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Found 45 results

  1. O que há de errado? Objetivo: o jogador que estiver no grupo acl "EB" tem acesso ao comando /skin que por sua função tem de setar a skin do jogador para a skin 287, caso contrário aparece uma mensagem para ele dizendo que apenas membros do exercito podem executar o comando. Quem poder me ajudar fico grato, sou novato em desenvolver scripts mas ja tenho uma noção, pois, eu edito bastante scripts por ai. Ah eu gostaria que no outputChatBox("") o comando da cor #FF0000 funcionasse. Obrigado. function darSkin( thePlayer ) local nomeAcc = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)) if not isObjectInACLGroup("user."..nomeAcc, aclGetGroup("EB")) then outputChatBox("Somente membros do Exercito Brasileiro podem pegar a skin!") else setPlayerSkin(thePlayer, 287) end addCommandHandler("skin", darSkin)
  2. So I wanted to use a zm server's resources to play it on local server. After downloading the resources, I copied them to the resources library. I'm talking about appr. 60 different resources belonging to this one zm server, however I only added meta to the 'zombies' resources to see whether it is working or not. After started the local, I noticed the server does not spawn any zombies. ' ERROR: Couldn't parse meta file for resource 'zombies' [Line 9: Error reading Attributes.] ' This was the error message I got. What should I fix? Or is it possible that its problem is I only loaded this one resource (not all the 60) and it can't work individually? My own-made meta: <meta> <script src='client_anim.Lua' type='client' /> <script src='help_client.Lua' type='client' /> <script src='hide_client.Lua' type='client' /> <script src='lagreduce_client.Lua' type='client' /> <script src='Moneylogs.Lua' type='server' /> <script src='ped.ifp' type='client' /> <script src='petrol_c.Lua' type='client' /> <config src='skins.xml' type='' </config> <script src='textlib.Lua' type='server' /> <script src='textlib_anim.Lua' type='server' /> <file src='zombiewood.png' /> <file src='edf/zombiespawn.png' /> <file src='fonts/BIRTH_OF_A_HERO.ttf' /> <file src='fonts/bloody.ttf' /> <file src='fonts/esquisito.ttf' /> <file src='fonts/Quarmic.ttf' /> <file src='fonts/QuartzMS.ttf' /> <file src='fx/greyscale.fx' /> <file src='fx/rt_blend.fx' /> <file src='fx/shader_null.fx' /> <file src='fx/texreplace.fx' /> <file src='images/blips/0.png' /> <file src='images/blips/2.png' /> <file src='images/blips/6.png' /> <file src='images/blips/23.png' /> <file src='images/blips/41.png' /> <file src='images/blips/48.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_1.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_2.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_3.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_4.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_5.png' /> <file src='images/blood/blood_6.png' /> <file src='images/hud/0.png' /> <file src='images/hud/1.png' /> <file src='images/hud/2.png' /> <file src='images/hud/3.png' /> <file src='images/hud/4.png' /> <file src='images/hud/5.png' /> <file src='images/hud/6.png' /> <file src='images/hud/7.png' /> <file src='images/hud/8.png' /> <file src='images/hud/9.png' /> <file src='images/hud/10.png' /> <file src='images/hud/11.png' /> <file src='images/hud/12.png' /> <file src='images/hud/13.png' /> <file src='images/hud/14.png' /> <file src='images/hud/15.png' /> <file src='images/hud/16.png' /> <file src='images/hud/17.png' /> <file src='images/hud/18.png' /> <file src='images/hud/22.png' /> <file src='images/hud/23.png' /> <file src='images/hud/24.png' /> <file src='images/hud/25.png' /> <file src='images/hud/26.png' /> <file src='images/hud/27.png' /> <file src='images/hud/28.png' /> <file src='images/hud/29.png' /> <file src='images/hud/30.png' /> <file src='images/hud/31.png' /> <file src='images/hud/32.png' /> <file src='images/hud/33.png' /> <file src='images/hud/34.png' /> <file src='images/hud/35.png' /> <file src='images/hud/36.png' /> <file src='images/hud/37.png' /> <file src='images/hud/38.png' /> <file src='images/hud/39.png' /> <file src='images/hud/40.png' /> <file src='images/hud/41.png' /> <file src='images/hud/42.png' /> <file src='images/hud/43.png' /> <file src='images/hud/44.png' /> <file src='images/hud/45.png' /> <file src='images/hud/46.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/admin.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/admin1.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/admin2.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/admin3.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/headadmin.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/langmod.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/leadadmin.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod1.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod2.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod3.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/mod4.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/owner.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank1.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank2.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank3.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank4.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank5.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank6.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank7.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank8.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank9.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank10.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank11.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank12.