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Found 5 results

  1. Hello forums! to the current script: I created a boat (vehicle) and attached a pirateship to it. On the pirateship there are some doors attached. I'm using following function to interact with the objects: addEvent("onPlayerInteraction", true) addEventHandler("onPlayerInteraction", server.root, function() local nearest = getNearest(source, "object", 5) -- is working if (nearest) then outputChatBox("object found", source) local id = getElementData(nearest, "action") if (id) then local action = server.actions[id] action(source, nearest) outputChatB
  2. Eae pessoal. Bom, hoje trago um novo problema com objetos anexados. Estou criando um script que cria e movimenta um guindaste localizado nas docas de SF (lá onde faz exportação/importação de veículos). Para criar esse guindaste, eu criei 6 objetos e anexei eles da seguinte maneira: guindasteBase (criado normalmente na posição e rotação correta, não está anexado em nenhum objeto) guindasteMiddle (anexado no guindasteBase, sem nenhum offset) guindasteTop (anexado no guindasteBase com offset de x = 0, y = -3.2, z = 19) guindasteSupport (anexado no guindasteTop c
  3. Working on a First Person Shooter gamemode, and i found a bug. The event onClientPreRender causes some delay at attachElements. Can somebody reproduce attachElements maths for me?
  4. Hello, i need help i tried to attach a 3d sound to a slothbot ped but it doesn't work, the ped works nice and everything but the sound is not attached to him. Server side script: triggerClientEvent ( "JasonSoundClientEvent", root, jasonbot ) Client side script: addEvent("JasonSoundClientEvent", true) addEventHandler("JasonSoundClientEvent", root, function ( ped ) local jasonsound = playSound3D("sounds/jasonsound.mp3", -1633.8134765625, -2234.517578125, 31.4765625, true) setSoundMaxDistance( jasonsound, 50 ) setSoundEffectEnabled(jasonsound, echo, true) setSoundVolu
  5. Everythink is working in the code, only the rotating not. When i press mouse1 then the weapons and the object will be created but its not rotating. This rotating function makes possible to rotate the object called "object3" to that direction where the "misc_a" (vehicle component) and the "misc_c" (vehicle component) is rotating at. The problem is that its not rotating the object. I hope you can help me again. Thanks in advance! client object3 = {}; mg1 = {}; mg2 = {}; addEvent ( 'fire_mg',true ); addEventHandler ( 'fire_mg',root, function ( aVehicle,aX,aY,aZ ) if aVehi
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