showCursor(true) setDevelopmentMode(true, true) end) addEventHandler("onClientBrowserDocumentReady", browser, function () executeBrowserJavascript(source, "document.getElementById('nickname').innerHTML = '" ..
  2. Доброго времени суток. Возникла необходимость читать на JS файлы, располагающиеся в http://mta/... (как правило там же, где и сам index.html). Вариант с input type = file отпадает, так как отсутствует возможность инжектнуть туда путь (путь к файлам не должен передаваться пользователем вручную). Пробовал разные костыли, но все они не работают из соображений безопасности ( как например загнать в css селектор в свойство content содержимое файла ). Остается вариант скачивания через XMLHttpRequest (возможен наверно аналог через fetch ). Не ясно еще возможно ли скачивание с локалхоста н
  3. Здравствуйте, я уже Вторые сутки пытаюсь запустить видео через html в мта, используя стандартный браузер, постер на видео получается поставить, т.е путь к постеру видит, а видео не запускается. Всё перепроверил, иначе бы сюда не пришёл. Уже проверил в двух браузерах, изменяя путь на простой, всё работает. В мта - в никакую. Ставил и убирал кодеки. Изменял теги <video>. ничего не помогает. Изменял путь и многое другое, в надежде чуда. Ничего, как понимаешь, не помогло. Код ниже index.html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="ut
  4. Bonsai

    CEF problems?

    Hey, since a few hours, some people cannot login to our server anymore. We are using CEF to build the Login Panel. Everything worked fine for a long time and nothing in the scripts has changed. With some testing, we discovered that logging in actually works by creating a command for that, but not by using the normal login or guest button. Is it possible that there was some MTA update or something like that recently? That seems to be the only thing that could explain this sudden problem. Bonsai
  5. Am I the only one facing this problem? I'm using dxCreateShader and engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture to draw youtube video on object. But the video is so laggy and barely moving. I set playback quality to small and still getting this lag. But when my character moving around (using w,a,s,d), the video is moving, not that laggy but still, unwatchable. I also test it on guiCreateBrowser and play youtube video, and the video is barely moving. I know its not my PC problem cuz i had 90fps and everyone also told me that video is laggy and unwatchable. I don't know if I miss so
  6. Hello, want to make a inventory system. What is better CEF or dxDraw? Say CEF slow performance, but faster development.
  7. How to disable all components of the CEF browser ? Give me a separate MTA client with a fully deactivated CEF please.
  8. Hi, I have a stable running MTA client in ubuntu 16.04 but when I join a server the HTML pages aren't loading why? I was joining the ffs-gaming server which uses HTML page for login. To recheck I joined in my own server and started web browser resource but still, nothing happened! Thanks in advance!
  9. Доброго времени суток, пользователи! Недавно скачал сборку сервера, где все реализовано на CEF'e. Должен сказать что интерфейсы на нем очень красивые. Ну так вот, я решил попробовать сделать подобный, с простеньким дизайном, но только не знаю как. Кому не трудно, помогите реализовать простой gui на CEF. Вот примеры CEF интерфейса с проекта "MTA: World RolePlay" (Проект закрыть, и весь код выложен в открытый доступ)
  10. Hi everyone, is there possible to use microphone on CEF? I took a look at the wiki, but i didn't find nothing about it.
  11. pa3ck

    CEF using MDBootstrap

    Hi, I was trying to implement a bootstrap framework called MDBootstrap, which can be found here and it has an animated text input, so when I click in any of the edit boxes, the placeholder moves out of the way and the color changes as well (the usual animation). That kind of works fine in CEF, except that I have to hold down the mouse to be able to write into it, as soon as I let go, the text input looses focus and I cannot type anymore. I was wondering if it is something that can be fixed? I just want to know if I should look for a different framework, or it's something that will / can b
  12. Hello, I do have a question about calling an exports. I have an export to add profiles to an xml file the export is: exports.XML:addProfileToXML(id, username); Now I want to use this export event in an javascript function, but it is not triggering the function. It does work if I try to export it clientside but it doesn't in js. I tried using it with or without the "exports.XML:" but it doesnt work mta.triggerEvent("exports.XML:addProfileToXML", id, username); mta.triggerEvent("addProfileToXML", id, username);
  13. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3 might be the last release that supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. This post should help you understand why this is so and what exactly does it mean for you. Background Google has announced last year that they will be dropping support for Windows XP and Windows Vista OSes from their Chrome browser and the Chromium/Blink platform. As some of you may know, this is already in effect as you can no longer install the newer Chrome builds on machines running XP or Vista. The oldest Windows version which can run Google Chrome is Windows 7. F
  14. hi i have server with cef (html,css,js) login panel all players are ok with that but one of my users cant see login panel and he just see a white screen login panel's music also play for him its not a scripting problem i know cuz i have a lot of players they didn't had any problems with that... he is using mta latest version whats the problem?
  15. Hey there, im here cause im having some issues with CEF Browser, the problem is that isn't showing the web-site color and i don't really know why. Original: MTA Browser:
  16. A while ago we had published a release candidate build for the upcoming release for you folks to test. This phase went fine, so we feel that we are now ready to present you with the new stable version of the mod - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3! Just like before, this is an update for our current stable version series - MTA:SA 1.5. Contrary to this definition, it is rather a huge update which contains mostly smaller changes, but makes up for it with the amount of them. A lot of effort was put by @Jusonex and @sbx320 into cleaning the code and reorganizing the build system, both of wh
  17. Hi, why my anti-virus detect this file (ceflauncher_dll.dll) as a virus? Should I quarantined it or restore it back? Does it effect anything in MTA? Screenshot:
  18. Is there a way to make the CSS hover effect work, my HTML is fully function and can I make everything except for my <div> to be shown (it has a border radius) so without the white background being the body.
  19. Hi there! Our next release is nearly done. However, to ensure that it meets our high quality standards, we would like to ask you guys to thoroughly test it before we release it. This release brings an important change to our release distribution system. Starting today, there will be two builds available for you to download: normal build - only works on Windows 7 and above legacy build - only works on Windows XP and Windows Vista A normal build is basically what we offered with our previous releases, with an exception that it now requires Windows 7 or above to run.
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