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Found 45 results

  1. Hi, i like to request a Resource, TOP-Kills for MTA:DayZ! PLS HELP :C
  2. Hi! I've started learning to script LUA and i want to warp players TO me by command instead of admin panel but my currect script isn't working, some help would be appreciated. addCommandHandler( "w2m", function( sourcePlayer, command, targetPlayerName ) if targetPlayerName then -- We check if an target has been set if getPlayerFromName(targetPlayerName) then -- We get the player element instead of the player name. if not (targetPlayerName == getPlayerName(sourcePlayer)) then -- We make sure the player isn't trying to warp to himself setElementPosition( targetPlayerName, 0, 0, 3 ) else outputChatBox("[Error] You can't warp to yourself!", sourcePlayer, 255, 0, 0, false) return false end else outputChatBox("[Error] Player could not be found, maybe he/she is offline?", sourcePlayer, 255, 0, 0, false) return false end else outputChatBox("[Error] Please choose a target", sourcePlayer, 255, 0, 0, false) return false end end ) Error: Thanks in advance!
  3. Kors

    Health & Armor

    Where i can find this resource ?
  4. Is it possible to prevent trggerServerEvent and TriggerClientEvent from triggering other resources? Thanks
  5. El Colorado

    Need help,

    Hello , I have quick question. How to add more weapon properties ?? Because when I try to add flag 0x000010 it doesn't work. So how ? addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, -- resourceRoot == the resource that just started (this resource) function () setWeaponProperty("ak-47", "poor", "flags", 0x000020) end)
  6. Hello everyone. I have a script with some settings that can be changed on Admin Panel, they are working fine without any error. The settings are declared on meta.xml like this: <settings> <setting name="*playerHouseCounter" value="[1]" friendlyname="Número de casas por jogador" group="General" accept="1-5" desc="Quantas casas cada jogador pode ter ao mesmo tempo." /> <setting name="*keyVipLength" value="[4]" friendlyname="Número mínimo de caracteres na senha" group="General" accept="1-10" desc="Quantos caracteres no mínimo devem ter as senhas das casas." /> <setting name="*vipACL" value="Vip" friendlyname="ACL Group VIP" group="General" accept="*" examples="Premium, VIP, vips, Payers, Pay2Play, etc" desc="Nome exato da ACL Group dos jogadores que são VIPs." /> </settings> BUT When I change a setting (from 1 to 2 as example), it appears duplicated with the new value, like this: In the script, I get those values with this: get( 'playerHouseCounter' ) How can I do this? This error doesn't happens with original resources.
  7. Olá novamente. Eu estou fazendo um script que possui configurações fora do script, aquelas configurações que vc declara no meta.xml e podem ser alteradas pelo painel admin. O script está tudo certo e as configurações estão funcionando. O problema é que quando eu altero qualquer valor de qualquer configuração, ele cria uma cópia dessa configuração com o novo valor e passa a utilizar essa nova configuração em vez da original, a configuração original continua com seu valor padrão e não é mais utilizada. Se eu tentar alterar o valor da cópia, ele cria uma terceira configuração cópia da cópia com este novo valor e assim por diante. Se eu alterar o valor na configuração original, ele aplica a alteração na cópia e mantém a configuração original no valor padrão. Se eu colocar o valor padrão na configuração original, nada acontece e a cópia não é alterada. As configurações estão declaradas assim no meta.xml: <settings> <setting name="*playerHouseCounter" value="1" friendlyname="Numero de casas por jogador" group="General" accept="1-5" desc="Quantas casas cada jogador pode ter ao mesmo tempo." /> <setting name="*keyLength" value="4" friendlyname="Numero minimo de caracteres na senha" group="General" accept="1-10" desc="Quantos caracteres no mínimo devem ter as senhas das casas." /> <setting name="*vipACL" value="Vip" friendlyname="ACL Group VIP" group="General" accept="Everyone,Moderator,Vip,Premium,Etc" desc="Nome exato da ACL Group dos jogadores VIPs." /> </settings> E acontece isso, quando eu altero por exemplo a configuração "Numero de casas por jogador" que originalmente é 1, dai eu alterei para 2: Obs: Já tentei declarar desse outro jeito mas continua com esse mesmo problema. <settings> <setting name="*playerHouseCounter" value="2" accept="1-9" desc="Quantas casas cada jogador pode ter ao mesmo tempo." /> <setting name="*keyLength" value="4" accept="1-9" desc="Quantos caracteres no mínimo devem ter as senhas das casas." /> <setting name="*vipACL" value="Vip" accept="Everyone,Moderator,Vip,Premium,Etc" desc="Nome exato da ACL Group dos jogadores VIPs, o grupo aparece no painel Admin ao selecionar um jogador VIP, do lado de Everyone." /> </settings> Obs2: Esse problema não acontece nas configurações do Scoreboard, resource original do MTA.
