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  1. Brought to you by J Carmageddon is a Race / Stunt server based around a huge map made by combining all of the maps of a classic game, Carmageddon and adding better quality textures. You can race, RP, play tag in cars, heck do anything you wish as long as it's not causing a disturbance to other players. The map is bigger then SA, thus there's a base map exceeding the limits of SA, that also has floating islands, combined with an underground bit. Even with all this gigantic map, the download is still quite small, at 160mb that some have done in as little as 30 seconds, also the map can theoretically run on any computer, if you can run base SA you can run this map at the same, or double the FPS. Media - The map - mtasa:// *Biggest map in MTA* Questions, comments, or concerns?