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Found 8 results

  1. Eu queria saber como criar uma array de vários comandos e chamar eles no AddCommandHandler, tentei fazer assim cmd = { "cmd1", "cmd2", "cmd3", } e chamar usando addCommandHandler(#cmd, nomeDaFuncao) a função não me retornou nenhum erro porém simplesmente não consigo executar nenhum comando que coloquei acima...
  2. function upLevel (thePlayer) for i,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if ( player ) then if ( getPlayerAccount(player) ) and not ( isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(player)) ) then setElementData(player,"minutes",(getElementData(player,"minutes") or 0) +1) if ( getElementData(player,"minutes") > 60 ) then setElementData(player,"minutes",0) setElementData(player,"Level",(getElementData(player,"Level") or 0) +1) local bonus = math.random(650,1200)
  3. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة كنت اتمني ان اقوم بعمل مود بسيط واود مساعدتكم في تصميمة انا اود ان افعل سكربت صغير عبارة عن عند كتابت امر up علي سبيل المثال يقوم بحمل الاعب الذي يقوم بكتابت اسمة والاعب المحمول يقوم بعمل انيماشن معين هل بامكانكم مساعدتي؟
  4. Eu novamente aqui skkssk, Então meus irmãos, é um script que baixei do site original do mta, muitos devem conhece-l, é o script de danças do fortnite! Mais assim, parece que ele nao esta configurado e eu meio que nao entendo sobre arquivos ifp de dança, o author desse script, colocou um exemplo nele, que quando troca de nick exibe a animação e realmente apaguei os -- e funcionou, eu ate entendi, o script vem com 13 danças, porem nao estou conseguindo configurar! server.lua function setPedFortniteAnimation (ped,animation,tiempo,repetir,mover,interrumpible) if (type(animation)
  5. السلام عليكم , قمت بصناعة مود مكون من Tap1 - Tap2 طبعاً لكل تاب : Variable كيف أستطيع اضافة addCommandHandler لفتح اللوحة بأكملها؟ " All Taps " هل بأضافة فاكشن؟ ألرجاء المساعدة بأسرع وقت اخوتي.
  6. Greetings, i am making a new script to chatBox, but i have some problem making a script to binds with my new chatBox. The user when want make the bind (example: /bind 4 drawLineInScreen colorR colorG colorB) i take the string drawLineInScreen, but when i want make te bind using bindKey, there are 2 options. option 1 bool bindKey ( player thePlayer, string key, string keyState, function handlerFunction, [ var arguments, ... ] ) option 2 bool bindKey ( player thePlayer, string key, string keyState, string commandName, [ string arguments ] ) In option 1 i ca
  7. (sry for my bad english) Hi everyone! In my script when I write the command into game chatbox (/makeveh "myID" "CarModelName" "Faction" "R, G, B") i get this Error message to server console: ERROR: mta_vehicle\sourceS.lua:263: attempt to compare boolean with number. The code is: addCommandHandler("makeveh", function(player, _, ownerID, modelID, faction, r, g, b) if getElementData(player, "acc:admin") >= 7 then <--LINE 263 if not modelID or not tonumber(ownerID) then outputChatBox(rovid .. " /makeveh [Név/ID] [Model] [Frakció] [R] [G] ", p
  8. Hello How can i make teleportation that counts to 3seconds and teleports you to San Fierro but if you get damage timer sets to 20seconds that you would not run from death i can't find it on wiki anything with teleportation with timer .Or if you can give link that explains how to do addcommandhandler script that teleports and counts like that Thanks
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