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Found 37 results

  1. I'm releasing some circuit maps made by me for the RACE Game Mode FOR FREE! This pack contains 14 highly detailed, fully decorated, ready to play maps that covers a wide variety of themes. Each race course is composed of a circuit which needs to be completed twice (you must pass through a succession of checkpoints). Should the player move outside the race tracks, the racer's acceleration will decreases noticeably. Also in some circuits the race track's sidelines have obstacles that will stop the players if they crash into them. You all can freely use them in your server, but no re-releasing or claiming as your own. Anyways I hope you like them, and enjoy playing as well. Comments are aswell welcome. VIDEO: MAP LIST: 1 - Giza Circuit: It is dry, sandy and rocky. Across the map, there are large sand dunes and pyramids in the background. The track has two caves, the first one is longer than another one, both decorated with some hieroglyphics. Drivers are on full throttle for most of the lap due to its long straights and fast corners. Additionally the sky is orange. 2 - Highland Circuit: The track takes you through a long road through the mountains with noticeable elevation changes, and a long straight with a blue sky overcasting it. The map itself has four cliffs, rocks and moderate tree clumps. The circuit is considered difficult to drive because it cross so many different types of obstacles. 3 - Arctic Circuit: The track is set in a frozen area in an urban environment at night, with many curves and changes in height, to allow for a challenge in skill to the competitors. 4 - Nippon Circuit: A circuit based on Japan, complete with Japanese-themed buildings. The track is essentially flat with numerous mid- to slow-speed corners with plenty of room for overtaking. 5 - Waterpark Circuit: It is a circuit filled with water canals, with some land parts around it and decorated with buildings and aquatic structures. In the middle of the track, the players will enter an aquarium. The circuit is generally flat, but has a gradual gradient. 6 - Casino Night Circuit: The map takes place at nighttime in a huge city decorated with buildings (especially casinos) filled with neon colored light. The circuit starts out with a simple straightaway before going into a variety of winding roads and sharp turns. The circuit is considered difficult to drive. 7 - Hotring Deluxe Circuit: The circuit is situated on flat lands surrounded by large grandstands. The course is rather long, having multiple twists and turns. The roads often has crash barriers, making the course extremely hard. While many of the corners have barriers, there are zones that players can driving off the track. 8 - Metropolis Circuit: This circuit takes place at day time, it features multiple skyscrapers in various designs, a tunnel, a bridge and barriers. 9 - Scandinavia Circuit: The circuit takes place during the sunset in an urban environment. Noticeable elevation changes and a bridge are some of this track defining features. 10 - Archipelago Circuit: The circuit is filled with bridges connected to grassy islands with a few rocks on them, industrial structures and ships. Also, forests and mountains can be seen in the background. The circuit starts out with a simple straightaway before going into a variety of winding roads and sharp turns without guard rail. 11 - Steppe Circuit: Like its name replies, it takes place in a large area of flat unforested grassland with a large bridge above the track. The road is just plain grey pavement. There are not many details to this track, unlike most other tracks. Good braking stability are crucial to win at this circuit because there are a lot of long straight lines ending with heavy braking. 12 - Firenze Circuit: It is a large night time city with bridges and a large amount of houses with red roofs. 13 - Black Forest Circuit: This race is lined with crash barriers. The track takes place in a dense forest and the course is rather long, having multiple twists and turns. 14 - Twinkle Circuit: The track takes place during the sunset. It is a grassy plain with a view of lush vegetation, trees and and some buildings. In the background, there are hills which have green plants on top. The course is considered to be quite fast and relatively easy to drive. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  2. Hello guys! I have a map in Gta, and I wanna play it in Mta, but I can't convert it..... Anyone can help me? There is the map: Hakone Route 1 :!TSBGkAba!Xz4cRj1eVYKYXjIA0f7FkQ
  3. Hello guys! I have a map in Gta, and I wanna play it in Mta, but I can't convert it..... Anyone can help me? There is the map: Usui:!eTZQxAaD!7NwLupsAK4m58T_puVQq5g
  4. Hi everyone, a long time ago (novermber 2018) i started making new project called MTA Racing. This project has an own unique atmosphere legendary games such as: NFS Underground 1/2 + Midnight Club games series by Rockstar games. I am a big fun of it and we started implement it, but this project has status abandoned in april 2019. But right now i decided to finish it in free time. Now i gonna tell you more info about this. Features: Custom mapping around Los Santos, 70% remake. Custom race tracks. Tuning: Spoilers Front/Rear/Side bumbers Neon Lights Windows tinting Race modes: Circluit Sprint URL Speedtrap Top Time Drift Street-X Drag Vehicles: BMW M3 Camaro SS Audi TT Mercedes AMG Subaru Impreza Lexus IS 300 Nissan Skyline R34 Toyota Supra Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Dodge Viper 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Mercedes E63 Audi R8 Custom OST: 60+ songs (via stream) Languages (You can send me your language and i gonna add it) Russian English Now i gonna show you some screenshots: Relase date: N/A Groups: VK: Facebook: Discord: I don't have so much time to finish it. Any ideas/feedback/support will be appreciated. Thank you MTA Community and everyone.
