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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. 2019 is nearing to an end, so here is our traditional "A year in Recap" post for you. Below you can find the summary of what has happened this year - along with the current status of an entry (where applicable) and other things that might be interesting to you. 2019 in Recap Late January, we have refreshed our Forum Rules - we gave them a new look and rephrased a bunch of paragraphs to make them more clear and easier to follow. In May, we have decided to drop support for Windows XP and Vista in our future releases. These op
  2. Hi there. The Winter Holidays are here, so as usual we have got a new recap and status update post for you. Here is the summary of what has happened this year. 2018 in Recap We made efforts towards the new release through the first half of the year, so there was not much to talk about. There was an incompatibility issue with the 360 Total Security software which we advised you about and later in the year, there was a similar issue with McAfee. Late July, we have asked you about your thoughts about refreshing the community.mtasa.com portal
  3. Hello. Another year is coming to an end, so that means that just like the last year, we have got a new recap and status update post for you. For now, lets summarise all the interesting things that happened this year. 2017 in Recap Late April, we have released Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.4. The release introduced an important change and extra security features for server owners, as well as some bugfixes. Around the same time, we have announced a public launch of our Discord server in order to improve communication with our player base. Since then, ove
  4. Hi there. Oh, what is that? The holidays are here again? Yep, it looks like they are, so that means the usual stuff. We are going to give you guys & gals a heads up on what has been happening in MTA's world this whole year. And if you are one of those well informed types who does not need a recap, you still might want to give this post a read, as there will be more than that later on! 2016 in Recap Near the end of January, we released a bugfix release for MTA:SA 1.5.x - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.2. Among a few other things, that version had and improved the
  5. Howdy. Just as you folks are preparing for the Holidays and New Year's festivities, we have a new status update for you. Following the tradition from last year, we are going to give you a brief summary of what had happened this year in the Multi Theft Auto community, along with other goodies. 2015 in Recap Shortly after the start of 2015, the new version of the mod was released - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.4.1. This release focused on fixing various issues present in the original release, but also improved compatibility with the Steam version of GTASA. Which, by the way, is on
  6. The end of the year is near, so it is time for a little progress update for you guys. We are working hard towards our next release, but for now, let's recap the most important things that happened this year: We had released a point update for the MTA:SA 1.3 series - 1.3.5 in February, which fixed several issues present in the mod. Few months later, after a long development time we had finally released the MTA:SA 1.4 at the end of July. This release, aside from bug fixes, brought you some fantastic and long-time requested features such as Lua OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), user
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