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Found 12 results

  1. Buenas, tengo un problema que me está volviendo loco: Hace días subí un script mío a un servidor, se trata de conducir una furgoneta con un blip pegado al mismo. Todo funcionaba correctamente hasta que ayer en una modificación tuve que reiniciar el script dentro del mismo servidor ( tenemos un editor de código), y al reiniciarlo, el blip se crea junto con el camión pero el BLIP no se pega al vehículo, el attach no funciona. Hay otro script mío parecido también subido y ese si trabaja bien, sólo tengo ese problema con este, y no entiendo nada porque sólo cambie unas coordenadas
  2. I want attach images to my message in default mta chat with a word, but i dont know how to attach the image to the message.. Anyone can help, and show me a example?
  3. Hello! I need to use attachElements with an object in a player's gun, but from what I noticed the player's weapon is not recognized as "element". Code: function customM4(source) if getPedWeapon(source) == 31 then local gunModel = createObject(1487, 1, 2, 3) attachElements(gunModel, getPedWeapon(source)) end end addCommandHandler("m4skin", customM4)
  4. Hello forums! to the current script: I created a boat (vehicle) and attached a pirateship to it. On the pirateship there are some doors attached. I'm using following function to interact with the objects: addEvent("onPlayerInteraction", true) addEventHandler("onPlayerInteraction", server.root, function() local nearest = getNearest(source, "object", 5) -- is working if (nearest) then outputChatBox("object found", source) local id = getElementData(nearest, "action") if (id) then local action = server.actions[id] action(source, nearest) outputChatB
  5. What I wanted to do, was that the user to buy a certain accessory color and object, that is saved and at the beginning, not only can see it, but also can see others. Server: function Cortina1(paintjobID, color) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle( client ) local player = client if ( vehicle ) then local pos = {getElementPosition( vehicle )} Cortinapuesta = createObject( 1000, pos[1], pos[2], pos[3] ) attachElements( Cortinapuesta, vehicle, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 ) triggerClientEvent (root, "setShader", resourceRoot, paintjobID, color) end end addEvent("PonerCo
  6. Dear staff, when I post on this forum, I usually need to attach images. Now I'm using an external webserver where host them, but I want to store them in this forum engine. Is it possible? And how? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm in search for a component/library having positioning controls like on the pic shown. Here's a samp's "Attached object editor" screenshot, but I've seen the same solutions being 100% lua-implemented on several MTA (many of them were not that "professionally built") servers, this "editor mode" looked the same everywhere, so I guess there could be an open-source issue.
  8. Working on a First Person Shooter gamemode, and i found a bug. The event onClientPreRender causes some delay at attachElements. Can somebody reproduce attachElements maths for me?
  9. Hello, guys. It is possible to create effect and attach it to player/ped? This code doesn't works, may be I doing something wrong? addCommandHandler('eff1', function() local eff local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) eff = createEffect('fire', x, y, z, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0) setElementInterior(eff, getElementInterior(localPlayer)) attachElements(eff, localPlayer) end) Please help
  10. i want attach to the train what i drive, but how?
  11. Hey, guys! I need some help, please! I have a Rust server for MTA:SA, but there is lagging FPS a lot for all players and I think bone attach is the problem cause a lot of errors are appearing on debugscript like dup1055x Errors: http://prnt.sc/drdrf8 (IT DOESN'T STOP, IT'S LIKE A INFINITE LOOP!) This is my bone_attach_c file function sendReadyMessage() triggerServerEvent("boneAttach_requestAttachmentData",root) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot,sendReadyMessage) function getAttachmentData(ped,bone,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) for element,att_ped in pairs(ped) do se
  12. Everythink is working in the code, only the rotating not. When i press mouse1 then the weapons and the object will be created but its not rotating. This rotating function makes possible to rotate the object called "object3" to that direction where the "misc_a" (vehicle component) and the "misc_c" (vehicle component) is rotating at. The problem is that its not rotating the object. I hope you can help me again. Thanks in advance! client object3 = {}; mg1 = {}; mg2 = {}; addEvent ( 'fire_mg',true ); addEventHandler ( 'fire_mg',root, function ( aVehicle,aX,aY,aZ ) if aVehi
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