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Found 197 results

  1. necesito ayuda como poner, varios tipos de armas con direfentes daños en mi servidor de mta poorfavooooooooor!!!
  2. Hi guys! I just tried out the external http file download stuff. And i constantly get: DIAGNOSTIC: [N'C]dugasz1 #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [spawn\spawn_c.lua] But they are the same. I'm using AWS CloudFront. So, i don't know is it the server even find it? Maybe the redirections mess things up? I added ContentType: application/octet-stream and i checked it with chrome and postman and it is there. So any idea?
  3. Hola. Les vengo a recomendar un servidor RolePlayGame (RPG) SANG:RPG IP: mtasa:// FORO: STAFF El equipo STAFF Actualmente esta compuesto por dos jugadores, Podrás encontrarlos en el juego como: SANG>Funs SANG>Rucio SANG>Juan SANG>Moises CONTENIDO En SANG:RPG podrás encontrar una gran cantidad de contenido, como los siguientes Civiles Camionero: Deberás llevar tus Trailes a distintas zonas de San Andreas, La cantidad de dinero Varia según: La lejanía desde donde te encuentres y si la carga es Legal o No. Piloto: Al spawnear de Piloto deberás transportar tu avión a diferentes Aeropuertos en San Andreas, Nuevamente la ganancia de dinero variara dependiendo la lejanía, pero No ganaras estrellas. Mecánico: Tu deber es reparar los vehículos, Los jugadores solicitaran tu ayuda a través del chat. (Hay aun mas trabajos de civil, solo que estos se están modificando u desarrollando, Los podrás encontrar dentro del juego pero no tendrán impacto sobre ti) Criminales Vendedor de armas: Si quieres conseguir dinero de una forma independiente al Houserob (Robo de Casa) Puedes usar el comando /Vender, Distintos criminales o civiles compraran Armamento para Defensa de los Policías. Vendedor de droga: Para vender droga se utiliza nuevamente el comando /Vender, Cada droga tiene su efecto y su precio. Podrás usar Algunas drogas para tu beneficio y otras podrán afectar a tu desempeño como criminal. Ladrón: Con tu arma recibida al spawnear podrás asaltar a distintos jugadores de distintos roles, Sacando le una significante cantidad de dinero, mientras mas "apuntes" con tu arma mas dinero le arrebataras al otro jugador. (Podrás encontrar mas trabajos de criminal dentro del servidor, entra y encuentralos) Policías Hay un una gran variación de policías como, Policía oficial, Policía de transito, Sheriff, Jefe de policía, etc. Pero tu principal objetivo es impedir a los criminales que roben casas, maten, asalten o vendan u compren mercancías ilegales. Con tus elementos dados en el spawn (Tazer, Porra y escopeta) Deberás arrestar a los criminales y civiles que lleven con sigo Estrellas. La cantidad de estrellas que tenga el arrestado influirá en tus ganancias (ejemplo: 46 estrellas son equivalentes a $46.000) Recomendacion Si estas en una persecución fuera de vehículos y el perseguido esta muy alejado de ti y sigue corriendo, aturdelo con la escopeta, esto ocasionara que pare de correr durante unos segundos, Cuando lo tengas mas cerca utiliza tu Tazer para electrocutarlo, Esto hará que caiga por unos segundos. Luego de este proceso cuando lo tengas en tu lugar utiliza la porra, golpealo con esta, así lo mandaras directo a prición. Gangs Son una variante de los criminales, estos estarán mas armados y con mejor equipacion que un criminal normal. Si quieres crear el tuyo utiliza el comando /create e introduce el nombre que llevara. Squads Los Squads o Escuadrones son una variante mejorada de la policía, actualmente no hay Squad operando, si quieres crear un escuadrón utiliza el comando /create y el nombre de este Compañías Estas son una variante de los civiles, con mas herramientas. Si quieres crear una nuevamente utiliza el comando /create y el nombre Fuerzas Élite Esta es una fuerza bélica fuertemente armada encargada de combatir a la fuerza terrorista "Atlant Terrorist" Atlant Terrorist Como se menciono antes, esta es una fuerza terrorista cuyo objetivo es atacar a las fuerzas elite. Gobierno Se encarga de establecer reglas en distintas ciudades de San Andreas, Esta conformado por: Presidente: Es el mayor cargo político, este creara las reglas principales. Vicepresidente: Se encarga de ayudar al presidente para crear nuevas leyes. Alcaldes Las principales ciudades (Los santos, Las venturas y San fierro) Tienen un alcalde al cual se encarga de tomar la decisión de si su ciudad permitirá las leyes creadas por el presidente. Esto y mucho mas en SANG:RPG, Te esperamos hay junto a los jugadores y el equipo STAFF, seras muy Bienvenido. Únete a nuestro grupo de Facebook: SANG:RPG Original. Link: Si te quedo alguna duda antes de entrar puedes contactar con el administrador a través de la red social "Facebook" . Te dará un buen y respetuoso servicio. Contacto:
  4. Hello! I have a server and lot of player complaining, because the bullet sync is bad. If i have little FPS, other players can't kill me. (very difficult) How can i fix that problem? Whit this MTA settings, maybe? - bullet_sync - player_sync_interval - ped_syncer_distance - latency_reduction What is the best settings?