  8. i got this warning, and error: "rC.lua:40: bad argument @ 'dxDrawImageSection' [Expected material at argument 9, got nil]" - This is the warning msg.. "sC.lua:6: attempt to index global 'WorldRadar' (a nil value)" - This is the error msg.... And code(s): rC.lua:40: - dxDrawImageSection(WorldRadar["monX"], WorldRadar["monY"], WorldRadar["width"], WorldRadar["height"], mapX + 50, mapY + 60, WorldRadar["width"]/zoom, WorldRadar["height"]/zoom, WorldRadar["Map"], 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255)) --- and the sC:lua:6: - Map = {} Map["F11"] = false function Map.start() MiniMap.start() WorldRadar.start() end Map.start() function Map.draw() if Map["F11"] then return end MiniMap.draw() end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, Map.draw) function Map.stop() end What wrong? How to fix this problems? Thanks the help!
  9. Hello everyone, I am trying to make a converter from seconds to days, hours and minutes, and gives me error, could you tell me where the problem is? Sorry for my bad English. function secondsToClock(seconds) local seconds = tonumber(seconds) if seconds <= 0 then return "0 día(s), 0 hora(s) y 0 minuto(s)" else local days = math.floor(seconds/86400) local hours = string.format("%02.f", math.floor(seconds/3600 - (days*24))) local mins = string.format("%02.f", math.floor(seconds/60 - (hours*3600) - (days*24))) return days.." día(s), "..hours.." hora(s) y "..mins.." minuto(s)" end end
  10. function countdownFin() removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, eventszamlalas) end local countdown = setTimer(countdownFin, 5000, 1) local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() function eventszamlalas() local x = getTimerDetails(countdown) local timeLeft = math.ceil(x/1000) dxDrawLine((screenW * 0.4111) - 1, (screenH * 0.1244) - 1, (screenW * 0.4111) - 1, screenH * 0.1589, tocolor(254, 254, 254, 255), 1, false) dxDrawLine(screenW * 0.6118, (screenH * 0.1244) - 1, (screenW * 0.4111) - 1, (screenH * 0.1244) - 1, tocolor(254, 254, 254, 255), 1, false) dxDrawLine((screenW * 0.4111) - 1, screenH * 0.1589, screenW * 0.6118, screenH * 0.1589, tocolor(254, 254, 254, 255), 1, false) dxDrawLine(screenW * 0.6118, screenH * 0.1589, screenW * 0.6118, (screenH * 0.1244) - 1, tocolor(254, 254, 254, 255), 1, false) dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.4111, screenH * 0.1244, screenW * 0.2007, screenH * 0.0344, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 161), false) dxDrawText("Az event elkezdődött! Vége: "..convertSecondsToMinutes(timeLeft), screenW * 0.4118, screenH * 0.1244, screenW * 0.6118, screenH * 0.1589, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.00, "default-bold", "center", "center", false, false, false, false, false) end function eventstart() addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, eventszamlalas) end addCommandHandler("asd", eventstart) function convertSecondsToMinutes(sec) local temp = sec/60 local temp2 = (math.floor(temp)) local temp3 = sec-(temp2*60) if string.len(temp3) < 2 then temp3 = "0"..tostring(temp3) end return tostring(temp2)..":"..tostring(temp3) end i created a command, which displays the dx elements, and the timer, but the timer starts with the script, and when it expires, the command doesn't working.. i want, when i type command, show dx elements to everyone, and start timer, how to fix this ? sorry for my very bad English..:|