  5. bray023

    Gta map to MTA

    Hey guys! I can't covert GTA SA maps to MTA SA😅, so please anyone help me! map:!abRTyKRT!PM3QyjAlS3siQl_fOyWQ9w btw: This map is from Initial D anime. Thank you!😄
  6. Ребят, мне нужно создать гонки где будет 10 участников и стоимость 10000 Виртов! По идее человек при записи поподает в список в Gui окне и оплачивает 10000 перемещается в 1 измерение на трассу и замораживается. Начинается таймер 5 мин и если за них не наберётся 10 игроков, то гонка не состоится! Каждая машина с игроком спавнится на своём специальном месте! У игроков пишется список участников! Каждый игрок может прописать /quitrace и вернутся к пикапу регистрации и он автоматически выносится из списка. Авто участников одинноковое, но выберается рандомно одно для всех id от 400 - 409! После 5 ти минут и набор в 10 игроков начинается 10.ти секундный таймер до старта и участникам пишет: 10, 9, 8 и тд. После участников размораживает и они начинают ехать 10 мин. Потом им пишется что гонка окончена и все тпешаться к пикапу регистрации! При нехватки деньег пишется: У вас нехвотает средств! Если нет мест тоже пишет. При регистрации тоже пишет. так же надо добавить проверку на уровень хронящийся в элементе дате "level" он должен быть больше или равен 6! Заранее спасибо! У меня есть пример кода только GUI окна и самой гонке но он очень плохой!
  7. [BoT] Shooter v1.0 [ فريق بوت , للشوتر والديربي ] @instagram 4.hf mtasa:// صور للسيرفر F1 F2 لوحة الكلانات , مع اعلى الكلانات في القتل F3 اعلى 30شخص اعلى 30 في اللفل , السكور , نقاط الشات F4 لوحة سكنات السيارة F5 الاشخاص الي فازو في الماب F6 لوحة سكنات الانوار F7 لوحة الاغاني F10 القائمة التاب نظام الافتار الافتار يظهر في التاب , ولما يفوز الاعب , وفوق سيارة الاعب الرادار - والعدادات - والدم حياكم الله تم التحديث
  8. Hola Gracias por leer el post Hola Amigos, acabo de poner en marcha mi Proyecto RxG que tratara sobre un MultiGM y estoy buscando miembros para la administracion del foro, server y detalles. Estoy buscando gente que le interese el proyecto y guste apoyarme, los puestos son: Diseñadores, Publicistas, Moderadores, Maping and Fix, Diseño Grafico, mas informacion: Pueden Contactarme: Skype: Discord : EpicLaw#4376
  9. Hola, Mi nombre es Alexis (obviamente) tome la decicion de empezar un proyecto (RxG) de servidor de MTA por que en si me gusta el juego y todo lo que se puede llegar hacer con el, mi motivo de esta publicacion es para invitarlos a ustedes a formar parte de esta nueva comunidad que estamos creando un amigo y yo, y que con su ayuda cresca, el comienzo sera dificil, pero espero recibir su apoyo, dejo abierta una seccion para aquellos con habilidades de Programacion LUA, Diseñadores, Mapers, Moders, etc, no es obligatorio, pero si les estaria agradecido con el apoyo que se pueda brindar. dejare el link del foro para que me manden mensaje o igual por via whatsapp los que les interese este proyecto.. Whatsapp : pidelo Skype: Saludos