  5. Summer is over, but fear not, we have got a new release for you - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.5! This release is focused on bugfixes (most notably, some popular crashes were fixed with help from @Dutchman101 - eg. this one, code cleanups and under-the-hood improvements for developers (migration to a Docker-based environment and support for VS2017 and GCC-6). It may look like it is not much of an update, but the amount of such smaller changes should be a good incentive to update. In other news, we have enabled some additional forum account security features for your convenience - namely a possibility to set a security question(s) for the account and support for Authy and Google Authenticator two-factor authentication. You can enable them in your Account Security settings. Release Highlights updated CEF elements and fixed red/blue color swap issue with Intel VGAs added 'localhost' to the hardcoded CEF whitelist modified launch patcher to work with more exe variants added black outline option for chat text fixed #4166 ("Engine Sounds of other Helicopters and planes missing unless you get in a Helicopter or plane.") fixed #9681 ("Unable to hear proper engine sounds when sitting in car as passenger") fixed #3944 ("Radio titles do not always show.") fixed #8590 ("createEffect with some effects places it's sfx sounds to position 0,0,0") added guiGetCursorType(), isResourceArchived(), getDevelopmentMode(), setDevelopmentMode() (used to be client-only, now it's also server-side), debugSleep(), setVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition(), getVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition() improved client connections through firewalls fixed FOV setting not updating censored onClientConsole for login command potentially fixed crouchbug resource pack: various changes in admin, editor, freeroam, headshot, ipb, joinquit, killmessages, play, and realdriveby ... plus more! A complete list of changes can be found here (recommended read) and here (incomplete, from r11302 upwards). List of changes to the resource pack can be found here (starting from and including Apr 22, 2016 upwards). Want to download MTA:SA 1.5.5? Click here to download the build for Win 7+. Looking for a legacy build for XP/Vista? You can download it here. Or you can click here to go to our home page. Once there, click the Download button at the top center of the page, then choose your build and you are set. Linux server packages are also available. This release is backwards compatible with other 1.5-based builds (1.5.4, 1.5.3, 1.5.2, 1.5.1 and 1.5). However if you still use these versions, why not upgrade to the newest one? It works just as good, or even better. Community credits for this release: AboShanab, Arran, CrosRoad95, Dezash, Dutchman101, emre1702, Gothem, lopezloo, Necktrox, qaisjp, Sergeanur, ZReC ^ Have you contributed to MTA:SA 1.5.5's source code/resources pack but were not mentioned in the above list (or maybe you would like to modify your entry above eg. change your nickname or add a link to your Twitter/Github)? PM @jhxp with a link to your contribution (for missing entries only) and you will be added ASAP ^ See y'all. -- MTA Team
  6. Hello guys, I know how hard it is today to create a working MTA 0.5 server in linux environments, so I've created a docker image, which is very easy to use. It is on docker hub: I've also started a dedicated server in EU Frankfurt: I'm also planning to create a simple web-based server browser, stay tuned.
  7. hello there im asking for a mod i need a timer and when this timer ends all players spawned on plane and then after a 10 seconds they can press X button to jump! actully like battlegrounds or they call it PUBG ty.