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank13.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank14.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank15.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank16.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank17.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank18.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank19.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank20.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank21.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank22.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/rank23.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/trialadmin.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/trialmod.png' /> <file src='images/ranks/vip.png' /> <file src='images/textures/radardisc.png' /> <file src='images/textures/radardisca.png' /> <file src='images/angrymode.png' /> <file src='images/blank.png' /> <file src='images/cautious.png' /> <file src='images/chromium.png' /> <file src='images/clickable.png' /> <file src='images/continue_.png' /> <file src='images/easy.png' /> <file src='images/egg.png' /> <file src='images/egg_sel.png' /> <file src='images/Fuel_Dot.png' /> <file src='images/Fuel_Gage.png' /> <file src='images/GAN.png' /> <file src='images/gtamplogo.png' /> <file src='images/hazardious.png' /> <file src='images/help.png' /> <file src='images/impossible.png' /> <file src='images/info.png' /> <file src='images/loading.png' /> <file src='images/logo.png' /> <file src='images/map.png' /> <file src='images/newsbg.png' /> <file src='images/panelbg.png' /> <file src='images/party.png' /> <file src='images/phone.png' /> <file src='images/radioactive.png' /> <file src='images/skills.png' /> <file src='images/satellite_.png' /> <file src='images/title.png' /> <file src='images/vip.png' /> <file src='images/warning_dot.png' /> <file src='images/wired.png' /> <file src='images/wrench.png' /> <file src='images/youtube.png' /> <file src='images/zmbg_.png' /> <file src='images/zombieHead.png' /> <file src='mods/a51_ext.txd' /> <file src='mods/flashlight.txd' /> <file src='mods/flashlight.dff' /> <script src='radio/radiogui.Lua' type='server' /> <config src='radio/radios.xml' type='' </config> <file src='skins/13.txd' /> <file src='skins/22.txd' /> <file src='skins/56.txd' /> <file src='skins/67.txd' /> <file src='skins/68.txd' /> <file src='skins/69.txd' /> <file src='skins/70.txd' /> <file src='skins/84.txd' /> <file src='skins/92.txd' /> <file src='skins/97.txd' /> <file src='skins/105.txd' /> <file src='skins/107.txd' /> <file src='skins/108.txd' /> <file src='skins/111.txd' /> <file src='skins/126.txd' /> <file src='skins/127.txd' /> <file src='skins/128.txd' /> <file src='skins/152.txd' /> <file src='skins/162.txd' /> <file src='skins/167.txd' /> <file src='skins/188.txd' /> <file src='skins/192.txd' /> <file src='skins/195.txd' /> <file src='skins/206.txd' /> <file src='skins/209.txd' /> <file src='skins/212.txd' /> <file src='skins/229.txd' /> <file src='skins/230.txd' /> <file src='skins/258.txd' /> <file src='skins/264.txd' /> <file src='skins/274.txd' /> <file src='skins/277.txd' /> <file src='skins/280.txd' /> <file src='skins/287.txd' /> <file src='skins/bfori.txd' /> <file src='skins/bfost.txd' /> <file src='skins/bikera.txd' /> <file src='skins/bmost.txd' /> <file src='skins/bmycon.txd' /> <file src='skins/bmyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/bmyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/cwmyhb1.txd' /> <file src='skins/cwmyhb2.txd' /> <file src='skins/dwmolc2.txd' /> <file src='skins/fam1.txd' /> <file src='skins/fam2.txd' /> <file src='skins/fam3.txd' /> <file src='skins/hfybe.txd' /> <file src='skins/hmyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/lvemt1.txd' /> <file src='skins/omyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/sbfyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/sbmyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/sofyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/somyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/swmotr4.txd' /> <file src='skins/swmyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/vhfyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/vwfyst1.txd' /> <file src='skins/wfyri.txd' /> <file src='skins/wfyro.txd' /> <file src='skins/wfyst.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmoice.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmori.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmybar.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmybe.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmybp.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmycr.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmymech.txd' /> <file src='skins/wmyst.txd' /> <file src='sounds/aced.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/beat.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/bodyExplode.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/boss_1.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/boss_2.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/boss_3.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/car_close.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/car_open.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/chopper.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/explosion1.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/explosion2.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/explosion3.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/fireworks.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/gates.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/lvlup_1.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/lvlup_2.