  10. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته كيف الحال جميعاً ان شاء الله تكونو بأتم الصحة والعافية معي اليوم فكرة لقيم مود وراح يتم العمل عليه قريباً .. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- فكرة القيم مود: عالم متخصص للسباقات بحيث انك ماتقدر تنزل من سيارتك فقط تبقى في السيارة وتسوي لك تحديات وسباقات وهروب ومهمات والخ ( GTA V + NFS ) بأختصار شديد خليط بين ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- نظام التصميم : CEGUI مثال V ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ORW] Open Racing world! You'r way to race | عالم السباقات المفتوح ! طريقك حتى تسابق [ORW] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- سيتم العمل على الفكرة - قريباً - - الوقت المتوقع حتى انتهاء من العمل هو شهر الى 4 اشهر - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- نستقبل اقتراحاتكم جميعاً . *يرجى الإجابة حول الاستطلاع*
  11. Snakegold


    شباب كيف أخلي مابات الريس تشتغل لحالها يعني ينتهي ماب يشتغل ماب لي بعده
  12. Bad English; Hello people, Today I would like to help modify the script called "Race Ghost" which fulfills the function of when in a DM map it stays in the foreground as a copy of a "ghost" that copies every movement made by it player and it is repeated every time the race is played until someone surpasses the first place and another "ghost" is created. What I like is what I like: what I like to modify is that from time to time he only creates a "ghost" in the foreground, creates a ghost for each part made by each person (that is, infinite "ghosts"). Link of the Script: Why: I would appreciate it if either of you had the ability to do so. Many thanks !!! . Spanish: Hola gente, Hoy me gustaría si me pueden ayudar a modificar un script llamado "Race Ghost" el cual cumple la función de cuando en un mapa DM se queda en el primer top queda como una copia de un "fantasma" que copia cada movimiento hecho por el mismo jugador y se repite cada vez que se juega la carrera hasta que alguien supere el primer top y se cree otro "fantasma". Lo que a mi me gustaría modificar: Lo que me gustaría modificar es que de en vez de que cree solo un "fantasma" por el primer top, cree un fantasma por cada top hecho por cada persona (osea infinitos "fantasmas". Link del Script: . El porqué: Agradecería de cualquier forma que se necesite el poder ayudarme ya que esta idea la tengo hace mas de 3 años y aun no he podido efectuarla. Muchísimas gracias!!!
  13. hey, i am trying to make a race server. its going pretty good. but i play with my brother. so (2 people) and if one dies.. the game will end and it will select a new map. how can i make it so the game only ends when the hunter is reached? thanks!