  8. The resource starts, but the bot does not spawn. function bot () team = createTeam ("AngryBots", 255,255,255) exports [ "slothBot" ]:spawnBot ( 2002.5241699219,1546.9384765625,13.5859375, 90, 124, 0, 0, 29, "waiting", true ) end addCommandHandler("bots",bot) <meta> <info author="Falke" version="2.0.0" type="misc" name="angrybots" description="This script will add Silent Hill to San Andreas" /> <script src="server.lua" type="server" /> <include resource="slothbot" /> </meta> Why does not the bot spawn?? Please, help me! Neither the "nemesi1" script is working now (it worked when i played MTA years ago...). I don't know what is happening ;-; *nemesi1:
  9. Oh, hi there! Today im gonna post about a website i've created, UnitedServers. UnitedServers is a website which focuses on offering a serverlist for multiple multiplayer games on just one website. It's still under heavy development, new features are being added and bugs are getting fished out everyday. But it's ready to give it a test-drive. Some of the features we provide: Currently we have 11 multiplayer games in our library. A good-looking website, not only for the visitors, but also "behind the scenes". ( we dislike spaghetti code ). A small moderator team which are 24/7 busy smashing and fighting with their ban-hammers to keep :~posts outside. Just kidding, but they are there! Planned features: API's for multiple games so you can provide more server information on your page. Finishing the spotlight features *1 A page where users can submit a game-request if they're missing a game in our library. *1: For five Euro's you'll give your server-rank a boost more powerful than a rocket launcher. You'll get a verified status for two weeks and a 50+ vote boost. Also your server page will unlock premium features such as a place for you server video, a mvp option*2 and more! *2 most valuable player, your players deserve a place in the spotlights too ;). Alright, i hope this is just enough information! Tips and advice is welcome, please mail them to us at: URL:
  10. Indep

    Opening ports

    Hey there! I was planning on making a server. It all went smooth, until I had to "openports." When I did it, UDP ports 22003 and 22126 were closed, while only TCP 22005 is open. I have static IP address, added all ports in my router and added them to my antivirus and firewall. None of them worked, so I went on to read tutorials about it, but all of them were about things I already done. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. We all know that cheaters and hackers are not people you want on your server, or on any server for that matter. In order to prevent these people who get banned on one server for cheating, hacking (or just being a dickhead) from joining another server and doing the exact same, ruining the game for other players I have developed Bansync. Bansync is a way for a server owner to both contribute, and profit from a ban database, somewhat similar to how VAC works. Where getting banned from one server would mean you get banned from others as well. Anyone can sign up to join bansync as a server, and contribute to the database. And as a server owner you will be able to specify per server what types of bans you want to enforce on your server. ( See screenshot in spoiler below) Besides just being a ban database, it's also a platform for people to appeal their bans which were handed out using bansync. When an appeal is accepted the ban is automatically lifted and the player will be able to play on any servers enforcing bansync. Bansync runs as a website at , once you sign up for a server account you will have information on how to implement bansync available on your admin dashboard. I welcome any questions, and encourage you to browse the website, it contains a more detailed and in depth explanation of the project. I would also like to ask for anyone who is interested and owns a server, or plays on a server which you think should be hacker free, to implement this, or ask the developers to implement bansync. This way we can make the MTA community just a bit nicer for everyone. Screenshots:
  12. Hi .. I'm wondering about the server side and the client side, what's the difference between them in code ? for my case, I am using bone_attach mod and attached a case to the localPlayer, whats the difference if I wrote it in client side, or server side ? will it show up to the people If I attached it in the client side ?, Please provide me with information as much as possible. Thanks in Advance
