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Found 110 results

  1. Hello, i need help for my account system. I want to put a video for the background, but the video does not disappear when I log in. Can someone help me?
  2. function adminDutyStart() local result = mysql:query("SELECT id, name FROM factions WHERE type >= 2 ORDER BY id ASC") local max = mysql:query("SELECT id FROM duty_allowed ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 0, 1") if result and max then dutyAllow = { } dutyAllowChanges = { } i = 0 local maxrow = mysql:fetch_assoc(max) maxIndex = tonumber( or 0 while true do local row = mysql:fetch_assoc(result) if not row then break end table.insert(dutyAllow, {,, { --[[Duty information]] } }) i = i+1 local result1 = mysql:query("SELECT * FROM duty_allowed WHERE faction="..tonumber( if result1 then while true do local row1 = mysql:fetch_assoc(result1) if not row1 then break end table.insert(dutyAllow[i][3], {, tonumber(row1.itemID), row1.itemValue }) end end end setElementData(resourceRoot, "maxIndex", maxIndex) setElementData(resourceRoot, "dutyAllowTable", dutyAllow) mysql:free_result(result) mysql:free_result(result1) mysql:free_result(max) else outputDebugString("[Factions] ERROR: Duty allow permissions failed.") end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, adminDutyStart)--]] Line 9 - 10
  3. I need a scripter for my Turkish Roleplay project.. We will talk about payment deal from skype or whatsapp. Req: - Must know UCP.- Must know GUI designsContact :Phone : +905386809975Skype : live:emrah_butuk01 Mail :
  4. Bună ziua tuturor, Azi vreau sa anunț începutul primiului proiect SOpen ( Simple Open ) în cazu ăsta find un gamemode de roleplay. Gamemod-ul înca îi in dezvoltare și în constantă actualizare. În câteva ziile gamemod-ul o să fie jucabil. Intenția acestui proiect îi să fie folosit ca o alternativa la gamemod-uri leaked și făra optimizare. SQL o să fie liberat cănd o să se ajungă la jucabilitate.
  5. I need a scripter for my Turkish Roleplay Server project.Req: - Must know UCP scripting.- Must do what I wantContact :Phone : +905386809975Steam : Dr.RushmeSkype : live:emrah_butuk01Instagram : benimadimjesus(I need a webmaster too :P)
  6. I need a scripter for my Turkish Roleplay Server project. Req: - Must know UCP scripting. - Must do what I want Contact : Phone : +905386809975 Steam : Dr.Rushme Skype : live:emrah_butuk01 Instagram : benimadimjesus (I need a webmaster too :P)
  7. SERVER DISCONTINUED Introduction San Fierro Roleplay was founded in mid 2016 by Fernando and TheNeonGuy. The community has been active since then and is growing quite fast thanks to the popular platform Discord that keeps us all united. Server IP Address About Us Our goal is to provide the best roleplay experience (yes ik this is what they all say) in this set location, the beautiful city of San Fierro, plenty of unique and varied opportunities for all types of roleplayers. We have hired many hard-working yet very loyal staff members to fullfill positions within the Administration and Help teams as well as the Development team led by Forthwind. We offer many unique features not only from the ogscript that we tremendously edited but also a vast amount of NEW and unique scripts such as: • A completely different death system inspired by a few SAMP roleplay servers • A few more government jobs such as Truck Driver and Tram Operator in San Fierro • A majority of the jobs the city hall has to offer were improved, customized and new features were added to them • A different yet great account system & management, and login panel • An unique set of factions designed appropriately for San Fierro with set location headquarters, vehicles, custom skins and unique perks! San Fierro Police Department, San Fierro Fire Department, Government, News, a Towing company and a lot more! • A bunch of not Pay2Win new donator features and perks were added to