  14. Ghost-Spectate The past months I started working on something that may change the way you train for clanwars forever. It's a resource which, in my opinion, should be included in the next version of MTA as a default resource just like race_ghost is. I present you my biggest work to date, (almost) all made from scratch - race_ghost_spectate. Functions: * The original race_ghost resource is required to be on the server and running. * When a map with a ghost racer available gets started all you need to do is press G to spectate the ghost vehicle. * You cannot spectate the ghost vehicle until the race countdown ends. * You can only initiate ghost spectating when you're in 'alive' state. * As long as you're spectating the ghost vehicle you cannot switch directly to normal spectating. * Your state gets set to 'nolifing' while you're spectating the ghost vehicle * You can move the camera freely around the ghost vehicle. * Q, E, Q+E or middle mouse button all work as expected: look left, look right, look back of the ghost vehicle. * When the ghost vehicle has hit the finish line you cannot start spectating it. * If you press Enter while you're 'nolifing' you will stop spectating the ghost vehicle and will respawn as normal in 'alive' state. * If you're spectating the ghost vehicle and it hits the finish line when you're not alone in the server you will switch to normal spectate mode automatically. * When you let go of the mouse for 1.5 seconds it will go back to being behind the ghost vehicle automatically. And it will always follow it, on all axis. * When you start spectating the ghost vehicle everything will move according to it: - The checkpoint markers and blips will be displayed ahead of it as if it's you who's driving the vehicle. They'll also dissapear when the ghost collects them. - There will be a white-ish line drawn a few meters ahead of the ghost vehicle. This line shows where exactly it will go next. - There will be some information regarding the ghost, like it's current checkpoint as well as the name of the player who did it, shown at the bottom center of your screen. * The following commands are available so that you can turn on/off anything you may want. 1 = on, 0 = off: - /info 1 or 0 - Enable/disable Ghost-Spectate's ghost creator name and current ghost checkpoint at bottom center of your screen. - /route 1 or 0 - Enable/disable Ghost-Spectate's route highlight feature which draws arrows a few meters ahead of the ghost's current position. - /blips 1 or 0 - Enable/disable Ghost-Spectate's checkpoint radar blips which adds blips for the two incoming checkpoints ahead of the ghost itself. - /markers 1 or 0 - Enable/disable Ghost-Spectate's checkpoint markers which adds markers at the spot where the normal checkpoints should be. - /timesup 1 or 0 - Enable/disable the next map vote when the ghost vehicle hits the finish line while you're spectating it and are alone in the server. * All of the above commands get saved into a xml file so they get loaded back when you reconnect to the server. No need to enable/disable them each time. DOWNLOAD HERE
  15. Hi, the problem in race gamemode is when i have money, and start a new map, the money will reset to 0. How to fix this irritating problem?
  16. Hello mta-sa Players , Today I’m here to introduce to you my server at this topic . The server opened 1 week ago for the first time , It’s a new server and as It’s shown in the subject It’s a Race server ( DM / DD / FUN ) , But most likely It’s a DM server. So, If you are searching for a quiet nice sever you found your needs, Our server made for fun only, It’s not a clan server. At the server you can play without lag because we’re trying everyday to make the server better than yesterday by improving and upgrading our server to better shape! You may ask yourself why should I play at that server? Good to you I thought about that , Because as I said there we will no lag as possible in our server , we have a lot of new maps in the server that you can enjoy playing it , Plus we have a nice user panel that u can buy the maps you like or want to play and you can make your own team from It to have your private chat with your friends and many other thing you can explore them by yourself , I have to mention this as well because It’s too important thing for many players that we don’t have abuser players ! (Whee)! Here’s the Server Details: Name: Fur || Fursan for Race DM IP: At Last, Thank you guys for reading this and thank you for your time, I hope to see you in the server and I hope that you guys can have fun at our server. Bye ,
  17. В общем суть проблемы в следующем: Машины в гараже не перекрашиваются,стикеры не клеятся. Пробовал разные модели, нечего не помогает в консоли ошибок не каких нету. Вернее все красится покупается в том числе и стикеры но они не отображаются по неизвестной причине! гитхаб Может кто знает помогите!