  13. ミ★®╚»[ɓʀ] ɱѳC ɦɛʆʆ «╝™ • ѵɛɳɦɑ cѳɳɦɛcɛʀ ѳ ɳѳรรѳ ɳѳѵѳ รɛʀѵiɗѳʀ ɗɛ ʀPG! 》Tɛɱѳร《 • รiรtɛɱɑ ɗɛ cɑรɑร ( ѵѳcê pѳɗɛ tɛʀ ɑ cɑรɑ quɛ quiรɛʀ ) • Cɑʀʀѳร ( ɓʀɑรiʆɛiʀѳร ɛ iɱpѳʀtɑɗѳร ) • รiรtɛɱɑ ѵIP • ѵáʀiѳร ʆѳcɑiร ɗɛ ʀѳuɓѳ • ɗiѵɛʀรѳร ɱѳɗ'ร • Բɑѵɛʆɑร • Tʀɑɓɑʆɦѳร 》ɛรtɑɱѳร ɑcɛitɑɳɗѳ รugɛรtõɛร, ɗê ɑ รuɑ!《 • Cѳʀpѳʀɑçõɛร ( ʀѳTɑ, ԲѳʀÇɑ TÁTICɑ, ɓѳPɛ ) •Gɑɳguɛร ( PCC, Cѳɱɑɳɗѳ ѵɛʀɱɛʆɦѳ, WѳʆC'$ ) 》ѳɓรɛʀѵɑÇÕɛร《 • Pɑʀɑ cʀiɑʀ uɱɑ ɳѳѵɑ Gɑɳguɛ é ɳɛcɛรรáʀiѳ 5 pʆɑyɛʀร! • Pɑʀɑ cʀiɑʀ uɱɑ ɳѳѵɑ Cѳʀpѳʀɑçãѳ é ɳɛcɛรรáʀiѳ 5 pʆɑyɛʀร! ■ ѵɛɳɦɑ Բɑzɛʀ pɑʀtɛ ɗɛรรɑ Բɑɱíʆiɑ! *IP:*mtasa:// *Tɛɑɱ รPɛɑK:* ■ ɛɳtʀɛ ɛɱ ɳѳรรѳ gʀupѳ ɛ Բiquɛ pѳʀ ɗɛɳtʀѳ ɗɛ tuɗѳ quɛ ɑcѳɳtɛcɛ ɳѳ ɳѳรรѳ รɛʀѵiɗѳʀ: (★彡 IP: mtasa:// Tɛɑɱ รPɛɑk3:
  14. Hello mta-sa Players , Today I’m here to introduce to you my server at this topic . The server opened 1 week ago for the first time , It’s a new server and as It’s shown in the subject It’s a Race server ( DM / DD / FUN ) , But most likely It’s a DM server. So, If you are searching for a quiet nice sever you found your needs, Our server made for fun only, It’s not a clan server. At the server you can play without lag because we’re trying everyday to make the server better than yesterday by improving and upgrading our server to better shape! You may ask yourself why should I play at that server? Good to you I thought about that , Because as I said there we will no lag as possible in our server , we have a lot of new maps in the server that you can enjoy playing it , Plus we have a nice user panel that u can buy the maps you like or want to play and you can make your own team from It to have your private chat with your friends and many other thing you can explore them by yourself , I have to mention this as well because It’s too important thing for many players that we don’t have abuser players ! (Whee)! Here’s the Server Details: Name: Fur || Fursan for Race DM IP: At Last, Thank you guys for reading this and thank you for your time, I hope to see you in the server and I hope that you guys can have fun at our server. Bye ,
  15. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته تم افتتاح سيرفر Multi Theft Auto Arabs في Discord هذا السيرفر يوجد له موقع ولكن لا يوجد له سيرفر Discord فتم انشاؤه المهم : رابط الانضمام الى Discord وشكرا
  16. hello, ive got a very old (2009 i guess) gamemode from a friend and it is very complicated since its functions in those codes are pretty old with no new features we have now in the latest mta version. thing is, ill need a developer to fix bugs, delete & add new things to the server. mostly just fix bugs, trying to update the whole code. as i said, its very old, complicated and a big mess. hope to get some replies from very very professional scripters. please let me know if youre interested in becoming a developer for my server. thanks for reading add me on discord if youre interested; lewz#1549
  17. Happy Spring Break! We have got a new release for you - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.4! This release includes security updates for the server that protect both you and us, so we recommend all server owners to upgrade as soon as possible - see the steps below for tips on that. Failure to do so may affect your server's visibility on the Master Server List in the ingame server browser. Aside from security fixes, there are some feature updates in this version for the client as well, so regular players are more than welcome to update. What do you need to do to upgrade your server properly Stop your server, then upgrade your server binaries like usual. You can also upgrade your server resources if you use any of the default MTA:SA ones. Start your server, and when it is running, stop your server again (This will step will ensure mtaserver.conf is upgraded) Edit your mtaserver.conf file, and find <owner_email_address> (it should be just below the <servername> parameter) and insert a valid e-mail address that we can use to contact you, should there be an issue with your server. This e-mail address IS NOT visible publicly and will only be used for means listed earlier. That is, only if those occur. Save the mtaserver.conf file, then start your server again. Release Highlights Authorized Serial Account Protection is now enabled by default. To put it simply, this feature prevents players from logging in to an account on the server if their serial differs from the serial associated with that account. Naturally, this feature is configurable so you can restrict it to specific account groups and you can authorize more than just one serial for a specific account. You