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Found 9 results

  1. Boa tarde gente, estou com um problema muito chato! Quando entro em algum servidor, funciona tudo normalmente, porém na maioria das vezes eu não consigo usar algumas funções do jogo/servidor, por exemplo o celular pois não aparece os escritos dos menus no jogo, apenas o layout... alguém já passou por isso? sabe como resolver? segue algumas fotos: https://ibb.co/2q7BBPM https://ibb.co/qmrGvQB https://ibb.co/2q7BBPM https://ibb.co/qmrGvQB Good afternoon guys, I have a very annoying problem! When I enter a server, everything works normally, but most of the time I am unable t
  2. I'm a screenwriter and I'm going crazy the images of the scripts / resources are disappearing and causing a long delay and sometimes I connect to another server and the street textures continue https://imgur.com/a/vIHcb6h https://imgur.com/a/vIHcb6h
  3. AJUDA PELO AMOR DE DEUS!! Bom, Nessas últimas semanas, meu mta começou a lagar exageradamente. Acabei fazendo algumas pesquisas em foruns e até no próprio Youtube sobre maneiras de conseguir Diminuir esses Lags, acabei tomando conta de mudar de Windows, ou seja, Voltei para o 7 (sabendo-se que estava no 10). Mas mesmo assim meus problemas continuaram, e antigamente com uma máquina bem inferior onde conseguia cerca de 27 e 30fps, fiz um bom upgrade e agora meu fps caiu para 8!?!? Uso a menor resolução, Gráficos baixos, Todos as configurações
  4. Hola, tengo un servidor DM, pero tengo muchos bugs, los scripts son hechos por un amigo mio, pero por el momento no puede ayudarme (somos de paises diferentes) necesito un scripter que me explique como o me ayude a solucionarlos, y quiero agregar funciones al userpanel y agregar cosas a la tienda, como raimbow color, shaders, premium y musica necesito ayuda porfavor, si cobran no importa,
  5. https://youtu.be/CpsFad7EK6k Watch the video were it shows the bugs for killing zombies without getting killed
  6. HEllO Everyone today i wanna report MTA SA staffs that MTA is NOt safe there are many bugs to be founded daily in MTA, last time i posted about speed bug from Default freeroam p Server ! Now i got another video that shows air kill bug from same server Default Freeroam P SERVER! first this was invited by ahmed mta who is global ban but later idk how players are Still using this till now, also many players in Default freeroam P are using Airkill ! so i have a proof video also hope Admins will take a action on the airkill bug ! https://youtu.be/kjiCOkQ5i8Y
  7. -DeLeTe-

    Plasticsgate1 Bug

    Hey guys, Recently I started to have a bug onto the (I think) loading of objects, especially when there are not a lot of objects around. It happened also to a friend of mine, and due to some actions (which he also doesn't know what made it), he succeeded in fixing it, so at least I can guarantee it is fixable. I can't find the proper words for explaining it, so you can check it out here: Thank you for helping out : )
  8. Big thanks to people that gave me ideas for creating this resource. Developped a mode where you can set/remove the hat, but in the real test, I've found this bug when aiming specific weapons that change your camera. Is there any event that can be called when player aims the weapon, in order to make the hat dissapear from screen? (serverside)
  9. Hello guys, my name is Unknown-Guy, I am staff of Nexus Games RPG. Nexus Games RPG which is still under development but we have completed the major part of work because we have a a smartphone, jobs, Shops etc but still there are a few bugs and a little work to do, and someone who can look for bugs for free. If you are a beginner developer, you still can help us by joining our team and remember we never would put pressure upon you and we will give you the sufficent time to do work. To contact me, please leave a post below or message me. Thanks Regards The Nexus Games Staff.
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