  18. How can ı see my nametag and hidden it with ''N'(bind)' ? NAMETAG.LUA Please, do and share. my = 1 -->ı can see my nametag my = nil --> ı can not see
  19. Multi Destruction Server mtasa:// -Pictures- -[/img] VIDEO WE WAITING FOR YOU ! [/quote]
  20. Background Hello everybody, I'm here to present you my brand new and updated race server but first some information about how I got to make it. It all started around august 2015 when I read a tutorial on these forums on how to open my own server as back then I needed it to train some maps alone and restart them as many times as I wanted. But in time I got interested in how all those other servers I play on are actually made and little by little I started learning LUA. At first I just used ready scripts from the community, a bit later I started to edit small parts of them and soon after I started to recreate community resources, meaning that I use the base idea/code but adapt it for my needs. And not long after I made my first standalone script. Since then I've learned a lot about how MTA works and actually that was what got me interested in programming and at the moment I'm first year in university, studying informatics and working on a few MTA servers A Glimpse Of What's Included If you wish to have a look at some of the features on the server, screenshots are available at the following link (not all are included in the screenshots): click me Server Information I won't give an IP here because there's no telling when it might change since I'm on a free hosting service (which has premium quality by the way)( You can either search for the server by it's name (Classic Racing) or you can see the current IP on it's forums at Other than that below you will see some more information about the server if you want to know more about it: Server Location: France Server Version: 1.5.4 First Download: Around 50 MB Maps: There are around 2000 racing maps each of which was reviewed and had it's details edited if needed. My main goal is to offer that old classic feeling of race which sadly most other servers have just forgotten and they started accepting any kind of maps in their race arenas/rooms, even DM maps or ones which are kindly put - horrible to play in any gamemode. If a map on the server is bad, you can report it to be deleted on the forums and it actually will be deleted. I hope you give the server a go when you have some free time. There are a lot of features (some quite unique and not seen in other servers) not included in the screenshots above. I have used open-source servers' resources as well as a lot of community ones but everything that was not made by me was edited or recreated mainly by me and a few of my MTA friends so that there are zero bugs or incompatibility between scripts. See you on the roads of San Andreas
  21. 'Alpha' J Series is completely custom open world sandbox server based around my extended development of Gostown; Within this server you can find a huge completely custom map called Gostown, 2 islands, one has a city atop a mountain that scales taller then mt.chilland and has much geographical features such as forests, slopes, cliffs, and plenty more. On the other island sits an old world war style airport with a quarry and a decent sized city right down the road. -------- Currently, the game mode mostly revolves around racing with a completely new type of tune shop the likes of which has never been seen before in MTA, with many features, with the ability to tune near every aspect of your vehicle, this is a racers, tuners, ricers, drifters, etc delight. The map - Media : Server Stats : Server IP: mtasa:// Side note - Server may not perform well under very low spec computers, however, we offer options to try to improve your frame rate.
  22. GrubaS


    Hello, guys i want to make a delete blips only whos in "Spectators" team i just tried to delete all blips by command but i did only for 1 player who write this command his blop will be deleted addCommandHandler ( "blip", function ( thePlayer ) local theTeam = getTeamFromName ( "Spectators" ) if ( theTeam ) then local players = getPlayersInTeam ( theTeam ) for index, element in ipairs ( getAttachedElements ( players ) ) do if ( getElementType ( element ) == "blip" ) then destroyElement ( element ) end end end end )
  23. Estou criando um script de eventos, nesse script o admin pode criar 1 evento de cada vez e os jogadores podem participar caso queiram. O que estou com dificuldade seria para eventos de corrida, pois como a maioria deve saber, os mapas de corrida simplesmente não funcionam se não estiver no gamemode race. Só que se eu alterar o gamemode do server, vai mudar para todo mundo, inclusive pra quem não está participando do evento. Eu gostaria de saber se é possível alterar o gamemode para somente alguns jogadores ou então algum jeito de ativar um mapa de corrida específico sem alterar o gamemode atual do servidor. O mapa é escolhido no script de evento pelo admin. Eu estava dando uma olhada no resource 'race' e vi que ele ativa uma série de outros resources junto, como por exemplo o votemanager dos mapas, placares, contagem regressiva, tempo de corrida, etc...No meu script a maioria deles não será necessário. No gamemode race, ele carrega outro mapa de corrida automaticamente após terminar a corrida atual, mas no meu script o evento deve terminar e os jogadores voltam para a posição que estavam antes de participar.