can also disable this in the mtaserver.conf file if you are sure you do not need the feature. Database Credentials Protection is now enabled by default. passwordHash() & passwordVerify() can now be used to store and verify passwords securely and efficiently fetchRemote() now supports parallel downloads with the queue name parameter setWorldSpecialPropertyEnabled() now has settings for "sniper moon", "random foliage" and "extra air resistance" New scripting functions: get/setVehicleLODDistance() setElementDimension() now supports element omnipresence, which means that an element can be in all dimensions at once fixes for weapons/fists desync Corona markers should now have a correct attach offset position SQLite or MySQL no longer makes the server freeze if the connection is lost (#9520) Goggles no longer stay after player was killed (#9477) updates for CEF and other dependencies and redists fakelag command for testing sync issues fixes for some crashes and improvements for error handling for installation and startup issues removed max password length limit for server account passwords added server option to allow locally modified (gta3.img) vehicles added world special property "extraairresitance" to remove speed limiter on certain road sections (#7546) resource pack: various changes in acpanel, editor, freeroam, killmessages, playerblips, race and webbrowser ... plus more! A complete list of changes can be found here (recommended read) and here (incomplete, from r10623 upwards). List of changes to the resource pack can be found here (starting from and including Oct 29, 2016 upwards). Want to download MTA:SA 1.5.4? Click here to download the build for Win 7+. Looking for a legacy build for XP/Vista? You can download it here. Or you can click here to go to our home page. Once there, click the Download button at the top center of the page, then choose your build and you are set. Linux server packages are also available. This release is backwards compatible with the 1.5.3 (also 1.5.2, 1.5.1 and 1.5). If you use these versions, then you may as well upgrade to the newest one. Credits for this release: 4O4, Arran, Dutchman101, einheit-101, Fernando, lopezloo, Necktrox, next, Noki_, qaisjp, ZReC ^ (Have you contributed to MTA:SA 1.5.4's source code/resources pack but were not mentioned in the above list? PM @jhxp with a link to your contribution and you will be added ASAP) ^ Oh, and did you know that we have got our very own Discord server now? Click here for details on how to join our server. Take care. -- MTA Team
  18. Fui criar um servidor para jogar com amigos e fiz todos os passo como diz no site mas quando o cmd abriu deu nisso
  19. Hello all , After a work of about two and a half years His new dazzling hero RWS brings back your surreal simulator world .. returned to come back with creativity and excellence He returned to be at the top again .... The RWS crew announces the official launch of the server after it has been programmed with the best image, We could not complete it as required due to lack of programming staff so you may find some shortcomings We will continue to work to be the best * The server went out of the ordinary in several aspects and most important [design] .. It features an "exclusive and beautiful" * Different jobs are available to make money with ideas close to reality, so you can work as a policeman in the city to maintain security, or to drain to the countryside where it works as a farmer to plant various types of plants and then sell them, in addition to various functions such as the handler, the miner, lumber and truck driver. You will discover it yourself! * You can buy and sell easily. * Car shows are available for all types of vehicles. * Comprehensive control of vehicles in simple and smooth ways. * You can easily buy or rent homes. A sophisticated house system is available with exclusive ideas, and it is easy to control homes. * Gangs can now occupy areas where hostages are held away from the police and other gangs! * You can buy tickets for you and your friends from the city airport for trips. * When you do something contrary, you will be registered an issue that leads to your imprisonment for a certain period. * Hospitals are available and treatment will be available soon to diseases that may be caused by eating unhealthy food or otherwise! * You must maintain your health by eating food and drinking drinks And many more discovered through your visit to the server And this {a few of a few} of many ..! Much remains to be done. The server is under management Jafar Hussain.25 AL ~ SaYeD We are honored to visit you and hope you will be impressed IP: Here are some pictures of the windows inside the server Here is a simple video filmed by someone inside the server (sorry video in Arabic) Sorry if there are any language errors All Rights Reserved For RWS
