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Found 8 results

  1. Can you change my server name in toplist? I dont remember to change before the toplist and now the server name is very horrible. The certain name is --- 《 BR 》 ❉ BRASIL INSANITY CITY ❉ 【 FIVEM 100% 】 ➟REALISTA 【 ICRP-CITY 】
  2. Hello my name is amauri, good today 3:00 AM I received a message in my email from a bot that his email was, in that message that the bot sent had the following information. For the attention of '' MTA Server Browser waiting list, Notification that your reserved location is ready. alright then, when I click on the following link that is below I will be redirected to a page in the top list, where it says the server's address ta another address that is not mine and lower where the server's name is not at all nothing, and further down there is a message that says The server could not be found in the list of primary servers. and below you have the option Try another server but I am not redirected anywhere, the server address in the server address is not my address, I waited a long time to get the top list and I don't want to miss this chance and having to do everything again and wait again all this time, I would like to know how to solve this problem, my original server address is, and the name of my server is PT-BR [BCB] | Brasil Cidade Bella ~ RolePlay ~ [BETA]. I'm thinking that this server address is there from my old hosting that I was at the beginning, the server address was, but for reasons of the host itself it had to change its address and now the address that is currently it is wrong, please help me do not want to wait for everything again.
  3. There is someone imitating server mine "KSA | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh Saudi Arabia" server Has this name is a tradition that serves the name "KSA | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh السعودية" this mtasa:// and this mtasa:// This server has a fake property name mine This name is official "Saudi Arabia | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh Saudi Arabia" This is the official IP "" This person has a server that uses his own server as a deduction and the servers are repeated in your name and this causes a problem for us in the visitors. Please take the necessary action. and i want any way Anyone player searching in search mta sa don't The enemy server does not appear. I want to approve the official search under my server "YRF9' " and thanks.
  4. when i drive the bike if i bump into anything i getout of bike i need code to prove me on thie bike when driving _______Arabic________ عندما اقود الدراجه واتصدم ب اى شئ اقع انا احتاج الى كود يجعلني ما اقع عند قيادة الدراجه البخارية او البسكلته ارجوكم فى اسرع وقت
  5. omakmoh

    virus problem

    ccw i'm make a post 4Dec 2017 & you say to me install anti-viurs done problem still
  6. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة اقدم لكم سيرفر حياة واقعية مابات روعة مودات مرة جميلة تفضلو ip :
  7. Hello i wanna unban in MTA! i work as QA in many servers including ( AUR / NGC ) .. and other under Dev servers! and i suspected in some DLL injection Hack Tools been used to have Aimbot and Unlimited Health! so when i tried GTA SA Injection Script i got Auto Banned for 24Hours! that i know won't Unban as i seen in many Cases! so i won't take Risk and Appeal this Auto Ban to be Unbanned!! thank you