  24. i added DD maps, but doesn't working.. when i connect the server, show votemanager, i vote for example 7, and the map does not start.. Why? -.-
  25. Code: Website: IP: Slots: 350 Discord: A Need For Speed: San Andreas valójában NFS az MTA-ban. Ez egy olyan játékmód ami a NFS UG/UG2 alapján készült. Ez itt a garázsod. Erről a helyről tudsz a versenyekre jelentkezni,szabad módban bejárhatod a várost,tuningolhatod/testreszabhatod az autódat,talákozhatsz a barátaiddal illetve a többi játékossal, lecserélheted a kocsidat bármelyikre amelyiket már megvetted,nézd meg a statisztikádat és a helyezésedet és más emberek/barátaid helyézéseit,nézd meg a kocsid jelenlegi állását,kihívásaidat/napi kihívásaidat. A Need For Speed: San Andreas-ban 5 féle verseny található: A Sprint versenyek egyszerü egykörös versenyek ahol ponttól pontig tart a verseny. Az győz aki elsőnek halad át a célvonalon A Circuit versenyek hasonlóak a Sprint versenyekhez csak több körösek A Drift rendszer a saját script rendszerünk szerint működik. Teljesen új irányítás,pontszorzó és kritikus zónák. A Drag rendszer teljesen új. Ugyan olyan mint a UG/UG2-ben. Drag-ban manuális a sebesség váltás a + al fel illetve a - al le tudsz váltani. A Drag lényege, hogy a legjobb pillanatban váltsunk. Válthatsz: korán,jókor,tökéletesen,későn. Törekedj arra hogy mindig a lehetőleg legjobban válts az az tökéletesen. Street-X versenyek rövid versenyek Drift pályákon ahol nem használhatsz nitrót. A Szabad módban tuningolhatod/testreszabhatod az autódat,talákozhatsz a barátaiddal illetve a többi játékossal. 5 különböző tuning bolt/műhely van: kaszni bolt,festő műhely,tuning műhely,kiegészítő bolt,autó kereskedés. Kaszni Bolt Itt testreszabhatod a kocsid kaszniját. Leválthatod a lökhárítód,tehetsz rá spoilert,leválthatod a felniket. Hogy feloldj dolgokat mint például a lökhárítót,testcsomagokat,spoilereket szükséged lesz Body pontokra. Ezeket a pontokat véletlenszerűen kapsz versenyek után. Festő Műhely Itt testreszabhatod a kocsid kinézetét. Megváltoztathatod a kocsid színét,felnik színét,rakhatsz rá matricákat illetve fóliákat (Ezek mind ingyenesek). Tuning Bolt Itt növelheted a kocsid teljesítményét. 3 különböző féle tuningcsomag van: motor, kezelhetőség, gyorsulás. Minden csomagnak 3 szintje van: Utcai, Verseny, Profi. Akkor növelheted a teljesítményed miután elég reputation-t az az Hírnév Pontot szereztél (az első utcai csomaghoz nem szükséges Hírnév). Kiegészítő Bolt Itt tehetsz a kocsidra neont, leváthatod a lámpáid színét, ablakok színét illetve a sebességmérőd és annak színét. Autó Kereskedés Itt megveheted az alap illetve a Hírnév pontból feloldott kocsikat. Úgy mehetsz vissza a garázsodba ha elmész a Garázshoz . Ha megakarod változtatni a kezdőhelyedet elmehetsz egy másik Garázshoz és legközelebb onnan fogsz indulni. Az Előrehaladás a reputation-ön az az a Hírnévpontokon alapszik. Hírnévpontokat bármilyen versenyben szerezhetsz. Következő Autó ez a Sáv mutatja, hogy mennyi hírnév kell még, hogy felold az adott kocsit. Sáv belső ez a sáv azt mutatja hogy mennyi hírnév kell hogy felold a következő teljesítmény csomagot. Kétféle különböző feladat tipus létezik: GGlobális és Napi. Globális a feladatok egyszerűek amiket a versenyek során illetve szabad módban teljesíthetsz. Minden