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Found 1 result

  1. So hello everyone it's me, Lopex, once again! Today I have thought of something new I can try to make! It's a mower job! The idea is that a player goes to some mowers that would be spawner in Glen Park, then get on them and have a option like /startmowing in chat, then when they do such command they get told in chat to start driving around, and as they drive around Glen Park they would have a little bar on their screen that fills up and when it's full it goes away and gives you some money! So steps that I believe will be required: Spawn the vehicle via spawnVehicle (coords, rotation) After spawning the vehicle we check if the player is in that vehicle If it's a mower then you get the option in chat, if not then nothing After player does the certain command they start mowing and are required to drive around. It displays a little bar that fills up as they drive When set bar is full, they recieve a certain amount of money! (Doesn't get affected by speed or vehicle hp!!!) Displays the option to start mowing again. So.. The thing I am confused about is weather to use spawnVehicle or createVehicle... Like what is the difference? I want the mower to be there all the time, not by set event, so mabey we want to do onResourceStart ? Or can we just do a cmd like spawnVehicle or createVehicle alone, without any event or anything, just at the top of the script? Also I got confused by one more thing.. If let's say I do something like: function spawnMower(--what do I place here?) --And I don't mean only on the event "onResourceStart" I mean like overall what do I place there? addEventHandler(onResourceStart, getRootElement(), spawnMower) As I say it there... What do I place in those () brackets? Does it work like: Since I have onResourceStart (Which doesn't have any arguments) I don't need to place anything there? But if it let's say had something with like 2 arguments, then I need to place those there? Someone please help me out with my questions and remember! THE AIM IS FOR ME TO LEARN NOT TO GET A FINISHED SCRIPT FAST! I will make a mini-script as far as I think I can take it. When I get home that is. Thanks for all your patience to read this and thanks if you replied in any, shape or form!