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan1.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan2.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan3.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan4.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan5.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan6.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan7.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan8.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan9.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/mgroan10.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/phonepop.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/plasma.wav' /> <file src='sounds/pm_.wav' /> <file src='sounds/rocket.ogg' /> <file src='sounds/switch.wav' /> <file src='sounds/tick.wav' /> <file src='sounds/unjamm.mp3' /> <file src='sounds/wrenching.ogg' /> <file src='zskins/zomb1.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb1.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb2.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb2.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb3.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb3.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb4.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb4.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb5.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb5.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb6.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb6.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb7.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb7.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb8.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb8.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb9.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb9.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb10.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb10.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb11.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb11.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb12.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb12.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb13.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb13.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb14.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb14.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb15.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb15.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb16.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb16.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb17.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb17.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb18.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb18.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb19.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb19.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb20.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb20.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb21.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb21.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb22.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb22.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb23.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb23.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb24.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb24.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb25.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb25.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb26.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb26.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb27.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb27.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb28.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb28.txd' /> <file src='zskins/zomb29.dff' /> <file src='zskins/zomb29.txd' /> <export function="createZombie" type="server"/> <export function="isPedZombie" type="server"/> </meta>
  3. Hi all. Saw the resource, start the resource with start name for example "game_" and all the resources with such a beginning, startovarius. I've been looking everywhere, but I can't find him. If you have good people to help me find or tell me how to implement it. Sorry for my English)
  4. How can I learn the command to set all school portfolios, can anyone help me?
  5. Ребят, мне нужно создать гонки где будет 10 участников и стоимость 10000 Виртов! По идее человек при записи поподает в список в Gui окне и оплачивает 10000 перемещается в 1 измерение на трассу и замораживается. Начинается таймер 5 мин и если за них не наберётся 10 игроков, то гонка не состоится! Каждая машина с игроком спавнится на своём специальном месте! У игроков пишется список участников! Каждый игрок может прописать /quitrace и вернутся к пикапу регистрации и он автоматически выносится из списка. Авто участников одинноковое, но выберается рандомно одно для всех id от 400 - 409! После 5 ти минут и набор в 10 игроков начинается 10.ти секундный таймер до старта и участникам пишет: 10, 9, 8 и тд. После участников размораживает и они начинают ехать 10 мин. Потом им пишется что гонка окончена и все тпешаться к пикапу регистрации! При нехватки деньег пишется: У вас нехвотает средств! Если нет мест тоже пишет. При регистрации тоже пишет. так же надо добавить проверку на уровень хронящийся в элементе дате "level" он должен быть больше или равен 6! Заранее спасибо! У меня есть пример кода только GUI окна и самой гонке но он очень плохой!