globális feladatért Task point az az Feladat Pont jár. Napi ezek a feladatok naponta csak egyszer teljesíthetőek valamint jutalmul Vinyl Pontot az az Fólia Pontot kapsz. Jutalmak itt feloldhatsz dolgokat Feladat Pont és Fólia Pont ból. Minden Feladat Pont beváltható a következőkre: Kártya,2 Kaszni Pont,Véletlenszerű Sebességmérő,1000$,vagy egy Fóliára. Mi van a kártyákkal? Nos a kártyák különböző dolgokat oldanak fel minden autódra: Festés Tipusokat: Metál,Matt. 6 Féle felnit, fényes és villogó neonokat, sötét és gyöngyház ablakokat, fényes lámpákat, egyéb fóliákat, tető nyílásokat vagy carbon részeket.Fólia Pontok Beválthatod őket Fóliákra. Az autók különböző osztályokra vannak beosztva. Jelenleg 6 osztály van: E, D, C, B, V és U. Ezek az autók találhatóak az osztályokban: E: Intruder, Bravura, Primo, Manana, Washington D: Vincent, Emperor, Previon, Cadrona, Fortune C: Sentinel, Uranus, Blista Compact, Euros, Flash B: ZR-130, Sultan, Jester, Elegy V: Hermes, Broadway, Hustler U: Futo, Buggy, Monroe, Mamba E-től V-ig Osztály Hírnévpontokkal elérhető. Az U Osztály csak különleges módon érhető el mégozzá autórészek gyűjtésével. A szerveren egy különleges feloldó rendszer van az U Osztály autóihoz. Hogy felold őket meg kell találnod 10 alkatrészt hogy felold ezeket az autókat. 50 különböző lelőhelyük van minden egyes autónak ami minden játékosnak teljesen véletlenszerű. Megtalálhatod az alkatrészeket a térképen amit a Különleges Autók fülön találsz és bizonyos kijelőlt pontokon vannak. Előrehaladás és Jutalmak. Web felhasználói panel egy teljesen új funkció. hozzákötheted a játékbéli accountodat/fiókodat a weboldalon lévő accountoddal/fiókkal hogy hozzájuss néhány exta tartalomhoz. megnézheted a versenyzőid statisztikáit,barátaid statisztikáit és a ranksorolásokat is. A játékbéli garázsban feltöltheted a kocsid fotóját amit megnézhetsz később a veboldalon. valamint megnézheted más emberek garázsait,megnézheted az autóikat illetve az előrehaladásukat is. Egy új funkció bemutatása - Kezdő Bónusz. ez a funkció segíteni fogja az új játékosokat Hírnévvel és Pénzel($). Valamint Csökkentettük a szükséges Hívrnévpontot minden autónál, hogy könnyebben elérhetőek legyenek mindenkinek hogy ne keljen túlontúl sokat játszania érte. Hogy a szervert életbe tudjuk tartani létrehoztunk egy szolgáltatást a Prémium Accountot. Jelenleg 2 módja van hogy Prémium Accountot vásárolj: Megveheted SMS-ben illetve Paypal-on keresztül,vagy megkaphatod mint jutalom szerver eseményeken/Event-eken amiket mi szervezünk . A Prémiumos felhasználók ezeket a bónuszokat élvezhetik: Hozzáadhatod a saját zene számaidat a lejátszási listához Bármennyi autód lehet a garázsodban Bármennyi versenyzőt kreálhatsz Segítség az autódarabok gyűjtésében a különleges autókhoz (U osztály) Testreszabható név szín Megvátoztathatod a versenyződ nevét illetve kinézetét (7 naponta 1x) +6 Fólia réteg(több matricát illetve fóliát tehetsz az autódra) +10% Hírnévpont(RP) és Pénz bónusz a versenyek után Mikor eladod a kocsidat a kocsi értékének 70% a helyett 85% ot kapsz Privát üzenet beállítások (spammerek blokkolása stb.) Találkozzunk Need For Speed: San Andreas..on Ezek a leírások több mint egy évesek,azóta rengeteget fejlődött a szerver,bármi kérdésetek lenne írjatok nyugodtan.