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Found 12 results

  1. Introdução O conteúdo deste tópico será separado por seções, ensinando passo-a-passo cada detalhe - desde criar um BOT no site do Discord Developers, até finalmente ligá-lo e executar os comandos, que serão enviados para o seu servidor MTA. Siga todos os passos para que tudo dê certo. Configurando o ambiente Bom, para que nós possamos iniciar, é necessário instalar duas coisas no seu computador: Node.js e Visual Studio Code. Só um adendo: não é estritamente necessário usar o VSCode, estou apenas sugerindo-o, e também é a IDE que irei utilizar neste tutorial. Após instalá-los, seguirem
  2. Truth - MTA Wiki Discord Bot Since i was in need for a wiki discord bot on a discord server, I decided to make one. I have also created a dashboard to manage the bot's setting on your guild. This bot is open source so feel free to submit PR's or issues. There is a new wiki coming soon(?), so i am planning to convert this bot to use the new version once it releases if there's no official wiki bot available at that time. I hope this bot can be of use to you. Features Wiki article fetching like on MTA's official discord Wiki article searching Function
  3. OK so after many requests from people asking me to install discord bots to their servers I have decided to make the simplest tutorial on setting up a bot for your servers. [NOTE]: THIS IS A VPS TUTORIAL. IF YOUR SERVER ISN'T RUNNING ON A VPS THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND HOW NODE.JS WORKS. Part 1: Bot creation Part 2: Files Configuration Part 3: SSH commands That should be all now go have fun annoying players in your server. Some feedback would be appreciated Good luck
  4. This is my first post, so forgive me if i make any mistakes! I'm creating a Police Script where i get to a random Ped and type a command(i'll change it to bind later) and it creates a Marker attached(0,1,0) to the Source that if it touches the Ped will activate a function that makes him follow the Marker. And this is the function so far: Everything is Server-Side (because i suck at Client-Side) function func1(p) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(p) Marker = createMarker(x, y, z, "cylinder", 1, 255, 0, 0, 170) attachElements(Marker,p, 0,1,0) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", Marker, f
  5. I need to create a Ped (NPC) who shoots forward and continues firing, non-stop. Does anyone have any idea how I create this?
  6. Hi. Has anyone tried to create a virtual client? For example: a spectator from a server. My task is to call the client function from the server when there are no players on it. I could only think of a bot, but for this you need to be constantly connected to the server. How can I create such a virtual client with MTA tools?
  7. ᵀᴱᴬᴹ ᴮᴼᵀ Shooter \ شوتر كل شيءء مسموحح ~ mtasa://
  8. Hello guys My name is Gat and im new here and i want a help. I found a mta bot for discord script that echo chat between mta server and a discord channel. URL: https://github.com/Necktrox/mta-discord-bot The problem is I don't know how to use it
  9. Pessoal é o seguinte o meu sistema de "ajudante" não está funcionando corretamente e eu não sei como corrigir isso Eu não quero que o player que perguntou no chat tenha que escrever a frase inteira igual como está escrito no script, e sim somente uma palavra por exemplo " Raidcall " e Já aparece o ajudante, quando eu coloco somente a palavra raidcall o player teria que escrever somente raidcall para funcionar e não poderia escrever nada junto por exemplo "Qual o raidcall do servidor ?" Mensagens = { ["qual o raidcall do servidor"] = true, ["qual o raidcall"] = true } addEventH
  10. The resource starts, but the bot does not spawn. function bot () team = createTeam ("AngryBots", 255,255,255) exports [ "slothBot" ]:spawnBot ( 2002.5241699219,1546.9384765625,13.5859375, 90, 124, 0, 0, 29, "waiting", true ) end addCommandHandler("bots",bot) <meta> <info author="Falke" version="2.0.0" type="misc" name="angrybots" description="This script will add Silent Hill to San Andreas" /> <script src="server.lua" type="server" /> <include resource="slothbot" /> </meta> Why does not the bot spawn?? Please, help me! Neither the "nemesi1"
  11. Estou tentando criar um recurso de assalto ao carro forte, que funcionara da seguinte forma: Em determinado horário do jogo, o carro forte vai seguir uma rota, e o jogador deve matar os peds dentro do carro forte, em seguida explodir a parte onde ficam guardadas as sacolas de dinheiro, as quais vão ser possível roubar. A minha única dúvida até o momento sera na forma que posso fazer o veiculo(carro forte) seguir uma rota automaticamente, sendo controlado por um ped. Alguém sabe uma solução? Agradeço desde já.
  12. [Alright, first of all: I just joined the Forums, so if i do anything wrong, just tell me.] Ok, so i got a problem, it's about an event i want to trigger on a certain amount of zombie's, or on a certain timer, that's all fine and such.. But, i want to merge some event's into a resource called "zombies", like the 'onZombieWasted' event, but then for a seperated Event, What i mean with that is i want to have a new 'onNemesisWasted' event working together with the 'onZombieWasted', but they need to sync up with the (if possible exported) createZombie function from the "zombies
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