  20. I need a scripter for my Roleplay server / server scripts %85 finished just have some small bugs. I want staff and scripter.Req: - Must know scripting.Contact : Forum: www.ngcmta.comSkype : candasnetwork Facebook:
  21. Hi guys, i know it is a dump question. But do we have a resource that can restrict the ping because it's too low. Actually it's too low that some maps when we change vehicles, it stucks with objects. Thanks so much. My gamemode is race so you know what i mean p/s: or something can delay the pickup :v
  22. Hi believe this rs what happens is that the effects are only seen on the side of the user osea client and the others can not see it I would like to help me to turn it server side x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) fx2 = createEffect("flame", x, y, z-1000) fx3 = createEffect("flame", x, y, z-1000) fx4 = createEffect("flame", x, y, z-1000) function fire() setEffectDensity(fx2, 2) setEffectSpeed(fx2, 1) setObjectScale ( fx2, 0.5) attachElements (fx,localPlayer, 0, 0, 5 ) setWeaponProperty(8, "damage", 100) end addCommandHandler("fire", fire) function disableMinigunOnSwitch ( player, prevSlot, newSlot ) if getPedWeapon(player(),newSlot) == 8 then --if the switched weapon is the minigun exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone(fx2,player,12,0,0,0.1,0,0,0) exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone(fx3,player,12,-1,0,0.1,0,0,0) exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone(fx4,player,12,-0.5,0,0.1,0,0,0) else --if it isnt the minigun exports.bone_attach:detachElementFromBone(fx) exports.bone_attach:detachElementFromBone(fx2) exports.bone_attach:detachElementFromBone(fx3) exports.bone_attach:detachElementFromBone(fx4) setElementPosition ( fx2, x, y, z-1000 ) setElementPosition ( fx3, x, y, z-1000 ) setElementPosition ( fx4, x, y, z-1000 ) end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerWeaponSwitch", getRootElement(), disableMinigunOnSwitch ) function stopMinigunDamage ( attacker, weapon, bodypart ) if ( weapon == 8 ) then --if the weapon used was the minigun createFire(x, y, z, 2) --cancel the event end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage", getLocalPlayer(), stopMinigunDamage )
  23. champ

    How to make server

    How to make a server in mta i wanna make please reply! on A gangwar server And scripts too
  24. السلام عليكم قررت ابيع السيرفر لأني بترك اللعبة للأبد كل شي عن السيرفر من مودات وحصريات وإضافات وسكربتات تجدوه بالرابط بالاسفل سبب البيع : الاعتزال وحرام سيرفر مثل ذا , يتقفل الي بيشتريه يكمل تعديله وترقيته الي الافضل ادخل وشيك ع الروم وعطيني سعرك من النهاية لاعلى سعر للتواصل سكايب : Colorado_bonday12 انستقرام : arabic_dayz واتمنى لكم ولي كامل التوفيق والنجاح
  25. Hola ando necesitando ayuda con un script, el mismo es el de la clasica Killcam ( pero le quise agregar una seguridad para cuando el jugador que recibe el disparo (Reciever) se desconecte, el mismo sea baneado. Pero no logro hacerlo, he hecho esto: Client (completo con mi codigo): function movecamera() x, y, z = getElementPosition(camobj) th, tj, tk = getElementPosition(tarobj) setCameraMatrix(x, y, z, th, tj, tk) end function shotfunc() if alpha <= 255 and alpha > 0 then alpha = alpha - 1 dxDrawText(text, 576, 544, 778, 601, tocolor(255, 200, 0, alpha), 2, "sans", "center", "top", false, false, false) end end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, shotfunc) text = " " alpha = 0 function goodguy1() dxDrawLine3D(th, tj, tk, th + (hx - th - (hx - th + 0.2)), tj + (hy - tj - (hy - tj + 0.2)), tk + (hz - tk - (hz - tk + 0.2)), tocolor(64, 64, 64, 255)) end function goodguy2() dxDrawLine3D(tv, tb, tn, tv + (hx - tv - (hx - tv + 0.2)), tb + (hy - tb - (hy - tb + 0.2)), tn + (hz - tn - (hz - tn + 0.2)), tocolor(64, 64, 64, 255)) end function movereciever() tv, tb, tn = getElementPosition(target) h, j, k = getElementPosition(localPlayer) setCameraMatrix(h + 5, j + 5, k + 5, tv, tb, tn) end function killcam(tz, tx, tc, hjx, hjy, hjz, bodypart, moving, reciever, weapon) addEventHandler ( "OnClientChatMessage", getRootElement(), function() cancelEvent() end ) addEventHandler ( "OnClientConsole", getRootElement(), function() cancelEvent() end ) setGameSpeed(0.05) camobj = createObject(327, tz + 2.5, tx + 2.5, tc + 2.5) tarobj = createObject(327, tz, tx, tc) setElementData(localPlayer,"killca",true) setElementAlpha(camobj, 0) setElementAlpha(tarobj, 0) moveObject(camobj, 4000, hjx + 5, hjy + 5, hjz + 5) if bodypart == 9 then moveObject(tarobj, 5000, hjx, hjy, hjz + 1) else moveObject(tarobj, 5000, hjx, hjy, hjz) end hx = hjx hy = hjy hz = hjz addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, movecamera) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, goodguy1) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerQuit", reciever, function () if getElementData(reciever,"killca") == true then playerToBan = getPlayerName(reciever) triggerServerEvent("banPlayer", getLocalPlayer(), playerToBan) end end) function killz() triggerServerEvent("onKillCamFinish", root, localPlayer, reciever, weapon) fxAddBlood(hjx, hjy, hjz, 0, 0, 0, 5, 1) setElementData(localPlayer,"killca",true) removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, goodguy1) setGameSpeed(0.2) end setTimer(killz, 5000, 1) if bodypart == 3 then if moving then text = "KILL EN MOVIMIENTO" else text = "KILL" end elseif bodypart == 4 then if moving then text = "Kill en movimiento! ¡Le diste en los testiculos a "..getPlayerName(reciever):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "").."" else text = "¡Le diste en los testiculos a "..getPlayerName(reciever):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "").."!" end elseif bodypart == 9 then if moving then text = "HEADSHOT en movimiento a "..getPlayerName(reciever):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "") else text = "HEADSHOT a "..getPlayerName(reciever):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "") end end function setnormalcam() removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, movecamera) setCameraTarget(localPlayer) destroyElement(camobj) setGameSpeed(1.2) setElementData(localPlayer,"killca",false) alpha = 255 end setTimer(setnormalcam, 6000, 1) end addEvent("onSniperHeadshot", true) addEventHandler("onSniperHeadshot", root, killcam) function recievehs(shx, shy, shz, hitx, hity, hitz) setGameSpeed(0.05) setElementData(localPlayer,"killca",true) target = createObject(327, shx, shy, shz) setElementAlpha(target, 0) moveObject(target, 5000, hitx, hity, hitz) hx = hitx hy = hity hz = hitz addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, movereciever) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, goodguy2) function gods() removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, goodguy2) setGameSpeed(0.2) setElementData(localPlayer,"killca",true) end setTimer(gods, 5000, 1) function endcam() removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, movereciever) destroyElement(target) setCameraTarget(localPlayer) setGameSpeed(1.2) setElementData(localPlayer,"killca",false) end setTimer(endcam, 6000, 1) end addEvent("onRecieveSniperHeadshot", true) addEventHandler("onRecieveSniperHeadshot", root, recievehs) function bloodhead(weapon, ammo, ammoclip, hx, hy, hz, hitelement, sx, sy, sz) if weapon == 34 then a = hx s = hy d = hz function bloods() fxAddBlood(a, s, d, 0, 0, 0, 5, 1) end setTimer(fxAddBlood, 3500, 1) end end addEventHandler("onClientWeaponFire", root, bloodhead) function godci () if getElementData(localPlayer,"killca") == true then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage",root,godci) Aqui solo el codigo que agregue yo para que entiendan mejor y no tengan que buscar: addEventHandler("onClientPlayerQuit", reciever, function () if getElementData(reciever,"killca") == true then playerToBan = getPlayerName(reciever) triggerServerEvent("banPlayer", getLocalPlayer(), playerToBan) end end) Server: function banPlr(who) local targetPlayer = getPlayerFromName ( who ) banPlayer(targetPlayer,false,false,true,root,"Salir de Killcam",14400) outputChatBox ( "#FE2E2E[LPM.KCProtection] "..who.."#FE2E2E ha sido baneado por salir de Killcam (4 horas).", root, 255, 0, 0, true ) outputDebugString ("Jugador "..who.." baneado correctamente por salir de Killcam.") end addEvent("banPlayer", true) addEventHandler("banPlayer", getRootElement(), banPlr) El otro server esta compilado por eso no lo agrego, pero la killcam funciona. El problema esta en el getPlayerFromName, cuando quiero banear al jugador dice que espera recibir el Player, pero recibe un boolean y no se por que, si yo le estoy pasando el string correctamente (ya que en el ChatBox y el DebugString se imprimen correctamente). Espero puedan ayudarme, muchas gracias