  11. Anyone know any pvp system, without delay 0.003ms per shot.
  12. Open Source Roleplay Hi there. As most of you know there aren't many strict roleplay servers on Multi Theft Auto for various reasons; one of the main reasons being that there aren't any roleplay resources out there for one to download and create a server, so people resort to using leaked roleplay scripts from previously hacked servers, which results in DDoS wars, hacking, revenge, servers getting taken down, and so on. In the end, only one server stays up and that is the one and only OwlGaming that has been around since 2014. Ofcourse you can find old and outdated roleplay scripts on the internet that you could use for your server for example vG and uG scripts. But there's no point in using those since they're old, malfunction and players dislike them. For a long time no one has ever decided to work publicly on an open source roleplay resource pack. I think if we want MTA to evolve it should be time that we all unite and get our hands on some RP scripts that anyone can download and make a server with. You may ask: wouldn't this mean there'd be tons of identical roleplay servers out there? There would, but that's actually the point. If we want MTA to grow and attract more players to it this is the solution: allow people to create their own rolpeplay servers legally without using any stolen scripts. This thread is a suggestion and its intention is to discuss this matter and maybe gather scripters to create this unique Open Source Roleplay resource pack for the community to use. It doesn't need to be super high quality and detailed. It should contain the basic scripts that allow roleplay to take place. For those that are not very familiar with it let me list some down: • Account System • Login Panel • Tutorial • Vehicle System • Property/Interior System • Bank/Currency System • Inventory System • Faction System • Elevator System • Faction System • Gate System • Fuel System • Chat System • GPS Sytem | Map Blips • Help System • Admin System • Radio System • Phone System • Donation System • Event System ... Let's end the suffering, the DDoS wars, the hacking, the leaked scripts and let's all join together and create the best roleplay scripts out there! It won't take long to make and it won't require a lot of effort if done in a large team of contributors. And thanks to MTA's almost non-existing scripting limitatios we can beat SAMP in this! Leave your opinion and comment below. Cheers. <3
  13. Alright so I have a function in resource A which is exported, that function creates a guiElement which is then returned once called, in resource B I call this function and get a reference to the guiElement. So far it works, but when I restart resource A the element disappears, apparently resource A is still the owner so I was wondering if there's any way to change the resource responsible for an element. i.e create an element in resource A then let resource B take control over it. How do I do that?
  14. Привет всем, создал сервер на хостинге, загрузил мод RP, и когда я захожу на сервер у меня черный экран. А когда я создал сервер на компе все прекрасно работало, черного экрана не было. На компе у меня для Windows, Linux на хостинге. Буду очень благодарен за помощь) Конфиг
  15. Hello I'm creating a script that will trigger an event if a resource started. Serverside addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() local accResource = getResourceFromName("accounts") if (accResource) then outputServerLog("Initializing account resource.") startResource(accResource) -- start another res here else shutdown("Didn't find a required resource 'accounts' from the server. Shutting down...") end end ) Clientside function initStartup(resource) --outputChatBox( getResourceName( resource ) ) if (getResourceName(resource) == "accounts") then triggerEvent("accounts:initStartup", localPlayer) end end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, initStartup) The problem is on the clientside, the 'accounts' resource isn't started. But, in server the 'accounts' resource has been started. So i cant trigger the "accounts:initStartup" event. I have no idea why, so maybe someone can help me, thanks