  6. Regeneration (health) This resource lets you regenerate player and vehicle* health. It is not an unique idea, I know... but there weren't good implementations for it at the community resource list. So that's why I share this with YOU. * Vehicle regeneration for the driver only. Version 1.0.0 Not compiled! Smooth health regeneration No UI, just the manager Settings (Admin panel) Settings Regeneration [on/off] (player/vehicle) Regeneration value (player/vehicle) Regeneration delay (player/vehicle) Regeneration [on/off] while the vehicle is burning Download link:;s=details&amp;id=15757 Take a quick look into the source code (v1.0.0) Client Server Meta
  7. Hello guys! , today i have a question to you! When we press the key "t" it open a chat. How i can remove this chat? Im creating a Full Roleplay Server , and for the roleplay a localchat dont make sense . So if you can help-me i really aprecciate!
  8. Hello everyone, guys please help me, I need a script that will protect custom machines, maps, write in a personal, or here in the topic, thank you all in advance
  9. Hello ! Actually the problem is, I had to restart the server. And there are number of resources running on the server now. After restarting the server, I had to start them one by one to come into the previous position Are there any scripting solution [ or another method ] that I can obtain as a solution in this occasion ?
  10. For a long time he tried to make the players of my server have their own cars and another player can not remove them but I do not know how to do it, I made a resource that affects the doors, but it was not useful and failed in a certain thing,: c Help
  11. I have this: function Salir() if isElement(tableVehicles[source]) then destroyElement(tableVehicles[source]) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleExit",getRootElement(),Salir) This function destroys the vehicle when the player leaves, I want this to happen after a second and not immediately, i need to use "Set timer", but I do not know how to use it, I tried different ways but none of them
  12. I bring the GM DayZ 0.6.7 of Marwin totally free of bugs (fixed by me) and errors. Ready to edit to your liking. I hope you enjoy it! DOWNLOAD!
  13. Hola a todos , soy nuevo tengo un resource que necesito reiniciar siempre al entrar al servidor , no se porqué , lo que quiero es que se reinicie despues de 2 minutos , pero que se reinicie esa unica vez lo de hacer que se reinicie ya me quedó con settimer pero no se como hacer para que lo haga una sola vez sería con killtimer? ya lo intenté y nada setTimer( function() --restarting this resource 2 min restartResource(getThisResource()) end, 120000, 0)
  14. Hello Community, first of all, i have searched for any fortnite battle royal gamemode or server on MTA:SA but i didn't find, and i can be wrong, well, today i'm making a Fortnite Battle Royale game mode and i will release it when i complete it, and if you have any suggestions you can post it down, you know its a hard work and it will take a little time because actually i'm working alone on my local server. - Regards xMKHx Here is some screenshots
  15. É um script de proteção de bases! Tipo, apenas quem está na acl ''MARINHA'' pode ir para a base da marinha brasileira, como faço pra mais de uma acl poder ir para essa base? SCRIPT: RestricLocation = {} TeleportLocation = {} EnabledAlarm = true ColCuboid = false --------------------------------------- CONFIGS -------------------------------------------- RestricLocation["location1"] = {-264.21362304688,3335.7004394531,1.1062507629395} -- Local 1 RestricLocation["location2"] = {775.92932128906,2741.86544785156,150.10624694824} -- Local 2 TeleportLocation = {1976.0953369141,-1924.1055908203,13.546875} -- Local de TP GroupName = "MARINHA" -- Nome da Gang ou Grupo ACL GroupNameBy = 2 -- 1 para Gang, e 2 para ACL MsgInvasao = "Base da MARINHA! Você não pode entrar aqui!" EnableVehicleGodMode = true -- Habilitar HabilitarAdmin = false -- Todos admins vao poder entrar na base GodMode = false -- Ao entrar na área protegida, habilita GodMode NaoAtirar = false -- Ao entrar na área protegida, não podera atirar --------------------------------------- CONFIGS -------------------------------------------- function sendMsg(iplayer,msg) outputChatBox ( msg, iplayer, 255, 0, 0, true ) end function EnterPlace ( theElement ) local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(theElement) local accName = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(theElement)) if HabilitarAdmin == true then if ( isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) ) then return end end if (getElementType ( theElement ) == "player") and (PlayerHaveLevel (theElement) == false) then sendMsg(theElement,MsgInvasao) if veh then setElementPosition( veh, TeleportLocation[1], TeleportLocation[2], TeleportLocation[3]) else setElementPosition( theElement, TeleportLocation[1], TeleportLocation[2], TeleportLocation[3]) end sendMsgOwners(theElement) elseif getElementType ( theElement ) == "vehicle" then SetVehicleGodMode(theElement,true) end end function ExitPlace ( theElement ) if GodMode == true then setElementData(theElement,"blood",12000) end if NaoAtirar == true then toggleControl(theElement, "fire", true) toggleControl(theElement, "vehicle_fire", true) toggleControl(theElement, "vehicle_secondary_fire", true) toggleControl(theElement, "aim_weapon", true) end if getElementType ( theElement ) == "vehicle" then SetVehicleGodMode(theElement,false) end end function PlayerHaveLevel( PlayerID ) if GroupNameBy == 1 then if ( getElementData ( PlayerID , "gang" ) == GroupName ) then if GodMode == true then setElementData(PlayerID,"blood",999999999999999) end if NaoAtirar == true then toggleControl (PlayerID, "fire", false) toggleControl (PlayerID, "vehicle_fire", false) toggleControl (PlayerID, "vehicle_secondary_fire", false) toggleControl (PlayerID, "aim_weapon", false) end return true else return false end else local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( PlayerID ) ) if ( isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( GroupName ) ) ) then if GodMode == true then setElementData(PlayerID,"blood",999999999999999) end if NaoAtirar == true then toggleControl (PlayerID, "fire", false) toggleControl (PlayerID, "vehicle_fire", false) toggleControl (PlayerID, "vehicle_secondary_fire", false) toggleControl (PlayerID, "aim_weapon", false) end return true else return false end end end function ResourceStart( ) LoadLocations() CreateCollision() end addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement( getThisResource() ),ResourceStart) function LoadLocations() local RX, RY, RZ, WRX, WRX, WRX if(RestricLocation["location1"][1] > RestricLocation["location2"][1]) then RestricLocation["maxx"] = RestricLocation["location1"][1] RestricLocation["minx"] = RestricLocation["location2"][1] else RestricLocation["maxx"] = RestricLocation["location2"][1] RestricLocation["minx"] = RestricLocation["location1"][1] end if(RestricLocation["location1"][2] > RestricLocation["location2"][2]) then RestricLocation["maxy"] = RestricLocation["location1"][2] RestricLocation["miny"] = RestricLocation["location2"][2] else RestricLocation["maxy"] = RestricLocation["location2"][2] RestricLocation["miny"] = RestricLocation["location1"][2] end if(RestricLocation["location1"][3] > RestricLocation["location2"][3]) then RestricLocation["maxz"] = RestricLocation["location1"][3] RestricLocation["minz"] = RestricLocation["location2"][3] else RestricLocation["maxz"] = RestricLocation["location2"][3] RestricLocation["minz"] = RestricLocation["location1"][3] end end function CreateCollision() RX = RestricLocation["minx"] WRX = RestricLocation["maxx"] - RestricLocation["minx"] RY = RestricLocation["miny"] WRY = RestricLocation["maxy"] - RestricLocation["miny"] RZ = RestricLocation["minz"] WRZ = RestricLocation["maxz"] - RestricLocation["minz"] ColCuboid = createColCuboid ( RX, RY, RZ, WRX, WRY, WRZ ) if ColCuboid then addEventHandler ( "onColShapeHit", ColCuboid, EnterPlace ) addEventHandler ( "onColShapeLeave", ColCuboid, ExitPlace ) else outputDebugString("Erro, verifique: location1 e location2") end end function ResourceStop( ) destroyElement ( ColCuboid ) end addEventHandler( "onResourceStop", getResourceRootElement( getThisResource() ),ResourceStop) function sendMsgOwners( PlayerID ) local connectedPlayers = getElementsByType ( "player" ) for i, aPlayer in ipairs(connectedPlayers) do if(PlayerHaveLevel (aPlayer) == true) then sendMsg(aPlayer," O Jogador " ..getPlayerName ( PlayerID ) .." esta tentando invadir a sua BASE !") end end end function SetVehicleGodMode( VehicleID, godEoD ) if EnableVehicleGodMode == true then setElementData(VehicleID, "godmode", godEoD) setVehicleDamageProof (VehicleID, godEoD ) end end
  16. where is located tuning panel/tuning menu in resources??? pleasee help i have owl gamemode
  17. anybody can give me a resource for Random messages on chat please????
