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Found 27 results

  1. Beyler bayanlar ben kendi serverimde tct kullanırken sıkıntılar yaşıyorum numpadde hareket ettiremiyorum koyuyor alabiliyor fln yani sadece 5-3 çalışıyor yardım edebilirmisiniz ileri it geri çek yer yana kaydır yok HELP PLS!
  2. Hi, After 2 years of development, refinement and testing, I finally released UCD. It was the 29th of July (30th for me) and I was stoked. Finally released my server I (and a select few others) had worked so hard on. It was up for a week before I decided that I was going to move on from MTA. I could give a speech about how it isn't what it used to be, but I don't want to bore you all. So the dream kind of died when I lost interest in dealing with the community. I spent a lot of time and effort on this server, so I figured someone else might find some use out of it. I started to develop this server when I knew nothing about Lua, so a lot of things were rewritten over and over. I feel as though that guarantees some kind of quality. I dunno. I guess the repetition to find the right way kind of makes it good. Preface: It's basically a CIT rip off. This server features: - Stock market (players loved this) - Turfing system - Account + login system (integrated with MTA account system, doesn't store passwords on a database) - Made to work with MySQL - Vehicle system - Housing system with coordinates (covers like 60% of the map, you can add more) - Intensive logging - Phone system (like CIT's) - House robbing - Old CIT style bank robbery (map and everything) - Custom mod downloader system - Two different dx message outputs (with exports) - Pilot job (with ranks) - Trucker job (with ranks) - Full law system - Stats panel - Fully fledged group system with custom ranks, custom permissions, etc (like CIT's) - Admin panel (mutes, bans, jails etc) - Jail system (CnR and admin jails) - Builder where you can build bases in-game (, it has a lot of features that would take me a long time to list. I developed it to be as user-friendly as possible (but didn't make a tutorial - how thoughtful). There aren't any hidden commands, which is good. The design is made to be simple and nice. The interfaces are spaced nicely. Overall, a lot of effort has been put it in and it really shows. Group system: Credits: - Noki - Risk - Carl/Rizk I have the database and everything for it. I have the domain "" as well. Add me on Skype to discuss ( or email me at hello@ucdmta,com or I am willing to discuss overs and negotiate. More screenshots will be posted if I manage to find any.