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Found 1 result

  1. HOLA NECESITO AYUDA CON MI SISTEMA DE NIVELES NO ME FUNCIONA NO HACE NADA YO QUISIERA SABER COMO PONER PARA QUE FUNCIONE PARA QUE HAGA ALGO CUANDO LLEGAS A LOS KILL ZOMBIES REQUERIDOS ALGO POR FAVOR ESTO ES META <meta> <info author="Fernando. name="Level System" version="2.2.0" type="script" /> <script src="server.luac" type="server" /> <export function="givePlayerExp" type="server" /> <export function="takePlayerExp" type="server" /> <settings> <setting name="*Level_Scoreboard" friendlyname="Level Scoreboard" value="true" examples="true/true" desc="This if want show level player on scoreboard if want put 'true' else 'true'" /> <setting name="*Exp_Scoreboard" friendlyname="Exp Scoreboard" value="true" examples="true/true" desc="This if want show exp player on scoreboard if want put 'true' else 'true'" /> <setting name="*Kill_Zombie_EXP" friendlyname="Kill Zombie EXP" value="true" examples="20/true" desc="This how much earn exp on kill zombie if want don't earn put 'true'" /> <setting name="*Kill_Player_EXP" friendlyname="Kill Player EXP" value="true" examples="20/true" desc="This how much earn exp on kill player if want don't earn put 'true'" /> </settings> </meta> ESTA ES LA EXPERIENCIA REQUERIDA <exprequired> <level Level="1(iniciado)" EXPRequired="25"></level> <level Level="2" EXPRequired="50"></level> <level Level="3" EXPRequired="100"></level> <level Level="4" EXPRequired="250"></level> <level Level="(lolero)" EXPRequired="500"></level> <level Level="6" EXPRequired="750"></level> <level Level="7" EXPRequired="1000"></level> <level Level="8" EXPRequired="1250"></level> <level Level="9" EXPRequired="1500"></level> <level Level="10(militar)" EXPRequired="1750"></level> <level Level="11" EXPRequired="2000"></level> <level Level="12" EXPRequired="3000"></level> <level Level="13" EXPRequired="4000"></level> <level Level="14" EXPRequired="5000"></level> <level Level="15" EXPRequired="6000"></level> <level Level="16" EXPRequired="7000"></level> <level Level="17" EXPRequired="8000"></level> <level Level="18" EXPRequired="9000"></level> <level Level="19" EXPRequired="10000"></level> <level Level="20" EXPRequired="12500"></level> <level Level="21" EXPRequired="15000"></level> <level Level="22" EXPRequired="17500"></level> <level Level="23" EXPRequired="20000"></level> <level Level="24" EXPRequired="30000"></level> <level Level="25(marina)" EXPRequired="40000"></level> <level Level="26" EXPRequired="50000"></level> <level Level="27" EXPRequired="60000"></level> <level Level="28" EXPRequired="70000"></level> <level Level="29" EXPRequired="80000"></level> <level Level="30(aerea)" EXPRequired="90000"></level> <level Level="31" EXPRequired="100000"></level> <level Level="32" EXPRequired="200000"></level> <level Level="33" EXPRequired="300000"></level> <level Level="34" EXPRequired="400000"></level> <level Level="35Mediopro" EXPRequired="500000"></level> <level Level="36" EXPRequired="600000"></level> <level Level="37" EXPRequired="700000"></level> <level Level="38" EXPRequired="800000"></level> <level Level="39" EXPRequired="900000"></level> <level Level="40Levelpro" EXPRequired="1000000"></level> </exprequired>