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Found 20 results

  1. Hello guys i have an idea but i cant make the script because im new in scripting I want to get vehicules into marker and the i will press a button and then a countdown will display in screen (2 minutes) and then the car will be deleted and i get 5000 dollars
  2. Toda vez que spawno um carro ele vem com placa aleatória,queria saber se tem como com um mod de loja,comprar um carro e deixar a placa fixa,toda vez que eu spawnar aquele carro na minha conta.E se é possível ter um mod onde da /placa (codigo da placa) e aparecer informações do carro?
  3. Tem como por placa de licença fixa? Depois de comprar um carro, a licença não será alterada após o seu logout ???
  4. How can i replace model for only 1 car? Not for all of them. for example. i got 2 perennials, i want to make first in sedan and second in coupe, and i want to spawn two in the same time.
  5. So, i want to make an object material have light, In my case i want to make a the police siren better. a good example is a car front light iam not talking about coronas! this is a corona :
  6. I created some handling with handling editor script, and i want set some cars default handling to these handlings with a script, when a player spawn this car, the handling in the car automatic set to the edited hand.. But how can i do this?
  7. How does the car's hand turn?
  8. Hello, how to make a system of turn signals? (using car textures)
  9. Hi there! I've been trying to make a script for vehicle engine starter. My idea is, that player would have to hold down a key for 2 seconds and then the engine would start. Is there anybody that can help me with this please?
  10. Hello everyone, today I decided to write a script that is responsible for the destruction of already (explosed) blown up cars (in order not to load the server). That is, after the car has blown up it automatically disappears. But the problem is that I do not know how to write such a script, so I ask you. Help me.
  11. Hi. I want to make a script that opens the nearest door on the car when right clicking. But i don't know ho to start. My explanation is not very good, i know. If needed i will somehow explain further. But here's a video :
  12. Selam. MTA sunucuları basite indirgenmiş "Araç,Karakter,Silah,Blip (Haritada Simge),Kodlu Kapı,3D Ses" oluşturucu programımı bitirip sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. Klasörleri programın çalıştığı dizine oluşturur. Araç ve Silah ID'leri isimleri ile beraber sizin için hazır olarak ComboBox'a eklenmiştir. Programa dair görüntüler; VirusTotal: Link: Programın sorunlarını ve eksik bulduğunuz kısımları bildirirseniz mutlu olurum.
  13. Hello! How can I do unique bodywork for cars? I want to put it on the car like the paintjobs... gold,camo,fade bodyworks (I have these textures). Thanks for any help.
  14. So i have few problems so first of all i can't find how to fix error : [16:46:04] ERROR: carsell\utils.lua:11: attempt to concatenate a boolean value next problem that i couldn't find how to make car worth according it's health and model for exampe infernus 100% health would give you 22k Shamal 100% would give you 30k rhino 100% 20k etc so what i need is just what to use code: local sellMarker = createMarker( -1545.0999755859, 126.80000305176, 2.5, "cylinder", 22, 255, 0, 0, 120) local myBlip = createBlip( -1545.0999755859, 126.80000305176, 3.5999999046326, 55, 1.5, 255, 0, 255, myPlayer ) function sellVehicle(player) if (getElementType(player) == "player") then if (not getPedOccupiedVehicle(player)) then outputChatBox("You need to be in a Vehicle to sell it.", player, 255, 0, 0) return end end end local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) local reward = math.random(100, 10000) --every -1% from car vehicle worth becomes 100$ smaller example 100%=10k 10%=1k givePlayerMoney(player, reward) outputChatBox("You have sold the "..getVehicleName(vehicle).. " for "..reward.."!", player, 0, 255, 0) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", sellMarker, sellVehicle) thanks.
  15. Bonjour je suis en train de crée un serveur mta dayz mais j'ai un soucis les voitures spawn l'une sur l'autre que faire
  16. So hello, I maked a script, when i teleport with my command "sf" or "lv" or even "ls" when I'm in a car, I never teleport, but when I'm standing I doo teleport, soo how to do a teleportation with a car that worked when im in car and when im on foot, and i want to add a timer when i say "ls" and on the screen shows "3 seconds until a teleportation", and when hit by a player or a car, stop it by 1 sec and continue it. commando = { } laikas = 5000 function Tele( playerSource ) if (commando[playerSource]) then end setElementPosition(playerSource, 1518.88757, -1668.16504, 13.54688) commando[playerSource] = true setTimer( function() commando[playerSource] = false end, laikas, 1) end addCommandHandler( "ls",Tele) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function Tele( playerSource ) if (commando[playerSource]) then end setElementPosition(playerSource, 2032.60022, 1343.41199, 10.82031) commando[playerSource] = true setTimer( function() commando[playerSource] = false end, laikas, 1) end addCommandHandler( "lv",Tele) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function Tele( playerSource ) if (commando[playerSource]) then end setElementPosition(playerSource, -2028.97644, 148.12634, 28.83594) commando[playerSource] = true setTimer( function() commando[playerSource] = false end, laikas, 1) end addCommandHandler( "sf",Tele) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. Hello I need a script that will automatically remove all unused and damaged cars from the map
  18. can anyone can make me MTA dayz car buying system? Like simple panel and 1 car, the rest I can handle myself PLS!!
  19. Hello everyone I want a script to my server but I don't write that. This script is a car_buy script. I think you can do this. What is my idea?: - The car's price is hover above the car. - The players can't damage the car as long as the car is parking. - And they don't get in the car as long as they don't buy that. That's all!