its menu! • A script that allows you to submit a custom interior / exterior map was created and is going to be implemented! • An elevator script that allows you to head to certain floors in tall buildings. • Weapon body-attachment is now for everyone; fixed and improved! • Custom mini-map radar with street names for the entire map available for everyone at no cost! • Gas stations revamped! • FedEx is your favorite delivery company at your service! • New bus routes throughout San Fierro, connecting and moving the people! • Improved certain actions such as getting tased or being projected out of a car's windshield upon collision by adding automatic /ame for logging purposes. • Brand new working log-system that admins can access in-game; No more lying and faking evidence! • Cool tags and icons added and revamped for you to use in-game at the cost of a few GameCoins. AND A LOT MORE! Media Screenshots coming very soon! Stay Connected Screenshots coming very soon! Want to know more about the server that's coming very soon? Stay tuned by being apart of our Discord community where we post daily regular updates! Link: removed Keep up with the server's develpmont on the Trello platform below. Link: removed
  8. .AdventureTime Yo! Chciałbym wam przedstawić projekt .AdventureTime Co gdzie i jak? więc tak na początek respimy się na spawnie waluta na serwerze to PLN zarobki małe ceny aut dostosowane do zarobków więc gra szybko nam się nie znudzi. Gra toczy się w San Fierro miasta pilnują frakcje SFPD,SFFD,SFMC oraz TSF. Co do slotów są one dynamiczne narazie do 25 graczy z czasem i przyrostem graczy zostaną powiększone. Po za SF/LV/LS Tych głownych miast zostało dodane nowe maisto VW które znajduje się na oceanie jedyne dostanie się tam liniami lotniczymi lub własną łodzią przeznaczone tylko dla kont PREMIUM$. Frakcje na serwerze: Tak jak wyżej wspomniałem SFPD - San Fierro Police Departament SFFD - San Fierro Fire Departament SFMC - San Fierro Medical Center TSF - Transprot San Fierro ================== W planach ================== SFAT - San Fierro Air Transport Kilka Zdjęć z gry : Baza taxi,psp Postój dla karetek oraz nosze trójkąt grafika ich zostanie zmieniona Prywatny parking dla SAPD Komis auta na zamówienie Urząd Przechowywalnia z pojazdem UNIKAT Zmienianym co tydzień Wkrótce dodamy możliwość kupna tego pojazdu Tor prawo jazdy dla Kat. A,B Spawn Interior Urzędu Wkrótce więcej ss typu ScoreBoard/hud/licznik itp ten HUD który teraz widzicie będzie zmieniony na lepszy ładniejszy. Pozostałe INFORMACJE: Nazwa : .AdventureTime Sloty : 25 (dynamiczne) ip : mtasa:// Ts3 : W trakcie Prac Forum : (narazie darmowe planujemy przejść na płatne ) START SERWERA 14.07.17 GODZINA 16:30 Administracja : Właściciel : SamsungPLL - Główny Założyciel skrypty, mała grafika, Opieka in-game Rcon : Pelikan* - Maper Serwera, Opiekun Forum/ts, Opieka in-game Administrator Moderator PS : Szukam dobrego grafika i sponsora wynagrodzenie Ranga i konto premium
  9. Hi, how can I add video to the background for roleplay login panel?
  10. سلام عليكم لقد فتحنا سيرفر حياة الأعمال الواقعية للزوار مع حصريات متعددة أولا اعلام عربية ثانيا مودات سيارات اساسية ثالثا مود السيارات الثانوية /mods رابعا مود سكنات خاص خامسا مود شركات لصنع شركة افعل الامر /createbusiness وبعدها /business وكثير من الحصريات في المستقبل بأدن الله ادخلوا الان mtasa://
  11. Hello, we are looking for an experienced scripter, for being a 2ndary developer at our hardcore roleplay server, wich aims to be next-gen, to be filled with alot of content, and next-gen features. All of our servers resources were made from scratch by us Requirements: - Be in the European time zone. - Be a teamplayer.Communicative. - Have good skills in Lua, has to write from scratch. - Have a facebook profile lol, and be easily reachable => be reliable and trustworthy We ofcourse offer money, if interested write me a PM, and Ill provide you with tons of other details.