  16. Introducción Este recurso es una ayuda a los programadores que busquen tener un control más amplio del tiempo! Funciones: getWeekDay getMonthDays getMonthName getYearDays getRemaningDaysInYear getSpentsDaysInYear dateToUnix unixToDate getDateInAdd Ejemplos string getWeekDay(day, month, year) Permite obtener qué día de la semana es la fecha específicada (Su funcionamiento es puramente matemático, para conocer más sobre su funcionamiento's_congruence) outputchatBox(getWeekDay(13, 11, 2016)); -- output: Domingo int getMonthDays(month, year) Obtiene la cantidad de días de cierto mes tomando en cuenta los años biciestos (razón por la cual es obligatorio el argumento) local days = getMonthDays(2, 2016) -- Año biciesto -- days contains: 29, local days = getMonthDays(2, 2017) -- Año normal -- days contains: 28, string getMonthName(month) Obtiene el nombre del mes especificado local n = getMonthName(11) -- n contains: Noviembre int getYearDays(year) Obtiene la cantidad de días del año especificado incluyendo los días al ser año biciesto local n = getYearDays(2016) -- n contains: 366 local n = getYearDays(2015) -- n contains: 365 int getRemaningDaysInYear(day, month, year) Obtiene la cantidad de días que faltan en el año según los datos especificados local n = getRemaningDaysInYear(13, 11, 2016) -- n contains: 48 int getSpentsDaysInYear(day, month, year) Obtiene la cantidad de días que han pasado en el año según los datos especificados local n = getSpentsDaysInYear(13, 11, 2016) -- n contains: 318 int dateToUnix(day, month, year) Convierte el día, año y mes al tiempo unix para tener un mayor control de éste mediante el unixtime ( local time = dateToUnix(13, 11, 2016) -- time contains: 1512864000 int, int, int unixToDate(unixtime) Convierte el unixtime a datos leibles local day, month, year = unixToDate(1512864000); --- days, mounth, year contains: 13, 11, 2016 int, int, int getDateInAdd(_day, _month, _year, days, months, years) Añade días a una fecha especificada y obtiene la fecha con los días, meses y años añadidos siguendo el formato del calendario (añades 20 días siendo 12 de diciembre de 2016 te dará) 1, enero 2017 sin alterar el orden local d, m, y = getDateInAdd(13, 11, 2016, 2, 0, 0); outputServerLog(getWeekDay(d, m, y)) -- output: Martes (15) ya que Domingo (13) meta.xml Todas las funciones pueden ser exportadas, para poner el resource en español configurar en el meta.xml <setting name="*Lang" value="[1]"/> -- Cambiar a <setting name="*Lang" value="[2]"/> Link de del recurso ->
  17. This resource warns other players about the maneuver you are performing with BEEPS. The resource has a server-side, The beep is not just for you, it will look for players who are close and who are near will hear the BEEP from the vehicle. The default vehicles are the commercial and heavy vehicles. DOWNLOAD MTA COMMUNITY Rewrite and optimized by the myth @Walid
  18. Hello community fellows, today I'm going to introduce you a Clan War System made by me. This clan war system uses SQLite to save clan data and a GUI to challenge clans. Here is a list of current features and some screenshots: Features: - Uses GUI to challenge online clans - Uses SQLite to save clan data when the clan is destroyed or the resource is stopped - Clan war starts when the following things are successful: - When a clan wins, each player in the team gets ((bet amount / by the num ber of players)*2) and the lost clan's players get taken (bet amount / the number of players) - If a player tries to go out of boundaries, he will be killed and a message will be shown - A GUI window containing the list of maps - If the challenge remains un accepted for 45 seconds, it expires. - Contains 5 different locations and 20 spawnpoints for each location. - When a player is wasted, he respawns at in the sky after 4 seconds at random spawnpoint in the specific location - If a new team is created and it's winnings and losts are more than 0, it will be automatically added to the gridlist. Commands: Screenshots: NOTE: Don't destroy a team because the resource gets all the teams which are online and if one of them is destroyed while the resource is running, there will be lots of errors. However if you still do something like this, you can restart the resource and it won't be bugging again. - If you find any bugs or require help regarding the clan war system, please reply to this topic or contact me via PM. - Also if you are willing to have more custom maps, contact me via PM and I'll edit the resource for you. - You can also send me some maps if you wish to. I will be adding more maps in this soon. - Will be making a clan system and only the clan leader would be able to send challenges. Download this resource from here
  19. This resource (Player Geolocation) was created by Tails from G&T Mapping. Check us out on Facebook: About: Player Geolocation is a replacement tool for the MTA:SA default (/whois) function. This tool gives you much more information about a player with an interactive Google Maps feature (see pictures). Installation: Give the resource access to fetchRemote and your server needs to have HTTPS support (MTA:SA 1.5.2). How do I do that? Open the admin panel > resources tab > Manage ACL (upper right corner) under Groups select Admin then Add Object and name it: resource.geolocation That's it. How to use it: /lookup [name or domain name] in e.x. /lookup Jimmy or /lookup Press escape to close the panel Press X to toggle the panel Download: Player Geolocation Tool 1.0