  18. I wanted to create a taxi/uber job that the passenger/player (not NPC) would be charged after getting off the vehicle. How can I do this?
  19. Hey guys i saw many servers have a resource make staff/Moderators able to warp using F11 map, by clicking anywhere on the map they will warp there.. like mta freeroam map warping.... So if someone have this resource pls gimme it... I want it fast, Thnx
  20. Hi... i'm making my own rpg / rp server with my friend and i have a little issue As you can see in the title; when i start a new resource when my "rpg" gamemode is enabled the maps are loaded multiple times, so i have to restart my "rpg" gamemode to have just a single map loaded It means that, for example, i hit a marker and the GUI is displayed 2 times (Because there are 2 markers in the same place) The way to load maps i do is in 'meta' like this: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <meta> <!-- MAPPING --> <script src="mapping/mapEditorScriptingExtension_s.lua" type="server"></script> <script src="mapping/mapEditorScriptingExtension_c.lua" type="client" validate="false"></script> <map src="mapping/" dimension="0"></map> <!-- MARKERS --> <map src="markers/" dimension="0" /> <script src="markers/freecars_s.lua" type="server" /> <script src="markers/freecars_c.lua" type="client" /> </meta> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I saw another post that probably talks about the same problem, but, at least i noticed is map loading's fault: If you know how to solve this kind of "over load" it's perfect for me But if you don't really know i would like to know a different ways (As much ways as you know) to load those maps when i start my rpg mode Thanks <3
  21. Previously I had a resource, that in the podia within the game, to know what texture they were in a radius of X meters. That is to say that the name of all the DFF appeared before me, and I did not have to search for the name or id of the object manually.
  22. Hello, i have been wondering how can i write a script that is displaying a login panel after downloaded all resources. Can you give me some tips how to do that? Thanks!
  23. server redirect system (you can redirect player to another server using this script sorry for my little english) you can edit server names and ip & ports in client.lua & server.lua Don't forgot to give admin this resource #eUNLOCK PRODUCTION MY FIRST RESOURCE REL COMMENT YOUE IDEAS AND HELP ME TO DEVELOP THIS DOWNLOAD
  24. Community Resources: Released Resources: N/A Upcoming Resources: N/A Planning Resources: N/A To start this off I just got to say everything discussed here could make it's way into any resources but the main point here is to give opinions based on how you want the community resource to be and feature what ever you want. After saying that I would like to welcome you to the first ever topic/thread about us coming together creating a community resource where everything mentioned and agreed upon with the community would be put into a community resource. To get started we shall now come up with a resources that we all probably want to share as a community; example is like a in-game script editor or housing system. Everything is going to be talked about in individual topics I created by me (Only to keep spam down) and the resources would be posted on the MTA Community website under a username I still have to create and will be public after the first resource goes live. Pitch your ideas and for what resource you are talking about in an example post: Current Topic: N/A We'll change the current topic to who ever posts first.