  12. INFORMACIÓN Bueno, como dice el título, ahora que tengo un tiempo libre me gustaría realizar un servicio de scripts económicos por 3$ máximo por script. Incluyo GUI si es necesario. El único método de pago que acepto actualmente es PayPal y el contacto por aquí por el foro mediante MP o mensaje privado. Haré solo los scripts que puedan tener ese precio normalmente. Ejemplo: Sistema de vestir a CJ Sistema de logueo Sistema de selección de skin Sistema de noticias mediante GUI Sistema de agenda para RP con guardado SQL (?) Gente seria, por favor. Gracias por la atención!
  13. Open Source Roleplay Hi there. As most of you know there aren't many strict roleplay servers on Multi Theft Auto for various reasons; one of the main reasons being that there aren't any roleplay resources out there for one to download and create a server, so people resort to using leaked roleplay scripts from previously hacked servers, which results in DDoS wars, hacking, revenge, servers getting taken down, and so on. In the end, only one server stays up and that is the one and only OwlGaming that has been around since 2014. Ofcourse you can find old and outdated roleplay scripts on the internet that you could use for your server for example vG and uG scripts. But there's no point in using those since they're old, malfunction and players dislike them. For a long time no one has ever decided to work publicly on an open source roleplay resource pack. I think if we want MTA to evolve it should be time that we all unite and get our hands on some RP scripts that anyone can download and make a server with. You may ask: wouldn't this mean there'd be tons of identical roleplay servers out there? There would, but that's actually the point. If we want MTA to grow and attract more players to it this is the solution: allow people to create their own rolpeplay servers legally without using any stolen scripts. This thread is a suggestion and its intention is to discuss this matter and maybe gather scripters to create this unique Open Source Roleplay resource pack for the community to use. It doesn't need to be super high quality and detailed. It should contain the basic scripts that allow roleplay to take place. For those that are not very familiar with it let me list some down: • Account System • Login Panel • Tutorial • Vehicle System • Property/Interior System • Bank/Currency System • Inventory System • Faction System • Elevator System • Faction System • Gate System • Fuel System • Chat System • GPS Sytem | Map Blips • Help System • Admin System • Radio System • Phone System • Donation System • Event System ... Let's end the suffering, the DDoS wars, the hacking, the leaked scripts and let's all join together and create the best roleplay scripts out there! It won't take long to make and it won't require a lot of effort if done in a large team of contributors. And thanks to MTA's almost non-existing scripting limitatios we can beat SAMP in this! Leave your opinion and comment below. Cheers. <3
  14. Welcome to our topic! Well, we're a newly started server, We've moved almost everything that you need into Las Venturas. We have a staff team that are almost online 24/7 to help you with anything you need. We've got scripters who are ready for your ideas aswell! We got a new DMV test, which tests your driving skills with parking, turning and everything else! Anyhow, Here's some screenshots of our server! Well, we got a discord which everyone can join! Server IP: mtasa:// Forums: Hope to see you in game soon! - LVRP Staff Team.
