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Found 6 results

  1. There is someone imitating server mine "KSA | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh Saudi Arabia" server Has this name is a tradition that serves the name "KSA | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh السعودية" this mtasa:// and this mtasa:// This server has a fake property name mine This name is official "Saudi Arabia | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh Saudi Arabia" This is the official IP "" This person has a server that uses his own server as a deduction and the servers are repeated in your name and this causes a problem for us in the visitors. Please take the necessary action. and i want any way Anyone player searching in search mta sa don't The enemy server does not appear. I want to approve the official search under my server "YRF9' " and thanks.
  2. when i drive the bike if i bump into anything i getout of bike i need code to prove me on thie bike when driving _______Arabic________ عندما اقود الدراجه واتصدم ب اى شئ اقع انا احتاج الى كود يجعلني ما اقع عند قيادة الدراجه البخارية او البسكلته ارجوكم فى اسرع وقت
  3. omakmoh

    virus problem

    ccw i'm make a post 4Dec 2017 & you say to me install anti-viurs done problem still
  4. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة اقدم لكم سيرفر حياة واقعية مابات روعة مودات مرة جميلة تفضلو ip :
  5. Hello i wanna unban in MTA! i work as QA in many servers including ( AUR / NGC ) .. and other under Dev servers! and i suspected in some DLL injection Hack Tools been used to have Aimbot and Unlimited Health! so when i tried GTA SA Injection Script i got Auto Banned for 24Hours! that i know won't Unban as i seen in many Cases! so i won't take Risk and Appeal this Auto Ban to be Unbanned!! thank you