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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys I was in need of some notifications in my car-dealership script, so I decided to split up the functionality and share this resource as well. These notifications aren't very special but can be very useful for displaying errors or information, they stack underneath each other and can be removed manually or automatically. Visual Example List of Functions (client) add: adds a notification with given parameters exports["simple-notifications"]:add("Hello world!", 7000, 220, tocolor(255, 255, 255), tocolor(0, 155, 0, 155)); add(text[, delay,
  2. Hey, so, I would like to make a GTA like (it sounds strange) notification system, something like you can see in every singleplayer GTA, the upper left hand corner box notifications: I have the base script, everything renders and works fine, but I would like to make a special "timer" for it, which works like the following way: the longer the text is, the longer the notification lasts. This is one thing I would like to make, the other thing is: how is it possibble to make an export function for this, so I can make notifications from other resources with the text I give in the resource
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