  15. Hola a todos, hoy les traigo el vistazo de un servidor de Zombies, el cuál podrán jugar, sigue la temática de un juego de ROL pero ambientado en un apocalipsis, que esperas para unirte? IP del servidor:
  16. A few months ago we decided to set up a project called Countryside RP (CRP). I am theoretically the founder of the whole project, but in my opinion the current staff are all founders of the project, there would not be a project without them. We have been managing the forums, discord channel and some small features since the creation date. We also started sculpting the server, I can tell you it is fun to do but might be quite boring sometimes. Besides the history and all, I will tell you a few things about the project. The server of Countyside RP is based in the area of San Andreas County; most likely Red County, Bone County and Flint County. Tierra Robada County and Whetstone County are included as well. All towns and counties are connected between town halls, all town halls are working under the San Andreas County Government. The Sheriff's Department and Fire Department take care of protection, emergency medical services and fire. There are many things to do, for example: go fishing, work for the postal delivery or go clean some streets. Hang out with your friends, marry your dear fiance(e) or create a faction which might turn out into a well-based company. You can make your own choices: live under a bridge with your homeless mates or focus on making career and enjoying the happy-family feeling. We are currently working with a free server and free forums, which will change in the future when we are nearby the grand opening. We would like to see you on our forums to help us to improve the project on the field of development or administration, suggestions and criticism is welcome. We are also looking for people to support us on the field of administration, factions, management and development. Do not hestitate to contact me on discord or the forums if you are interested! You might want to take a look on our forums or join our Discord server, you can contact us from here or just PM me. Pictures might come soon, we just wanted to tell you something about the project. The grand opening, as we call it, is far away, but we will keep you posted about the latest updates. Enjoy your time on MTA, peace out! Cronus, Community Manager Sipapi, Assistant Community Manager Emma, Head of Staff Mike, Head of Factions Blueline, Head of Administrational Affairs
  17. Hello, i want to introduce you with my project. We have 3 servers at the moment. DayZ : With a lot of custom features like auto-events each 30 mins, very optimized gamemode, all bugs fixed, added realistic features to dayz and Custom made zombies, with help of npc_hlc script. There are 3 types of them, slow , medium, and fast. We offer players a free base when they have 5 members in they group. All user interface elements are customly made by us. There are plenty of vehicles (Above 400) , they have low polygon mods, which reduces the size of mods. Roleplay: We make our scripts mostly by our selves, we are working for a good economy in the server, a lot of realistic features, like batterys for vehicles, fuel consumption, engine types , plenty of jobs, plenty of features for those jobs, good atmosphere Drift/rpg: This server is made by me completely from scratch, the idea is , a player joins , he haves a choice for 1 car, then he needs to gain reputation/level/money to buy new cars, you can join races with npcs, or with players , drift battles or sprint battles, and in the free time you can completely tune your car as you wish and cruise the town with your gang Website: Dayz: mtasa:// ( Free base, international, easy loot) Roleplay: mtasa:// Drift/rpg: mtasa:// (Closed now, not finished yet)
  18. Fala galera! então como sabem estive afastado do mta e me dediquei ao samp por um tempo, acabei esquecendo todo meu conhecimento sobre programação .lua e agora como estou de volta vou precisar da ajuda de vocês mais que nunca vamos lá! Então eu preciso setar uma animação no servidor pra que quando alguém entre já esteja com a animação,tentei fazer sozinho aqui,mas como eu já falei não lembro de quase nada: function sa(player) setPedWalkingStyle (source, 128) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", root, sa)
  19. ( my english roleplay server discord channel join it for more information )
  20. Redacto este post con el principal motivo digamos de 'promocionar' proyectos ya sean 'DM, Roleplay, supervicencia' el modo de juego que sea sera bienvenido, siempre y cuando ustedes prometan un proyecto con futuro y tenga su trafico de usuarios decente como minimo, sobre el tema del teamspeak, gameserver, web nos podemos encargar nosotros y no tocaremos su proyecto, solo repito "queremos trafico en el servidor, por ende usuarios" que tenga movimiento y lo lleven profesionalmente. Hice este post a finales del año pasado pero como me fui de este foro por despistado recien estoy viendo todo los mensajes privados. Tengo una comunidad teamspeak donde podemos conversar con la total seriedad y un mejor expresar, dejar puntos claros, no dejare el teamspeak ni nombre de la comuniadd por aca para evitar 'spam'. Saludos.
  21. Cześć, skoro już tutaj dotarłeś to zapewne wiesz, ze startuje nowy projekt serwera RP spod naszego szyldu na platformie MTA.Jesteśmy przekonani, że czekacie na coś nowego, co powieje świeżością co będziemy chcieli osiągnąć z waszą pomocą. Nie wchodzimy z "ustawionym" składem administracji, gotowym skryptem czy też mapą, nic z tych rzeczy ten projekt bedzie opierał się na stworzeniu wszystkiego od kompletnego zera co również wiąże się z dłuższym czasem oczekiwania na start, lecz lepszym rezultatem. Naszym celem jest stworzenie miejsca, w którym każda osoba poczuje się jak u siebie - będzie świadoma, że przyłożyła do projektu swoją rękę. Akcja rozgrywki toczy się w dobrze każdemu znanym Los Santos - miasto, które pozwala tak naprawdę grać kogo tylko się da, miejscówki dla ulicznych gangów, mafiozów czy też ścigantów, wiele innych miejsc pod projekty IC np. harleyowców. Projekt jest świeży, co tylko plusuje dla was, jest jeszcze pare wolnych miejsc w naszej ekipie!Poniżej zaprezentujemy wam kilka screen'ów z naszych prac, lecz to dopiero mały element naszej układanki!Zapraszam was na nasze forum : oraz discorda, ktorego też tam znajdziecie! *System GUI *Item system *Panel autoryzacji
  22. Hello everyone! I want to ask you few questions. If you have 2 minutes and you are roleplay player, please visit this link: It will help me a lot, so don't hesitate to share it. Thank you in advance!
  23. Hello, I am trying to start a roleplay server but it seem i am not able to do something essential, that being replacing specific police car models and textures. When i go into the game the cars are purely stock, and i can't seem to be able to change them. I tried using pre-built mod-loaders, and building my own script, here it is, sorry for it being so long. function applyPDModels() -- tags tag4 = engineLoadTXD("copcarla.txd") -- files are in the same folder as the .lua and meta.xml engineImportTXD(tag4, 596) -- using the game ids for the car tag5 = engineLoadDFF("copcarla.dff") engineReplaceModel(tag5, 596) tag6 = engineLoadTXD("copcarsf.txd") engineImportTXD(tag6, 597) tag7 = engineLoadDFF("copcarsf.dff") engineReplaceModel(tag7, 597) tag8 = engineLoadTXD("copcarvg.txd") engineImportTXD(tag8, 598) tag9 = engineLoadDFF("copcarvg.dff") engineReplaceModel(tag9, 598) end addEvent(applyPDModels, true) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), applyPDModels) So, what should I do? So far my research has led to nothing, because these are the only client side commands that can do the job, but they don't function, please help me. P.S. the files are added in the meta.xml, and also the script.
  24. Hey, samen met enig wat vrienden ben ik met een roleplay project bezig. Hier kan je wat meer informatie vinden over het project (als je natuurlijk interesse hebt). Wij zijn daarnaast ook nog opzoek naar mensen die ons kunnen helpen met het beheren, updaten, scripten en verzorgen van het project en later ook de server. Zoals in het andere topic vernoemd staat is de openingsdatum nog ver weg, toch zijn we dagelijks bezig om verder te komen. Heb je nou interesse om ons op een mogelijke manier te helpen met jouw vaardigheden? Contacteer mij op discord, ons forum of PM me hierop. Iedereen zijn mening, ideeën en kritiek is welkom en gerespecteerd. Ook voor vragen ben je altijd welkom. Peace out.
  25. تم افتتاح سيرفر الحياة الواقعية السعودي الاي بي :mtasa:// الاسم : || SLG ~ Saudi Life Gaming || افضل سيرفر حياة واقعية || المميزات : موادت الحياة الواقعية الجديدة الرول بلاي لعشاقه ادخلو واستمتعو نوصل 10لاعبين توزيع فلوس + جي سي نوصل 15لاعب نفتح تقديم السبورت وحياكم ومنورين